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  • vineet
    08-12 01:14 PM

    I just got off the call from uscis regarding my I-485. My PD is in the first week of Mar 2006.

    Per the USCIS website, they are suppose to process even the first week of Mar 2006 although the Aug VB says it is 01MAR06. I spoke to the second level IO and he was confident that my case would have to wait for the next month. I insisted that the uscis website says otherways, he went and verified with the third level (or his peer) and came back and told me that I was correct.
    Infact told me that my case was pre-adjd and being reviewed by IO currently.

    I am sure the same applies to you with the Sep VB. Good luck !!!

    Note: This is not a legal advice and don't quote me on it.

    Cool...This gives me some hope that my PD of May 8th will also be considered current from Sep 1.

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  • svr_76
    01-14 06:00 PM
    `(e) Inapplicability of Numerical Limitations- When an alien is granted lawful permanent resident status under this subsection, the number of immigrant visas authorized to be issued under any provision of this Act shall not be reduced. The numerical limitations of sections 201 and 202 shall not apply to adjustment of status under this section

    This ia a dangerous clause. So basically, an unlawfull alien residing in US for past 5 years gets change his status to PR, moreover he is not restricted by the per country limit he can go from filing I-485 to get a Visa number allotted to him practically overnight..and not having to wait like folks from India or China ....

    I dont think this bills has anything favourable to legal immigrants... It better to apply as the other category ....

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  • small2006
    08-27 10:38 AM
    And they say why Albert Pinto "Plassey" is an angry man?

    My current H1 is expiring soon. My 3 year H1 extension is pending. I had receipt notice but NJ DMV at Wayne refused to accept that. My current License is valid only till the middle of the next month.
    Any body in the same boat? What shall I do?

    Try Trenton.

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  • pappu
    10-11 10:58 AM
    currently we have 39 members online on this forum. can we expect 39 mails by EOD to the economist and science magazine?


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  • ksvreg
    03-26 03:42 PM
    Lets the math not to be either rocket science or a dice figure from broken system.
    Lets figure out how many pending and how systems works and request the agency to monitor it. Once the strategy in place, we can rely on it and can wait for years based on our PD with a close accurate (99%) assumption.

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  • gc28262
    07-02 01:08 PM
    That's why we couldn't solve all the admin related issues then. If we had significant volume, we could have had visa re-stamping done in USA and the list goes on.. Any ways, I don't mean to give numbers.. But as long as we are on the same page that volume speaks and we don't have enough at this point of time, I am good.

    We need a mass movement to make an impact. They need to get frustrated with the letters and will have to give a press statement that they are reviewing the matter. As long as we can do that. I think we can get DOJ attention. If 5K members send letters 10 times in 2 months, I have no issue, as long as we can annoy them with letters for justice..

    When we are dealing with DOJ, why do we need significant volume ?
    When dealing with representatives ( lawmakers ) we need large volume to make any impact.

    Here we are talking about DOJ, who would make a decision based on the legal validity of our request.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • s_r_e_e
    06-12 06:11 PM
    I agree with your suggestion, but for attorney change, do you think any bad effects? Someone told me judge and jury might question why you change attorney?
    Feel shamed on my poor English, yes, I need improve it ASAP after that jury.

    You should consult another attorney, for a second opinion. Agree with reddymjm that there may be option for u r wife to meet with DA and settle this (have heard abt a similar case). U r wasting ur time here replying to posts like reddog's.

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-20 09:14 PM
    First the degree should be related.

    See the rules here --- EB2 - BSc (3 yrs) & MSc (2 yrs) education - Topic Powered by Infopop (

    USCIS knows the rules better than you and they DO apply the rules correctly. If you know of a case where there is a violation you are free to complaint to CIS rather than ranting in a public forum.

    A correspondence Masters from an ACCREDITED university is legit. As I said earlier, if a degree from a Accredited University is invalid than your degree is also invalid. There are tonns of legit US universities offering Online courses --- some examples are University of South Dakota, University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University etc.

    I challenge you --- say in a public forum that degree earned through online courses from these universities are bogus . I will make sure to forward that link to these universities and you can spend more time defending a defamation law suit than anything else.

    Looks like you are using online degree to support your case as well, that is why you are so pissed off. No matter how loud you shout or how many people you threaten about lawsuits and all that stuff, no one can deny the fact that an online degree does not have much of recognition.


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  • ryanjoe_99
    10-24 10:55 PM
    thank you. Eventhough my son is 13 year old, when I told about it, he was worried about it.

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  • hpandey
    07-14 12:39 PM
    NewYork Life

    I think John Hancock\Manulife Financial is the biggest in business . It used to be the second largest after AIG but ever since AIG's fall it is now at the top.


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  • saimrathi
    08-25 04:49 PM
    I'm in the same boat. PA DoT wants to see visa stamp on the passport.. applied for 1st 3 year extn at VSC on 7/10, will up it to PP this week... anyone in PA got their DL renewed using RN... please specify how and where??

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  • apnair2002
    01-16 02:43 PM
    I paid 50$ through pay pal...Once again thanks for the great effort


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  • badluck
    05-29 07:46 AM
    Each application could generate fines and fees of $1,000 to $5,000, a windfall of $10 billion to $15 billion over eight years, Homeland Security officials said. The money would dwarf revenue from a previously announced agency plan to increase fees on immigration and employment applications by 50 percent as early as next week, to raise $1 billion a year.
    What are you saying it is a SCAM.....

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  • vinodmp
    02-06 02:05 PM
    Sameer, I am true Indian and has been waiting on this loop for more than 10 years.
    It was such a shock for me on friday when I received the email so anything I typed was in a panic. so don't worry about the spell check.

    Myself or attorney has not received the original letter so until then I do not have more info and I came to this forum to see if anyone had similar experience and any feedback.

    I normally use murthy forum and friday when I was talking to a friend he suggested some folks here had already gone through similar situation.



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  • ags123
    04-07 05:23 PM
    I think this week is when it will come Tomorrow or Thu
    if not friday ;)

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  • prolegalimmi
    03-28 10:51 AM
    Pal, don't try to be selfish and narrow minded here. Step into PBEC victim shoes and then we shall see what language you speak.

    Opportunity to speak in front of congress won't come everyday. So we should highlight all the problems faced by us during the employment based immigration process -- whether it is rotting in the PBEC mess for labor certification for 3-5 years or for visa numbers. They all should be brought forward.

    The deadlines don't mean any thing but the results in hand do. If it were resources issue, then DBEC would also have been also stuck somewhere with 2001-02 cases but no.. they are processing 2004-05 cases. There is something seriously wrong with PBEC and needs to be fixed.

    Again with all due respect, I was trying to make sure we concentrate on whats on table in the next two weeks, which may never come to the table again in a long time. But if I sounded indifferent to the BEC issues, my apologies.
    I am a BEC victim too from April 2001. I have been waiting to get my Labor Certification from April of 2001. Till date, I know it may be in one of the BECs if it wasn't lost in transit. I was not able to obtain a screen shot nor do I have a 45 day letter. Still I say, when setting priorities, set it on what can be accomplished in the next two weeks, I agree with you in using the IVs opportunity to speak to bring all issues.


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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 10:36 PM

    What are you going to do with my info? run queries on state criminal record database??
    or do u have access to database that IO's use??

    You have to agree that either of us have the facts to prove the other is wrong. If you have, then Fed's are looking for you :D

    Is not paying a traffic ticket is state or federal record? If it is state, jut get a ticket do not pay it and just for the sake of it after 2 months go to Canada or Maxioco and try to come in. This will answer your own question when you re-enter..Wake up.. some has not to fax the entire case to feds.. this just automatic.. i m sure u r in IT and know how easy it is to get the records these days.. and no i do not have any access to any systems but everything is a public record if one has any..

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  • paskal
    12-17 01:20 PM
    Are you saying IV can't find anyone IV trust to do this, or nobody in IV core thinks it is woth it to do some extra leg work? I don't think IV has the luxury of not doing the leg work. Every peny counts.

    buddy...iv core are not magicians, they have lives too. so please stop asking for more. when you say "iv has the luxury" hopefully you mean all 25,000 who make up iv. the core is not iv. they are just volunteers already breaking their backs...

    there are good reasons for the temporary stops to the checks. everything need not be publicly anounced. please leave it at that.

    and while we are at it...we need help with the leg work...please complete your profile so we can get you involved with some of would be great to have you as a volunteer!

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  • jthomas
    11-17 10:20 PM
    First, find a new job and check whether the job would be the one which you would like. Get H1B transfer and move to the next job.
    If i were you, with a lame excuse tell the present employer that you want to move to a another job because there is nothing challenging to work on. I liked working with you and i hope i can join you sometimes later. Praise him a lot so that he feels he had been falsely praised. If he starts talking to you about the contract tell him you would report to DOL etc..
    I paid for my H1B fees and i don't care for paying the fees if i can get a raise by changing employers. This is my 3rd job and i had paid the H1B fees except one part the employer has to pay. (i.e. fraud fee, etc..) the lawyers fee is not required to be paid by the employer.
    Forget of $3K, change the job and try to get 20% higher salary elsewhere a place you like. Its easy to get a new job with better compensation.

    About my experience, I was working with a big desi company and they gave me 0.25% raise the first year and 0.7% raise the third year. When asked as promised when are you going to apply for my green card. They replied not this year but maybe on the 4th or 5th year because i am not fit to be a engineer. I left the company and found a small firm. I asked them to match my present salary and work on my green card. They promised me. (I like and respect Japanese onwers, they respect and treat better). They increased my salary by $13K in 6 months.
    world is not small, you will find some better employer. Don't fight on small matters. Look at a big picture. Fight with your present employer only if you have no options. If you have options, cut your losses and move ahead in life.

    J Thomas

    09-22 05:13 PM
    Called everyone on the list.

    10-11 04:23 PM

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