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  • wrldnw4me
    02-24 04:13 PM

    It was my second contribution...


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  • dealsnet
    10-11 12:25 AM
    Patriotism is depends upon individual thinking. My friend's uncle is a former army officer from India and he is in the USA for 35 years. Participated in 1971 war. But he didn't become US citizen. I asked why, he told me he took the oath to serve India and fight for her whenever there is a requirement. So he want to keep his oath. If he want to become US citizen he need to break the oath and take a oath to fight for USA, even if against India. He is not a RSS or VHP person. He is a christian (for your info).
    So patriotism is not by speech or blogging from USA. It is by action. How many people help poor people in India ?. Most members here want to become US citizen. Only complaint is the delay. So love your counry of birth and love the country giving opportunities.

    Can you please provide us any link or legal constitutional document from any legal organization in India and USA which states that Patriotic Indian ( For the sake of argument Indian) should not apply for US Green Card ( Permanent residency)? Or for that matter can you legally proove that not applying for US GC is the barometer of patriotism towards India for an Indian?

    Do you have any reading comprehension capabilities?

    Read the first sentence of following link and let me know what do you comprehend?

    Your lesson for US immigration starts from here.

    USCIS - Green Card ( D&vgnextchannel=ae853ad15c673210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

    Best Luck.

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  • rbharol
    10-13 02:30 AM
    The silicon link does not work. Have they removed the article???

    Originally Posted by tdasara,39024671,39163118,00.htm

    send your comments to--

    Will Sturgeon
    write to

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  • digital2k
    07-16 07:38 PM
    Everyone knows that and should make more noise than you think can :
    Don't stop until you are heard
    Pick up phone
    Write Letters
    Act Now
    Its high time ... now is the only time ...

    Everyone - Read Please -Its for Everyone

    GreenCardRecaptureCampaign.doc ( (

    Everyone should participate
    Let us act to succeed Today


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  • gc101
    07-18 02:36 PM
    What is your PD and EB category. This discussion won't go anywhere without that information.

    PD is Mar 2005
    EB is EB3.
    I-140 applied in Mar 13, 2007 (not approved yet).

    Appreciate your help

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  • chanduv23
    02-23 04:49 PM
    Hi Shana

    If I understand your question correctly, then if you are using H1 then you need to be on payroll all the time. Does not matter whether or not using AC21. This applies even after 180 days of your AOS. If you use EAD then you can be without a job.

    Not sure what Shana wants, looks like he is feeling insecure about the whole process of changing jobs or layoffs etc....

    He wants assurance that AC21 works fine and he will not have any issues.

    I can only say - AC21 protects you, but cannot guarantee the ride will be smooth.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    05-13 02:39 PM
    After you wait for 7-8 years in your category for your visa your thougths will change. I have MS from an american university + work experience. Our lawyer decided to file EB3 in 2001, they convinced the company that EB3 is easier to get approved. i am still waiting for my GC, in the mean time i have gained a lot of experience, i am still an EB3 for USCIS. There are many in a similar position.

    People talk about unethical practices etc. i feel that they ones who jumped the queue and used agressive lawyer already have their green cards. Most of my friends are already thinking about citizenship (and ROI after USC..that is a different forum :)).

    Its people working in multinational companies who follow the law by the book are the ones who get screwed, its just my observation and opinion ..good or bad, i dont know...

    When there is a overflow, I strongly feel that it should flow to all the categories and that is called equality. Some inefficient people in Decision making authority at USCIS framed a rule on visa overflow and they are following it. If the rule is not much logical/ethical to most of the people, then anyone can voice their rights against it.

    Just for example, a team consists of one project manager(EB1), two tech leads(EB2) and 6 Developers(EB3). The demand is based on no. of vacancies exists on the market, that means a lot of EB3, less EB2 and few EB1.
    As per this rule, USCIS is not actually feeding the hungry.
    Regarding the country quota, US is not favoring/helping the foreign countries by giving GC to those people from them. So, it makes no sense at all when it comes to immigrants but I can understand the bureaucracy behind it.
    If they are implementing the country limit then it should be like 0.00001% of that country's population, I feel.

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  • jumanji4u
    01-01 01:02 PM

    If you follow excellence, success with follow you..It?s in your hands to make a choice, to make a difference?.

    Ref: motivational words from movie Rocky
    But somewhere along the line you changed, you stopped being you.
    You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you youre no good, and when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame, like a big shadow.
    Let me tell you something you already know, the world aint all sunshine and rainbows, its a very mean and nasty place and I dont care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.
    You, me, or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life; but it aint about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward.
    Thats how winning is done.

    Cause if youre willin to go through all the battling you gotta go through to get to where you wanna get, whos got the right to stop you.
    I mean maybe some of you guys got something you never finished, something you really want to do, something you never said to somebody, something.
    And youre told no even after you pay your dues, whos got the right to tell you that, who? Nobody.
    Its your right to listen to your gut, it aint nobodys right to say no, after you earn the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do.

    Now if you know what youre worth, then go out and get what youre worth.
    But youve gotta be willing to take the hits.
    And not pointing fingers saying you aint where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody.
    Cowards do that and that aint you!
    Youre better than that!


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  • belmontboy
    01-15 04:03 PM
    When I posted that reply I didn't for once think it could be taken as anything other than a joke! If you are going through a debate in your mind whether its a joke or not, then I will have to revisit what I wrote to see what it is I am missing :)

    :D thanks for clarifying, i was planning to shoot you :D

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  • gcseeker2002
    12-10 04:53 PM
    Is the use of EAD possible from 180 days after Receipt date or notice date ? I just crossed the 160 day mark, but I still dont have EAD. Can I use the requirement to use EAD(like a pending job offer) as a reason for Emergency to expedite my EAD, the uscis folks want some real reason to expedite the EAD application.


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  • rajuram
    11-04 09:22 PM
    Simple...ask someone to make bank draft in dollars...mail or fedex here..

    5K limit has been removed since long back,now its allowed upto 100,000 K dollars as gift from India but you have just have to prove that the amount doesn't have tax liability left on it.

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  • Marphad
    03-17 03:21 PM
    Thanks for inputs in the forums.

    EB3-India cannot be discriminated.
    Anyone in EB3 after 2-3 years waiting is qualified under EB2-I. And we see people waiting for much more. How can we be discriminated then. We have to do something.

    We are able to get very good number of people with like minds in Edison, NJ and other big cities with big concentration. We are planning to start a drive against this discrimination, in about 2-3 weeks from now. We would like to write to the honorable policitians and processing centers like Texas and others and to USCIS to treat all fairly.

    1. EB3 India cannot be treated unfairly, wheras EB3-China is much ahead. Why is this.
    2. EB2-India is Feb 2004, wheras EB3 India is Nov 2001 for many years. Why is this.
    3. Why are allowing family immigration when skilled immigrants are waiting.
    4. Why should greencards be counted head-wise, whereas H visas are not.
    5. On the whole, why backlogs and punishing us.

    These are the lines in which our group plan to drive this.,send more ideas.

    For this we need money and more impo'ly efforts, so please contribute smartly as we request below.
    We have teams in all major software hubs like NJ, DC, Livermore, CA, TX, Detroit, and and will need volunteers. We will soon come up with a yahoogroup to communicate.

    We plan to send 10,000 letters and other awareness programs letters to the concerned people.
    We plan to have our small booths in temples where many people will come.
    We will print all the letters, you just need to buy the stamp from us and mail it.
    Or give us an envelope with the 42c stamp. We need about 5-10 from you all.. So its will be $5.00 per head. That way there will be no quesiton of transparency. But if you want to donate more, you are welcome, instead we will prefer you put your efforts in creating strenghr and pass the word.
    We cannot keep quite like this. There is no reason why EB3-India will move forward in current situations and with current rules.
    We know EB2 will be upset, but based on your contribution, we can fight together, else we will go alone. EB3 is big enough to go by itself.

    We plan to wear white dress with white caps.. for peace.. So we can be easily spotted. Give us a envelopes and stamps.. or we will give you addresses to send and the document.. As you wish...Or buy the stamps from us and take the printed content from us in free envelopes.

    We want to do this as IV right?

    Sorry for my ignorance but just curious, why exactly this guy is banned?


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  • rahulpaper
    08-22 02:21 PM
    ....The online status says 485 received and pending." means?
    Did you apply 485 in August 07 and already your status is showing pending? Did you receive a receipt notice?

    Please enlighten ?

    I have April 04 priority date (EB3/India). 485 received in Aug 07. The online status says 485 received and pending. What is the expected next status (whenever it will happen). For example, if your case (name) is for FBI Name Check process, will the status say something like that? What are the different status between receipt and APPROVAL(/denied)? Any experience holders???

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  • dudes2006
    02-10 07:04 PM
    Project_A - Were you able to file eb2 and got approval after completing online MS ? Also how does uscis treat online MS compared to full time MS for eb2 approval ?

    I also have 3 year degree+1 year PG+ 20 years progressive experience. how can i get approval under eb2 ? I heard that uscis is now stricly looking for 4 year degree for all eb2 approvals.


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  • h1techSlave
    06-10 08:30 PM
    Thanks for your informed comments. Like you, I am also surprised to find many people in this forum, who are interested in fire arms.

    I don't own a fire arm and not planning to while the immigration status is not yet Citizenship. I don't want the authorities to give another reason to look into my case. I just go for fishing once in a while.

    But our family owns two guns in India and have worked with guns from childhood.

    Another point is I am very much impressed with how the Americans manage wild life and the nature in general. They enjoy it while preserving it. India does neither. We just destroy it, and write eloquent speeches on nature protection.

    Federal law does allow H-1Bs to purchase firearms if they have lived in the US (Same residence, if you move, the clock is reset) continuously (if you leave the country, the clock is again reset) for 90 days and fall under one of the 4 exceptions listed below.

    - Possess a valid (unexpired) hunting license issued by any state in the US

    - Are a Law enforcement officer from a foreign nation, here on official duty

    - in the US to participate in a shooting sports competition

    - get a waiver from the Attorney General

    The easiest of these 4 exceptions is the Hunting license exception.

    Once you meet the above mentioned criteria, you are okay, per federal law to possess a firearm. Doesn't matter what non-immigrant visa you are on (H-1B, F-1, AOS).

    Next step is to check whether your state has additional restrictions. I don't think any states completely bars non-citizens from possessing firearms (atleast none of the states that I have lived in do), although some states have restrictions on the type of firearms non citizens can buy. e.g. in MA, non-citizens (including GC holders) can't buy handguns or high powered semi auto rifles (ARs, AKs) but they can buy non-large capacity rifles and shotguns.

    As someone pointed out, trying out guns at a public range which has rentals is a great way to introduce oneself to the sport, learn basic firearm operation and safety, and to try a wide variety of guns and calibers.

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  • walking_dude
    11-08 10:42 AM
    Let this ' Festival of Lights ' make us focus on our mission of ending Green card Backlogs. Stop us bickering on insignificant stuff to satiate our bloated egos. And show us the light of GC soon.

    Happy Diwali to everyone.


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  • andycool
    08-11 07:53 AM
    Visa Bulletin for September 2010 (

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  • svn
    04-05 12:44 PM
    The object of this thread is straightforward - it is to understand if you as a donor member will contribute more $ (or start contributing!) if you get more regular information updates (weekly?) from Core? I know there was a funding drive in March which led to us meeting the goal of $10,000 (and then some). However, while there has been a new goal of $10,000 created for April, we have made little progress towards that. As someone who contributed $100 the first time round in March, but haven't yet made a contribution towards the April funding drive, I can admit that one of the primary reasons for this is because there has been very limited information shared since then. While I COMPLETELY trust in the fact that the Core team is making every effort humanly possible to further our cause, I am also a member of the human race that by nature seeks information and looks for leadership to be more sharing about progress. I personally believe transparency is a key enabler not just to gaining participation and building momentum, but also to creating innovative solutions to problems by engaging more individuals in the process (borrowing this "leaf" from President's Obama's playbook will be highly beneficial to our casuse)

    Let me clarify this is NOT an indication of lack of trust in Core NOR do I believe that there isn't a sincere effort being put in by a whole bunch of dedicated individuals. However, my suggestion is simply an idea to further the cause - would definitely like to hear how the rest of this immigration community feels!

    Thanks for your participation in this poll.


    P.S: Just to be clear, I am referring to Regular Updates to DONORS i.e CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS

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  • eb3retro
    10-04 05:11 PM
    Any AP renewal approvals from Nebraska recently?

    E-Filed Date: 8/17/2010
    Service Center: TSC
    Supporting Documents Received by TSC: 8/25/2010
    Soft LUDs: 8/25, 8/26, 9/22, 9/27, 9/28
    Approval Date: 9/27/2010
    AP Received Date: 10/1/2010

    Date of approval on the AP is in the is the same date as the expiration of the current AP.

    10-02 10:18 AM

    We would like to meet everyone and try and get to know each other. This will be a very casual "no obligation" event where everyone can chit-chat, have couple of drinks, discuss on past / future - IV / NON-IV events.

    We would like to meet up at "Maya Lounge". Here are the details

    Maya Lounge
    14 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016
    Located between Madison and 5th Avenue

    Phone: 212 685 6275

    website :

    Date: 10/12/2007 - Friday Evening

    Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (If folks in Manhattan do not want to miss out on the happy hour, you are most welcome to come in a bit earlier)

    They have a great Happy Hour Buy One Get One FREE on drinks.

    Its situated couple of blocks away from Penn Station and a short walk from Port Authority Station and should be easily accessible for everyone.

    For the ones who missed the rally this is a great chance to know everyone.

    Guys please show up, bring your friends-co-workers lets try and make Tri-State Chapter a lovely & lively group.

    A choice of Non alcoholic beverages also available

    Do not miss out on the food - snacks are delicious

    Average expense per person can be around $10 to $15 if you order stuff during the happy hour - food and drink.

    Thank you all once again for being a part of this wonderful organization and we will see you there on Friday, October 12th, 2007

    I am posting this message on behalf of IV member 'laborchic' who is hosting this event

    02-06 06:38 AM
    Thanks red200,

    There was no RFE at all . Infact I was following up my case through my congressman's office and we always got responce back from uscis saying it is under "Security review" .

    The email says "application denied." if it says RFE , I would not have such a shock .

    it was reall gard day for me y'day when I sow that . I was almost on the werge of closing a house deal this month and with this 485 issue , I don' think I want to take the risk of buying the house now.

    Though I do have little bit hope if it is because 140 revoke and we can prove the AC21 documents , it will get through .


    Updates Via E-Mail