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  • krithi
    03-27 11:18 AM
    stop this prediction crap.

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  • TheOmbudsman
    07-21 01:03 PM
    I agree.
    I lived in Canada for a year. I also worked in my own country before coming to the US. At least in my experience and from talking to dozens of friends in Canada, my home country offers more potential for revenue than Canada. You will see it when you move there.

    I will never forget when I landed in Canada in Toronto back in 1998, I met a girl at the airport and many at the Hostelling International who told me lots of stories on why I should go to the US instead. That particular girl was living in the US illegally.

    I am sorry to tell you that leaving the US and going to Canada may not be a solid plan B.
    Why don't you start a similar forum for "going back to

    India" ? I hate to burst your "bubble of hope" but Canadian population and job market is limited and the opportunities for professionals like us are limited. Why not consider going back to India and taking up some of the lucrative opportunities in middle management in the IT industry.

    The Indian economy is booming and the salaries are excellent. You just need to make some adjustments with quality of life (pollution, traffic). Atleast its better than going to Canada, living in limbo while looking for suitable jobs for a long-time, sometimes even doing odd jobs just to make ends meet. I hate our Indian mentality that "every place in the world is better than our own country". Give me a break guys.

    My plan of action is very clear: Go back to India and live there happily. If there are other opportunities in US then come back.


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  • nav_kri
    12-31 01:22 PM
    So does this mean I am stuck with Company A till I get Garbage Can I mean GC ?

    Searched on google and got the following info

    MurthyDotCom : U.S. Immigration Law (
    Chat User : Thanks a lot in advance for the kind-hearted services,
    Labor/I140 approved, got 3-yr extension after completing 6yrs of H-1. If I
    change my employer now, can I get 3-yr extension, and can I keep my priority
    date even if my employer cancels I-I40?
    Attorney Murthy : Based on the current understanding of the law and
    the USCIS interpretations, one is allowed to file for a 3-year H1B with a
    new employer based on the I-140 petition with another employer. Also, the
    person should be able to retain the earlier PD unless the USCIS believes
    that there was some sort of fraud. We have seen them grant the earlier PD in
    most cases, even after the earlier employer revokes or cancels the
    previously-approved I-140 petition. Many employers nowadays are choosing not
    to pursue revoking the I-140 petition, especially if the employee paid for
    the processing.

    Job Change - Transfer of Original Priority Date
    This is not related to AC21 portability. This is very useful in a case you are planning to change jobs or you fear that your employer may be thinking about laying you off or firing you.

    If the person has an approved I-140, but I-485 is not filed during priority date not being current, and decides to change the job, either with the same employer for a different job or with a new employer in a new position, the green card case would have to be started all over again, including labor certification(if required), I-140 and I-485 (or consular processing). However, if the person had an approved I-140 from the previous job, it is possible to request to retain the priority date in a new I-140 petition.

    You can change jobs when I140 is approved and I485 not filed but the new employer will have to start GC process from scratch, but you can retain old PD. You can also check with attorney if you are still doubtful.

    Cheers and Happy new year :)

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  • chanduv23
    10-04 12:13 PM


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  • jgh_res
    04-15 06:55 PM
    Sorry to hear abt your situation. But buy some insurance either thru COBRA or just generally. Dont go to emergency room without insurance. Not a wise idea.

    The last thing you want to worry abt is medical insurance.

    I know couple of states like atlanta & texas with out having insurance also they will admitted the pregnent people.

    In atlanta


    Ask them if they have any chain system or else you can go for atlanta (That is the worst situation.) I know they charge only very less amount..... Please let me know if you need any thing else.

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  • belmontboy
    05-22 08:34 PM
    I just saw the May processing dates.

    I printed it out and used it to wipe my backside, then flushed it down the toilet.

    make sure the printout doesnot cause a "backlog" in the toilet :p


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  • rcr_bulk
    06-25 12:42 PM
    One of my Friend's Wife had same issue and She got H4 stamping from her country with out any problem. Visa officer asked paystub/w2's of spouse (H1b holder) and not dependent's and least bother about her previous status. Do not attach her H1b document while applying Visa.

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  • smmakani
    04-12 07:02 PM
    Nothing. Even you loose $20 bill everymonth, it won't be a big deal or even if you get it everymonth by way of incentive, not a big deal. :p

    One of my friend told me that he got his labour certification approved yesterday, I said "Welcome to the world of frustation" where there is no entry fee but an exit fee is $20 a month.

    I think if all of us (Existing contributors) could succeed in getting one more contributor then we would be double in number very soon.


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  • av2004
    07-02 10:45 AM
    Friends, I read this article which is an opinion about President's immigration speech and loved most of it (coz it was quite unbiased and straightfoward opinion): Obama Fails to Square the Illegal-Immigration Circle - Victor Davis Hanson - The Corner on National Review Online (

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  • gc4vk
    05-06 10:24 AM
    Please go and take some english writting classes first. Your english is very poor. Taking some classes will help you in longterm. MBA in US is taught in english not telgu. An MBA from a shady univ is not going to help you anyway and USCIS is cracking down hard on bogus porting these days.

    Hai, If you want to suggest some thing, do it. why do you have to get region in between and sincere advice you definitely need english class before suggesting some one else as you make spelling mistakes.


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  • floridasun
    12-31 06:35 AM
    AmitKhare77... apparently, the job title and job responsibilities have to be same as whats on labor until we get GC. otherwise no promotion.
    SGP.... you made my day ! As I did not want to ruin my friends's mood on on new year's eve, I was planning on dropping new year party plans and stay back home.... but your post just put life back into me...
    one more qn - after I change to Company B, what happens if Company A revokes I-140 ?

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  • rsharma
    10-09 08:54 PM
    From your profile,it seems that you are not a citizen neither a permanent resident, but Mr. Obama is "your" president ?, you need to greened first my friend before you can call him your president, until then Pratibha Patil is your president, and i dont think she won a Nobel prize, although i dont think she is any less deserving, heading the most populous and ancient democracy the world has ever known.
    Lastly, Congrats Obama, you da man.

    Dear Friend, I am totally correct to congratulate and call Mr. Obama as our President. He is definitely our President, since we live in US soil. As I aspire to become a US citizen ( I know a long way ahead) I should love US more than any other country in the world.

    I dont believe in staying at one place and think of another place. US is very special in my heart that is why I want to become an US citizen eventually. I want to blend in the melting pot of US.

    I hope most of us immigrants feel the same way for the country we want to permanently live in. We did not select our country of birth but we have selceted US as our country to live in. So I feel I should love US more as I have selected this country as my country to be.


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  • somegchuh
    07-22 01:40 PM
    That's exactly my point. I am not saying one should not go to India. Canada is really an option for those who have spent a significant part of life in US and for personal reasons would like to live in Canada.

    That having been said, I would lile to hear experiences from those who have moved to canada or who have "real" friends who have moved from US. I am not interested in hearsay.

    If you have moved from US to canada and had a bad experience please post it because we should know what to be prepared for.

    I have heard the following -ve things about canada.
    1. Smaller economy
    2. Fewer IT jobs
    3. Require licensure in other fields
    I think the above are true but I want to hear real stories.
    1. What kind of software co.s are there.
    2. What kind of IT support organizations(bank/healthcare/manufacturing) are there.
    3. What skill sets are in demand.
    4. How hard is it to land interviews.
    5. What kind of interviews can one expect

    What are the +ve things about canada?
    1. Freedom to choose profession
    2. Freedom for wife to worl
    3. Cheaper housing.
    4. Anything else?

    Let's keep the ideas flowing ....

    Here is what people forget in this debate. They point out disadvantages of Canada over US. Fewer jobs, High taxes, extreme cold etc.

    No doubt US is better than Canada for most people. That is why US is our first choice and Canada is backup - not the other way around.

    We arent talking about people who have a choice here. If you had choice between US GC and Canadian PR we would always choose US blind folded.

    But we are people without much choice. Yes we have choice to go back to India, and it may be a good choice for thoise who have come recently and have work exp in India. But some of us have spent 10 plus yrs in the US, have US degrees, never worked in India etc. For us it is extremely difficult to move back to India when we dont have a days work exp there. Ofcourse if you are SC/ST or OBC o reserved category your kids have great future there but not for other "normal" people.

    So what other choice do we have. Well English speaking countries you can migrate to and who are taking people as PR's are:

    1) CANADA
    5) UK.

    UK is very difficult to go to as PR. The points required are extremely high. Unless you have MBA from top 10 school or make over 100 K it is difficult.

    Singapore is a good option also, but cost of living is high and you can only apply for PR after working in Singapore for 3 plus yrs. Also Singapore is not a democracy.

    New Zealand economy is 10 times worse than Canada

    That leaves Australia and Canada. Well Canada is closer to US, but Australia has better weather. Canada is less racist but Australia has cricket :).

    So bottom line is conduct this discussion as if US is not the option. If we could stay here with PR for sure we wouldnt even be having this discussion.

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  • john2255
    07-20 02:43 PM
    I am sorry to start a new thread but I feel the following thread is not getting the importance it should get. Everyone please dont miss the following thread. Its a big defeat during our celebrations.

    Major loss to us Cornyn amendment rejected


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  • rameshb49
    10-13 04:26 PM
    seems like people lost their interest in bulletin.. By the way I smell something becasue why its not released on Monday ?

    Beacause..monday is federal holiday(columbus day)!!!

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  • lskreddy
    03-17 02:58 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient.

    Had you left your first paragraph off, may be people would have paid more attention. To say that the fed boss is clueless shows that you have simplified the problem way too much.

    Have you seen the BearStearns tumble and do you understand the cause and effect it may have had if Fed/JPMC had not come to its rescue? There is a very valid speculation that it may still have a ripple effect on all mortgage brokerage firms. For now, the Fed with its tourniquet with help from JPMC seem to have tried to stop the bleeding.

    And regarding your solution, the market is in a deep trouble with the 30 year loan rates around 7%. There is a very high chance that it may go up because of the risks involved in buying mortgage bonds. This is amidst news that the housing market is yet to bottom out and it may continue to fall at least for another year.

    Good try, even if I had a GC, I would be a little careful to jump into this market. Ofcourse, if I had a 30% down for a 250K home, may be I might get a good deal, but not many can afford a 30% down...

    All the best for all who can and thanks for trying to take the reigns from the fed chief....


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  • chanduv23
    08-13 07:41 PM
    Please feel free to comment or correct any facts.

    Excellent job

    Common man may not understand this - too complicated for a common man who is not well versed with immigration stuff.

    Can english_august or franklin help modify this so that a commoner will understand the facts and what kind of mess he is in.

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  • Ramba
    09-05 03:01 PM
    Technically, you are right. But on the other hand, it was at a time when one had to wait at the most 6 months for AOS.
    But, for people from India, on EB categories, the wait is not months, its in YEARS. So, its irrational to go by whats written there.

    On the other hand: I think we must request USCIS to recognize this underlying problem with EB folks that are primarily from India. They must print an exception on the AP for India and exclude the wording "for emergency purpose only". I don't know if USCIS has the discretionary power to amend minor changes.

    If AOS takes many years, then keep the non-immigrant visa, so that no need to worry about AP.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 12:48 PM
    Any reference for what you wrote.

    THis thread is confusing a lot of people. My understanding in once 1485 is pending , one can to county office get EAD card after a month. Gurus please input your comments

    06-24 11:55 PM
    There is one more option for you. H1 and L1 employees can go on long paid/unpaid leaves. If her company can support with document that she was on an unpaid leave for any reason (I do not know the reasons...make something) then there are chances that she will be able to change her status back to H4. All you have to prove that there was a good faith employee employer relationship for that particular duration. Talk to a lawyer, explain the situation..........every passing day is making your situation worse. Good Luck.

    It may work for someone who is out of status for couple of months, but if someone has not worked at all or out of status > 6 months, it will be tough.

    Another thing if change of status is approved without I-94 and by then if I-485 is filed, then out of status is recorded and will be very difficult to overcome. It is always better if out of status issue is resolved BEFORE filing for I-485. Typically Change of Status can take 3-4 months and we may not have that much time to wait for I-485.

    Trip overseas and re-entry can fix the out of status issue in couple of weeks.

    Your choice.

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

    desi3933 at

    09-21 01:25 PM
    you need to remember that you are not a us citizen and you have no rights, you're previleged to have a job here...what are you campaigning for...your rights to get more greencards? then you sound like the illegals who also campaigning for their rights to be us citizens. you can campaign till the cows come home and you aren't going to get squat. note that the illegal hispanic community has a much stronger lobby than legals and they've been working the congress for years...nothing has come out of it.

    july 2nd was a mistake that uscis had to rectify....there were a lot of companies who had spent the money in preparing I-485 applications and then uscis would have to face a class action lawsuit. july 2nd will never happen again.

    just sit and wait and assume that nothing will happen..? ever wonder what would have happened during the July 2nd Fiasco if we did not stand up and campaign for our cause, you think they would have done any thing? Following your principle of do nothing would have lead us no where during the July Second fiasco. THINK!

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