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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 12:06 PM
    GooblyWoobly seems to have 'disapproved' gc_chahiye and my post. We both have lost One GREEN each from our reputation :)

    yup, with a *** for the comment (atleast in my case). Did not even have the decency to explain what part of the post he disagreed with, or discuss it on the forum... hide like a coward and shoot in the back...

    Anyway thanks to all who 'rescued' my reputation :)

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  • rick_rajvanshi
    08-13 06:49 PM

    Read the second last question

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  • nikh
    10-24 03:47 PM
    july 2nd filer

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  • dummgelauft
    08-29 03:48 PM


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  • aadimanav
    08-22 04:34 PM
    ........ However, if a range of PD's are current, then they would sort those by RD and not by PD. .........

    There you go. Now you are talking like a programmer.

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  • gvenkat
    09-05 01:55 PM
    Recently I returned after a one month trip to India. At DC airport the CBP secondary inspection officer grilled us rough. First he called my wife and asked why did we leave US. She told that since my parents are old and not in good health we visited them. Then he started asking for documents proving it. And told us that without documents he won't let us enter. He went on to say that AP is only on humanitarian basis and unless CBP officer is satisfied with proof they cannot allow AP holder to enter. Finally after convincing him for another 30 min he let us in.
    This was a really shocking experience. Are employment based GC's AP supposed to be treated like humanitarian AP? or was the CBP officer over reacting? Gurus please throw some light.

    Tough Luck for you. I entered thro AP yesterday in chicago. Guess what the officer did not even talk a single word. He saw the document stamped and let me in. all it took was 5 minutes.


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  • jthomas
    07-05 12:52 PM
    1. Click here (Loading deal page ( to go to
    2. FREE Incorporation or LLC business formation until the end of the month (Gov. fees apply).
    3. At the Checkout Apply Free Business Formation Coupon code: MYGIFT (Exp 12/31/2008)
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    If I choose the LLC option, is it recommended to opt for "Federal Tax ID / EIN" also?

    I have been to some SCORE seminars and they prefer to go to a qualified office and get the LLC made. On a average one spends aroud 1500 dollars to make a LLC/Co-operation. Initally start with a sole properitorship and later if the business picks up make a LLC

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  • green_world
    11-19 09:51 PM
    YogKc, how did you get the temp license? which state? am I eligible for temp licese at PA if I did not get the license before the current one expires..

    Seems like MOtor Vechile dept is fianlly caught up with the Retrogression. I have been driving with Temp DL past 5 months. I was thinking it was the random check but this thread makes sense to me now

    I have been living in US all my audlt life and I still couldn't figure out why it takes this long for them to check immigration status


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  • reachinus
    08-11 07:32 AM
    I called the atty. firm which posted the Visa Bulletine and they are saying its a ture bulletine and its from an inside source.

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  • chanduv23
    10-09 12:53 PM
    Looks like ppl require additional incentives (like free drinks) to attend this event.

    Did I not tell : Belly dancing is available? I don't understand how people can miss the exotic dancers


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  • Macaca
    08-13 08:26 PM
    Can I call u at some number?
    Send me mail not PM. I will send my ph #. Thanks!

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  • amitjoey
    05-14 11:57 AM
    Contributed $25 today 05/10/2007.

    Receipt ID: 0700-7934-7609-1221

    Thanks a lot, YES. Apart from the media initiative, we need the funds to pay our lobbyist. We can make this happen. Today and tommorrow are big days. Please contribute especially if you have never contributed.


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  • eb2waiter
    05-14 05:14 PM
    EVERYONE picks their nose and EVERYONE farts in private and public.
    the above is a fact.

    Most of the time it is discreet but there are times you get caught.

    Guys if someone tells you stuff like why do "male desis..." it shows that they do not have a high opinion of desis.

    So even if you visit the salon daily it will not be enough to change their perceptions.

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  • glamzon
    10-05 01:24 PM
    Thanks - Great News


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  • shukkoor007
    10-12 07:06 AM
    I am new in this forum. I never saw like this forum before. First-up all I want to congrats all members in this forum, who providing positive and very fast responds.

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  • jonty_11
    10-17 11:39 AM
    Gave in and sent PP by Fedex yesterday for Schedule A, grp 2 case.My attorney did not advise me to PP nor did a legally brain I turn to for advice. He said its likely that I would get approved even during retrogression.
    But I decided its better to know sooner than later, preferably before spouse started using EAD, and if a miracle happens (who can prevent miracles?) the 485 could also get approved concurrently with the 140.... And because I have 13 days more before retrogression hits. And because I saw people reportiing really qiuck turn around after PP. My employer was willing to pay half as well...

    Well plus I did not want to be stuck in the general EB2 pool (India) which looks like its a black hole. I have an approved labor from 2004 there.(yet to file 140 for that one) didn't see a reason to be stuck there with a 2006 PD.

    I still wonder if my reasons were sane and if my hasty action mght prevent my spouse from working -- if the 140 gets denied...Well, we'll take it as it may mean goodbye to the US or something..

    BTW as far as I know, retrogression doesn't start till November 1st.

    How did u change from EB2 to SCH A worker? wahts the basis for that?


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  • Mr. Brown
    08-11 12:22 AM
    EB-1: C
    EB-2: C
    EB-3: C

    Why? Weak economy ... gov. needs more money from our filings :D

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  • anil
    04-14 07:27 PM
    Not sure if this helps, but this kind of thing happened to me 8 years back when my wife was pregnant. I asked my employer about insurance; he said I can continue coverage if I keep paying my premiums. Even if you have to pay a bit more than actual premium it should be better than not having at all. The other option is COBRA as some one already mentioned.
    If that does not work out, call your current insurance company and ask them what are your options in the event you lose your job. You don't have to tell them that you're going to be laid off yet. As the wise say, we don't have to tell everything to the other person until it is really required to disclose. You might end up finding some facts that you probably are not aware of.
    God bless.

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  • rkgc
    04-16 11:09 AM
    gcbikari, the link that you have provided is great, I just looked up a company and saw that the company owner got arrested last week, whom I would have joined. Man, he was doing a sugar coated talk when I was looking for job, and through out his speech he was talking only in millions, like we bought this company ABC last month for 20 million, and in walks in the owner of ABC Company with ragged clothes, really! man who has 20 million.

    08-22 06:03 PM
    PD is the basic qualification and after that its all Luck .....Its a lottery ...

    That's about right hehe!

    But in all seriousness, like people here have mentioned - RD technically is important after a range of PDs become current. This is why, for example:-

    Someone with a EB3/ROW/PD 01/05/RD 06/05 (ie someone who got in right before retro hit) could well have received their GC in the last few months with the move in PD.

    As opposed to my case, EB3/ROW/PD 04/04 RD 06/07 and havn't got my greencard :) Both cases became current in the last few months, but obviously the one with the earlier RD would get approved 1st.

    There are ALWAYS exceptions to the case.

    But back on topic. What to do now that your I485 is applied. Spare yourself the endless agony by obsessively looking at trackers, or figuring out how signed your application for Fedex.

    I sound like a broken record, but if you are dissatisfied by this type of outlook - there really is only 1 thing you can do. I'll even buy you a drink in DC :)

    11-08 11:14 AM
    Now that Democrats have taken the house and will soon bid adieu to rabidly anti-immigration Republicans in key posts like Sesenbrenner and Hastert, it does bring in a new ray of hope for us.

    What this means for us in two houses:


    - To get anything done in the Senate, a bill needs support of more than 60 votes.

    - Even if Democrats control Senate, which we will find out after a Virginia recount, they will really have to work in a bi-partisan manner. If we look at past trend the Senate was open to immigration reform.

    Lower House:

    - Due to "majority of the majority" rule by soon to be former house speaker Hastert, NO non-conservative agenda saw the light of the day in last congress.

    -This effectively turned into a do-nothing congress.

    - New Democrat speaker Nancy Pelosi brings hope for millions.

    - This is a good chance for Bush to show what he can rally around all Americans not just the conservatives.

    This election has shown that the American democratic system does work and that there is still hope for immigration reforms.

    Maybe, this is too early to celebrate but I will go out and have an ice-cream :o some good news after a long draught

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