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  • pappu
    05-31 10:09 AM
    FAQs for Dc advocacy days

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  • sapota
    09-22 09:38 PM
    The suggestion for multiple simultaneous rallies didnt get pushed before DC rally as it would have possibly diluted DC rally attendance. But It looks like multiple simultaneous rallies will have an huge impact since

    -people can travel to their nearest location so more attendance
    -simultaneous local media coverage + more national media coverage
    -sum of parts greater than the total.

    Possible locations -
    West Coast - Bay area & Seattle
    Midwest - Chicago?
    Southwest - Dallas, Austin or Houston
    Northeast - NY?
    Southeast - Atlanta?

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  • she81
    09-27 05:44 PM
    Can we have an action item for this? If core agrees and shows us a green signal, we can hit it immediately. I'm sure we can manage a lot of volunteers on this one :)

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  • bkarnik
    06-13 03:22 PM
    FBI Namecheck status (not good news) (pg. 37 of the report)

    As of May 2007, USCIS reported a staggering 329,160 FBI name check cases pending, with approximately 64 percent (211,341) of those cases pending more than 90 days and approximately 32 percent (106,738) pending more than one year.40 While the percentages of long-pending cases compared to last year are similar, the absolute numbers have increased. There are now 93,358 more cases pending the name check than last year. Perhaps most disturbing, there are 31,144 FBI name check cases pending more than 33 months as compared to 21,570 last year ? over a 44 percent increase in the number of cases pending more than 33 months.4


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  • thomachan72
    12-31 10:31 AM
    Hi Thomachan thanks for the good advice but just curious; Do you really practice what you preach??:confused:

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  • Amma
    09-22 06:04 PM
    This is scheduled on 9/23

    gc _dedo.


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  • aadimanav
    08-20 08:37 AM

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  • ganguteli
    03-04 09:30 AM
    all we need to do is tell congress / USCIS / president / home builders - that No GC means no immigrant will buy their bloated inventory of homes

    Have you told anyone of these (congress / USCIS / president / home builders) yet?

    If not then no point accusing IV as if everyone is your servant. Because you are the kind of person who want others to work hard for you while you will do nothing and only complain. You were asked by IV to lead and at least contact reporters, but you do not want to do that and keep complaining.

    Why don't you lead and inspire everyone by your example first?


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  • Michael chertoff
    07-31 09:19 AM
    EB2 Indian will be Aug 2006.

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  • chanduv23
    10-07 06:21 PM
    Just make sure you don't get yourself booked under DUI...

    Unless they book u for riding MTA :)


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  • pdx_Soft_Eng
    02-26 05:36 PM
    Just made my contribution... I am in the middle of applying for LC, not sure if I will be able to eliminate all the applicants but I know so much about the issues for foreign nationals and I am so happy to see some professionals handling our case. I hope this time the bill will pass...

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  • kevin08
    03-26 03:23 PM
    "Retrogression" is the word for the rest of the year for EB3 (I). Learn it, Leave it (eat it, sleep it, drink it - whichever way you want it).

    How about Dec. 2000 EB3-I for incoming bulletin? Then "Retrogression at will" as we move forward for the rest of the year. Now don't ask me how because anything is possible with (fill in the blanks).


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  • GC08
    06-15 08:22 PM
    I don't know how many years i have to wait to get out of namecheck. Golden years going by ...

    We are being squeezed all along the way... Did you notice I140 retrogression? Think about those who got stuck at labor, then 140, then I485, then name check...

    Did you hear that they were trying to eliminate AC21? So what's the benefit of filing I485 considering all the backlogs? Without AC21, you still have to start all over again should you lose your job.

    Pure stupidity on those bueracrats!

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  • unitednations
    04-27 04:20 PM

    yes; if you are gaining experience from current employer it has to be 50% different.

    Practical issue is that DOL analyst very rarely analyzes it as such. They just deny it stating that experience was gained through petitioning employer. Then you have to go through the appeals route and try to get it approved that way.


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  • learning01
    04-26 12:57 PM
    LINK (

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  • chanduv23
    10-02 11:47 AM
    i will be in nyc this weekend on work and will try my best to be there.
    look forward to seeing the tri state folks!

    This is on 12th - will u be there on 12th?


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  • gcnotfiledyet
    02-24 06:41 PM
    Did AILA actually file a lawsuit?

    They obtained authorization to file the lawsuit. They had it prepared to file and received good response from possible plaintiffs. It was possibility of good strong case by AILA that deterred USCIS to reverse the decision without a formal lawsuit. This is exactly what we need to further our cause. USCIS could care less about other petty tricks. They will only understand language of laws/court. For that we need congress to pass laws favoring us.

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  • rkay
    06-03 11:00 AM
    PS: Take ot easy if there are any spelling mistakes in my reply.

    Are you making these spelling mistakes on purpose, or is it just natural ?:D

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  • pappu
    10-16 08:07 AM
    H1b humane-hear my cannot be as inhuman as it can be..(i have written the story in one of the forums before also..)

    My PD-Oct 2001..Eb3..My wife RIR-almost making it thru I140when all hell broke loose in our wife was pregnant and because of stupid gynaecologist..she ended up in hospital with complicated premature preganancy..guess if it was not bad enough..her company got acquired just when she was admitted in hospital...imagine wondering about health insurance when she was kept to bed rest with no mobility allowed..we filed for insurance by mistake..which said that 20% in patient.....we were so shaken that even human resource did not advise us..guess was born..and it was surmised that baby will have long stay in hosiptal...2-3 months(eventually it was 4 months!)..somwhere around the first month..I realized that her insurance..will rip me off..I called right at the end of the first month..and tried several times to put my wife and baby on my insurance so that i don't end up paying was lot of efforts until I found some desi in Blue cross insurance who put the whole family from the first initial month..when normally people get the policy for the following month at that time.

    one down --and then another wife was called to her office from hospital saying that..since there was lot of work in her office..she could come for some days..guess what..she went back..thinking..she could finish work and then take extended leave....guess what..she was laid off..and with baby in hospital..and lay a rush to change her status to H4 visa..imagine the workload.....finally got her status h4 visa..with GC and labor in trash...

    I was so disgusted..that I started writing to Governor Shwarzenegger' office..who put me with Senator Diane Fienstein..and of course labor secretory Chao..after all the correspondings..all I got was my D number listed from Dallas..their sympathies...ALL I WROTE to them..Hey I want to change jobs because in those days I was commuting between LA to San Diego..where my baby was hospitalized...I wanted to be with my baby..and not work..but it was not possible..if I did..then I could get out of status...I even wrote to Department of Homeland security...and got no reply...they don't care..I ahve to be illegal to get sympathies..I guess!

    Situation was bad..finally baby was out of hospital and I weathered all with help of Almighty...and now I am so disgusted with system..that I am moving to vancouver...

    But I have another pleasant boss wants me to work from vancouver and visit office once in a month...I don't know...whether it is possible...stay in vancouver and visit LA for 2 weeks and then go back and still maintain H1 status..

    what do you say..after all the stress!


    Sorry to hear your situation. There is you and several other members who I have had a chance to speak to, are going through a tough time in life (both on personal and professional fronts) due to not having a greencard. Such experiences are my motivation to work as a volunteer and core member for IV and do something to solve problems faced by several thousands of people like me. IV is currently the only organization in USA working for the cause of legal high skilled immigrants. This IV forum has brought all of us together on one platform where we can share our views and pain. Members have come up with ideas and helped this community in any way they could. Some members decided to join this effort as core members and pledged more time and effort in order to bring relief to all of us. It is not an easy job. There is nobody else to work on the issues we face. You have yourself seen how the govt. and lawmakers responded to you and still did not do anything when you tried yourself as an individual. When we try to raise such issues collectively as IV, lawmakers do hear us. With greater membership numbers and resources we can certainly do much more to influence them and get the laws changed. Members pls. help us increase our membership and funding so that we can all collectively bring about a change and provide relief to everyone in our community. desibechara, If you have decided to move to Canada, good luck to you and your family. Do keep in touch with this forum. Hope we all members of IV can collectively work soon enough to get something done for ourselves to end our miseries.

    08-15 11:48 AM
    If this is so, how do folks who have used AC21 handle this ?

    07-14 07:07 AM
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt and spontaneous post. I knew about what these people have written, but thought it was no point getting into discussion because some of the postings seemed to be so immature.

    However, just so you know, here is the background,

    [a] One of the reporters of Indian Express telephoned for my comments and the flower campaign, and wanted to know what was happening. I gave him the background, and my analysis, however, it exactly happened as you put it ? the reporter assumed that I was one of the organizers, since I am so often involved in US-India affairs.

    [b] Had I wanted to take credit, I would not have even mentioned Immigration Voice to the reporter (the reporter wrote ?Emigration Voice?, on his own probably)

    It beats common sense for me to try for credit in this matter ? there is too much on my plate already, and I was not at all involved in this campaign. If there was absolutely nothing I was doing, then where is the logic for me to inflate my role or ego? But yes, I have been involved as an analyst, and well wisher, of this campaign and Immigration Voice by letting so many countless people ? in media and politics, in the US and India ? know of this very fine initiative.

    Also, just by the way, more than two days ago, before this Indian Express story came out, another media, NDTV had approached me to help them connect with the people in the campaign ? and I asked a colleague of mine to inform IV; and Aman was sent an email with the name, and contact details of the NDTV reporter in New York. Plus, the CNN-IBN reporter who covered this story (the same story / video about which many of IV people are so proud on their blogs) ? she was instructed by her Delhi office to follow this story only after I spoke to their international affairs editor (him and I were talking about the Lal Masjid matter in Pakistan, and then we got talking about general matters, and its then that I familiarized him of this interesting campaign happening, and he immediately sent messages so that CNN-IBN should cover this story).

    In fact even before Surabhi posted on IV yesterday re this matter, at least 36 hours before that I had written an email to Aman Kapur on my own and informed him that the news report had incorrectly mentioned that I am a coordinator of the campaign. After writing to Aman I considered my duty done ? as any such little misunderstanding should be clarified between mature people who are in public life.

    I have been in this business too long, too deep, and too wide, to know and understand that the media at times makes mistakes in its interpretations ?
    It does feel very warm, nice, and grateful to know that you went and gave them your candid and immediate opinion. Thank you so much my friend!


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