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  • desi3933
    07-19 04:55 PM
    Yes, don't worry guys. Once I-140 is approved, most of employment and job related stuff is over.

    I-485 is mainly for status change stage to check criminal background (not job related :) ), FP and name check. They won't check much on job.

    It is all straight forward and only a time consuming stage. Thats all. Enjoy the AOS pending stage.


    Consider this example. It is possible that I-140 is approved in Dec 2005 and I-485 is filed in July 2007. There can be big time lag between I-140 and I-485.

    I-140 is mainly matching job requirement to employee' skill set and experience and ability to pay for the employer. It does NOT check for out of status issues. I hope you know that person may not be US for I-140 to be approved.

    I-485 is, like it says, adjustment of status and it checks for status issue. Please refer to section 245 in detail. Section 245(k), for example, applies to I-485 (and not to I-140).

    Please confirm with your lawyer and get your info right.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • nozerd
    02-20 09:54 PM
    I finally heard back something from my Senator's office. He sent me an email from USCIS stating that my FBI check was clear but that I needed new fingerprints as the first set had expired. The email also said that she would request a fingerprinting appt for me which should happen after 30-60 days and once I got fingerprinted the Senators office can contact her so that she can expedite with the I 485 supervisor.

    Now my question is should I waoit for her to trigger the 2nd fingerprinting notice, or should I just take an Infopass and try to get them scheduled ? I mean should I really wait 30-60 days just for a fingerprint request (assuming they remember to send one) or can I proactively request it to save time.
    Would appreciate a response ?

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  • karthkc
    06-06 09:40 AM
    Answers to the questions above:
    1. The company is a Manufacturing company.
    2. They have 17,000 employees.
    3. Yes. Salary has changed but not significantly.

    I dont see any issues here, but if you are still not sure and your date is current, see if you can request a promotion date that can be effective after your case has been adjudicated.

    It will take some explaining but might be worth it..

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  • sravani
    05-22 03:27 PM
    We should get an amendment to make all H1Bs illegal. so we can easily qualify for this Z visa.

    Lol, Agree with this. We need to include this amendment in the agenda :D


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  • adibhatla
    06-24 03:54 PM
    On Friday, Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs officially announced that the President was scheduled to call a small group of Congressional leaders and political leaders to the White House to open a dialogue on CIR next Thursday, 06/25/2009. Troublesome was another statement that recognizes the facts by the Press Secretary at the same press conference that the Congress did not have enough numbers to pass a CIR legislation. As we reported earlier, for a CIR to pass the Congress, it should pass both the Senate and the House. However, it is the House that lacks enough numbers at this time to pass a CIR legislation this year. There are a plenty of House legislators who represent districts that are politically not affected by the Hispanic population and their political pressures. These legislators usually form a group of Democratic represenstives who are either conservative and middle of the road in the political ideology. The situation tends to be different when it comes to the Senate that is consisted of legislators based on their statewide consistuencies as opposed to the House representatives that represent small neighborhood and district constituencies. The Senators' decisions are thus derived more from broader national political or statewide political issues and interests of the whole party. For this reasons, for the past several years, the Senate initiated and was able to pass CIR bills which have ended up in the ditch when it moved to the House floor. The background behind the Press Secretary's announcement downplaying the potential success of CIR within this year is their motivation to control unrealistic rise of expectation in the CIR supporting community on the President's initiatives that can also end up in another ditch with potential negative political fall-outs to his political leadership. The current politcal landscape and environment then raise two questions. The first question is whether the President and the Democratic Congress will have enough energy and zeal to successfuly change the existing political landscape, particularly in the House of Representatives, within such a limited time within this year. The Congress will soon go into the Summer recess and the remaining legislative days in the Congressional calendar for 2009 are very limited. The second question is why then Senate Majority leader, Sen. Harry Reid, has been spinning in media on his agenda to take up a CIR bill this fall with the full realization of political reality that can be ditched again in the House. It appears that part of such spinning is related to his own political future. His seat in the Senate will be up for reelection in the national mid-term election in 2010 and he needs a strong support from the Hispanic constituency in the State of Nevada. The Hispanic population has been rapidly growing durng the past several years in the State of Nevada. His push for a CIR will achieve his political calculation, no matter whether the bill will pass or fail in the Senate. Again, the chance for a CIR passing the Senate in 2009 is indeed very good as the chance for Senate Democrats pulling together 60 votes may turn realistic, particularly as affected by the final result of the current Senate election dispute in the State of Minnesota. In the very near future, the Minnesota Supreme Court is likely to hand down a decision sustaining the election of Mr. Al Franken, a progressive Democrat, as the next Senator, over the conservative former(?) Senator Norm Coleman. For the discussion per se, let's assume that the CIR fails to pass either in the Senate or in the House. The Senator Harry Reid will still get all the credits in his Hispanic constituency in the State of Nevada for his initiatives in the Senate to legislate a CIR!

    All in all, year 2009 will turn out to be the only year that can pass a CIR because this is a so-called leap-year when there is no national reelection and the House members will be less affected by their activities this year. The key is whether the President Obama will have enough energy, steam, and polical motive to make a full-court pressing and arm-twisting of the conservative Democratic members in the House within a "very" short period of time, within this Summer or early fall at the latest. Currently, his and Democrats' top two reform agenda stay with the nation's health care and energy reforms. Until we see such full dedication and commitment of the President to the CIR within a given time, one should not raise the level of his/her hope or expectation too high as it will indeed bring out really devastating frustration and hopelessness in 2010 in that considering the November 2010 mid-year election, the chance for CIR next year will turn out to be very slim because of the rerunnng Democrats in the election from small districts that are not affected by the Hispanic political pressures. Until we see such solid momentum and heat of passion on the part of the President leading to quick actions in the near future, all the media campaign and spinning of news by the White House and the Senator Reid may have to be taken with caution and discount.

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  • arihant
    03-16 11:51 AM

    Do not despair yet. We were repeatedly told that bills take a lot of time to pass. Never the less we'll keep working on this bill and this also precisely why we're not pinning all of our hopes on only the Comprehensive Immigration Bill. We also have the PACE bill and the TALENT bill, which can bring a lot of relief to us.

    Are there any plans by the senate or congress to to bring these two bills to the floor anytime? In other words, what is the current status of these two bills?


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  • saketkapur
    11-21 04:25 PM
    I-485s Not Tracked by Priority Date

    A question was asked about the volume of employment-based I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status cases pending with NSC as of April 2008. Also asked was how many of the cases had current priority dates. The NSC advised that they had, at that time, approximately 190,000 EB I-485s. They also clarified that they do not track cases solely by priority date. While we are aware that cases were not tracked by priority dates, from the questions we receive, it is worth reiterating to our readers. Our firm see questions, frequently accompanied by outrage, asking why I-485 cases with later priority dates are approved prior to those with earlier priority dates. The answer is simply that the USCIS service centers do not re-sort or track I-485s solely based upon priority dates. Case processing is based upon filing date, but I-485s cannot be approved if the priority date is not current. The NSC also referenced the need for an I-485 to be what they refer to as "viable" in order to be approved. Viable cases are those with approved I-140 petitions, clean fingerprint and name-check results (or name checks pending over 180 days), as well as being eligible for visa issuance, based upon priority date.

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  • rdehar
    07-17 10:29 AM
    H-1B - Specialty occupation : April 02, 2007

    This has not changed in 1 month !!

    Nice !!


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  • jonty_11
    05-22 03:03 PM
    All this while we legal folks have been renewing our H1B's with overlapping time intervals so taht there is no that sounds like a stupid thing to have done....
    we should have left gaps in our H1 Transfers ...just so we could be illegal

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  • rssb
    01-26 07:02 AM
    Politics of a region / state has nothing to do with this discussion. The school which got shutdown did not have 100% students from one region or country.

    FYI All the Hawla, Bofors, Fodder scams, 2G scam did not even occur from the mentioned one state alone !

    The state has / had best IIT coaching facilities ( you call it a manufacturing shop, I don't care). Which produced lot of good engineers, who genuine have completed their education in this country and added value here.

    It is unfortunate that some people knew what they were doing and others were frustrated with long wait (esp H4's who have been waiting for ever in the retrogression even though their spouses had approved 140's for years) and were told to pursue a shady option saying it was legal by scrupulous body shops wanting to make money. A spouse from no other country other than India and China has to wait this long to EAD, even all the spouses of substitute labor are working on EAD's.

    Dont make a blanket statement about corruption, every region has its problems. Even in this country money from recovered from freezers of politicians. Corrupt & Dishonest people exist every place.


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  • Kitiara
    02-04 05:28 PM
    I don't care! I got a second vote! :beam:

    Thank you very much for voting for my little castle. Still got a long way to catch up with Soul and Eilsoe though. :cyborg:

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  • new2gc
    06-01 11:16 AM
    Voted Aye!


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  • chanduv23
    07-02 04:19 PM
    Legal fee (Myself and wife) = $1000 + $500 + $100 (expenses) = $1600
    Medical = $ 300
    Photos + Stationary + Other expenses = $ 200
    Total = $2100

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  • GCapplicant
    07-10 08:11 AM
    We should side line these type of guys-Never encourage them ...
    Now even people who dont know what is H1 will become aware of it.Dont they know these type of words might bring racist feelings to a common person here soon,if they continue like this .
    But each and everyone forget their past that they where also once upon a time an immigrant like us.


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  • coloniel60
    08-15 11:44 AM
    You can't. No lawyer will do so as this is fraud. If uscis is able to track it down, ie: they kept the envelope, then such a person is in trouble.

    You think they will go thru thousands of applications and check the tracking number? Besides I don't think they keep the original mailing envelope. So I think asking us to keep the tracking number is just BS.

    USCIS is already making contradictory statements. First they release an update that they have processed all applications mailed before July 1 but when I call customer service and tell them that my application was mailed on June 11th, they say wait for 90 days.

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  • gk_2000
    11-02 10:47 PM
    Well, at least the bill has been introduced in senate. And if it fails then perhaps peacemeal will happen


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  • rajuram
    06-19 09:48 PM
    Pay and move forward. Most of us have spent years to get this stage. Do not spoil it now....hopefully more $$$ will pour in once you get past this stage!

    I guess most of the folks here are busy preparing to apply for 485. I have different problem here.

    My employer's attorney is charging me outrageous fees of around $5000 to
    apply for 485, AP and EAD for me and my spouse. This excludes USCIS fees. I work on hourly basis, so I should be taking care of immigration fees. My employer is not allowing me to file through another law firm.

    Do I have any other options. How much do they charge usually.

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  • waitnwatch
    11-17 12:47 PM
    Discover does not issue a credit card if you are not a PR or citizen..even though you have good credit history..

    Yeah! except that they do....the first time I applied a long time ago that was the reason assigned. A few years down the road they invited me...someone called me and sure enough there was the discover card in the mail!

    By the way my mortgage interest rate was a tad bit higher because of my non-immigrant status. My mortgage broker at the bank told me exactly that.

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  • whoever
    04-14 11:31 AM
    who are "other workers" category? i mean who qualify to be an "other worker"?

    06-05 04:25 PM
    In which case it could be a good thing, so unapproved I-140's, if deemed approvable will be approved on filing of AC21 portability. There are a few who have not filed for portability but moved on EAD, what is their case now? This things only gets from bad to worse. Anyone with inside info pls chime in.

    well this memo is taking it one step further than the last memo -

    it is saying that the I-140 must be approved before determining portability. which means most likely if you file for portability and your 140 has not been approved then USCIS will be forced to look at your 140 petition and approve it.

    07-23 01:02 PM
    Can you send me also a copy of the supporting letter


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