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  • dealsnet
    05-15 04:05 PM
    This guy manhandled his wife and was in the jail for one day. Read his previous post in this forum. Why you are so compassanate for a women beater. ?. Now he want to marry another women. Who knows he will do same thing to her also?. Munna Bhai read his post and comment. IV is for good cause; not for people with criminal behaviour.

    I think we, in this forum, should get more mature in handling others personnel issues. The reason I was against that "snathan" story was that we are trying to play goody goody for no reason. We are in a country where the divorce rate is the highest..then why don't we open this forum for all of those people..let's play good Samaritan to everyone...

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  • jfredr
    08-22 10:59 AM
    Hey GC_sufferer sorry i thought u were member of AILA

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  • pmb76
    02-12 05:05 PM
    Hi all,

    Mine is a different situation, i was with my employer till mid of last year and did not inform him while leaving his company and joined another job (h1 transfer) he is now saying that the vendor did not pay him some money and i have to pay that amount and he is demanding that amount for my W-2.

    He also said that he would take legal action if i didnot pay his losses ( i did not sign any document with him other than my h1b papers) no agreements,

    I am going to call IRS after feb15, but is he going to go to court?

    Please suggest me.


    Dude, I think you shouldn't worry about this. The contract was between the consulting company and the client. If the client doesn't pay what is your fault ? You don't control the client. I don't think he has any case against you. He might have a case against the client for not paying the dues for services rendered but that is their problem , not yours.

    These desi consulting firms are so friggin shortsighted and pennypinchers. They need to be taught a lesson. I really wish that they come up with some immigration reform bill where one of the items is to prevent exploitation of employees hired by these desi firms.

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  • mheggade
    12-28 01:21 PM
    I wish good luck to all of July 2nd filers (including me) who plan to opt for AC21(freedom).


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  • redcard
    12-12 02:04 PM
    im waiting for the groans and moans

    You don't have to wait you could do some work at your office.

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  • sravani
    05-22 04:25 PM
    This Jan 1,2007 date is another Joke by this lawmakers. These undocumented workers came crossing the border without any port of entry evidence. How can they prove they came before or after that date.


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  • dealguy007
    05-12 09:35 AM
    The bill text says there is NO fee and the applications need to be processed expedited.

    Regulations promulgated under this Act shall provide that applications under this Act will be considered on an expedited basis and without a requirement for the payment by the applicant of any additional fee for such expedited processing.

    So once this bill passes, we can just forget about legal immigration applications for 2 ~3 years, until all illeagul and UNDOCUMENTED applications are processed.

    This is going to effect all legal immigrant community, think about waiting for AP, EAD, H1B application and guess people might have to suffer loosing jobs while waiting for these applications processed.

    Hope they don't pass this bill and kick us back by 5 Years.

    I don't see a relation between Obama saying ..... Cisco, Intel, Ebay started by Immigrants and DREAM. Those Immigrants he is referring to are from India/China and DREAM are from Mexico.
    Am i missing something here?

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  • Munna Bhai
    08-20 03:49 PM
    I would like to know How to file a complaint about labor fraud? I just found out that my employer didn't file 485 for me and instead he used the labor for someone else. Is there anyway I can file a complaint? I have no other option except to wait until the dates are current again. I paid all the expenses for labor, 140 and 485.

    Is this Desi?? This is very very bad.


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  • GCwaitforever
    11-16 02:53 PM
    This is relevant because some of us have EAD which is legal authorization to work (restricted though) or spouses have EADs (unrestricted). Placing barriers like US citizens only or Greencard holders only is discriminatory.

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  • babu123
    07-02 05:02 PM
    Medicals: 335 for both
    Photos: 30
    Color xerox: 50
    Gas mileage: 25
    Attorney fee: 1500


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  • nikamd
    05-11 06:03 PM

    Totally agree with you. We always think and hope grass is greener on the other side and in this case we may not realize now difficult it might be for these kids to have a normal life.

    In our case by which I mean the EB community we have our own issues which for us would see the most important and of the highest priority. I am also in the same boat and think about it day in and day out. I just think about it and my actions to improve the situation have been insignificant. Hats off to you all for trying to improve the situation and contribute in changing the system.

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  • octoberbloom
    12-28 11:39 AM
    I dont think you need to worry much since you might have just started your GC process and you have not filed your 485 yet. If I am in your situation, I will definitely go for it if its a real good job and if thats what I have been waiting for. May be you can restart the whole GC process.
    Nothing is certain in the GC process. Find a right job and then start your GC. That ways even if you are stuck for several years, you dont need to go find another job.

    I hav seen many people in the forums getting RFE after invoking AC21. You know how USCIS works, right?? If they ever keep track of what they are doing and if they have a definite process in place, neither there will be any retrogression nor any of these forums. Be prepared for RFE if you are invoking AC21. Though you can survive that, imagine the period between receiving the RFE and responding to it. What if that happens in your 5th or 6th year of wait?? I pray that your wait is not that long.



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  • Devils_Advocate
    07-22 11:34 AM
    u know what i think, doggy, doggystyle and devils_advocate are all the same person, or they are anti-immigrants who are teaming up. admin may want to look at them closely... i would.... others can keep an eye on these guys too....

    u know what i think, you're a paranoid schizophrenic ( having someones else name doesnt help your cause either:p )

    I think Pappu has had enough correspondence with me to know whether i am an anti or an anti-exposer :)

    I seriously think you folks need to get a grip over yourselves, it quits being funny and turns ridiculous after a while.

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  • ajju
    02-27 08:18 PM
    I don't think it is the CP filers' fault.
    But, I agree that the requests by the original poster should not be a part of IV's letter campaign.

    Everything else will then just follow...
    And hopefully no more waiting for mid of the month bulletin updates :-) and years and years of restricted choices due to ongoing GC...

    But again.. its we who made these choices :-)


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  • coloniel60
    08-14 06:23 AM

    Thanks doc for the prognosis. I have said this before and I will say it again that all this is USCIS fault. They are the ones who are taking 90 days to issue recipt notices. They are the ones who are not following FIFO in issuing recipt notices. They are the ones who said that they have processed all applications received before July 1 but have not cashed checks for my application which was mailed on June 11th.

    On a lighter note what you are doing with those you tube videos is also OBSSESSIVE COMPULSIVE (DIS)ORDER except that it's for something good.

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  • needhelp!
    01-12 03:15 PM
    Hospital only drawback is that its close to impossible to have a completely unmedicated birth. Take their free tour, its fun to see a different perspective and hear how they do things.

    thanks for the info.

    I am little hesitant about this, I mean house like setting with midwifes. my wife is little bit uncomfortable.

    I am looking for options where I can get a payment plan from hospital.

    I have called few hospiltals and doctors. will post will more details once I finalize.

    Thank you very much!


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  • rajuseattle
    08-05 04:07 PM

    Is your e-file or Paper filed? Since you have posted your details in the NSC EAD e-file tracker I assume yours is E-file. What was the FP date for you?

    Can you please share this information with other IVans?

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  • sanju
    09-09 09:13 PM
    I have a question on salary hike after invoking AC21.
    What if new employer pay same salary as old and the other amount as per diem. Is that going to be a problem.
    For ex. current employer is paying 80K and new employer is going to pay 120 K. Which is way beyond the limit. In this case can new employer pay the difference in per diem.
    Experts, your opinion please.

    It may be ok if the new employers writes in the employment verification letter sent to USCIS to reply to the RFE that your salary with the new employer is say between 80K-83K "plus benefits". Per diem is actually a benefit. The only problem could be, per diem is for finite period of time and you have to maintain a primary residence different than the place of your work, now sure though. I think this question could be verified by a lawyer and/or HR dept.

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  • undertaker
    05-17 06:26 AM
    What is the white man's (Europeans and others) visa to America then? I don't see any other ways people can come here on the same conditions as the H-1B visa.
    Lol, it happens to be no visa!Most Europeans don't need a visa to get in this country and if they want to, they just stay back.....since they are are the same color as the majority they do not caste doubts or suspicions as much as the 'brown man' does....I don't think the majority of European immigrants to America came with any papers whatsoever......and lets not forget that before '65 race-based immigration was the policy.

    12-21 07:55 AM
    I think there is goin to be a mad rush for H1 filing.. com e April & the 2007-08 quota will be over in a jiffy...

    07-25 10:09 AM
    E-Filed: May 30th, 2008
    FP: June 28th, 2008
    Card Production Ordered on July24th :)
    Belong to EB3 Category and hoping to get 2 Year EAD.
    Will let everyone know if I get 2 year or 1 year EAD
    Is everyone who belong to EB3 category getting 2 year EAD???

    Updates Via E-Mail