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  • pointlesswait
    06-24 03:54 PM
    Immigration has to happen this year.. else it will have to wait for ever..
    there are no elections scheduled this year or late into next year.

    To link unemployment with illegal immigration is a far stretch...
    a.) what is the proof that illegals here are not already employed?
    b.) Do illegals and citizens/legals compete for the same job? --> probably Not

    It only means these faceless humans will get some rights and protection...

    illegal immigration is one of the main source of flesh trade from eastern europe and latin america....

    BUT the socio-economic impact this will have on US as a whole is a whole new topic...

    If this is true, how come CIR is one of the main agendas of democratic party. Also remember hispanic votes were a deciding factor in the last election. GOP acknowledges that. Moreover voters demographics has changed since last election. Electorate is comprised of higher percentage of forward thinking younger generation.

    IMO anti-immigrant racist voter percentage will be on decline in coming years. So democrats/gop is better off catering to the likes of this younger generation.

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  • nrk
    10-29 01:47 PM
    Thanks rb,

    Did you visit any country that might have triggered this?
    I worked in Kuwait and visited Bahrain, Dubai. Does any of the countries were in that list.

    Have you ever faced any issues with your last name being on no fly list?



    Did you visit any country that might have triggered this?

    Have you ever faced any issues with your last name being on no fly list?

    You have pretty much answered no to most of the questions asked by other posters. If the answers to the above questions are no too, then it must be USCIS error.

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  • Brightsider
    05-31 04:12 PM

    I am sure your point is very valid.
    At this juncture we are grasping at straws. Here is one more of them.

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  • Vsach
    07-27 08:01 PM
    You are being a jerk and don't encourage others to be:mad:


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  • drirshad
    06-05 05:06 AM
    Things seems to be so messy that Ron has very cleverly avoided any speculation about the coming up visa bulletin.

    Ron Gotcher cannot predict the July 2008 visa bulletin, following is what he says.

    Historically, about 40% of all immigrant visas/adjustment approvals take place in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year (July - September). The law prohibits the issuance of more than 27% of the quota in any of the first three quarters. All visas that are unused (ordered but not issued) must be returned for use in the fourth quarter. This is why we see most visas being issued in the July - September interval.

    This year, there is anecdotal evidence that the government may have violated the law and issued more visas in the first three quarters than permitted by statute. No one really knows if this is true or just the result of inartful language used by government officials. No one has released any absolute numbers as to actual issuances.

    If the government did violate the law, then all bets are off and there is no way to anticipate what might be in the works.

    If they did not violate the law, however, we can infer certain things from what we have seen thus far. We know that the CIS has enough AOS applications in the existing inventory (backlog) to fill the annual quota four times over. If they were processing with any degree of efficiency, cutoff dates would be backlogged worse that what they were at the start of the fiscal year last October. They aren't.

    Because the CIS isn't processing cases at a rate sufficient to exhaust the annual quota, the State Department has had to move cutoff dates forward in order to attract more applicants to file overseas with consulates. This allows the State Department to step up and process immigrant visa applications and help exhaust the quota.

    We know that CIS processing has been deficient this year because we have seen forward cutoff date movement. If the CIS were processing large numbers of cases, not only would forward cutoff date movement be wholly unnecessary, it would be grossly irresponsible.

    Given the forward movement earlier in the year, I certainly expected to see substantial movement in June. That did not happen. Why it didn't happen is unknown. It could be that the CIS, wishing to avoid a repeat of last year, dropped everything an adjudicated a massive number of cases. I doubt that happened because we haven't seen any evidence of it. Had they approved a huge number of cases in a short period of time, it would have been all over the Internet.

    It could also be that, once again, the CIS has solemnly promised the State Department that they really will adjudicate a huge number of cases this time and all those other years where they made the same promise and then failed to follow through don't really count because this time they really mean it.

    Whatever the reason for the lack of movement in June, July will tell us what is going to happen for the balance of the fiscal year. If there is no substantial movement in July, then we are unlikely to see much movement in August or September. If there is substantial movement in July, however, we can probably expect to see a retrogression in September.

    The July visa bulletin should be out around Monday, July 14th. Let's see what happens.

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  • gc_on_demand
    11-21 11:29 AM
    Dear Friends,

    As per yesterday?s floor summary (access link below), the House of Congress has been adjourned and this marks the end of the business activity in the house of the110th Congress. House will re-convene at 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009 and that will be the first session of the 111th Congress.

    Floor Summary:

    3:02 P.M. -
    The House adjourned pursuant to H. Con. Res. 440. The next meeting is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009.

    HR 5882 introduced in the 110th Congress will no longer valid for consideration in the 111th Congress and a new RECAPTURE bill has to be introduced in 111th Congress with the same contents of HR 5882 in order for us to obtain some relief.

    I think we should start our campaign now itself, targeting Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [WI-5], for the RE-INTRODUCTION of the RECAPTURE bill during the first week of the 111th Congress.

    Also, it is very important NOT to campaign for the expansion of the scope of this bill at this point of time as that will make this bill to get ignored and become a reason to add the whole relief measures to a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill which may take 1-2 years to get passed depending on the political landscape.

    We should ask Hon. Zoe and Hon. Sensenbrenner to introduce this as an emergency relief measure and try to get this passed during the first quarter itself.

    Once this bill gets introduced, we could request all previous Co-Sponsors of HR 5882 to become Co-Sponsors of the new bill.

    So at this point, we should send mails to Rep Lofgren, Zoe and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. encouraging them to re-introduce the RECAPTURE bill.

    Let?s keep HOPE alive!

    I was pushing it for week. I tried to email her. It didnot work out.. On her website if you are not from her constitute it will not allow to send message. I called her office to and lady asked me details first like name , address and she said I should call my local rep. Also she didnot give any details on HR 5882. I was asking support from some member from her consitute and get the thing going one showed interest. People are busy on AC21 thing. I think its good for them but doesnot matter for me who didont even file I 485.

    We are in such a minority in terms of immigrants. 12 mil Illegal Vs 500k legal ( who are waiting for visa ) Out of that who knows how many we are on this site ? may be 10 % or less.. and people starts campaign for AC21 which brings number even smaller. How can we get success... We should think broad. The whole point of this was forum should be for every one. I know we had done a progress. (1) We did good job on July fiasco. only helped those who were waiting for filling 485.. ( may be 90 % of population of this site . )
    (2) then we did good job for 2 year of EAD
    (3) Now AC21..

    but this is helping only few % of us. and becoming less and less as some senior members get GC and leave site.. In order to attrack more and more people we should be broad. Our primary goal should be Backlog and increase visa .. Unless congress increase visa nothing will happen to backlog.

    Good start and let me know if you need some help on this campaign.


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  • Winner
    06-17 11:01 AM
    My wife had to go to Canada to get her H1B revalidated before she travelled to India. At that time, we could get an appointment in Chennai consulate only after two months, but she had to travel sooner than that. We had to spend around $1500 for airfare/lodging and other expenses to just to get the stamping.

    Also, the lost wages for 3 days.

    If this process is really beneficial to USA in terms of security etc, we certainly have to do this, but I don?t see why the same procedure can be done inside USA instead of travelling to a foreign country.

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  • shamu
    01-10 03:36 AM
    IV friends,

    Sub: Immigrant requiring info on Maternity insurance.

    I need information about maternity insurance** in Texas (in particular Dallas). Your help and advice is highly appreciated.

    What are your inputs on Maternity Advantage, I got this information from Pregnancy

    Also please provide me info, if any, on hospitals which provides maternity insurance.

    Any thoughs, suggestions, guidance, & information would be considered helpful is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    ** for pregnant with individual health insurance which does not cover maternity.


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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 12:07 PM
    I think EADs are sent to the applicant and AP to the attorney...had the same in my seen lots of folks here say the same thing...

    According to the lady officer all AP approvals were mailed to my home address and she verified my home address as well to make sure whether USCIS has sent them to appropriate address or not.

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  • eilsoe
    02-12 07:41 PM
    IT'S A TIE!!!!

    26 - 26 , me and Soul :beam:

    Kir, add it to the main page ;)


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  • abqguy
    07-13 05:04 PM
    Congratulations and you are a VERY generous man!! Hope this will motivate several of us to contribute to the cause.

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  • Beemar
    01-25 10:52 AM
    Tri-Valley University Faculty Members (
    Dr.Susan Xiao-Ping Su Tri-Valley University (

    Founder is Chinese. Most of the faculty is also Chinese.

    This is fantastic :). Indians are still stuck with hole-in-the-wall body shops, and the chinese have an entire university to beat the immigration hurdles. Chinese genius is far superior.


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  • mugwump
    01-04 11:25 AM
    Yeah if the restriction was for non immigrants none of their "special" buddies from gulf states like UAE, Saudi, Kuwait etc would be able to visit.

    Many of those " special buddies" would have diplomatic passports, hence no inspection at the POE

    But i think you can not practice polygamy or bring multiple spouse to the US on non immigrant visa

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  • Canuck
    02-24 06:26 PM
    Read this:

    What I can gather from this is that USCIS is going back on its original position of asking the FBI to expedite Name Check cases.


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  • jetflyer
    06-13 10:48 AM
    Mark Kirkoreiean's (or whatever his name is) thesis is that not everyone who gets a green card through EB is a genius, and that is not good for America.

    Along same lines, I would like to ask, Mark or whoever in anti-immigration camp,
    there are only 1M (may be little less) skilled workers looking for immigration and you have problem with that because all of them are not THE BRIGHTEST one, okay... well first understand, for THE BRIGHTEST we have EB1 which is working great. Now in America there is a lot of work which needs experienced and highly skilled worker and we have EB2 for that, apart from that we still have a lot of work which requires hitech skilled worker and for that we have Eb3. So by the definition system has already identified the need and have representation for those.

    And secondly you have problem with those who came legally and are highly skilled and have followed all the rules since day 1, counts less that 1 million, you are not willing to give them GC on other hand there are 12M (actually 20 M) who can't even write their names in English and everybody is ready to give them GC even the president of US is ready.

    Doesn't that give signal that US is pro illegal and anti-legal immigration.... think about it

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  • snhn
    11-06 10:57 AM
    Thanks bro for great information.

    however, I have some questions. You say that the officer told you that your AP was approved on Oct 1, 2007. Did you see a LUD change that day in your status. If you did, what did it say. I ask because I got a LUD change on our AP on Nov 2 but the message is still the same as it was when i got the receipt notice. No mention of AP approved.

    My recetip date is August 14, and NOtice date is Oct 2, 2007. SO the TExas website states 3 months. Is it 3 months after notice date or receipt date.

    I have heard people getting their AP without their online status being changed. Is this true. Anyhows, I have yet to go and do my finger prints. It is scheduled for Nov 21. Maybe they need to wait for finger print to before the AP is approved. or is this not the case.

    Anyhows, comments are appreciated.



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  • coolfun
    07-17 12:39 PM
    You are WRONG.

    Once 485 is filed, its processed according to the "receipt date". Period. Priority date just decides when to file 485. Please know your facts before posting on the forum!!!

    You has incorrect infomation. Your Receive Date is a factor but PD is also a big factor, if limited number available.

    If two person has submitted their application. One has PD 2001 and RD June 10 2007 and other had PD Jan 2006 with RD May 1 2006.

    USCIS 485 Processing Date: June 15th 2007 and Visa Bullitin has "C"

    Still PD with 2001 will get the the number first before PD 2006 case.

    485 RD < USCIS 485 Processing date and PD < Visa Bulletin date
    Order by PD desc

    hope this help

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  • f_b_2007
    08-10 11:31 AM
    who cheated whom? come on diptam. you have been here for so long...
    you can not talk like that... people look forward to get advise from guys like you. not hatred..

    your company/employer cheated you. not anybody else... please rethink about it.

    I have never met someone on LS... but I can assure you, if I ever find one of them, I will report USCIS and other authorities.. that is for sure.:mad:

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  • Sheila Danzig
    12-05 02:08 PM
    We have shown the CA (Chartered Accountncy) equivalent to both a US bachelor's degree and a US Masters degree with an expert opinion letter. As far as I know they have all been approved. We have detailed research and we suggest the attorney cite it in the brief as well because that makes the case even stronger than just citing it in an evaluation or expert opinion letter.

    It was approved under EB2

    07-06 09:38 PM
    BBBBRrrrrrrrr another idiot

    1) My screen name has nothing to do with the argument here. If we discuss my screen name we are going on a tangent which is very typical of desis (I rememeber womanly taunts in movies and woman gossip where they would pick anything but would niether make a point nor a valid argument)

    so you can see where your argument is going..

    2) Hopefull signifies optimism. A pessimist is an optimist who is very analytical or knows better. Your argument is similar to "And they lived happily ever after ...(after singing around green trees) ...." ignoring the ground reality, facts that no dent has been made and also turninga blind eye to the fact that there are people since 2001/2002 stuck. Its 2007 meaning five years and if the Dept is not willing to budge after all these efforts to a number more than 7000, and you still are HOPEFULL ignoring the facts means that you are an idiot. Yes you will get your GC before you die for sure provided you live upto the age of appx 70 and your consulting firm is around and you are not tired of the bickering with your employer.

    Its just like a Yash Chora SRK movie only happens in reel life and not real life ..

    3) as far as the FT job goes we both knwo it deep within what it means...i hope you are smart enough to get the point and wont make me word it to emabrass you further..

    4) if you would be intelligent enough to shed some light on how kindness and make you get your GC in thsi scenario ...

    just a piece of advise ..STOP BEING DUMB

    Looking at your writing skills, I will be amazed if you can get yourself a job in a BPO !! I am sure, you are one illeterate idiot, who just wants to ruffle some feathers and get some attention .. Damn.. I should not be wasting my time reading your messages itself !!!

    02-19 12:04 PM
    Wellwin I am totally agree with your points and whatever you have mentioned in your message is appreciable.
    like_watching_paint_dry your points are valid but try to see from the other side I mean think if would have chosen for CP instead of 485.
    Please don't hink that CP filers are not contributing in any efforts of immigration voice, I have also sent letters to president for this latest campaign although there was no point mentioned for CP. I know that we can win this battle together.

    In short I just want to say that it would be good if we all work together please do consider the CP filers as part of this community.

    I do not get it.

    As far as I know, a CP applicant can always switch over to AOS if already inside the US. It is harder for an AOS applicant to switch to CP.

    You will have to make a choice. Do you want the benefits of CP or AOS? The way things are presently, you cannot have both. So pick one.

    Updates Via E-Mail