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  • pappu
    06-12 03:09 PM
    People I am trying to introduce the contents on a new thread

    I appreciate your input, but IV members have been talking about numbers and numbers and numbers for last 2 years in a row.

    What will the numbers reveal? I had been a regular blogger at IV, but I stopped coming up here because.

    1. All talk and no Walk
    2. New members come aboard, are rude and offer no pragmatic approach.
    3. All these bloggers give ideas and critique each other.
    4. What happened to the March1 09st rally in DC?

    Why has IV not taken a pragmatic approach, don't take me wrong I respect what you have done and other approaches in the past. But IV is using same approach for a new problem, the end result-----Failure

    I joined this community after july fiasco, and have kept close watch on dates, everyday members keep suggesting something or the other. I don't mind being a donor to IV or contributing little what I have, But I need to see some big movement and results.

    I did all the stupid calling to congress senators
    Did sending of letters to the White house

    what was the result? If IV wants core members and new members to donate and be a part of something bigger than a website, then please initiate something big like a rally.

    Just because their are less members to join, does not excuse a true purpose of a rally.

    Some of core members of IV keep telling other members:

    1. Join your local chapter
    2. Be a donor,

    I understand all this, but I as a visiting members and the people coming on here, want to see a true and real reason to be a part of IV and not just a website where immigrants come and breathe out their frusturations July Fiasco turned to be advantageous to a few members, but was a mistake for members like me and other members who could not file at that time.

    Please prove me wrong and IV to be something more than a website, please initiate something big and real, and not just comments. I an aware of the achievements in the past, but it was past 3 years ago. For last three years immigrant's feelings have been played around too many times. Same old talks will not bring upon a change, SOMETHING BIG NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW BEFORE THE CIR BILL takes place. So people are more aware.

    Show us IV core is more than words! Conduct something bigger that will attract new members and donors to this organization.

    I as a professional can tell you all now--- passive movement, sending letters, long term planning with no actions will not help

    People have left IV, who are so disheartened and believe this organization has lost its eedge and is all talk and no walk above all a money scam.

    Prove them wrong and do something big, above all Practical

    kumarc123 you have valid points. It is a fact that everyone is suffering due to retrogression and there is no quick fix to the problem. There is a strong opposition from all kinds of people and interests and that makes our work even harder. There is also lack of unity among us that pulls us down when we take a step forward. I am responding to you because I feel your post is very reasonable and you are one of us. Recently there was someone who wanted to pick a fight rather than talking to us when I answered his post. Instead of listening to us and contacting us with disagreements he chose to take a path of confrontation and damage IV’s reputation. Such members have the courage to speak against IV but will not dare speak against websites that are working overtime to throw this community out of this country. We will not tolerate such folks as an organization that is genuinely and honestly working hard to help its community. The website he chose to post against us does not delete posts against us as it sees us as a threat to its business interests. I hope our members see the difference. We have already given you a call on the number in your profile to clear any questions you may have, hear your ideas and have you work with us to fix the immigration problem.

    Please also do not forget that past successes of IV like July bulletin and 2 year EAD was because of the hard work of our members. We need to give ourselves due credit for it. When our own community does not believe in their abilities, it is disappointing. We can do much more if we understand how politics works in this country and stay united.

    You are correct that there is talk and talk and no work. We get calls from reporters and post requirements on IV site but due to lack of response, we have to pass it. We have requests from editors asking for op-eds. Some of our members see hope in the current bills and when we told them the reality and the probability of those bills at this point of time, they get disappointed. We can also start multiple action items to vote on sites or send junk emails, but it will not do anything to help us and this is not want we want to keep doing. Each members time and effort is important and used where it will matter the most.

    What really will help us is grassroots advocacy effort at this time and this is a long process. We have been doing it well over the past few years and learnt a lot from experience and mistakes. In the recent time, we did ask people to poll on the thread if they can come for a DC rally in March09. The participation was within a couple hundred I guess. We seriously want to do a big event this year in Sept Timeframe when we expect some movement of our bill. But one cannot just do at the last minute. Planning needs to happen much before the event. One or two or even 10 people cannot plan such a big event. We will need many hands. We telephoned each state chapter leader individually to talk about it. We posted their action item items and emailed them a few times. If you are not hearing from them, you may want to call them up. If they are not active, you can also take that role . We really need teams of members from each chapter ready before Sept. If a chapter wants to do a local event before that they can do it and we will support it.

    Now coming to your question about core team. Core team is nothing but people like you. People have high and low times of availability like everyone else. In this bad economy there is work pressure too and everyone tries to squeeze time whenever they get. No forum postings does not mean some of them are not working. There is division of roles and having everyone come to forum and post is a waste and duplication of effort. Not everyone can have patience and availability at all times and some choose to stay away for a while or are burnt out after a long and thankless hardwork. There is no closed door. If you want to lead and be a core member to lead from the front or leader for a specific agenda, you are welcome. This is how IV can be run and managed on a long term basis even after you and I have greencards. If anyone wishes to volunteer or talk to us, let us know. IV phone and email is listed on the website and we will talk to anyone with concerns or questions. To give an example what each of us can do-- Today an action item is posted by such group of volunteer members who will work with IV and contact USCIS to fix common service errors like wrongful denials. Another member recently contacted us and wants to lead an effort to fix visa re validation being outside the country.

    Yes, We need more hands on the deck and less talk.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    06-10 08:22 AM
    YOu stole my profile picture, stop doing that, or you WILL fail.

    Here you go. it's all your's now.

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  • chanduv23
    10-13 10:33 AM
    We should have video taped 'laborchic' inspiring speech and post it on youtube :)

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  • ivgclive
    10-17 05:51 AM
    Hi All,

    My son was born last month and applied for US passport. Once I get the passport I am planning to apply for PIO card in Texas. Can you please let me know if I need to send my son's original passport and the processing time. Can you please also let me know if anyone recently applied?


    Q: What are the requirements for applying a PIO card by a person who was not born in India and never had an Indian passport?
    (b) A notarised copy each of his/her birth certificate , his/her parent's latest Indian passports (either expired or not yet expired ) and his/her current US/Foreign passport and a copy of the parent's valid passport.


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  • hebbar77
    05-06 05:53 PM
    wooooowwww...u really need US green card ASAP..

    Thanks brother... Atleast you are with me!:)

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  • alapkd
    09-07 03:33 AM
    @alapkd -> Unfortunately they hardly get caught...

    think about it if it was just paying a cut to the management to get your person hired wont ur competitor do the same. i have seen ppl getting caught because the competitor came to know of this and got really pissed and spread it around and the manager got screwed. most of the big companies have very strict policy for even gifts acceptance and the kind of gifts and amounts of it. i m sure it still happens but it can not be as widespread as ppl think it would be. which vendor to use is determined by someone really high up. most companies also keep a track of how much the primary vendor is getting out of the deal and there is a cap on it. they ask for the legal contract to check what % primary vendor is keeping so primary vendor cant fool the company and underpay the consultant and keep a hefty chunk for themselves.

    all i can say is if you see a manager who is involved in illegal practice of taking kick backs expose that guy and get him fired it is your responsibility and it can be done.


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  • bkarnik
    11-02 02:24 PM
    Thank you very much for all the response. I waited for responses from different places so I could determnine if it is a Nationwide policy as what the Colorado was saying.

    I am from Colorado and I think Colorado is one of the strickest states in the US whatever.

    It looks like from responses that only Colorado has so far adhered to this new policy.

    I have 4 friends who currently cannot drive because their licenses have expired and they are waiting for MVI's (Motor Vehicle Investigative Unit) letter. Until such letter is issued, you cannot renew your license (in Colorado). According to MVI Here, it will take to 5-7 days, but if there is a problem, it will take up to 9 weeks.

    Really rediculous procedure and I agree with everyone.

    Just in case anyone there is in the same predicament, please share your story and the resolution.

    What we are seeing here is the uneven implementation of the REAL ID act passed by Congress last year. The act gives upto December 2006 or March 2008 (I am not sure which) for all states to have an uniform process in issuing DLs. Essentially, what it means that once the act is fully in place, no one, be it an American citizen or a immigrant can get a DL on the spot. They will take your SS no and other documents (i am not sure about what they actually require) and run it against the USCIS database to confirm your legality. It might take upto a week or a month to get your permit in the mail. The act also puts a limit on the maximum validity of a DL which cannot be more than the date on your visa. In the meantime, I guess they will be issuing you with a paper permit allowing you to drive. It all sounds nice and hunky dory to read but the problems are numerous. First off, the entire onus of funding this federal mandate is put on the States. Many states have already lodged their protests against this requirement as it will mean them having to increase the fees significantly. Secondly, the act assumes that the SS database and the USCIS database is up to date and has no flaws. Thirdly, it assumes that the chcks against the databases will have a fairly quick turnaround time. We all know how laughable these assumptions are (FBI FP check victims will appreciate this).

    The REAL ID act is another of those great ideas that have been rammed down the throats of the American public without suffficient debate similar to the HR 6061 that was passed by the house leading to the whole CIR fiasco.

    Hopefully, as time goes by saner minds will prevail and the act will either be repelled or modified to make it easier for genuine people to get the DL quickly. In the meantime, get prepared to face another bureaucratic and government created retrogression :(

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  • gsc999
    09-22 12:21 AM
    The broken system is causing a reverse brain rain, right? Well How about we:

    1- Each one of us buys 10 bath tub stoppers (you know, the stoppers you use when taking a bath, to stop the water from going down the drain) and mail them to Congress, Media, USCIS, etc- With a letter "Please stop the self-inflicted U.S. Reverse Brain Drain, already 100,000 highly-skilled have left, stop the 10-year green card delays for LEGAL highly-skilled immigrants that is pushing them out of the country in frustration and lured by the boming economies of their home countries. Retain these highly-skilld immigrats that the U.S. needs while American universities train more Americans in the sciences, math and technology that the country does NOT currently have and desperately needs to retain U.S. global leadership and competitiveness"...or something like that

    2-At the same time, we ALL send WHITE roses to Congress (Roses are now IV's trademark, we are known for them and the peace they mean, and roses should probably be on IV's logo too) Attach same note

    THAT will send a strong message!!! (trust me)
    Last year anti-immigrants send bricks to lawmakers to make a point about broken borders, strong symbolism, bricks to construct walls.

    In a similar way, this seems like an interesting idea.


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  • tooclose
    08-12 12:29 PM
    Very Disappointment for i missed it with couple of days.

    Visa Bulletin for September 2010 (

    I'm not sure if they are going to move dates in Oct or not...


    I just got off the call from uscis regarding my I-485. My PD is in the first week of Mar 2006.

    Per the USCIS website, they are suppose to process even the first week of Mar 2006 although the Aug VB says it is 01MAR06. I spoke to the second level IO and he was confident that my case would have to wait for the next month. I insisted that the uscis website says otherways, he went and verified with the third level (or his peer) and came back and told me that I was correct.
    Infact told me that my case was pre-adjd and being reviewed by IO currently.

    I am sure the same applies to you with the Sep VB. Good luck !!!

    Note: This is not a legal advice and don't quote me on it.

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  • h1bmajdoor
    04-29 08:52 AM
    came across "" !! reviews on this website are streotype but if used honestly it could be useful to the community.

    google it...

    i know desi crunch.

    in my humble opinion, we will never find justice and fairness here. UK has already moved in that direction as well. at the rate it is going, every year the GC queue gets longer by _seven_ years.

    what is the point of giving me a GC when i'm 70 years old? I've been enslaved all my productive life. What'll i do with a GC in a senior citizen's home?

    sadly, the main instrument in our exploitation have been other desis. people at work use my work to become CTOs. i get 500 buck a _year_ increase. when i complain they say "indians can't talk" so they can't rise. what crap. I've lived all over the world and no one ever said i could not talk. they just want to come up with ways to take credit of your work.

    tell me, would they ever let a new mexican (even if he is a genius), work in anything except washing dishes or a pizza shop?

    Since we cannot vote, and don't have enough money to lobby (bribe) the politicians, we're orphans here. here money talks, BS walks.

    a gori told me once - 10 years ago indians used todrive mercedes, now most of them seem poor, now russians drive mercedes. i told her, indians are poor because by law most of them are forbidden from doing anything else except what the govt authorises them to do. russians come direct on GC. land of opportunity, right.

    Guys, write to the Indian parliament, Indian foreign ministry, prime minister. I know they're useless, but they're good at shaming others, especially goras. if we can't get justice, at least we can get some satisfaction by shaming these a**holes.


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  • EndlessWait
    02-24 09:57 PM
    the trouble is that people / everyone (including me) ..are thinking more about solutions but not doing anything.
    for a change can We just Do Something about Immi mess and Think afterwards ????
    the sad part is that there is no directions from IV core and they seem to be in deep winter slumber

    has anyone noticed lately, ever since the July 07 fiasco... there hasn't been anything on radar from IV..what's happening..not trying to belittle efforts from IV..but guys most of us are waiting to hear from you..

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  • skdskd
    08-26 11:58 AM
    My drivers License is expiring 01/01/2008 , My H1 expires on 03/20/2008.

    So will I just get drivers license extended till that


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  • ramus
    06-28 02:17 PM
    They have stopped issuing intrim EAD from local office.

    According to this from Murthy:

    Generally, one may apply for an interim EAD card, if the EAD application has been pending more than 90 days if there is not an unanswered Request for Evidence (RFE) on an I-140, I-485, or I-765 that is pending with the USCIS for the applicant. The interim EAD may be obtained at a local USCIS office. To obtain an interim EAD, two USCIS-specified photographs and the 485 and EAD receipt notices are needed.

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  • VivekAhuja
    03-18 06:05 PM
    10000 more homes is nothing. This is not INDIA. The economy is so huge that 10000 homes is a drop in the ocean. And is the Govt. going to believe that all 10000 immigrants are going to buy homes? 75% of them won't qualify for new mortgage rules.

    Plus, what is stopping you from buying a home right now?


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  • helix
    06-13 03:55 PM
    According to the report, there are 100K to 150K applications pending to be processed (guessing PD is current and hence includes dependents) and 500k to 750k applications expected if PD becomes current. If we assume 2.1 dependents on an average, this comes to 1M - 1.5M applications if PD is current. So is the total 1.1M - 1.65M? Does that sound right?

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  • desi3933
    06-18 12:17 PM

    Incorrect. It does not matter if it is initial or a renewal.


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  • walking_dude
    10-05 11:47 AM
    I sent them my share of brickbats. Have you?


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In your Online Edition the following section in a news item is misleading and misinforming.

    HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.

    High Tech Employers DO NOT employ "Illegal Aliens". All immigrants sponsored by employers are law abiding LEGAL immigrants. Your news item is defamatory and libelous to legal Highly Skilled Immigrants who have been waiting for years, some as long as 6-7 years.

    Please take corrective action to rectify the mistake ASAP.

    Thanks In Advance.


    We gave flowers. Now lets give 'em some brickbats -


    Let the E-mailathon begin

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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 04:27 PM
    I prayed to God to make Wednesday as Saturday and Saturday as Wednesday for the whole world. But that did not happen. So do you think it proves God does not exist? :D:D

    I do not think God really cares about a piece of plastic or for any man made issues. Man needs to handle his issues himself.

    I was just trying mention what a common expects from a GOD(If he/she really exists).Later we came to a conclusion that there is nothing like GOD it's only the Nature that exists

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  • terriblething
    06-13 12:15 AM
    That's the last post I put here. Let this thread disappeared

    Firstly I am not from India where most of your guys come from. Instead from Taiwan 2 and half year ago. As travelled much between Asia countrys, no much time staying is US office although I based here. Yes, my English is poor and broken but this is not a fake story, make no sense for me. Just kill the time???

    When cops knock out your room, handcuff your hands on the back, force you stay down at the corner , if you could keep calm and state very clearly. I can only show my respect but unfortunately I did not make it. This is my first time. :( Should be the last time either.

    Now the negative point is mostly from my statement, no matter whether you believe, the attorney told me drag with anger is battery. we think that's okay does not mean it is okay on the law. So I wish you guys be careful on this kind of play around to avoid any trouble. I knew you all have better english than me. so you could explain clearly :) But Same level, do it on your spouse is even worse on a stranger.

    I create this thread just wish listen your opinion and try public view how much chance I can win the jury trail. Some of your advice is really helpful and I will take them.

    My wife is writing the mail to DA and wish it helpful to my case. I will have several rehearsal with my attorney in coming weeks. Anyway, we will fight for the justice and not accept that ridiculous battery charge.
    Any advice, please PM me, highly appreciated. If you suspect my honest, please don't waste your own time. Let's shut up on this thread and let it gone.


    06-09 06:41 PM
    I have lived in Nevada before. I think in that state and many other western states (where guns laws are more liberal) you have to have passport, I-94 and utility bills proving you have lived in NV for 6 months. That's it. You don't need hunting license to get a gun license.

    Here is the biggest irony:

    IN order to own a gun, FBI needs only 2 days to check your background.

    IN order to get 485 approved, FBI takes months or years to do a background check.

    I guess green-card is a more lethal weapon than a handgun.

    There are federal firearm laws and then there are local (state) firearm laws.

    State laws can be more restrictive than federal laws (atleast when it comes to firearms), but never less restrictive.

    Federal law states that non-immigrants (even AOS) are prohibited from owning firearms unless they fall under one of 4 exceptions, the easiest one being the hunting license exception.

    If you have a valid hunting license, issued anywhere in the United States (you could live in NV and have a hunting license from NY) you are okay on the Federal level.

    After you have met that exception, you have to check and see if your state has additional restrictions.

    Some states don't discriminate between citizens/non citizens when it comes to firearms, some do.

    e.g. in MA, non-citizens (even GC holders) are only allowed to own non large capacity rifles and shotguns, which means no handguns, and no large capacity rifles (ARs, AKs and the like).

    Logiclife, yes, there are some cases where a non-immigrant accidentally manages to bypass the hunting license requirement. This can happen in states which issue their own non-citizen permits. The applicant gets the 'non-citizen' permit and thinks that he/she has done their part and is now okay to purchase/possess a firearm. This is somewhat of a loophole that every non-immigrant buyer should be wary of and absolutely avoid. Sometimes the NICS background people can also approve the transaction without realizing the non-immigrant situation, but that doesn't mean its okay, I have confirmed this with the ATF on the phone.

    Getting a hunting license is not difficult though, passing a simple hunter safety course is all that is required.

    That being said, I am very pleased to find responsible and safe firearms enthusiasts on this forum.

    And the person that asked the OP if he was inquiring about firearm laws because he wanted to kill someone, I hope you were joking. If you weren't, your ignorance disgusts me.

    10-30 07:48 PM
    [QUOTE=gc_in_30_yrs]Can we get the copy of I-140 Approval Notice under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)? If so, please advise the way to do it.

    Is itn't surprising? I got a letter from USCIS today! 2 1/2 months later!
    It is said in the letter that this request is very complicated one, so it may take some time to work on. Once they get a handle on what to do about my request, they will start working on it. And on top of that, it is in a queue, meaning there is some backlog (you want to call it retrogress???).

    i will post more information once it is available.

    Updates Via E-Mail