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  • eager_immi
    07-18 03:53 PM
    It is better to make two trips and do a civil wedding i know it is expensive imagine if she has a work permit u can make up for the cost in no time else she will not be able to work for many many years.

    I am in a similar situation getting married in Sep07 and returning with my wife at end of Sep'07. It is little scary, as some say it might be risky not to apply along with the spouse.

    Should I go ahead and apply for I485, EAD and AP all three at the same time now, or to apply just for I485?

    I am not sure what advantage would be applying now, as I have to wait until the dates become current again, and I will not be able to use my EAD to maintain my wife's H-4 status.

    PD: Sep2006
    I-140: Approved 06/2007


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  • walking_dude
    03-17 06:07 PM
    Patton Boggs is a lobbying firm. Not a single person.

    IV has it's own lobbyists and has been using their services to get Green Card increases attached to various bills. Good lobbyists cost a lot of money like good attorneys. Though IV has hired the services of one of the top 10 lobbying firms, IV is limited by funds in utilizing their services. Most of IVs funding comes from few recurring contributors and other members who contribute one-time every now and then. Most of the money gets spent on these lobbying efforts.

    There is a general tendency here to blame IV for not trying to attach increase in Green Cards to every immigration-related bill in the Congress, or not doing more lobbying. Members who blame IV need to understand the constraint of operating under limited funds and the necessity of making wise investments in only those efforts that are likely to yeild the most benefits like the Admin fixes campaign which has a better of chance of passing in an election year than the immigration-related bills.

    If IV had more regular contributing members and more funds, IV would've tried to attach it's measures to more bills and we would've had a better chance of success. But sadly that's not the case. We need to appreciate that IV is doing the best it can under the circumstances.

    Patton Boggs is a lobbyist hired by IV, Can he help in this situation ? It may be the case he already may be working to get something thru ..

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  • Lok_sumi
    02-08 01:53 PM
    Try Tri Valley

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  • anantc
    08-26 11:07 AM
    My labor was put as just "computer programmer" with my US experience as 4 yrs experience on top of having BE + Masters (From India). My I-140 for EB2 got denied and my company forced it to refile in EB3, which got approved recently.. but then am in the long queue of I-1485.
    Initially it was queue for Labor in 2003 which took 2+ years, then I-140 2yrs for getting EB2-denial and then another year for EB3-approval of I-140. Now waiting for I-485 since 2007 July.



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  • waitin_toolong
    08-15 10:16 AM
    there is no rule defining any length of period that you are required to stay with Gc employer but most people recommend 6 months mainly because of possible questions at citizenship interview.

    If you have a very good reason to change jobs sooner than that then document it and be prepared to defend your actions if you plan to apply for citizenship.

    I dont see any reason why this would affect spouse.

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  • bah9422
    08-26 08:13 AM
    I have got renewed my NJ license while my H1 extension was pending. I did it at eatontown location. They asked for original receipt notice. Trenton location also does it. Probably there should be a location in north jersey which accepts the original receipt notice.
    hope this helps.


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  • PavanV
    08-18 05:10 PM
    This my personal take on it, I want a GC, i have been in this country for the past 8 years, landed in 2001 finished my masters and have been employed since then. Life is good here, well thats what i think, sometimes better than home (i still call, because i was born there), i am not dissatisfied with the money i am making, although i think i get underpaid (i work in southern calif as permanent employee).
    I came to this country so that i can survive in life, i.e. too much competition in India which means you need to really work hard to keep up with the competition (i am really lazy :D) , now with the fight for GC and all, added with the daily stress and chores, i am really thinking is the effort worth the reward, i keep getting this thoughts, i mean i am the only one with the thought that the effort/patience/sacrifice is not equal to the result ?.
    I really wonder if all this is worth it, the stress is just too much. Reading other's stories makes me laud their patience, i know my struggle has just started, kudos to others who are still holding on :)

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  • yadav
    11-07 04:32 PM
    Well in that case you "may" get caught by IRS (if they audit ). But in case of wire transfer you can prove that the money came from India in which there would not be any tax liability.

    In one trip if you bring in 10K or less than customs has nothing to do with it and as far as IRS goes

    then your mother can gift you 12 K$ in a year and 12K$ your father can gift and that amount is considered as tax exempt, if you are married then same applies to your inlaws they can also give you total 24K$ (12 each)

    so the total comes out to be 48K and then this same thing can be done with your wife so in 1 year you can get 96K dollars as a gift from your parents and inlaws TAX EXEMPT


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  • chanduv23
    07-08 03:56 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I too have changed employer (B) from july 1st and have not yet filed AC21.
    I have contacted attorney (who filed my GC and I-485) and he said he needs an authorization email from my old employer (A) to proceed further. I have asked my "A" for the authorization email and he is acting like he is not getting my emails. He is not answering my phone calls, even by mistake if he answers my call he is saying he will call me back, but never called me. i dont know whether he will revoke the I-140 which was approved in around April 2007.

    I don't know what exactly I need to do in this situation like to wait for old employers' call. He was very nice when I was his employee, but from the moment I left the company, he is a changed man.

    What are my best choices in this situation?

    BTW, I have paid all the legal expenses for H1s and GC processing.

    Looking forward to Guru's replies....

    Why does the Attorney want employer's permission? All you need is a copy of i 140 approval notice and "if possible" copy of the labor petition.

    You may want to change your Attorney on file, you can contact some popular attorneys like Rajiv or Murthy and they will gladly help you through.

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  • jungalee43
    04-26 08:05 AM
    Big big thanks and congratulations to core team. This is courageuos & selfless work or may I say 'Nishkam Karmayoga'.
    My second contribution of $100 is on its way.


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  • vinaypuri
    02-28 06:56 PM
    I don't think it will go thro. In this economic state

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  • shimul99
    10-23 09:17 PM
    whats ur pd? eb3 or eb2? which country? ??????

    Bangladesh ---EB3


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  • ganguteli
    07-16 10:13 AM
    How is Universal Life Insurance?
    It is underwritten by ING/ReliaStar

    They are offering:
    ? guarantee issue- NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS

    ? Premium amounts as low as $5.00 per week

    ? Policies available for your spouse, dependent children and grandchildren

    ? Tax deferred cash value accumulations

    ? The convenience of payroll deductions

    ? Policies are fully portable, meaning you can keep your policies should you leave your employment

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  • americandesi
    08-27 01:41 PM
    The reason why most people end up with such situations is that the employers don’t file for H1 extensions on time. Though the law allows filing of H1 extensions upto 6 months before its expiry, most employers file for extensions only at the last moment. It’s advisable to go for premium processing in such cases, so as to get the approvals on time.


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  • va_labor2002
    09-15 03:39 PM
    There is no big secret, except little bit of planning and starting something.
    I came here in 1997(at 22), but was in school for 2 years, started working in 1999. As soon as I started, I put money in 401k. I married early in 2000(I was only 25 then), my wife already did her M.S by then, she started working in 2000 even before our marriage. I made her put into her 401k(max out most of the time), we also put into esop. Together we have 300k in investment assests in 401k. Then I started a brokerage account and put 1500 every month, that accumualted to 150k now.
    I brought house early, as soon as I am out of PT, with in first year of H-1, it didn't appreciate much but I still have an equity of 200k in primary house(I took 15 year mortgage) and I brought another house, that I rent out which as an equity of 50k. I have some cash. I brought couple of plots in india and also constructing an house in my native town in India.
    But i want to do something else, I am happy with my life, for last two years, I got into golf, tennis and exercise, trying to be physically fit. I used to worry about GC before, not any more, whatever happens will happen.
    Except that I am not progressing ahead in my carreer, I want to do MBA and get into something else. Right now most of my money goes to day care for two of my kids around 24,000.
    More than money, you have to develop right habits, be healthy and have positive attitude.
    In my case, Secrets of my lifestyle are
    1. Getting started early, buying an house at 26. STarting 401k early.
    2. Marrying a girl, who is already working.
    3. Maxing my 401k and esop plan.

    Your planning and strategy was really good . I bought a home in 2002.Do you think buying a second home in this market is a good idea ? Can we cover up the mortgage with the rent ? What is your experience with this ?

    Thanks Reddy..

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  • arunmohan
    09-11 06:26 PM
    I bought a house in June 2005.


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  • JulyFiler
    09-22 02:25 PM
    Ok, now that you have negated all ideas from other people, we anxiously wait for your ideas :)

    I am sure you are not just some reactive person who can only criticize but can also provide us with a solution.
    Lets hear em.

    I feel lobbying is the best way followed by occasional rallies.
    And we need to do some high-profile lobbying. Like get the big companies involved. I hear these big companies have their own lobbying manager (Google has them) working full time. And they have deeper pockets than our $20 or $50.

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  • willgetgc2005
    10-12 04:05 PM

    Let us differentiate ourselves. Legal immigrants include people who come here on family based PR petitions. We are Highly skilled legal Immigrants.

    IMHO, WE SHOUD USE "WE ARE HIGHLY SKILLED LEGAL IMMIGRANTS" INSTEAD OF "LEGAL IMMIGRANTS". Going by what is happening in the hill and elsewhere, this distinction will work favorably for us.

    PAPPU, others, comment. Let us all be consistent.

    I used the subject line: US immigration system: problems faced by legal immigrants

    thanks for taking the lead on this issue.

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  • gcbikari
    04-15 12:59 PM
    link (

    I think we should start a Employer Hall of shame and nominate employers who are either cheating the employees or the Immigration system.

    This will help future employees and the immigration community as whole.

    I am not sure if there are any legal implication to starting something on IV on this

    05-21 04:13 PM
    Its working for me. I noticed that when I clicked on your link it did not work, your link has "..." embdded in the url.

    Try this.

    Still not working dude..The page cannot be displayed..

    I tried refreshing it though..

    01-13 04:08 PM

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