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  • ghost
    04-20 11:42 AM
    Another key Republican calls for H-1B cap hike - Computerworld (

    I think there is a need to educate politicians that the problem is not H1B but GC backlogs. As per USCIS only 7100 H1B's have been utilized so far for FY 2012. Unless they provide clear and time bound path to Permanent Residence, positive economic contributions from high skilled immigrants would be minimal.

    Lawmakers will listen to folks who participate in lobby/advocacy activities..apparently H-1B lobby/advocacy is louder than the GC backlog lobby/advocacy and that's what we hear in the news.

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  • terriblething
    06-12 01:13 PM
    DA is accuser, for DV case, it is normal as sometime spouse would change mind and support the defendant finally.

    1. Neighbor call the police as they hear screaming from our apartment. It demonstrates something happen.
    2. I said "annoyed" and "drag" in my statement from police derivational question. And police add one "push to chair", definitely it is illusive, I only said my wife want that computer, then I move her to study room, as chair is there.
    3. One neigbour claimed she saw "I kept my hand on my wife mouth" As my wife continue screaming over 10 seconds, I tried to comfort her, but I even not sure my hands touch her mouth or not. If so, it is very lightly, I think you can understand that scenario, that is kind of instinct. And for that statement, the police even question, as the distance is so long and light not good, how that witness can see what's happen.

    1. My wife said kidding around at very beginning, she does not change her words. She questioned why police will arrest me when informed? We are put in different area when cop enter.
    2. No mark, no injury. My wife said so and cop also check and find nothing.

    That's all I found in the police report.

    Something we did not say to police
    1. The real reason for my wife screaming is pee on pants. that's for embarrassment.
    2. The whole story is, I used computer, my wife want that for MSN chatting. She tried to disturb me several times, finally I leave the room for her and go to living room. But she did not stop, follow me and jump on me. I knew she is just kidding, my wife sometimes is like a kid. But my finger nail is hit by her at that playaround, sure not intentionally. So I hold her arm, just stop her kidding more. (that's the reason I said annoy, but definitely not mad or anger something), and then walk her to study room. (there I used "drag") In the hall way, even not enter study room, just at the entrance. My wife scream suddenly and very loudly. She is neat freak. Then I release her immediately and ask her what happen, anywhere hit? She just continue screaming. I continued comfort and calm her but no result. After about 10 seconds, I am worried it would impact neighborhood, so someone see my hand on her mouth. Then we heard several very loud shout from neighbours, just like "Stop screaming right now!". Then my wife stopped. After 10 mins, cop come.
    That's 100% truth happen on that day.


    I just do not get who is the plaintiff (accuser) in your DV case if your wife is on your side? Do you have a copy of the complaint filed in court? You can PM me details, if you want to. To me it looks like there is no ground for any case against you if your wife does not want to push it.

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  • pitha
    07-20 04:42 PM
    there are class war democrats, what do you expect out of them. People who think democrats are good for immigrants this should be an eye opener. ofcourse if you were earning 5.15$ an hour and cleaning the democrats toilets and tending there front yards then they would have shown "compassion" to you. you earn way too much to get democrats compassion.

    I can't believe both California senators voted against it.....
    You too Hillary Clinton????

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  • n2b
    07-21 10:16 PM
    EB2 July 2nd 9:00 AM delivered


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  • unseenguy
    08-02 01:46 AM
    Some are :

    eternal optimistic
    hopelessly optimistic
    cautiously optimistic
    critically pessimistic
    eternally pessimistic.

    Instead of playing this game like a lotto better plan and invest for your future :) I think that would pay off much better than this nonsense bulletin.

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  • ebizash
    09-05 04:27 PM
    Yes. AC21 has nothing to do with AP directly.
    But it enables job easy change into a similar job if you have EAD. And that provision is predominantly used by people going thru the AOS process.
    When they use AC21 to change jobs, they are strictly in AOS and not in another visa status.
    My point was that when AC21 was made, they did not look at all the down stream impacts.

    anyways... lets not argue about AC21<->AP.

    Since DOS routinely updates their forms, why can't the the form used for AP be updated to change its wording?
    Can this be approached as an administrative fix?

    You can use H1-B transfer under AC-21 so you don't loose Non Immigrant visa just because you used AC-21 provisions.


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  • nivasch
    01-16 02:34 PM
    I just payed $50 thru Paypal.
    Thanks for your great Efforts

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  • chanduv23
    10-02 11:07 AM
    As I understand that the Tri State area is very big and has a huge population and everyone would love to make it to the events, a lot of events are being planned.

    Now for those who cannot make it to NYC, please arrange your own MEET AND GREET events in a local Starbucks or meet up in a local mall food court or any other place you think is best - conference rooms in apartment complexes are very ideal places for meetings.

    We want volunteers from the following areas

    (1) Long Island, farther east - till Riverhead
    (2) South Jersey, West Jersey
    (3) Connecticut (Northern)
    (4) Upstate NY (Albany and Poughkeepsie)
    (5) Upstate NY - Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo

    Folks in this area please volunteer for events in your areas. PM me of you need details. Join the Tri State Chapter by following the link on my signature.


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-27 12:49 PM
    Hello Folks

    I just donated 25 USD and didnot become DONOR. Is this system take care automatecilly or Admin has to assign donor status. ?

    Subscription Number: S-39675586V4235911J

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  • aadimanav
    08-21 10:11 AM


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  • hopein07
    02-19 04:24 PM
    What is your understating on money return on whole life ins. plocy?. do you think you can cancel at anytime and get back your premium or withdraw portion of your investment?

    Does anything mentioned on your link about policy surrender or money withdrawal when policy is in force? please search more and post here....

    As far as I know whatever premium you pay is gone when you cancel the policy but if the policy has cash value then you get that amount.

    Here is one link I found about Cash Surrender Value for Whole Life:

    Here is another good reading:

    I think it all depends on how you talk to the agent and how they write your policy

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  • chi_shark
    09-26 04:50 PM
    Hey! sorry, i did not mean to judge your situation... all i was thinking is that... hmm.. he works for this company... no he does not.. he works for himself... no but he has an arrangement with that company... so i did not really understand and for a minute i thought it was not a sound thing to do (at least for me)... even i had many questions of very legalese nature... i did ask a lawyer to see me for an hour or two... he went over all my papers and advised me about it... took $200 for that piece... $200 well spent i think.

    its ok to start a company... i just got confused with the company bit... sorry again.

    Why do you think that my situation looks like and illegal one....I would really like to get an analysis from you/anyone on why this situation is illegal.
    is it not ok to start a company on EAD?
    is it not ok to start a company on your spouse name and work throug it?

    Your explanations will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Michael chertoff
    04-21 07:38 PM
    Dont worry, I am sure, being the feminist he is, he wont mind :)

    I dont disrespect females...anything wrong with that?

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  • DSLStart
    09-29 09:25 AM
    Wow, 2007 was interesting. It started in Oct 07 from Apr 04 and in 6 months went back to Jan 04 touching even 00 :eek: EB2 is deep s%^&. :mad:

    Do you see any possible forward movements in Nov 08 bulletin? EB2? EB3?
    Any educated guesses, rumours, inside news etc? Not that it will change anything but by now USCIS would have taken stock of the situation and possibly updated their demand projections

    Here is some historical data for EB2-I (not that it will exactly help..)

    oct 05 - nov 99
    nov 05 - nov 99
    dec 05 - july 00
    jan 06 - jan 01

    oct 06 - jun 02
    nov 06 - jan 03
    dec 06 - jan 03
    jan 07 - jan 03

    oct 07 - apr 04
    nov 07 - apr 04
    dec 07 - jan 02 :)
    jan 08 - jan 00
    Feb-Mar 08 - U
    Apr 08 - Dec 03
    May 08 - Jan 04


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  • StarSun
    05-13 09:48 AM
    IV encourages members from every state to participate in the advocacy days - meeting with the legislators on both the Senate and House side on June 7th and 8th; with the training being on June 6th.

    It is also possible for members who are unable to make it to DC on those days to still be a part of the effort. Please pledge your support by donating for air tickets or hotel stay. Few members have offered their miles to be used for air tickets, and many of our VA, DC, MD members have opened up their homes for out of town IV members. We need more offers to cover all the costs.

    Some members are also driving from OH, PA, NJ, NY, NC.... If you could also post on this thread, we can get members to carpool and thereby share costs.

    Please make your pledges known either to your state chapter leaders or on this thread, and we will be contacting you on your offers.

    Lets make this a successful effort on all fronts.

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  • hemya
    07-16 09:08 AM
    I have just sent it to Senator. George Voinvoich (R-OH) and Senator. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

    I guess we are in the same area!!!:)


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  • ssd213
    05-22 02:58 PM
    contributed 100 USD via pay pal today

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  • mahendra_t
    07-19 01:44 PM
    Was your chack got cashed or not ?

    PD -Jan 06, EB2
    I-140 Approved
    I-485 - Filed on July 2, NSC Received by R.Mitchell @ 9.01 a.m.

    Checks not cashed until today (07/19/07 10:00 a.m.)

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  • optimystic
    05-21 03:40 PM
    Processing Times page not working--are they updating??

    Its working for me. I noticed that when I clicked on your link it did not work, your link has "..." embdded in the url.

    Try this.

    12-11 09:34 PM
    I find it hard to digest why would they mind if some one has been to India recently?

    Does this argument apply just for the indians or does it apply to individual of any nationality?

    Because, we (asian) still have eradicated Diseases in spread. This not is only applicable to India, for mjaority of Aisan countries too.

    North America is worried about TB, Malaria and few other Diseases (which are still widely in asian countries)

    12-30 05:53 PM
    Actually, contrary to your understanding, I think the officers denying the DL application understands immigration law. Submitting an extension application absolutely does not mean you have had the extension, since it might be well rejected. Issuing the DL can only be based on approved documents.
    Your luck actually lies on meeting some officer who does not understand immigration law, or any law, thus give you a chance to slip through.
    This is a problem because the DL people do not understand the immigration law. I was in a similar situation 2 years ago in Iowa. Tried to explain to the manager of the office, but got a lecture on how good their public transport system is. Then I went to another DL office in a rural county. The counter clerk refused, asked to see the supervisor who agreed to extend for 6 months by which time my extension came through.

    Updates Via E-Mail