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  • stuck_here
    02-05 11:28 AM
    I've been stuck in India now for 55 days !:mad:

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  • chandrajp
    04-20 01:22 PM
    A friend of mine forgot (!!) :confused: to renew his EAD when it expired last September. He then applied for renewal 60 days after the expiration date and got his new EAD without any problem, no questions asked!
    I filed for my own renewal about 90 days before the expiration date and when about 85 days had passed and I was getting worried, I called USCIS and was told: " Do you need the card to show your employer that you are legal? No? Then, don't worry about it. As long as you applied on-time, you are fine." I actually received the EAD five days after the expiration date...
    These two experiences are from California Center.
    Thanks for your respons. I felt a bit relieved.
    I cannot renew my Driver's License if I don't have a valid work permit. I doubt whether the Receipt notice is enough for the Drivers License office to issue a new DL. I changed my employer and the new employer may ask for a new one. But I'm hoping that I might get one in less than 3 months. Let's see

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  • Libra
    01-11 09:33 AM
    this thread need to be on top.
    guys, take 5 mins of time this weekend and mail your letters. please show support for IV.

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  • nrk
    08-17 02:02 PM
    did you checked in your bulk mail. or try to call and open SR

    I got email for decision/post decision about a week back but no CPO email yet.


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  • tempy
    09-23 02:15 PM
    I had the same issue...
    Here is the short version of how it unfolded. I've seen some quick responses from USCIS.

    9/15/2010 - USCIS email indicating that cards mailed for both me and spouse
    9/16/2010 - Spouse received card
    9/21/2010 - Got email (LUD) that my card returned undelivered.
    9/22/2010 - Called customer service updated the address
    9/23/2010 - Got my card in mail (wrapped in an usps priority envelope) with tracking number

    I was pleasantly surprised with the fastness of USCIS.


    Now my status changed to 'Initial Review' because post office returned my mail :confused: Within 12 hrs status changed from 'Card Production' (05.03 PM) to 'Initial Review' (06.33 AM).
    I had updated my new address 3 yrs before and was confirmed by infopass appointment.

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  • gveerab
    08-21 11:58 AM
    MetroPCS has a plan with unlimited international calling with $50 mobile phone plan.


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  • syzygy
    06-29 09:06 PM
    This is very serious now, We all better be prepared to screw USCIS if it messes this time.

    I like this part ...

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  • gbof
    10-06 09:10 PM
    I replied to the PMs abd as req I sent the letter sample that I sent to Janet N. Kewlchap and fatjoe I didn't get ur email ids......

    You can get my letter from caliguy or gbof I sent them my letter too.YES I DID APPROACH CIS OMBUDSMan



    SoP, i got NO mail from you-- just check if you got my e-mail right


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  • pappu
    10-17 10:04 AM
    SA 3275. Mr. LEVIN submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill H.R. 3093, making appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science, and Related Agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2008, and for other purposes; as follows:

    At the appropriate place, insert the following:


    (a) In General.--Not later than 60 days after the end of each fiscal year, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall submit a report to the congressional committees listed in subsection (b) that contains, with respect to the most recently completed fiscal year--

    (1) a statistical analysis of the number of background checks processed and pending, including check requests in process at the time of the report and check requests that have been received but are not yet in process;

    (2) the average time taken to complete each type of background check;

    (3) a description of the efforts and progress made by the Director in addressing any delays in completing such background checks; and

    (4) a description of the progress that has been made in automating files used in the name check process, including investigative files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    (b) Recipients.--The congressional committees listed in this subsection are--

    (1) the Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate;

    (2) the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs of the Senate;

    (3) the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives; and

    (4) the Committee on Homeland Security of the House of Representati

    This does not go far enough to solve the problem. A lot more work is needed to get an immediate fix to the problem.

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  • eb3_nepa
    01-07 11:35 PM
    Quick question.

    IV has asked for 2 copies, one to the President and one to IV. Couple of questions on that.

    1) Does the letter addressed to the President need to be in a seperate stamped envelope?
    2) What is the reason behind 2 copies?


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  • royus77
    06-29 04:43 PM
    Wait for the Updates from USICS today/monday morning...If they didnt give any statement considering a lot of rumors/activity , defintely some bad news is in store ......

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  • vikki76
    10-15 12:54 PM
    Wish there was a way to nudge USCIS on quicker approvals- most people know that there is case is pre-adjudicated,with IO and current. Now, if IO is taking a look at EB-4 applications then who knows..when our apps will get picked up


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  • Milind123
    01-27 02:40 AM
    It really is amazing how much hot air has been generated on this thread over a well established transit visa requirement.

    The reason transit visas are required in the UK is that many passengers with an intention to transit the UK have stayed. The transit visa was introduced as a way of making sure (as much as possible) that the passenger has the intention and the ability to transit the UK and to enter a third country.

    The list of nationals that are required to have a visa to transit the UK represents a list of countries where there has been a particular problem with over stayers. It is not race based, but merely an effort to target the problem.

    It really does not matter what anyone thinks about the transit visa requirement because it is UK law. Everyone has a choice whether or not to transit the UK. Going back to the original post, to book a ticket without researching visa requirements and then trying to deflect personal responsibility by blaming the visa requirement is ridiculous.

    I would say only this. Get yourself admitted into a hospital and get some oxygen pumped into your freaking brain (sorry, if it sounds harsh, but it is the only way to help you to think clearly). Read the post again, please, I beg you. I wrote the post only because the UK embassy overcharged and did not think it is at all necessary to return the excess amount. Regarding your comment about doing the research, let me tell you, there are ?idiots? like me who would rather do something else and leave things to logic and former experience. Ordinary people like me have other things to do in life, like managing their day job, negotiating the daily commute, picking their kids from school, taking them to their extracurricular activities, managing their homework, and other things which only end at 10:00pm. Between all this cacophony, how do you think I should managed a situation when my travel agent call me and gives me 5 minutes to decide if I need to take a flight going through such and such city with all legs confirmed, and that too during the month of Nov-Dec?

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  • priderock
    06-29 04:44 PM
    So near yet so far. If the new visa bulletin comes out on Jul3rd , I wonder what happens to the applications received on Jul 2nd :((


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  • hebbar77
    09-10 01:10 PM
    Is this campaign for people with min 50 reputation points? :D

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  • chandrajp
    05-22 09:57 AM
    I am in a similar situation. I applied just 95 days before. My lawyer "forgot" and I applied in a rush in the end. I am hoping it will not be a problem.
    My understanding is that you will remain in status even if you do not have EAD or AP. However you cannot work.
    I have a meeting with my lawyer on wednesday. I will be asking her about this. I am hoping for peace of mind that this does not become an issue.
    I checked with somebody in the forum like you and he got it in 2 and 1/2 months. I checked in the USCIS web site. It says you have to apply 6 months in advance. I did not know about this since I got it in a month last year when my case was in CSC.


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  • krishmunn
    04-01 03:12 PM
    Link please..

    Shusterman’s Immigration Update April 2011 | Carl Shusterman (

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  • vkrishn
    09-23 12:33 AM
    Let me give you an example and you would understand my point. USCIS Customer Services Directorate received 16 million calls from the public and 300,000 from Members of Congress. Add to it, all other items people do to get attention for their case and think that by sending an email or a phone call from Senator or by a lawyer, the officer will realize his mistake and quickly open the file and approve it. If you look at the responses people post to their inquiries, you would see that most responses are standard. USCIS is not just approving 140K greencards but more than a million greencards, hundreds of thousands of H1 and other visa types, EADs etc...every year. Greencards do not get issued on the day date gets current. It is not a automatic process. There is lot of human work involved and many people do not understand that or spend time understanding it. They would rather waste their time either on useless task of tracking or calling customer service every single day.

    I doubt things would have materialized if i just kept waiting and here is why.

    July 12th: I opened a SR to check on my I485. Purpose was to see if Namecheck was cleared. I wish USCIS gave me that info easily on the website.

    July 29th: I get a response by email that they cannot find my I140. I was told to call back with I140 receipt number. This is a bizarre response as i don't know how they accepted my I485 in August 2007 when they can't find my I140.

    So i call back and i was told to wait 30 days from July 29th to give the I140 receipt number since its not been 30 days since first receipt. They were counting 30 days from response they sent on july 29th. Now what do i do?

    Aug 3rd i went to Infopass and showed them my I140 and I485. They told me i can see your I140 but i cannot say whether this is the I140 linked to I485 because case is at NSC.

    So i went to my cognresswoman and based on her enquiry, the PD linked to my I1485 on USCIS system was Feb 16th 2007 instead of Feb 16th 2006. Her office faxed the I140 approval notice and made USCIS correct this error.

    I tried checking with USCIS through NCSC and Infopass to see if the PD and category linked to my I485 is correct about 5-6 times and never got a correct response.

    If congresswoman's office had not helped correct the PD with USCIS i doubt my case would have even been picked up for adjudication.

    Only good thing i got at Infopass was that during my last visit, IO was indian. She told me to write to NSC with a copy of I485 and approved I140 letting them know that PD is current for the past 35 days. She told me that she is not sure why its not been picked up for adjudication as Namecheck and fingerprints were valid and i was pre adjudicated. She was not able to find out if the PD and category linked to my I485 was correct.

    When there is no clear transparency, i don't see anything wrong in contacting the necessary people to check on your case.

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  • rangaswamy
    06-29 05:08 PM
    America will fly even higher with or without India and chinese those days are gone, look into the future. In the past not many american used to take science and Technology filed but now its different.

    I beg to differ on this argument: I am recent graduate from a top engineering school. In my class (class size varies according to the course, anywhere from 80-120)
    The only people who took engineering were ones sponsored by compaines like Boeing and Raytheon and that too they were always above 35.

    Of these in a class of 40, i would find one american. In my undergraduate courses, there would be 3 in 40. Of those atleast one or two would be pursing double degrees - Music and Science etc etc ..

    So... fact is that 95% of the american youth hates math and science in college. Just a look at companies in the bay area will tell you more.. most of the Americans in technology sector are all over 35. Very rarely will you find a fresh grad hired in these companies because they are not available.


    08-07 12:23 PM
    Good for you..

    People yet another case who is going to crossover to the EB2 line...

    Sunny ,
    What is your PD???

    09-27 12:48 PM
    Me too in the same boat. I have not received any receipt also i checked today whether the checks has been cahsed or not and they were not cashed yet. I consulted my lawyer and he said initially when he sent the application to nebraska some applications has been transfered to Texas and the process in texas is really really slow. Mine was filed under EB2 category. I dont know whether that makes any difference.

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