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  • amitjoey
    11-08 04:32 PM
    Hindus could be anywhere in the world, not just India. Being a Hindu does not automatically mean you are an Indian. You could be a citizen of any country. So it does not establish the notion that it is an India centric website.
    Just like all Muslims are not from Saudi Arabia. They are in 100's of different countres and citizens of diverse nations from UK and Malaysia to Australia and Germany. Christians could be from Europe, Australia and India or the African continent or China and other parts of Asia. I personally know Hindus that are from Fiji, Trinidad, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, UK, Canada and they are not Indian citizens.
    Moreover, Diwali is for everybody, Just like X'MAS is. You can be an American and be a Hindu. So There is no question of IV getting targetted as India-centric or Indian issues-specific website.

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  • unitednations
    08-16 12:04 AM
    Thank you for all your input. Again, I got my GC on the first week of July and my wife was applied for 485 last July 30. Whether to leave my present employer or not has become a big question as my employer has decided to transfer me to another location in less than a month's notice which showed lack of consideration to the welfare of their employees as they're not only doing this to one person but a lot others too.

    My greatest concern now is if leaving my employer would have an implication on my wife's pending AOS.

    Thank you for all the pieces of advice you're giving.

    I do know recently where a person who got married before his greencard approval and filed his wife's case. He got approved but then three months after his approval; his wife has been sent to local office interview. I'll let you know what the outcome of that will be.

    Another person was on F-1 and went straight to greencard through Schedule A. he got married after he filed for 485. Since he didn't have any non immigrant status; he could not bring his wife here. She had to do follow to join and chennai consulate asked all sorts of questions. Tax returns, w2's, letter from employer; when he joined and when he left.

    Think of it this way; were you travelling before greencard with same employer? If you were then what would have changed that all of a sudden you don't like it. It would be a more plausible excuse if you didn't travel at all before and they started to make you do it after greencard approval.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 12:32 PM
    BharatPremi is my "IV person of the Day" - I see a lot of energy in his posts, and yes yabadaba, everyone must loosen up a bit, and look at the positive in every message.

    BharatPremi's response was also appropriate and was a stronger version of our responses :)


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  • akgind
    11-06 01:22 PM
    Got it now!

    Your signature is wrong... Gave me wrong impression. Anyways, heartly congratulations for getting out of this mess.

    Thanks. You are right - it is a big mess. Wish you good luck with yours.


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  • logiclife
    02-03 06:51 PM
    Thanks and make it a great weekend. Enjoy SUPERBOWL.

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  • gveerab
    09-14 12:14 AM
    I don't think EAD/H1b should matter for the loan application, but all these depends on loan agent and bank policy. I took loan from Bankofamerica without any problem.

    PMI Vs 20% down payment, this is tough decision. If you want to play safe game till you get GC 5% down paymnet is better. In case if you have enough savings and planning to stay in that house for long time not it's not a wise decision to pay PMI.


    I heard that if one is on H-1/EAD, it is tough to secure a loan with 5% down. Any truth to that? Also, what are people's thoughts on paying PMI? Is it better to avoid PMI with a 20% down payment?



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  • mallu
    06-15 08:08 PM
    Bottomline is they do not want to give us Greencard just use us and fool us. I am sure this 485 being current is big melodramatic thing.

    I don't know how many years i have to wait to get out of namecheck. Golden years going by ...

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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-22 03:51 PM
    Jun 2004 EB2. how much time it will take to get the GC.


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  • vin13
    08-02 05:21 PM
    Of the hundreds of thousands of July 07 filers, who paid a mere $325 for their I-485 application, do you think USCIS will devote the time/effort to constantly keep track of the applicant's eligibility of 485 over the next several years???? It will take atleast 4-5 years for several of us to finally get a visa number. Several of us will move/have address changes during these years.

    It took them 2.5 years to process these...imagine the nightmare if they were to try doing subsequent rounds....

    Keep in mind that 485 eligibility is not just tied to employment but also FBI name checks etc. Do you think USCIS will keep on doing name-checks every other year, or issue EVL's every other year if/when they see for instance, an address change?

    Dude...USCIS is already on its way of bragging to the congress that it has pre-adjudicated all these 485 applications. I think if they touch these pre-adjudicated applications, then someone has to answer to someone of what is going on...why haven't you still worked on this? why are you devoting your time to these old 485 applications when there are new ones yet to be processed.

    I think once the application is pre-adjudicated...that's it!! I don't believe USCIS will spend anymore time and resources to these applications again...until a visa number is available from DOS and they apply the number to the pre-adjudicated 2 cents!

    If you read what i said earlier, i mentioned "There is a high chance that a pre-adjudicated case may just get an approval when the visa numbers are available". The probability of RFEs could be low. The point that i was trying to make is that if someone is looking for guarantees that may not be established with Pre-Adjudication. If you see my signature i have already changed jobs twice using AC-21. Its not a big concern to me.

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  • krish2005
    04-03 11:27 PM
    At least it relieves some tensions when we do the predictions. These are vents for those who have been in the queue long time waiting for the Golden card (GC). Well, some of them would be sore on the looonnnng process.

    We know that the relief is short lived once the bulletin come out.

    Same things have been circling on and off.

    Why should'nt EB3 move? EB2 alone need not move. The more things move in the immigration front, the more we could expect that they are trying to support the program than bust it.

    Hopes alive.



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  • jayz
    06-29 01:22 PM
    Have anyone read this on Murthy site and care to opine?

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  • pappu
    10-11 10:33 AM
    Thanks Pappu for posting it. I have been barred from creating threads ;-))
    I have now PDFs (the articles in this coverage need subscription) for all of them. If someone educates me how to archive them on IV, I can do put them up. I got the pdfs via my institutional subscription. The articles are resourceful, and come with references for further research. The author, Woolridge, seems to be a good person to talk to. If someone wants the articles, email your personal email id and I will send pdfs later this evening.

    you can upload them with your post. there will be a paperclip icon in the interface that you can click and upload.


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  • terriblething
    06-12 03:39 PM
    My wife did not say the real reason for embarassment, and also she did not think that serious that time. For me, I did not know the real reason until I was bailed out by my wife :(

    DA knows that for them to win the case, they need your wife's statement on their side. And for you to win the case your wife will have to testify under oath. The attorneys are prepared on both sides to argue this case and examine and cross examine the case. Make sure you have a really really good attorney.

    I hope you are telling the truth. If not why she didnt tell the police or you didnt tell police the real reason. Now the onus is on your wife to contact the police and DA and let them know the truth.

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  • gcisadawg
    03-18 01:17 PM
    Guys, lets not divide the community again. Everyone is suffering in their own ways due to backlogs. I know some EB2 folks who got GC, got a home and now their home price is way down.

    If we complain about discrimination, we don't have a case. Look at EB3-I distribution between 2003 and 2008, inclusive.

    Year EB1 EB2 EB3
    2003 1,266 8,536 10,647
    2004 2,998 16,262 19,889
    2005 6,336 16,687 23,250
    2006 3,156 3,720 3,006
    2007 2,855 6,203 17,795
    2008 5,327 14,819 3,576
    21,938 66,227 78,163

    I understand all of those EB3-I visas were not given to software folks. It included lots of nurses and physiotherapists also. Nevertheless, they were under EB3-I quota. In all the years listed above, visas allocated to EB3-I were higher than 7% country quota for India which is about 2803 visas. ( .07 * .286 * 140,000)



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  • h1b_forever
    05-29 03:27 PM
    There is no reason to belittle somebody's achievement.
    We should appreciate her for her dedication in achieving what she aimed for, if only everyone could do that.

    Not everyone has to like everything you do.

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  • paragpujara
    06-28 12:09 PM
    Starting July 2, USCIS will no longer allow petitioners to file their I-140's under the premium processing program.* This is expected to be a temporary measure; starting August 1 petitioners will be allowed to file their*I-140 cases under the premium processing program.
    The USCIS' press release can be accessed here:


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  • joydiptac
    08-06 06:11 PM
    EB3 + 5 years experience/MS = EB2

    In todays schedules to come to I485 filing stage takes min 1-2 years. Let us assume 2 years. (personally it took 5 years)

    So lets say 2 people (EB2 & EB3) apply for GC in year X. After X+2 they are eligible to apply for I485.

    Let us say EB2 is current then EB3 should be current - 3 years. Otherwise the EB3 will have the motivation to refile in EB2 and clog the system further.

    If EB2's PD is (current - 3 years), EB3 should be not more than 2 years behind (The time it takes to get to I485 stage).

    I doubt people at USCIS have the time, interest or the inclination to understand this bit of simple math - As a result you will have people with multiple applications trying to to beat the broken system.

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  • laborchic
    10-10 09:59 AM
    I wish the same.. Keeping my fingers crossed..


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  • eb3India
    04-16 01:36 PM
    Adjustment in Dollar exchange is good for both US and Indian economy, if $ hits Rs 38, this will certainly makes outsourcing even more expensive, Indian companies which are currently overrated will have much needed adjustment and the ripple effect of which can be seen in local Indian market such as realestate etc. In a long run this is good,

    for those who are still counting on saving a pot of money and retiring in India time to wake up and see the reality

    07-09 12:34 PM
    I do have the Employer and Attorney details. I searched based on that. Reg, case number, which case number we have to use, the backlog center number or any other number? I do have a copy of the approval letter received from backlog center.

    Let me know what else I can do?

    How are you trying to locate your record? Do you have your case number handy? Employer details, priority date - all that helped me find mine (rather helped me narrow it down).

    12-16 10:51 PM
    Yes you said it right. See if IV can come up with some provision to encourage those who have expressed to shell out only few dollars. It doesn't look good critisizing those who have expressed their geniune feelings.

    The question here is not asking the Poster to donate more but rather tell him the provisions to contribute less as well.
    No two individuals are at the same thinking level. so his thoughts are that he can contribute less frequently if allowed. So let him know how he can do that. There may be many in the same boat like him.

    For the sake of generating more funds, let IV act like collection agency and look at the member as a customer/defaulter(those fence sitters). Collection Agencies make all sorts of efforts and provisions to collect money from these people. Finally they end up some how getting the money paid. There could be a payment installments based on the capability, lesser or higher amount, reminders etc. I am not sure if this anology is good for IV or not. The ultimate goal is to generate funds with the willingness from the members...

    You gave perfect examples here. Let's take a close look.

    If you think the atterney fee worth $10, you wouln't hire an atterney asking for $6k. Samething with the restraunt check. Samething with IV contribution. If you think $100 is too high, you don't pay it. But if you think it worth $10 you simply ask for it, like everybody will do. Imagine a car saleman responds to his potential buyer's request to a lower price of a car with insulting remarks, he'll loose this customer and many more.

    And IV ALLOWED everyone ...? You went too far, pal.

    Updates Via E-Mail