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  • bluekayal
    10-17 11:17 AM
    Gave in and sent PP by Fedex yesterday for Schedule A, grp 2 case.My attorney did not advise me to PP nor did a legally brain I turn to for advice. He said its likely that I would get approved even during retrogression.
    But I decided its better to know sooner than later, preferably before spouse started using EAD, and if a miracle happens (who can prevent miracles?) the 485 could also get approved concurrently with the 140.... And because I have 13 days more before retrogression hits. And because I saw people reportiing really qiuck turn around after PP. My employer was willing to pay half as well...

    Well plus I did not want to be stuck in the general EB2 pool (India) which looks like its a black hole. I have an approved labor from 2004 there.(yet to file 140 for that one) didn't see a reason to be stuck there with a 2006 PD.

    I still wonder if my reasons were sane and if my hasty action mght prevent my spouse from working -- if the 140 gets denied...Well, we'll take it as it may mean goodbye to the US or something..

    BTW as far as I know, retrogression doesn't start till November 1st.



    I had all paper work ready for PP and were sent to my Lawyer for premium processing of my Sch. A case. But retrogession occured that night in Nov. visa bulletin. So my lawyer advised me that it is not advantageous to go for it unless your date is current. So we did not filed it.

    As I remeber you were not ready for premium process. Any reason or justification for rethinking your decision? let me know if you can outline some advatage of PP of Sch. A at this point, or have seen some cases which enjoyed some advantage due to PP very recently.

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  • sac-r-ten
    06-03 09:12 AM
    For all those who commented in negative.
    1. Its posted in Interesting topics section. GC, E2/E3 predictions,H1B extension etc is not the only thing left in life.
    2. Spelling is a logical/creative thing. Its not cramming words from dictionary. Its an art too. Ever heard of phonetics.

    have a nice day.

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  • sameer2730
    02-06 06:52 PM

    As mentioned earlier in this thread send an email to with your details.


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  • GotGC??
    04-26 04:11 PM
    Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is "K Street" and what is its relevance?

    Thanks to all members of IV who have made it possible for our voice to be heard! Keep up the good work!:)


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  • map_boiler
    07-06 12:54 PM
    CAdude, possibly you're the person in DENIAL mode. You are free to take the chill pill or any other pill you want (I am not seeking your advice for that purpose anyways). If you have a direct response to the point I made, feel free to respond, otherwise, please don't bother...

    All you guys in DENIAL mode. Like Home seller in todays market. take chill pill and enjoy the life (what ever left after fisaco). :)

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  • satish_hello
    08-22 10:56 PM
    Just Thought

    There is 200k application without 140 approval, this is including july filers.

    there is lot of chnace for those who got their I-140 approved, even their PD '2006.

    you can see people getting approved PD'2005 EB2 cases, even then VB says now 2004'apr for EB2.They are not processing based on PD now and in future also i gues.Since we have already filed.PD will restrict only to File I-485 in future.

    - satish


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  • jkamel5
    06-06 01:16 AM
    I am on H1B visa and I am working. My wife is currently on F-1/OPT. We are both in the USA. Could you please advise me what is the required documents/steps to apply for her for H4 visa?
    Thank you,

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  • s416504
    07-20 03:16 PM
    Delivered July 2 @11:34 USPS


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  • sidbee
    01-14 08:42 PM
    `Sec. 245B. (a) In General- The Secretary of Homeland Security may adjust the status of an alien to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence if the alien--

    `(1) was physically present in the United States for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date on which this provision was enacted and has maintained continuous physical presence since then.

    This if i am reading and understanding right may not be too bad. Let me kow if i am missing anything......

    I think its only 1 time amnesty to all aliens who were present 5 years from date of enactment of this law, if it becomes a law.

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  • srisri007
    05-06 09:44 AM
    GO home and stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself if your 3 year degree and a masters bought for 4k will get you a greencard in eb2.

    That is what exactly I am trying to find. Not in front of a mirror. But searching in forums where I might get correct answer.

    It is not about 4K Masters or 14K Masters.

    I am looking for information on what credentials does USCIS look for when evaluating Masters degree. Is it the Accredition of the University, reputation of the University, Length of the degree.

    I just need a well thought-out answer.

    I can get Masters from well reputed south african university for well below 4K. OR there are diploma mills who sells masters for 8K which are of no worth at all.

    Why r u guys looking at the cost of the degree. Give a thought about why USCIS might deny I-140 when one applies with an US Masters Degree.

    If USCIS does not accept Masters Degree from Aspen which is (Nationally Accredited by DETC). then USCIS might not accept Masters Degree from any university which are acrredited by DETC..

    Let me know if I am thinking anything wrong..


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  • reddymjm
    01-23 09:26 AM
    Ron has not made prediction specifically about India. Somebody asked Ron about filing I-485 with May 2004 PD without mentioning that (s)he was from India. So Ron probably assumed RoW. The OP later clarified that (s)he is from India and Ron hasn't replied to that. So let's wait for Ron to reply before getting excited about it.

    If Ron meant EB3-I, he's probably expecting a July 2007 kind of bump, which allows a lot of people to file but results in very few approvals. This can be inferred from his statement that, "your priority date will become current, briefly, in a few months".

    We EB3-I's are looking for any sign, just any sign of hope. But let's be cautious in disseminating such information further.

    EB3 - ROW is already 01MAY05. He would not be saying 2004 for sure on EB3 ROW.

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  • Junky
    11-17 11:32 AM
    Look like some blood sucking A$$H0l* desi employer gave me red with the comment "Screw You".
    I am glad my posting did work.

    Parasite/Desi Employer: An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. A parasite/Desi Employer cannot live independently.


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  • prem_goel
    08-02 04:04 PM
    well there will always be certain exceptions everywhere....Michael Aytes did mention it publicly when he testified before congress in his document below

    he does mention that all these applications will be pre-adjudicated just short of visa number. So officially in my opinion they will not go back to these applications unless there is an exceptional condition which makes them do it. I can safely say that broadly it's not gonna happen.

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  • BharatPremi
    10-11 03:52 PM
    BharatPremi/PavanV: I had to open an account here just to let you know that what both of you said is the voice of reason and it seems that this forum is just filled with people who have the attitude of attacking the person rather than the argument.

    Folks, until you have a US passport in your hand, you can profess love for this country as much as you like but the bottomline is that you are not a citizen. You will not be treated like a citizen and you will not have the rights of a citizen. Even after you have the US passport, "legally" your allegiance is to the US but that is not true of what the US feels about you. Your precious naturalized citizenship can be revoked at any time but that is not possible for a natural born citizen. This divide is real enough that if you kid asks you, "Daddy, why can't you become president?" then you need to know it that no matter how white your brown heart beats, the country on whose soil you were born is the only one which gives you every single right that is given to all its citizen, NOT the USofA.

    A. K. Mozumdar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (
    "In 1913 Mozumdar became the first Indian-born person to earn U.S. citizenship, having convinced the Spokane district judge that he was in fact Caucasian and thereby met the requirements of naturalization law then restricting citizenship to "free white persons." Ten years later, as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, stipulating that no person of East Indian origin could become a naturalized American, Mozumdar’s citizenship was revoked. A decision on his appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the revocation"

    So, yes, you can kiss as much ass as possible, it will not bring your precious greencard any faster.

    Jai Hind

    Yes, unfortunately all of them lack the understanding of immigration, reasoning and height of ignorance is that they do not have a clue what is the definition of "NATION" OR the meaning of "citizenship".


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  • desi3933
    06-18 12:16 PM
    my point is if dates retrogress and if processing EAD's and AP's takes a long time getting a EAD might be easy in the first 60-90 days but renewals will become more difficult.

    its ok for folks that are within their 6 yrs of H1b but for others it will be a big head ache. As someone already mentioned earlier, you might have to apply for your renewal EAD the day after you get your 1st EAD and so on.

    Maintaing H1 status (even during I-485) is a very good idea. One can get H1 beyond 6 years (in one year increments) if I-485 is pending.

    I would apply EAD renewal after 3 months. It is a small price for peace of mind.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • karsat
    07-18 09:53 AM
    If you can't get married at least on paper, then there is no other option.


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  • nashorn
    12-16 12:57 PM
    Please tell your immigration attorney that you will not give him 6 thousand dollar fees but only give $10 because you love money
    Please tell the restaurant you go to for lunches and dinner that you will not pay as per their bill of $50 for 2 people but will only pay $10 as you love your money
    Please tell your wife that both of you will not eat for 5 days and save $100, because you love your money

    If people do not value IV then IV is not the place for them. IV allowed everyone to file I485 in July and get EADs . You are able to get your EAD freedom because of IV and that is priceless.
    You gave perfect examples here. Let's take a close look.

    If you think the atterney fee worth $10, you wouln't hire an atterney asking for $6k. Samething with the restraunt check. Samething with IV contribution. If you think $100 is too high, you don't pay it. But if you think it worth $10 you simply ask for it, like everybody will do. Imagine a car saleman responds to his potential buyer's request to a lower price of a car with insulting remarks, he'll loose this customer and many more.

    And IV ALLOWED everyone ...? You went too far, pal.

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  • GCNirvana007
    08-23 10:37 AM
    A recent post asking about how many people have EB2-India PDs of 2003 or earlier had no responses, so I am curious about the potential spread of waiting people (atleast in the sample set of whoever responds to this poll).


    (we can do separate polls for EB3-I, china, ROW etc)

    Yep, looks like prior to oct 2003 all got approved in EB2. Good sign. This poll would give us pending cases for 2004 now.

    Please make an entry here. Will help us better predict ( the prediction of USCIS )

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  • gcgamble
    08-15 10:35 AM
    From everything I've read before, it is safe to stay with the sponsoring employer for at least 6 mos.

    There have to be extenuating circumstances to leave earlier than that, and be prepared to elaborate during the citizenship interview.

    Citizenship is going to happen only after 5 years . But by then it would be long time gone .

    the only way that they could find out would be based on your tax return.DO they really scrutinize to that extent?

    08-11 08:37 AM
    sorry to hear that, when is your PD.

    Hopefully from October 2010 the date stay as it is. Did you checked the cut off data it does show 0 requirement prior to 2006.

    Very Disappointment for i missed it with couple of days.

    Visa Bulletin for September 2010 (

    I'm not sure if they are going to move dates in Oct or not...

    05-29 12:34 PM
    Absolutely true, It is torturing the kids for the aspirations of the parents to be seen in the national TV and for award.
    It is not the poor kids are not getting the award, it is the parent, especially it is the trend with indians.

    Not to forget kids who won Geography-Bee few days back. Indian performed second and the kid who came first was Chinese.

    Updates Via E-Mail