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  • chanduv23
    07-11 07:28 AM

    Green card seekers take to 'Gandhigiri' in US

    Wednesday, 11 July , 2007, 11:13

    Washington: In an eloquent display of Gandhigiri, unhappy Indian green card seekers sent hundreds of flowers to the US immigration agency to protest a last minute reversal in policy that would impede their way to permanent residency.

    Inspired by the hit Hindi movie Lage Raho Munnabhai that extolled Gandhian ways of non-violent protest, the green card applicants plan to send around a thousand flower deliveries to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez in a three-day campaign that started on Tuesday.

    The protest followed the abrupt reversal last week of a June announcement offering expedited processing of green card petitions for thousands of skilled foreign professionals working under H1-B visas - reserved for skilled workers in computing, engineering and other special professions.

    Thousands of such visa holders scrambled and spent money on lawyers and medical exams to beat the July 1 deadline for green card applications. The abrupt change sent them back to the queue for 2008.

    Besides India, skilled workers from China, Poland and many other countries will now have to spend more time and money to get the coveted green cards - a halfway house to US citizenship.

    "The idea is to push them to honour their earlier notification," said Aman Kapoor, founder of Immigration Voice, a forum that inspired the unusual protest.

    Indians are the worst hit by country quota caps for immigration visas, which treat a billion strong India, boasting a highly skilled workforce, on par with a country like Trinidad and Tobago of one million souls, he said.

    On its part, the USCIS response was equally pacific. It plans to forward the flowers to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, the main facilities treating US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Gonzales in a statement on the agency website.

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  • ivar
    08-20 11:21 AM
    Dude, Are you joking.... Is there a link or something u can pass on... Dont be a DH....



    what is DH....? means

    go to and click on plans

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  • arunkotte
    06-28 11:58 PM
    Which address are you guys using? Coz FedEx won`t ship to PO box. I am confused??

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  • royus77
    06-29 09:07 PM
    This is very serious now, We all better be prepared to screw USCIS if it messes this time.

    Lets wait first for our fee checks to be back .....


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  • jungalee43
    10-28 04:23 PM
    Unfortunately these guidelines specified in the memo haven't been adhered to, during processing of I-485’s in cases where the sponsoring employers revoked I-140 petitions.

    Please make this small correction in second paragraph. The "to" in bold is missing.
    Please also post the names and addresses of both California and Vermont service centers as it is not clear who would adjudicate the thousands of I-485 cases they are sitting on.

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  • jayleno
    11-07 07:55 PM
    I just got a response back from TSC. They attached my letter, the envolope I sent the letter in and a response.

    The response is a standard one...."Thank you for your recent enquiry to the NCSC...blah blah...blah". No mention of AC-21, 140 etc. I dont know what to make of it. Same for my wife's letter.

    Well...atleast we know it reached them :).


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  • shankar_thanu
    07-11 09:07 AM
    Looks like someone already added one of the stories to digg

    please digg this story and any other relevant one...

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  • mariusp
    06-29 06:32 PM

    06/29/2007: Time to Keep Emotion Under Control

    * The news of potential revision of the July Visa Bulletin is understandably taken very hard by everyone including this reporter. After spending sleepless evenings and weekends, this reporter feels like being hit by lightening rod from sky. But people should keep their emotion under control for a number of reasons: First, the AILA reports that they are working hard to stop the State Department from doing this. No one knows how much it will work, but no one knows whether they will change their mind either. Just calm down. Secondly, even if it is released, we have no idea which categories and how much there will be a retrogression. Some categories may turn out to be not too bad. We will just have to wait and see. Thirdly, the AILF is seeking a legal remedy should this rumor indeed materialize. This lawsuit threat may or may not affect the State Department one way or another. We are all educated people and should have received a proper training to maintain a decent composure and not to lose morality and reveal weakness of the personality. Losing one or two days will not induce the sky failling down. Availability of July 485 filing is at this juncture depends on two factors: One is whether the July Bulletin will indeed be revised and the numbers will be retrogressed. The other is whether the USCIS and the visa posts around the world will be able to adjudicate all the backlog I-485 or immigrant visa applications in a very short period of time. Until the Visa Bulletin revision news popped up, the only factor that would control the issue of how soon one should send in their I-485 applications was the speed of USCIS backlog 485 application adjudications during the next two weeks or beyond. Now, quite unexpectedly, our July 485 filing opportunities have been further mystified by not one but two yet-to-be-known factors - Visa Bulletin Revision and USCIS Backlog I-485 Processing Speed. As we reported earlier, we started receiving increasing number of backlog I-485 application approvals in the mail, but we do not know how fast it is undertaken by the USCIS at this time.
    * All of us have consumed ourselves for a couple of weeks this month by the CIR. The emotional distress have been futher exacerbated by the I-140 pps suspension decision. By now, we come close to the level of being exhausted. We should go home, take a deep breath, and enjoy family. Shutting this website will not give a peace to the wanderers. Have a nice weekend.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 11:36 AM
    WOW that is good.. by nov they will clear all backlog ..( Pending more than 1 year ).. from June 2009 name check will be cleared in 3 days..

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  • vasa
    07-11 09:04 AM
    HI guys,..
    Not sure if anyone posted this link... it is on PRLOG
    "Bollywood supports Highly-Skilled Workers' Green Card Concerns"


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  • eb3retro
    06-29 07:56 PM
    what if someone sent out the documents today 28th june..???


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 04:12 PM
    Who said that those 10 guys are committing fraud. They are going by the books, which allow them to file GC for future employment. Even from the employer standpoint, you cannot prove that any fraud has been committed.

    Why don't you just ask those 10 guys you know are comitting fraud ( by not joining the desi consulting companies and trying to workaround etc ) which company\companies they are working with and then file a complaint with DOL about them. I am sure DOL would surely look into their workings and will very very surely find out that they are doing something illegal in other things ( even if this is not one of them ). Those companies will get blacklisted and will set an example for other companies.

    But I don't think you should stop anyone who is doing it legitimately. If one qualifies for EB2 and has been in the queue for a long time he has the right to do it.


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  • pappu
    07-16 08:32 AM
    After all my research the bottom line personal opinion is: If you file multiple I485s, you should expect delays. Sometimes it can be a lot more than you can imagine if you get multiple A#s, file gets transferred in different service centers, you try to do interfiling between applications etc etc. Basically the more complicated you try to make your case, the more difficulty you may face trying to find out it status and adjudication.

    Many lawyers strongly recommend against filing multiple applications and that is for a reason. Multiple applications is also an additional expense. You need to weigh the pros and cons and do what suits you best.

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  • sachin76
    01-03 03:26 AM

    I have my visa appointment at Mumbai for H-1B stamping on January 10th 2008. Is dealy happening only at Chennai center or it is also happening at mumbai center.


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  • bomber
    06-29 05:18 PM
    I'm at a total loss here. My dates became current in June and I was ready with all the paperwork - even filled all the forms myself. Company and their attorneys took their own time and sent the application out only today for Monday delivery... I kept on reminding them what USCIS did to EB-3 other workers.. but all for nothing....... they can just say 'oops sorry' and out lives are screwed!!!

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  • absaarkhan
    01-09 06:07 PM
    Already send the letters


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  • mango_man
    06-16 10:03 PM
    Let me guess something .. you are from CTS ... :-)

    Your rocket science of 'report' to employer manager can be easily busted just by producing couple of emails from client managers assigning work to these L1 babies... true these companies would have a so called psuedo manager in their client locations just to fool USCIS BUT unfortunately ICE investigators are trained and informed about such fraudulant arrangements. Once we produce couple of emails (hope atleast few of us would be copied in those work assignment / weekly status emails) proving the direct work assignment from client these phony arrangements doesn't hold good. Second if we could prove that these so called managers doesn't even belong to our team (look for org charts/team list/email lists where these phony managers name would never be mentioned) just produce those evidence along with the above mentioned work assignments.. ICE investigators would take care of our 'rocket scientists'.

    My dear 'new born' ...what ever you do ... every crime leaves its own trail ... how long you guys would continue this shady mode of operation.. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU VIOLAITNG THE RULES.... GREED JUST CORPORATE GREED, individual resources are just pawns in this fraud.

    When did you realize the L1 Fraud? The day you were hired or the day you were fired?

    There was story of a man who used to beat his wife after coming back from work. Apparently he was frustrated with his boss and his wife was the victim of his frustration. He soon realized a remedy to his situation. He built an effigy of his boss and hid it in a safe & lonely place. Everyday after work he used to go there and beat and curse the shit out of that effigy. He could then return to his normal family life and continue to love his wife.

    You remind me of that guy. This forum is your safe place and all the dumb IV members responding to you are your effigies. I am a part of this dumb group so go ahead and throw some of that leftover shit on me.

    If you had eaten Indian mangoes, you would be happier!!

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  • omved
    06-25 08:25 PM
    read that form carefully
    as an EB-2 you DO NOT need it
    then read the I-485, says excatly the same thing

    you cxan add all the evidence you wat, that's fine
    but it is not set forth as a requireemnst, in fact it's clearly excluded for EB petitioners.

    So you mean that EB2 petitioners are not required to file affidavit of support (either I 134 or I 864) at all for their spouse who are on H4 visa....

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  • swamy
    04-25 01:45 PM
    Since no one is against eliminating fraud on H1/L1 - atleast on this forum - is there any chance we can request messrs Durbib/Grassley to tack on issues/amendments to prefile 485 or polish AC21 to its true intent of freeing up workers? maybe they wont accede but atleast it will end up calling them out ontheir bluff of supporting worker rights and expose their fierce hatred of immigrants..

    10-07 04:52 PM
    BPositive, Sorry to hear that, I am about to apply for AP. My PD is nov 2004, EB2 -I . I am next in line to loose the money. Did you apply online?

    Good old hardcopy and mail

    08-26 07:43 AM
    I recently purchased Vonage. Had to call vonage customer service for installation. They gave very good service and I could connect all my phone and then called India too! Voice was excellent ( I have verizon DSL line).

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