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  • pcs
    06-18 08:16 AM
    Do I have to fill it for my 2 kids ??


    Did not file this form since I prepared all the forms personally. I believe this is only needed if a lawyer files for you.

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  • pareshtyagi
    09-24 12:17 PM

    sanjayb - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 08/05
    Ashres11 - 2nd July/ 10:28/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ NO CC/ NO RN
    Sairam - 2nd July/10:28/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No RN - 07/28
    InsKrish - 2nd July/10.25/J.Barret/NSC/I-140 approved from TSC/No CC/RN
    sudhi - 2nd July/ 10:25/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ NO CC/ NO RN - CHECKS CASHED 09/13
    Danu2007 - 2nd July/10:25AM/J. Barret/NSC/140-TSC/NO RN
    Triviagal - 2nd July/ 10:25AM/ J. Barret/NSC/140-TSC/NO RN
    rkartik78- 2nd july/10:25am/ J.Barret/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    GCFISH- 2nd july/10:25am/ J.Barret/ I140-TSC/ 485 went to NE/NO RN NOCC
    rexjamla- 2ndJuly/10:25am/J.Barret/ I-140-NSC/ NO RN NO CC
    kmkanth- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    BU007- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    veerufs - 2nd july/10:28am/J. BARRET/I140-TSC/NO RN/NO CC
    123456mg - 2nd july/10:25am at NSC/J BARRET/I140-Approved from TSC/NO RN/NO CC
    aussie731- 2ndJuly/10:25am/J.Barret/ I-140-NSC/ NO RN NO CC
    nkavjs - 2nd July/ 10:25am/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ I-140 TSC lud on I-140 8-5-07/ NO CC/ NO RN
    jsb - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 07/27
    gc_us - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 07/28
    srinitls - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/NO RN NO CC
    realraghu - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN

    R Mickels :

    giddu- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    mahendra_t - 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    Satya- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    sapking - 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140 pending-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    smshen- 2nd July/9:01/Fedex/R Mickels/NSC/140 - TSS/No CC/No RN
    gcgoodluck- 2nd July/9:01/Fedex/R Mickels/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN/No data
    dudenj - 2nd july/9:03am/R.Mickels/I140-NSC/NO RN/NO CC/NO EAD


    cadude- 2nd July/11.11am/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC
    helpme1234-2nd July/11.14am/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC
    cowboy-2nd July/12.34 pm/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC

    R.Williams :

    Jignesh - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM
    doshhar-2nd July/2:02PM/ R.Williams /I140 -TCS/ NO RN NO CC - I-140 LUD 08/05


    Bayboy -2nd July/8.oam/C UHRMACHER/I140-TSC/NO RN NO CC
    nk2007-2nd July/8.26am/C UHRMACHER/I140-TSC/NO RN NO CC

    Other -

    zdong -- 2nd july No check encash/No RN
    HNaik-2nd July/10:04am/ Armstrong/I140 -TCS/ NO RN NO CC
    mashu - 2nd july/11:34am/Gerkenmeyer/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC
    abhis0 -- 2nd july/11:34am/Gerkenmeyer/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC 140 LUD - 08/05

    Applications are returned:Incorrect filing fees :

    noendinsight- 2nd July/NSC/1-40 Approved NSC/NO RN NO CC

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  • abhis0
    09-26 02:38 PM
    This is the same draft (I just changed the Dear.... senator./congressman/USCIS Assistant Inspector) for each and every email I sent out.
    Congressmen& Senator needs faxed copies with Date and Sign on it.
    Yes the same to the USCIS dept also. I got replies from Senator and Congressmen.. but nothing coming out of USCIS tight lips.

    Did congressman or senator's response sound pomising? I called up USCIS and same old response no data for ur application in our system...

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  • Hunter
    05-09 08:09 PM
    Hey mind your business. You don't know a thing about India and I am sure you wouldn't have even visited once in your lifetime. If you have problem with individuals, companies, sue them find legal ways to stop their wrong doing. It is good for everyone. Dishonesty is not a patent of any country. You show me 10 corrupt people from India, I will show you 100 from UK, 100 from USA and 100 from Japan.. Don't blabber about things you don't know in a public forum. I am taking offense of what you wrote.. You owe an apology to India and people from that country in this forum..

    If you are offended, I don't give a DAMN!! I know about India very well and has been to India many a times. I know very well about the indian corruption which has no comparison with any country in the developed world. All you have to look at is the suveys from various NGOs that track corruption at various countries in the world and you can see where India ranks relative to US or UK


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  • DesiGuy
    09-13 04:54 AM
    nice link from AILA where you can search based on party/location/sponsor/co-sponsor/non-sponsor, etc

    once you select the option, there is a email link.

    on as side note, only 3 co-sponsors were added in this month, meaning our efforts ARE paying off but need more momentum.

    ofcourse, many reps like to support it but not co-sponsor it.

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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 12:09 PM
    Ayega Ayega Ayega ....
    Ayega anne wala (GC) Ayega Ayega .....

    or as Bobby McFerrin says Don't Worry, Be Happy need all Green dots in place reds.


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  • desi3933
    08-07 12:48 PM
    Let me add my 2cents here.

    This came up when I was discussing this topic with my lawyer friend -

    Person can still file for GC when he/she is at school in eb3 and after finishing school, he/she can file another one for EB2 and can port the date to earlier PD, just like eb3 person who started work instead of going to school. Remember, GC is for the future job and person can not claim that he/she needs to be employed in order for GC to be filed.

    Law does provide equal opportunity to both for PD recapture (aka PD porting).

    SunnySurya -

    I suggest, you should seriously consider discussing above legal point with your lawyer. I hope you agree with me that in legal court, rationality wins whereas emotions lose.

    Good Luck!

    Disclaimer: I am green card holder for 6 years and personally this issue does not affect me.

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  • makemygc
    01-24 10:33 PM
    No more 1 year multiple entry TV. I was issued only 2months multiple entry with visa expiring just after 15 days of my return.

    With all due sympathies, this is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time....It helps to lighten up a bit every now and then considering we are all in this for a long haul...

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I went through London back in 2004 and my experience was completely different. I went to the NYC consulate to get my TV for $50, yes just $50 and the whole paper work etc was done in less than 30min and I had to go back after 2 hours to collect my passport with a 1 year multiple entry stamped on it.

    My point being, I think they have changed a lot of rules and made it more stringent after the recent security threats etc.

    Getting a GC soon is our saviour


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  • mrsr
    06-27 11:17 PM
    (c)(9) same as primary

    Can anybody guide me what will be the eligibility code for H4 dependent in EAD form


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  • desi485
    11-17 04:17 PM
    There are a lot of interpretations. Popular Attorneys like Rajiv Khanna and Sheela Murthy claim it is not valid and always advise clients to have a h1b backup. Not sure why they are so keen on h1b. It could be because some adjudicators may send EAD revocations also along with 485 denials.

    Chandu, they may have other good reasons to do so, but one advantage for attorneys is an added fees out of filling for H1B; and for employers is less employee turnover due to the fact that even if employee is willing to change jobs. It is not so easy to find next job with H1 sponsorship than to be able to find one on EAD :)


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  • ajay
    11-12 11:53 AM
    Got a reply from Texas office of Mr. David Roark. about and asking to login and know the status!!

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  • jsb
    09-15 02:01 PM
    No receipt yet, although Sept 14 update has moved NSC and TSC way beyond July 2.

    July 2, J Barret, 10:2am (I-140 at TSC)
    PD May 2004


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  • sammyb
    01-03 10:37 AM
    VO doesnt keep your passport if a via not issued at the time of the interview . He gives it back after the interview. Once you receive the email , you have to go the VFS office and then had in the passport.

    I guess this is specific to Mumbai only .. for all other post in India, the consulate/embassy keeps the PP ...

    Am planning to visit India during Apr-May time and wondering how to take care of the situation ... seems DHS/DOS/DOL/USCIS/Who ever implemented a process without having the proper infrastructure in place ... and again they take us for granted ... with limited number of vacation days in hand if we stuck because of the PIMS, this will be a difficult situation to handle ..

    How the Kolkata consulate doing on this aspect ... can anyway share their experience there ...

    Happy new year friends ...

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  • asethura
    08-16 11:35 PM
    Hi All,
    I got the I-485 approval/welcome notice from USCIS for myself and my spouse today. But the wierd thing is that my NSC online status still shows RFE response received and case pending (from 2008)...the welcome notice says I should expect to receive the card in 3 weeks...guess I am greened.
    Anyone else face a similar situation?

    PD: Feb 16th, 2006


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  • wc_user
    01-03 01:49 AM
    I have decided to use AP and have cancelled my appt in Chennai.

    I have an appointment at Kolkata on the 11th. Scheduled to fly back to US on the 26th. Considering Martin Luther king Jr day it will be 9 working days. After seeing the PIMS delays, I am seriously considering return back on AP. Cannot take the risk of delaying the flight as I dont have vacations to hang around and wait for PP.

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  • johnamit
    06-15 12:48 PM
    Seems like we are so many here who are planning to file on our own. Isn't it wise to hire an attorney and negotiate a better rate, so we all can file correctly in one shot?


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  • chanduv23
    03-24 10:47 AM
    Your response would depend on how badly you want this job.

    Most times the hiring staff doesn't know the law and are too lazy. Anything out of the ordinary, they just reject.

    If you want the job, you don't want to appear like a trouble maker. So, you could just write back politely that you were surprised by the disqualification since the Department of Homeland Security (do not write USCIS) had issued the EAD and enquire if they know that DHS guides employers against discrimination towards EAD holders. You can mention or attach form I-9.

    Alternatively if you want to hold their feet to the fire, you can contact a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer should get their attention. Let the lawyer contact them. And also let DHS know about this employer. Write to them.

    In any case, we cannot let employers come up with their own laws after we have gone through so much to get to the EAD stage. The law is the law and we are following it.

    Do we have direct online link to this information?

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  • anilsal
    07-09 09:34 PM
    Do you think the director just decided to forward the flowers? I am sure he must have called a Monday meeting to counter this. A suggestion during the meeting must have been to forward the flowers to the veterans.

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  • fatjoe
    10-26 03:52 PM
    Hi meghanap: Thanks for your useful info.
    I am the primary applicant. Mine and kid's case is at TSC, but my spouse's case transferred to Detroit offcie , for the interview. We had the interview 4 months ago, and the DAO said that she would recommend my spouse's case for approval, however it has to wait until the approval of my app. My kid and I got the approval on Oct 22.
    So, now do I have to take an infopass, and request for the yellow form to get approval on the case. Do we get approval from local USCIS office itself or will it come back to TSC? Do you know how long would it take for the approval to come. Or can I call Senator, Ombudsmand, ans start all those cr.. again.
    This info is for the cases who had the interview local USCIS offices where they live.
    After interview ,pls take info pass for every 2 or 3 weeks and when you meet infopass officer, please fill up one yellow form (this form used to send any request to any other department who handled 485 cases.) to adjudicate your case.Make sure you give your i-485 copies and i-140 copies, You can write at least 5 or 6 sentences at the end of the yellow form to supervisor epalining when u r intervew is completed ,,u r PD is current etc etc.

    The way it works like this :
    The dept that takes care i-485 interviews is different from the dept infopass officers in local office.Even though they are in same office, the only way infopass officers can send request the 485 dept is using the yellow form..Pls request for it. Then most of the times info pass officer fils up the form and you will add any additional info at the end of the form. Then infopass officer will send the form to 485 dept supervisor.Supervisor will see the yellow form..if you are lucky he/she wil take action imediatly..otherwise go again after 2 weeks..Request the info pass officer twice or thrice..

    This helped me...

    06-29 02:12 PM
    I read somewhere in the forum that one guy contacted USCIS regarding I-140 PP and he was told by USCIS representative that they honor Postmark date. If USCIS honors Postmark date not the receive date they one must be careful sending application on June 29th.
    Edit/Delete Message

    I think the classis example of April 1 2007 . If that was true USICS might have to reject 1,30,0000 petitions .Received date is important .

    04-05 02:15 PM
    If you would like we can interpret it differently....
    The demand data published by DOS for October 2010 show 13,125 prior to 2007 and for April 2011 it is 13,200 which means increase of 75 only + approved cases( since PD did not move)

    Assuming all cases approved from Oct-2010 till March 2011 are porting, means 233*6=1,398.

    In this case total porting is only 1,398+75 = 1,473

    In reality we don't really know how many of the approved cases(1,398) are ported.

    Yes. I agree This is also one way to look at total ported numbers. (Basically it cannot exceed this number. 1,473 serves as upper ceiling)
    At least this analysis serves how much porting really is taking place than coming up with assumptions.

    Updates Via E-Mail