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  • Michael chertoff
    08-22 12:55 PM
    Damn man

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  • abhidos37
    08-22 05:41 PM
    Mine is EB3 from India. I still hope the next years numbers could be coming out on Oct.

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  • venky321
    03-03 07:19 PM
    Its probably part of an investigation of your employer. Maybe they finally decided that it wasn't necessary to interview you. But probably best to get back to that guy all the same; talk to ICE directly too.

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  • Libra
    01-22 09:24 AM
    bump, on long weekend how many of you sent letters?


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  • willwin
    02-18 11:36 AM

    Dude you can convert from CP to AOS even after filing for CP. Your CP can be canceled. Vise-versa is more complicated. Even had some write up on this. Go search their website.

    Talk to a lawyer and stop cribbing here. Your situation is nothing different from others.


    I would like to clarify few things on behalf of CP filers:

    1. Taking CP or 485 route is a personal decision and none of the CP filers have to justify you guys especially when you do not have a pragmatic approach to this issue.

    2. If CP filers were not contributing to IV because they were not seeing any benefit out of IV efforts; what do you expect from CP filers to win your kind heart? Contribute in every single way even knowing that IV would do nothing to CP filers? How many such great souls do we have among 485 filers who are here just to get their GC sooner (which means I am not talking about volunteers who have GC but still helping IV - kudos to you guys).

    Tell the 485 filers that IV will only take care of members whose PD is over 3 or 4 years old and see how many of those birds will still be on the IV tree!

    3. There is no sin, stupid logic in CP filers (who are already in the USA) asking for a provision like EAD. And, CP filers are asking for it just because of the severe retrogression we are in. And they would not have asked for it if there was a separate VISA numbers pool available for CP filers.

    You are (or were) just a beneficiary in this system like every one else. CP or 485, every one have equal right to bring up their issue to the Govt.

    485 guys want to speed up the name check, multiple year EAD, AP, increase visa numbers to infinity, remove per country limit, make EB2 current just because you guys made a decision to go with EB2 assuming that would be a faster queue. you guys even change EB3 to EB2 to speed up application and even sue USCIS!!! And all this are fair!!!

    But a guy should not opt to go for CP assuming that would be a faster queue. Even if he/she does, should not come back and ask for ANY benefits even if the queue comes to a stand still for a decade because of all the July filers!

    If the core members come and out and say that IV is only for 485 filers or only for those who have made contribution, then CP filers would take a stand.

    Until then, chill out and do not show your frustrations on CP guys.

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  • god_bless_you
    02-20 06:20 PM


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  • brkl1935
    04-01 08:33 PM
    Both fax sent

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  • mmj
    04-19 06:38 PM
    Thanks for doing this. I would suggest you to collect more data with real life stories and create a template, post it here. Then everyone can send the same to senator and white house. Anyway thanks for your work

    I'm done. I posted whatever I had on and wrote to my Senator. I think the strength is in numbers - so the effectiveness of this depends on the number of people that write in - Even if people dont include their personal stories, just the fact that you will include your address when you write to your senator makes it personal. Just my 2 cents!!!


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  • sushilup
    02-14 08:48 AM
    I am also an NCS-CSC-NSC transfer. Got LUDs on 2/10 on my/my wife's application. I just got an email saying an RFE was sent just for my application.

    Anyone else that got RFEs after getting LUDs at the beginning of Feb? What were the RFEs for?


    Did you change company? or filed AC-21.

    My PD is also close to yours and transfer is TSC-CSC-NSC

    I had LUD on 2/10....Lets hope for the best...I will keep you posted on my status

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  • aravindan_kv
    08-19 01:05 PM
    My case
    PD > DEC, 29, 2004
    I140 Approval: march 26, 2008,
    I485 Receive date : Aug 7 ,2007
    I485 Notice date : Sept 15 ,2007
    Status: Pending :
    Service Center: NSC

    Taken Infopass appointment August21 , Let see what updates i will be getting from them


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  • malibuguy007
    09-16 09:47 PM
    Applied: July 30th
    FP: August 15th
    Approval Email: September 16th

    Total time 47 days for approval for me and my wife.

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  • tonyHK12
    10-28 11:08 AM
    Sorry guy, I do not debate with atheists sorry, because they are the most unfaithful and false creatures in this world becasue they deny themselves virtually. so thanks for the blah blahs.

    Really do you have proof of that? Or do you need someone else to decide what is right or wrong for you.

    well you are in the wrong country my friend. Look around, unlike your misconceptions, most people here are not very religious.


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  • eb3retro
    01-13 05:11 PM
    gcseeker, u just spoke my mind, this was exactly what was going in my mind, when i decided not to take transit visa. i just cant believe, there is another soul who thinks just the way, i thought, look at my PD, came to US in 1999, still no GC after 12 years, planning to leave back to india for good, this year..oh well, life goes on..

    vishwak, dont consider my seniority by number of posts. As is I am going through so much injustice in life, having spent 12 years in this country and still waiting for GC bcos of this stupid EB3 mess, and now the germans decide to harrass me by asking for transit visa ? Not that I dont want to follow rules, but after spending 12 years waiting for GC, I am glad that I broke atleast one rule, of travelling through frankfurt to and from india without the damned transit visa. Of course I was travelling alone, and my family was not travelling , and hence I could risk it out. This does in no way prevent anybody in this forum or the world from not getting transit visa and continue to be opressed by the germans. Folks, I have just told my experience, rest is upto you if you want to get the transit visa .

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  • jkays94
    04-01 09:24 PM
    Sent 10 and 11.


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  • jsb
    12-30 02:07 PM
    I think the DHS-7001 form needs to be signed by the HR of your company.So I guess your company/lawyer will need to be involved.

    No, that is not true. It has nothing to do with lawyers or the HR people. I-485 is YOUR filing (not of your employer's HR). By sending this you merely want to draw attention about something which you believe or hope should happen, and unless immediate attention is drawn you might suffer a loss (in this case, visas may be used up by others simply because someone did not care about your case, or just took the case to process and then went on long holiday etc. Such thing can happen and do happen particularly when paper files have to be worked with). Best...

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  • boreal
    06-10 01:11 PM
    If they say that most of next year's quota is ready to be filled as well, then probably there are enough applicants from all categories/countries whose applications have been pre-adjudicated. Reading between the lines, this probably means that they will have to honor the country limit of 7% - since they obviously wont know about spill over, if any, in July 2010, now and the only reason they could have claimed that the quota is ready to be filled is only if they had known that there are enough applicants from all the countries. So 8000 overall for EB2I and 8000 overall for EB3I. I hope i am wrong.


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  • chanduv23
    07-10 08:23 AM
    The way I look at it is - Loo is a target we must aim. CNN will definitely change its course and path it is taking if we start exposing Loo Dog. Once truth comes out, CNN may be worried about hurting its image and will definitely change courses.

    Believe me guys, CNN is still the most powerful media around, every airport, cafe etc. have only CNN running,

    I am sure it is worth a try

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  • preetianu
    01-31 01:45 PM
    Also I heard a rumor that they are going to allow filing of i-485 for review first and then let you wait for the visa number. Hope it is true!

    And where did you hear this rumor from :D :D don't start romors on the forum.... Nothing is happening.

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  • ramus
    06-20 06:16 AM

    I hate to see you leaving, you need to fight for others. Who knows somebody close to you might get stuck in this mess. IF everybody leave just because they got what they need than its not fair. If you think IV has helped you in any way then each of us put some effort to help IV and its members.

    Again congrates and hope you become more active in coming days.


    Guys Got approved today morning........... Thanks to everyone on this forum for infinite information........... Will be back when ready for the Citizenship application..................:D


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: LIN0XXXXXXXX


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On June 19, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    If you have questions or concerns about your application or the case status results listed above, or if you have not received a decision from USCIS within the current processing time listed*, please contact USCIS Customer Service at (800) 375-5283.

    *Current processing times can be found on the USCIS website at under Case Status and Processing Dates.
    *** Please do not respond to this e-mail message.

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

    PD- Dec 2002, I485-RD- Dec 2003.

    07-10 10:22 AM
    I think we should dedicate one day on leaving messages at his show. Lets make it a saturday/sunday. All the members can leave messages, asking him to be fair.

    I know a lot of ppl will come back saying its of no use blah blah............

    whole idea is to try. If ppl only get motivated by results, then there is no point trying at all...........
    My experience is sending messages to the person whom we are going to target won't help. We need to counter attack using a different and equally powerful channel. The negative comments we post on Lou Dobbs and CNN are never posted or maybe never read to the end.

    01-25 03:41 PM
    Who joins a university with this accreditation:

    Tri-Valley University is accredited by International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries (IABCS).

    Updates Via E-Mail