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  • admin
    04-03 11:22 AM

    I am shocked at your statement after seeing such an organized effort from IV. The only conclusion that I could make is - you are sympathetic to the 'anti-immigrant sentiments' and are out here to create trouble.

    Anyways, instead of criticizing someone, please let us know what you have done for the cause.


    These are highly stressful times and I am sure people did not mean to create trouble when they wrote such message but rather they were merely venting their frustrations.

    We just need to make sure that we're able to convert this energy into some that is positive and useful. Again no offense meant to anyone and no offense taken.

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  • paskal
    12-17 01:20 PM
    Are you saying IV can't find anyone IV trust to do this, or nobody in IV core thinks it is woth it to do some extra leg work? I don't think IV has the luxury of not doing the leg work. Every peny counts.

    buddy...iv core are not magicians, they have lives too. so please stop asking for more. when you say "iv has the luxury" hopefully you mean all 25,000 who make up iv. the core is not iv. they are just volunteers already breaking their backs...

    there are good reasons for the temporary stops to the checks. everything need not be publicly anounced. please leave it at that.

    and while we are at it...we need help with the leg work...please complete your profile so we can get you involved with some of would be great to have you as a volunteer!

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  • Tito_ortiz
    01-15 12:09 AM
    Yoda says:

    Bill hard to be approved that it is.

    Unemployment rising for Americans rapidly it is. Tough to let more immigrants like us get jobs from Americans. Obama try he will.

    Be the Force be with you. IV contribute more should you.

    Done !

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  • McLuvin
    04-02 02:55 PM
    All the dates in all the chargeability areas will become current and USCIS will recogonize all the people as people and not files. They will also issue a huge apology for all the delays in the past.

    Dude, you forgot the most important point....

    After apology/providing GC, they are going to provide settlement assistance as a welcome gift....


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  • forever_waiting
    04-19 05:02 PM
    Thanks! Excellent coverage of the IV advocacy event...
    Great to see a Congressman so strongly on our side.

    India Abroad published this article about advocacy day event

    India Abroad - April 15, 2011 (


    India Abroad - April 15, 2011 (

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  • ilikekilo
    05-13 01:41 PM
    chandu, would u mind sharing what the company u are working or worked for? so that we wont be facing hte same in the future


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  • gmahajan
    04-18 03:59 PM
    What are the implications for software industries - if dollar goes down againest rupee?

    a. Lesser profit margins for Indian companies which might result in cost cuts and layoffs;
    b. Lesser salary for Indian software employees in India;
    c. BSE will crash down to adjust to the currency changes;
    d. Indian real estate market will go down as the NRIs will not be able to afford land prices;
    e. Indian farmers will be effected because imported agricultural products and food grains will be cheaper;
    f. American companies will not be able to afford outsourcing in India and will be forced to bring more H1b employees from India to develop inhouse;

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  • gc28262
    02-15 07:13 PM
    Pleaassssssssse dont fight among oursleves ....

    Lets fight against immigration bureacracy and unfair policies...

    Yes we want more peace makers in the forum :) Thank You !


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  • maddipati1
    08-22 07:48 PM
    May be u guys can quote this report

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  • sdrblr
    08-25 05:54 PM
    I got a red for this

    I mean when i say good news - someone needs a therapy:p

    Would like to clear two things:
    1) I did not give you red :)
    2) Mine is TSC all the way from 140, no RFE, same company for 6 years + and still no result :)


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  • mrsahaayam
    03-17 07:14 AM
    Thank you all :)

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  • yabadaba
    10-13 04:39 PM
    seems like people lost their interest in bulletin.. By the way I smell something becasue why its not released on Monday ?

    maybe its your wife's cooking that you are smelling?


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  • singhsa3
    09-20 09:29 AM
    I fully resonate with gc_chahiye;169769 . People like GooblyWoobly are good for nothing. They have no right to pick on one of our distinguish ,well respected and an active member. The Rally have been quite successful and have made people think about our issue.
    Unfortunately, people like GooblyWoobly will also be benefited by the hard work of people like Franklin.

    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

    ok, that really ticks me off. This post is probably going to get me a red splotch, but you should'nt have picked on Franklin:
    I think all the work that Franklin did in preparation for the Rally and then at the Rally itself makes it obvious that she is better than most of the IV members (me included) who could not make it to the Rally.

    If you dont like the condescending tone of the voice of someone who has worked hard for IVs goals, feel free to stop coming to IV and posting here. Honestly why should someone here care about whether you like the voice or not when the voice speaks the truth?

    Look at all the blog posts and pictures of the DC Rally before saying anything against any of the volunteers who worked at the rally. unlike the people who are "trying to get permanent residency on their own right" these dedicated bunch of IV volunteers are trying to get permanent residency soon for all of us. See the photos, the videos of the speeches and then talk.

    What Franklin meant by that post (I think) was that IV is much more than a discussion board for reports of who signed whose Fedex package and what was the timestamp of the package. Its very important that we all actively participate in getting IVs goals met. The rally was a big, for-the-first-time event, and still people seem more excited by tracking receipt notices, and the short-sightedness of it all has made many people ticked off. The turnout could easily have been higher (like someone said, see the lines to the doctors office for getting medicals done when the dates were current, and compare that with how many showed up at the rally).

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  • va_labor2002
    09-15 03:39 PM
    There is no big secret, except little bit of planning and starting something.
    I came here in 1997(at 22), but was in school for 2 years, started working in 1999. As soon as I started, I put money in 401k. I married early in 2000(I was only 25 then), my wife already did her M.S by then, she started working in 2000 even before our marriage. I made her put into her 401k(max out most of the time), we also put into esop. Together we have 300k in investment assests in 401k. Then I started a brokerage account and put 1500 every month, that accumualted to 150k now.
    I brought house early, as soon as I am out of PT, with in first year of H-1, it didn't appreciate much but I still have an equity of 200k in primary house(I took 15 year mortgage) and I brought another house, that I rent out which as an equity of 50k. I have some cash. I brought couple of plots in india and also constructing an house in my native town in India.
    But i want to do something else, I am happy with my life, for last two years, I got into golf, tennis and exercise, trying to be physically fit. I used to worry about GC before, not any more, whatever happens will happen.
    Except that I am not progressing ahead in my carreer, I want to do MBA and get into something else. Right now most of my money goes to day care for two of my kids around 24,000.
    More than money, you have to develop right habits, be healthy and have positive attitude.
    In my case, Secrets of my lifestyle are
    1. Getting started early, buying an house at 26. STarting 401k early.
    2. Marrying a girl, who is already working.
    3. Maxing my 401k and esop plan.

    Your planning and strategy was really good . I bought a home in 2002.Do you think buying a second home in this market is a good idea ? Can we cover up the mortgage with the rent ? What is your experience with this ?

    Thanks Reddy..


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  • h1techSlave
    03-17 02:25 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient. Fed measures such as interest rate cut and pumping money into the banking system is causing the dollar to fall thus further weakening the economy.

    I say, we all write to Bernake that some 10, 000 immigrants will buy homes if we all get a GC. 10, 000 may or may not buy a home, but let us just polish the numbers a little bit. 10,000 * 300,000 (average home price) = 1 million billion dollars . Actually the total figure is 3 billion $$; enough to give a massive jolt to the sagging economy. I think we should also write to Wall Street journal and all major news paper organizations about this.

    In America, people gets recognized when they offers a solution for a problem faced by the country. Whiners are (who write to Bush or Senators) do not get noticed nor are respected.

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  • riva2005
    04-16 12:45 PM
    Guys if you compare the way people live and spend in India, I think they are more well off then we are. I know some friends here, all they do is, look for coupons. They’ll fight all day with Customer care reps for $1 extra that company charged, they don’t leave tips when they eat out and they eat out once in 6 months. Except for a Camry and a leather chair may be a better bed, what is this guy doing better than he would have done in India. Atleast there he had a ‘Kamwaali’ who did the cleaning for his family. He had a tutor who taught his daughter. Here in US all he’s doing is cleaning bathrooms, kitchen their his children ad driving his Camry.

    Not only they are saving $1 by fighting with customer service rep to dispute the $1 admin fee on the phone bill or some other fake charge on credit card bill, they are also saving a lot of money by not contributing to Immigration Voice.

    So combine all this:

    1. Being cheap patrons at restaurant, not giving tips (buffet restaurants dont deserve tips according to the cheap indians).

    2. Bringing stinky dinner for next day's lunch therby saving lunch money and not eating out with co-workers. Even more savings from potential situations where you have to tip.

    3. Wearing sneakers instead of leather shoes on weekdays. Sneakers are cheaper than leather shoes and sometimes even look good with trousers and dress shirts.(yeah right...)


    See, all this adds up to a fortune when you multiply dollars times 40 (or 43 or 38 whatever the heck the exchange rate is)..........................


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  • dealsnet
    07-01 02:02 PM

    Barack Obama pledges to fix the broken immigration system - US - World - The Times of India (
    WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama on Thursday pledged to fix the "broken" immigration system of America to make it easier for the best and the brightest of the people to enter the country, that has nearly 11 million illegal immigrants.

    In his first major policy speech on immigration, Obama revealed the broad contours of his vision of reform, which if implemented would be helpful to hundreds and thousands of people from countries like India, who are professionals and law abiding and add value to the American society.

    "We should make it easier for the best and the brightest to come to start businesses and develop products and create jobs. Our laws should respect families following the rules, instead of splitting them apart," Obama said.

    "We need to provide farms a legal way to hire the workers they rely on, and a path for those workers to earn legal status," he said.

    The president said the system should stop penalising innocent young people for the actions of their parents, by denying them the chance to stay and contribute to build the country.

    He said the presence of about 11 million illegal immigrants makes a mockery of all those who are going through the process of immigrating legally.

    "Indeed, after years of patchwork fixes and ill-conceived revisions, the legal immigration system is as broken as the borders. Backlogs and bureaucracy means the process can take years," he observed.

    He was quick to add that immigration reform has been held hostage to political posturing and special interest wrangling and to the pervasive sentiment in Washington that tackling such a thorny and emotional issue is inherently bad politics.

    The president said besides addressing the issue of illegal immigrants, a reformed system also needs to address the need for talented people to stay and contribute to the country.

    "While an applicant waits for approval, he or she is often forbidden from visiting the US, which means even husbands and wives may be forced to spend many years apart... High fees and need for lawyers may exclude worthy applicants.

    "While we provide students from around the world visas to get engineering and computer science degrees at our top universities, our laws discourage them from using those skills to start a business or power a new industry right here in the United States," Obama said.

    He said instead of training entrepreneurs to create jobs, "we train our competition", adding: "In sum, the system is broken, and everybody knows it".

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  • fromnaija
    06-23 05:48 PM
    This now will give me a 2 year EAD. and even after 2 years If I dont get a GC, I will be able to reapply for EAD, at that time WITHOUT any FEES!!

    Not true! You will have to pay $340 or whatever the fee is at the time you renew your EAD again.

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  • sphotani
    05-24 07:19 PM
    PD - Sep 2002
    Labour Certification approved - May 2005
    I-140 - Not filed yet

    I am about to file I-140 (PP) and I-485 concurrently beginning of June.
    But looks like the the May 21st cut-off screws it up completely.

    I have heard someone say that I might escape the new law if I get a Green Card before the law is enenforced on (10/1/2008). Does this assumption even hold any ground? Doesn't the proposed bill say that anyone who has filed I-140 after May 21st 2007 has to reapply regardless of where he is in the process.

    Gurus please advice.

    03-17 03:40 PM
    We want to do this as IV right?

    Sorry for my ignorance but just curious, why exactly this guy is banned?

    Might be some anti...trying to create/divide people here.

    07-02 10:34 AM
    I guess country quota is root of all our green card related griefs. everybody else can dream of getting a green card someday, but EB-3/EB-2 India & China should stop dreaming about Green cards...I am sure this can be prooved illegal.
    Yes true. This is the only angle that is viable in theory. All that can be done is challenge that the per country quota violates the constitution. Then the judge can strike that clause off.

    Besides this it needs a law change.

    Updates Via E-Mail