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  • jkays94
    04-26 11:07 AM
    Excellent job, great article! Just an observation that it may have helped if the article had also mentioned that IV members also come from several other countries.

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  • pappu
    05-27 02:15 PM
    We anticipated such bills from various interest groups: nurses bill, Ag Jobs bill etc are also introduced. Watch out for CIR developments at this time.

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  • snathan
    03-15 10:50 PM
    Thanks Belmont for support, as explained in other thread for some guy who is beating me or people like us, it's a mistake/accident. It can happen with ones mistake or without mistake (Car accident).. Some one get caught and some one don't... as example I knew many people who steal/use office supplies in the company they work...

    Thank you guys for your replies..........

    Hope god helps!!!

    Cheers :)

    Dont try to justify what you have done. Dont you be ashamed to talk like this.
    On top of that you are calling GOD for your help. Why dont you try to bribe him?

    Steeling something and car accident are same. Give me a break...

    No wonder why you are through this.

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  • sdrblr
    08-25 01:52 PM
    Well, there you go. Good news to sdrblr.

    Whats the good news to me :confused:


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  • ashkam
    05-13 03:19 PM
    I am talking about a person (like 485mbe - the one who has posted next to yr post) who has a PD of 2001 ..I am not saying that they should give Eb2's quota to EB3 ..but they should try to pull the category that is worst affected..or atleast give EB3 something ..
    my question to you is ..say in the year 2010, would u support a situation where all categories are current or at 1 year difference ...while a particular category (eb3 I in this case) is at 2001 ??.. even if you do feeling is that USCIS will try to pull EB3 - I (if something like above happens)..but then they are just a govt agency ..and in the end they are similar to govt agency in India ..only difference is that maybe little better
    can I force them to do something just --No. can I pray for it -- maybe ..should I be ready for it (i.e. Eb3 - still in 2001 - 2002) - definitely !!

    "but they should try to pull the category that is worst affected"

    See, again, you are looking at it from the immigrant's point of view. Look at it from America's point of view. Immigration isn't like charity. America isn't in the business of helping immigrants, it is in the business of helping itself. No longer does America accept your tired, your poor, your huddled masses (, your wretched refuse anymore. The fact is that it is a matter of irrelevance to the US whether it is EB2 or EB3 that is retrogressed. It is only interested in retaining the best labor force in the world. EB1 and EB2 happen to be the best, at least on paper, therefore they are the chosen ones. The moment the US gets more self sufficient in so-called "high skilled professionals", it will make the green card opening narrower, perhaps even get rid of the EB3 category altogether. And would that be fair or just? Yes. Why? Because America is looking out for its own interests, not that of the immigrants. It's what every government does and should do.

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  • freedom_fighter
    06-30 11:29 AM
    Chalo ye idea bhi gaya.. aur koi hai bhai with new idea. This place gonna make a guiness record of busting maximum number of ideas.

    Some actively some passively by not participating. I rest my case here Finally :confused:

    Something tragic/humiliating on big scale happens to some of the ppl in EB community. Its sad, I guess even Gandhi didnt do anything until he really got humiliated in south africa.


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  • swaroopmukka
    07-18 10:47 AM

    I have a similar situation, but different factors. My labor has been approved May 2007 and I can apply for my 140 and 485 together and I'll do it now well before Aug 16. I'm getting married and my wife would be here by September or October. She'll be on H4. I won't be applying for my EAD if she decides to be on H4. If the dates go back to say 2005, I will need to wait for my priority date of May 2007 to come CURRENT again and then only do her AOS (I'm assuming until then even my 485 won't be touched by USCIS). Once my date becomes current and my application starts processing, I'll add her immediately.

    Now the only thing I'd be missing in such a case would be applying for my EAD anytime soon. If she decides to apply for H1B next year or even go on
    F1, then I can apply my EAD and start using it. I'll be on my EAD and she'll be on H1/F1. When my priority date becomes current (in a few years assuming), then I can add her AOS.

    Please suggest what should I do now ??


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  • mbawa2574
    11-17 08:36 PM
    Hello Guys,
    I need your advice here. Six month ago i joined one of the many blood suckers -Desi cosulting company in new jersey. As you all know, they ask me to sign their contract in which its mention that if i leave their company before 1 year then i need to pay them 15k. Thy also charge me 3k for my H1-B which i am still paying everymonth from my paycheck and we have 70/30. In just six months i am so much fed up with them. These people are so rude...always show their arrogance over phone. I have no libarity to find job by myself. They always looking for higher pay rate sp that their big money tummy get filled up.and i also feel that they didnt told me the right pay rate for the project i am working on right now.

    I really want to leave them, Even before 12 months. Is there any importance of that contract letter i signed with them?. Can they Sue me? What are my options? Please suggest me.....i am in stress.


    Expose these filthy cockroaches @ ur desi bodyshop. They should all be packed and deported from this country. Not only they are blood suckers but give us all the bad name.


    If you On your H1 - What they made you do is illegal. Go ahead and switch the job. In case they come after you, threaten them that u r going to report them to USCIS. No dirt bag will come after you...guaranteed

    Someone wrote in aonther thread about the "greatness" of a blood sucking bodyshops. Can you feel the greatness here................hmmmmm:mad::mad::mad::mad:.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 02:48 PM
    From the above link: "Police say the suspect fits the description of a gunman who robbed another man earlier this morning on Michael Road, and shot him in the leg. The victim in that incident is expected to recover".

    Indian news sites are saying the guy is dead! donno what to believe

    The news item was posted on January 13th and it appears at that time the guy was only wounded in the leg. I think he was declared dead in the hospital.

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  • txh1b
    04-15 10:47 AM
    Bingo! I was about to say this -- Under COBRA, govt will pay 65% of the payment. I have been to this boat before and COBRA is extremely expensive (~1500 dollars a month for a family of 3).

    Also, you need to talk to a lawyer! Desi companies....what can I say.... no company should terminate anyone in the 9th month of pregnancy.

    Status wise both you and your husband are OK. Just make sure that both of you renew AP and EAD on time.

    Good luck.

    COBRA is applicable only if the employer has 20+ employees.


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  • Macaca
    06-16 07:50 PM
    Despite making several valid points, USCIS is merely delaying the inevitable and, in effect, increasing the cost to the agency to process these cases. The cost to complete the current backlog of over 800,000 I-130 petitions is more than $225 million today, based on USCIS? cost estimates explained in its proposed fee rule. Because applicants paid for these petitions when they were submitted in previous years, their payments do not cover today?s costs or future USCIS costs to process them. Each year that processing is delayed the cost to USCIS will increase if for no other reason than to account for inflation. Thus, the fact that USCIS can process each of these petitions to conclusion now and chooses by policy not to do so is fiscally unwise.

    In addition, the impact on beneficiaries is significant. By statute, certain approved petitions terminated by the petitioner?s death are reinstated for humanitarian reasons for the petitioner?s beneficiaries.27 By USCIS not approving I-130 petitions in a timely manner, beneficiaries cannot benefit from this important humanitarian exception.

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  • saurav_4096
    06-19 10:41 AM
    See above in Blue.

    Nice information. Could you tell me what precautions I have to take now while filing my 485 if if I have intended to use AC21.

    Nothing. Just intent to work for sponsoring employer permanently. This intent can, however, change after 180 days of filing I-485 (if it is still pending). Important: This intent should not change until 180 days.

    How does AC-21 will come into play if one files I-485 from previous employer. Previous empoyer will give letter that employment will start by the time GC is issued.
    At the time I-485 is filed, I am working with new employer. Is it mandatory to join the previous employer at least for 180 days.


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  • pappu
    06-12 01:49 PM
    kumarc123 I merged your thread + created a redirect with this one because of duplicate post and same discussion on your post in 2 places.

    Will respond to your other post soon. Pls look at us as people like you rather than venting against us for everything.

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  • chanduv23
    10-03 11:50 AM
    I will be in NY that Friday for a meeting. I am not sure if my flights are booked for Friday evening or Saturday. If I can I will definitely make it!:)

    Wonderful - if you can make it - we will see u here :)


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  • Immi_Chant
    08-03 07:50 PM
    Anyways, thanks RDB for your response.

    But as USCIS is putting so much "efforts" in preadjudication 1000's of cases, can't they say whether we are preadjudicated or not? They Only worry about milking us by increasing visa fee, delaying processing time and all other means...

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-19 04:35 PM
    1) should I invoke Ac 21 ??-- I am worried that the EVL may not meet USCIS needs as it may not be fully detailed

    2) The other option I have is to take a leave of absence from my present company for one year and start working for the new company? IN this case what happens if I get RFE for EVL ? Which company should I say I am working for present or the future ? Also If I do take a leave of absence should I send in AC 21 paperwork or no?

    PLEASE HELP I am very confused--- I strongly feel that the leave of absence might be an insurance policy but I don't know how to approach it !!

    There is no such thing as "invoking" AC21. Its a law. Most important thing is, your I-140 must have been approved and I-485 is pending for more then 180 are Free to sail in the same or similar field.

    Forget about option 2.


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  • paskal
    10-23 11:53 PM
    he is EB3
    everyone is retrogressed, badly i may add
    there is no method to this madness.

    congratulations bud! glad you made it out :D

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  • gg_ny
    03-18 11:41 AM
    One intelligent posting amidst the cacophony. Keep it up. Sometime back one of the admin wrote about tightening the belt, holding on to ride this wave of market trouble. I wonder whether someone knowledgeable could create a thread (or add to one that exists) about this mess, mechanisms that led to it and how it is going to affect the slaves, pintos and the rest (of iV) in the next 12 months? An intelligent discussion for a change. While the Fed chairman reads the letters, emails and warnings from pintos, slaves and co. lounging by his swimming pool, sipping his martini (of course, according to the p, s & company, while market is burning), we can read something useful about the economy to prepare ourselves for the worst...

    Btw pintos, my shares went up a bit 'cause my employer was not the Bear but Chase ;-). Sorry to have disappointed you.

    Dude; not that your idea is bad, but don’t come up with assumptions that the fed chairman is clueless!! He has been handling the crisis extremely satisfactorily. So far he has proved to be a good chairman and similar to Greenspan and Volker.
    You have to understand derivatives and structured investment vehicles to understand what the economy is facing. The risk of sub prime CDO's has been spread thorough out the credit markets. Just imagine Bear Stearns which has a head quarters building in NYC worth $1 billion was sold for $236 Mil. Yankees pay A-Rod more than that. This will tell you how the valuation of derivatives has depleted cash flow and liquidity of a wall street titan which had stood through the great depression, 2 world wars, market crashes in the 1970's, 87, 01 and recessions in between.
    Google "Long term Capital management (LTCM)" and study their history you will see what derivatives are capable of. Warren buffet calls derivatives "Financial instruments of mass destruction".

    So the man is faced with such a mess, don’t insult his intelligence by making unwarranted statements.

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  • ghost
    04-20 11:42 AM
    Another key Republican calls for H-1B cap hike - Computerworld (

    I think there is a need to educate politicians that the problem is not H1B but GC backlogs. As per USCIS only 7100 H1B's have been utilized so far for FY 2012. Unless they provide clear and time bound path to Permanent Residence, positive economic contributions from high skilled immigrants would be minimal.

    Lawmakers will listen to folks who participate in lobby/advocacy activities..apparently H-1B lobby/advocacy is louder than the GC backlog lobby/advocacy and that's what we hear in the news.

    03-17 11:35 AM
    Call yourself a shoplifter, but you are really a petty criminal. You have yourself proved so by pleading guilty.
    I am surprised that you have not been deported. It people like you who bring a bad name to the whole Indian immigrant community.
    Far as I am concerned, unless you hae situation of life and death, you must not steal. The only other scenario, where theft could be pardoned is if you are out of work, have no money, have no friends who would help you, have been turned out by the local soup kitchen and the food bank, and have starving children at home and you decide to pich a loaf of brad from a store
    Other than that, no excuse.

    04-14 06:54 PM
    Sorry to hear this. Regarding medical insurance, your company has to offer you will end up paying almost twice the premium that you have been paying so far, but it would still be better than you footing the delivery charges (10k - 25K). Continue CORBA atleast till the deliver and post-partum - for as long as possible..

    Terminating you in your ninth month pregnancy is probably against the law, i think if you can prove it, you might be able to sue your employer, check your local state laws..

    Good luck..!

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