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  • gaz
    04-20 12:01 PM
    it is the job profile that dictates whether the case is eb2 or eb3 - the applicant should meet the criteria for the job. not the other way around.

    My advice to most people who do not perfectly fit into eb2 is to do the eb3 petition first (which is guaranteed to be approved). Get your place in line for the greencard.

    If it is taking too long then you can try an eb2 later; if it gets approved then you will get the old priority date. If it doesn't; well you can say you tried but you didn't lost your place in line for the greencard because you still have the old eb3 in place.

    However, if your cases is not clear for eb2 and you try this first and it gets denied then you will lose valuable time in line for the greencard because you have to start from the beginning.

    Since, last august DOL has become weird with even approving eb3 labors. Generally, attornies will put language in the eta 9089 that they will accept three years of experience for each year of bachelors degree missing (this is in line with education evaluators and uscis).

    However, this isn't the same criteria DOL uses. They will state that if a person doesn't have a degree then you are willing to accept 12 years of experience which is excessive and they deny the labor (before they were giving hard time to eb2 but not it is eb3 that they are after). So now we have an issue that DOL criteria is different then uscis critera. You use dol criteria, labor gets approved but 140 gets denied. Use uscis criteria and labor gets denied. Now, everyone has to adjust and file eb3 labors as skilled workers and only require two years of experience (it's getting more and more messy)

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  • tonyHK12
    05-06 01:10 PM
    What we are talking here is whether One holding 3 yr bachelors Degree from India be eligible to apply under EB-2 category after completing Masters Degree from an accredited university.

    If the PERM Job description says " Masters Degree"

    The cheapest place to get a masters is still in India. The IGNOU MCA costs $1000 in India, and they plan to let you take exams in the future in the US. Or maybe you could do everything online and just visit to take the exam.
    MKU, another well known online university has a US branch. I heard an MS is less than $2000.
    Both these are generally recognized in the US

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  • manderson
    10-24 10:24 AM

    first of all congrats. but i have a question.

    you said you are EB3 ROW (Bangladesh) but you applied your I-485 on June 29, 2007 with a Priority Date of Feb 06.

    But on June 2007 (just before the VB fiasco) the Visa Bulletin for EB3 ROW was caught up to June 05 ( But your EB3 ROW PD is Feb 06. So how is that possible?

    Only EB2 ROW is current. Are you sure you are not EB2? You can confirm this by looking at your 140 notice. Otherwise you must have sent out your application June 29 (Fri) in the hope of reaching USCIS by July 1 or 2 (Sun or Mon). That's the only way I could make sense of this.

    Either way man, your stars must all lined up or something man. You are indeed very lucky.

    the reason I am pestering you is becoz I too am EB3 ROW with PD of Mar 06 and I filed on Aug with an approved 140. I am now kicking myself for not mailing out June 29 Fri.

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  • cse_us
    08-28 09:55 PM
    Is it a good idea to contact the Congressman even when 90 days are not over. My EAD expires on 18th September and 90 days will get over on 24th September. I have already put in the expedite request with Texas, but haven't heard since then, whether its approved or not. Please suggest what should I do?

    I would suggest to wait 2 more weeks before contacting the Congressman, but your call.


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  • anandrajesh
    10-14 11:27 AM
    Applied for AP on June 1 at NSC. NO LUD changes till about last week.

    I contacted USCIS and had an expedite request put in. Worked with USCIS ombudsman to figure out what was happening. Worked with my State Senator's office to put some heat on USCIS. After all the above efforts, finally got mine & My spouse's AP approved yesterday.(Oct 13). Total of 134 long days since i applied for my AP.

    NSC is notorious for being late and lackadaiscal. I advice ppl to step in and take your cases to Ombudsman & Senators. They tend to be lot more helpful than USCIS. Good luck

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  • aadimanav
    07-15 01:32 PM


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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-24 10:43 AM

    I applied in Feb 2006..My H1 Expired in Dec 2006. Canada ppl came back saying H1 should be valid for at least 1 year.

    Now when I get my H extension and reapply - can I use the same Police clearance from Indian Embassy and FBI that was sent in Feb 2006?

    ANy clues?

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  • chanduv23
    06-12 01:26 PM
    Your frustration is understandable. But, the reason for such a situation is not because of IV.

    Things are not working for a lot of people and yes, things are very very difficult.

    Behind thee scenes IV is building a strong organization. People approach IV saying they can help in all possible ways, IV coordinator talks to them and coordinates efforts.

    Lots of efforts are happening in background.

    Fresh new ideas are welcome and initiatives are also welcome. Today I started a new campaign along with a team dedicated for this. Behind the scenes I picked some real good members , talked to them and everyone are charged up to do something.

    On an open forum all IV can say isJoj a state chapter, donate to IV.

    So if you are interested, contact IV and someone will connect with you


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  • sagis99
    05-22 11:25 AM
    you know, they posted August 29 for I140 at Texas, i predict it will magically move back to, lets say, July 28.

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  • frostrated
    10-16 06:33 PM
    Hi All,

    My son was born last month and applied for US passport. Once I get the passport I am planning to apply for PIO card in Texas. Can you please let me know if I need to send my son's original passport and the processing time. Can you please also let me know if anyone recently applied?

    you dont need to send the original passport. you will need to send a copy of the passport though.


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  • royus77
    06-18 11:36 AM
    Looks like USICS wants extra money for EAD and APO also ..They may come out with a Premium Processing route

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  • lazycis
    05-01 09:24 PM
    Actually...with India growing up fast....i do not know if I am wasting time here.....want to go back .....
    If there is no growth in India...then it makes sense to stay here....
    GDP - per capita: India $2,700, US - $46,000
    GDP total: $1.09 trillion v. $13.79 trillion
    Inflation rate: 5.9% v. 2.7%
    growth rate: 8.5% v. 2.2%

    It may make sense for you, I am not completely aware of the situation in India. I agree that the situation with GC is bad for EB3 India, but I think there are plenty of opportunities here as well. Just do not base your decision on emotions, keep your cool...


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  • yabadaba
    11-08 11:56 AM
    The people who wants to be a part of American Society should first definately be a very open minded towards all cultures and social trends.
    Other thing to be Indian or representing Indian traditions is not a crime but certainly every time barking against anything Indian may certainly be a crime as it is a clear indication of closed door or prejudicial mind towards one particular country and culture. Americans do not mind if one shows that he is Indian now and want to become in American future. Although they prefer that AND that is why they label Jindal as Indian-American although he born in USA. If there are majority Indians on IV board, it is not a crime but it is obvious. Some of my chienese friends on IV board may start thread for wishing chienese festival, I bet most Indians on this board will welcome and same goes with Muslim friends on IV board. Starting and wishing EID MUBARAK thread (By the way that is also a Indian tradition..And I am proud of that too) is not a crime and by now if nobody started it does not mean other people may not welcome it. If you are a Muslim, start the thread for EID Mubarak, I will be the first to welcome that step. You want to be American,, right? Then first start learning open mind and start respecting the culture of majority IV memebers first. If you would not start that now how will you settle yourself in cultural pot of the world?

    If you are an Indian citizen right now take control over your inferiority complex and get over it because if you do not respect your culture or your tradition what guaranty would be there for Americans that you would respect American traditions in future. Even Americans are not fool. And how dare you pretend that people form China and other countries just stop supporting IV as they just see few threads celebrating Indian culture? So stop this bullshit now otherwise I may have to request moderators to ban you.

    By the way Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    As usual you twisted my point to make it out that I dont have any "cultural values," as you define it.

    I think chandu and paskal in their subsequent msgs got my point exactly that we should promote happy <festival> of all regions/traditions rather than focusing on the majority one.

    That would promote IV's agenda rather than distract from it.

    Its people like you with your misguided "cultural values" that are the cause of problems around the world. You are like the Indian version of ALIPAC.

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  • karthiknv143
    05-13 02:53 PM
    Take it easy!, EB2 India is going to meet the same fate next month. Based on our recent discussions with DOS.

    Looks like all fingers at you for more detailed information on your transcripts :)
    regarding EB2.


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  • Sree Swathi
    04-21 02:38 PM
    there was a signed petition for this...i lost the link.
    anybody knows the link?

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  • ganguteli
    04-02 01:03 PM
    Then call senator grassley and ask these questions and prove you have the BALLS!!!! Otherwise you know what it means.

    Best answer I have seen in a long time.:D


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  • go_guy123
    07-02 10:40 AM
    I guess country quota is root of all our green card related griefs. everybody else can dream of getting a green card someday, but EB-3/EB-2 India & China should stop dreaming about Green cards...I am sure this can be prooved illegal.

    We cant say. Even Supreme Court works by voting where judges vote and majority wins.
    In the past courts has said yes to "Affirmative action" and that it doesn't violate the
    equality given by constitution.

    Another option would be to challenge the interpretation of the law. Like unused visa capture whether wasted visa
    should be counted.

    Long back time spent outside US and on H4 visa used to we wasted. Not anymore. This has come about by challenging
    the interpretation of the law.

    Similar challenges are going on interpretation of the Child status protection act that was passed in 2002

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  • svn
    04-05 12:44 PM
    The object of this thread is straightforward - it is to understand if you as a donor member will contribute more $ (or start contributing!) if you get more regular information updates (weekly?) from Core? I know there was a funding drive in March which led to us meeting the goal of $10,000 (and then some). However, while there has been a new goal of $10,000 created for April, we have made little progress towards that. As someone who contributed $100 the first time round in March, but haven't yet made a contribution towards the April funding drive, I can admit that one of the primary reasons for this is because there has been very limited information shared since then. While I COMPLETELY trust in the fact that the Core team is making every effort humanly possible to further our cause, I am also a member of the human race that by nature seeks information and looks for leadership to be more sharing about progress. I personally believe transparency is a key enabler not just to gaining participation and building momentum, but also to creating innovative solutions to problems by engaging more individuals in the process (borrowing this "leaf" from President's Obama's playbook will be highly beneficial to our casuse)

    Let me clarify this is NOT an indication of lack of trust in Core NOR do I believe that there isn't a sincere effort being put in by a whole bunch of dedicated individuals. However, my suggestion is simply an idea to further the cause - would definitely like to hear how the rest of this immigration community feels!

    Thanks for your participation in this poll.


    P.S: Just to be clear, I am referring to Regular Updates to DONORS i.e CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS

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  • vadik78
    03-27 07:47 PM
    No matter which person we will go with, I think that we need to verify person's story before congress testimony. Not that I do not trust people, but we need to make sure that every detail is accurate; otherwise we risk of being called "liars" by the numbersusa. If we could obtain any documented proof of achievements and demonstrate the documentation to the congress, which will carry some additional weight...

    Just my 2 cents.

    04-22 07:39 AM
    I also got a RFE from nabreska , but finally got approved.
    Same Bsc + MCA
    I think , they do approve , just waste some time and money of everyone , before they approve.

    That's encouraging! I have lot more hurdles than the Bsc + MCA issue. My employer had filed my GC in EB3 and is now willing to refile under EB2, since I was promoted to a senior role. The company attorney though is hesitating to file under EB2, his reasons are as follows:

    1. 3 + 3 degree will not be approved under EB2. ( This is in response to my question about using my Bsc + MCA. My current role requires Master's degree or Bachelor's + exp. I do not want to use the experience (9 years) gained from my current employer. So I suggested we could use my master's degree + 4+ years of experience that I have before joining my current employer. )

    2. Attorney thinks Software Engineer role (EB3) and Principal Software Engineer role (EB2) are not 50% different. I agree that it is not 50% different. But my question to him was - "Does it (new role) have to be 50% different even if I don;t use the experience gained from the current employer". Haven't heard back from him yet.

    11-08 10:58 AM
    I work for Fortune 100 company and we are celebrating Diwali on Friday. There are flyers on all the corners and are expecting more than 500 co-workers for pot-luck lunch. And the best part, organizer and main activists are non-Indian. So its just another festival in the mix that everybody is looking to enjoy. This is our first gathering followed by 4-5 more before end of the year.

    Yes, American society is a cosmopolitian society and every culture is respected. Thats why it is called a melting pot.

    The only way we can achieve unity is through social greets and making everyone get a feeling of togetherness.

    Updates Via E-Mail