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  • spaceguy
    08-23 09:00 AM
    We have sent 2 magicjack's to India, one at my parents and one at in-laws....they need to have a computer and high speed internet access there. For the first yr it is costing us $40 per yr each and starting 2nd year it will cost us $20 per yr each. They call us all the time now and calls are crystal clear and you can't beat $40/year price.

    1. With MagicJack You need to pay internet connection charges in India and need to have computer and run computer always

    2. With Vonage you can call any number in India

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  • jayleno
    07-10 09:58 AM
    Hi Smitha,
    I hope you will try to be a silent visitor of this website again with all the blessings you got. Please dont assume that all the people on here have to think that India is their home country and India is great!!!...What about people from other countries...Please try to think in a broad perspective....the2005/2006/2007 analysis is wrong your 2 cents back...thanks but no thanks..
    Hello all
    I am a silent visitor of this website.
    Just my 2 cents... Don't think USA is like India where you can do something forcefully. Why don't you guys understand the real problem of USCIS.
    Do you think that by sending flower to USCIS will force them to make EB2/EB3 current for 2005/2006/2007 guys??

    Please try to understand their problem.
    Also India is the great. Why don't you guys just think that India is your home country where you are born and brought up. Why you people can't just wait and watch?? If nothing happens to the so called GC, then why don't you think to pack up and go back to India???????

    My sincere request, please don't do rally, you might be never know what they can do..... Don't you think that, it is better to go back to India rather than being embarrassed here in US???

    Isn't it a shame on us to go for Rally to get GC?????:D

    Just think that you will get it when time comes, otherwise pack up.

    Please don't take much tension as life is very short. I am assuring you all, nothing will happen with law suit and flower campaign.Don't irritate USCIS by doing all this please.

    EB2 India
    I140 approved-Sept 2006

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  • Saralayar
    01-06 06:30 PM
    I am all for it, and would support it in whatever way possible. Although not sure how it would work. It would require a gigantic change in the US laws.

    I am here for past 11 years paying all possible taxes. Fortunately i was able to file 485 in 07, thru my second gc filing. Bought a house in '06 in a bold move, with the hope that gc would come thru sooner or later. Overall happy with the move to my own house (though the house value has dropped considerably since). Waiting is really painful, but I'll continue to maintain a positive outlook till then.
    Can any one take a lead on this and volunteer?. As I am not an expert in it, I am asking any of the members of IV to take initiative. We will support in what ever way..

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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-29 07:39 PM
    Allowing to file on July 02 or July 03 depends on visa numbers available which in turn depends usage the preceding month. If all the numbers are used up (meaning Immigration Officers have requested visas from DOS in the process of approving pending I-485) they cannot allow anyone to file on July 02 or July 03 and so on.
    I guess currently race is on from USCIS to consume Visa numbers (40,000 or so) from DOS at unprecedented pace. That's why bulletin hasn't changed as yet. USCIS on its part is possibly trying to avoid flood of application at all cost, even if it requires working extra hours (and approving as many cases as possible) if it can save them later. DOS will NOT move the date back until the numbers are used up or near used up. I guess race is on....we will know on Monday. One way to know how true this is will be watching I-485 approvals from now till Monday. We are caught in the tug of war between USCIS and DOS. CIRCus isn't over is back in town again !!!

    For the nth time.. numbers are reduced only after approval and not based on receipt of application. So if you can submit it on July 2nd you submit it on 3rd and so on.


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  • coolduggar
    09-10 04:23 AM
    link for non-cosponsors of hr5921 . We can email them ?

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  • gg_ny
    08-06 07:26 AM
    All of this info and more is available in the documents listed in this thread:

    All you have to do is read them.:)
    Hi googler,

    I understand you started the above "reference name check thread". Is there any reason that one has to talk about name check related issues only on that thread? This is a lean period, there are no emergencies or deadlines, the lists are not clogged with any urgent matters. Last week I requested info about name check, and got a similar posting from you. Now someone has put up a set of useful documents and a few others are discussing it, and again you are making the same posting about your thread. Is there an award for "most read thread" that goes to the thread-starters? By discussing an issue that interests you in a different context, is there any reason for you to become overtly concerned for where the discussion should be placed? Why cant you get some web admin privilege from the core and gather all "name check" postings under your darling thread cited above? Maybe your intentions are good - a mega reference for name check-, may be you want to create a resource on the lines of "namechecks r us (or) s me", but give us a break.
    This posting is written more on as an observation, not as a criticism, commentary, or finger pointing. So during your "website-policing-for-namecheck-postings" process, if you come across this, please dont become too defensive to reply to me. Even if you do, I would not respond.
    I did a name check on your pseudonym (of course on Google ;-)) and found this music clip kinda explaining 'organize it all' desperation. Enjoy the song at:


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  • nk2006
    09-16 10:48 AM
    Can state chapter leaders please send an email to members to inform about latest scheduling of HR5882 and ask them to call the appropriate congress members.

    Not all IV members visit the site regularly and it seems most members are under the impression that HR5882 is post-poned indefinitely. I did receive an alert email two weeks ago when 5882 was being considered first time (and it was helpful - thanks MA chapter) - it would be effective to send another short one now. Thanks.

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  • vinayak2008
    12-30 12:08 PM
    My visa was approved on dec 18th.Not received passports as of Dec 31st.


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  • gc4me
    11-18 11:01 AM
    I received a phone call (WOW!) from a sweet lady from CIS Ombudsman's office. I sent letters to his office and in the letter I mentioned my cell #. Anyway she wants a real person who got deniel. I told her that my friend got deniel (IVens are my fried). Anyway, she sent an email too after I asked her to give her info so that my friend can send her his case details. Unfortunately, the email I received shortly after the conversation, looks like general and does not have her ID. Please PM me if you like to hear more about the phone call.
    Thank you for your correspondence to the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman).

    We greatly appreciate your comments regarding issues concerning the American Competitiveness Act in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 (AC21) processing at the service centers. As we have received several inquiries such as yours, we are currently discussing these issues with USCIS and reviewing their policies and procedures regarding adjudication of these petitions.

    If you have evidence of a specific I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status case that you feel was erroneously denied due to USCIS not adhering to AC21 guidelines, we kindly ask that you please immediately forward us a case problem request, including a copy of your denial notice, detailed information as to the reasons for the immediate denial, and, if appropriate, evidence that you have submitted a Motion to Reopen or Reconsider.

    Instructions for completing a DHS Form 7001 (case problem) can be found on our website:

    Please submit your case problem and supporting documents via email to or via facsimile to 202-357-0042 with the subject AC21 Evidence of Immediate Denial.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    CIS Ombudsman

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  • jsb
    10-07 10:16 PM
    Is anybody questioning as to what these weekly updates (on USCIS claims that receipts cleared for dates in August) mean when we are still waiting receipts for July 2 filings ?


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  • waiting for GC
    09-24 05:49 PM
    Got the CPO mails for myself and spouse.
    11 years wait is over finally. I wish all the best for the remaining folks !!

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  • nojoke
    11-23 03:06 AM
    Hey hammer guy,

    did you see the presidential debates? forget about the "highly educated" and "highly skilled" stuff for a while. I am getting into a street fight to win over you, just get into the dicussion.

    Check this Check the top 10 Bush moments. If you have a problem blame it on some body :). This time it is lender's turn.

    To be frank, I am in the corporate world as a Director of some crap and I see no ethics.Face the life buddy. Don't talk this ehics shit in this world. Tell me frankly if you did not throw any one under the bus for your future (you don't have to tell, just get it to your thoughts).

    And to answer your question, my parents are illeterates, they did not teach me anything (I love them a lot still because they spent lot of money to get me to this position), I learnt a lot by myself with their money.

    No wonder we are in this mess. After this economic storm we will be learning in managment classes on the enrons and unethical gurus and how we have in place rules to avoid this crap again. And we will probably not have capitalism as we know...


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  • pranju
    06-15 02:40 PM
    Does the A# belong to primary applicant or it can be written in Spouse Application too ?

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  • shouldIwait
    05-10 05:37 PM
    Few responses to Mr. Hunter.

    I'm not blind to stereotyping in this forum or elsewhere. It's not you vs. them kinda thing. You ARE stereotyping based upon some TRUE things but it is still stereotyping, isn't it.

    Also, you understood some of my comments wrong. All I was saying is that due to big ISV's like TCS/INFY/WIPRO and mushrooms of bodyshops the actual worker gets pennies on a dollar and they keep the booty. So it's not the worker who causes wage depression it's the circumvention of the spirit of law that these companies do which causes it. I say "spirit of law" because they still stay within the legal framework. As far as offshoring is concerned it's a big discussion in itself and forces of capitalism and globalization are at work. None of us can prevent that but we can counter it by moving up in the value chain.

    The scenario you described about modus operandi of big Indian ISV's is 100% correct but to generally imply that Indians are 1/5th as good as Americans when it comes to IT (50 member team vs. 10-12 member team) is a supremacist attitude and completely untrue.
    It is true that the Indian counterparts are usually of much younger age but rarely substandard for the job. Companies realize that IT is no-longer considered rocket-science and they can save a few bucks. Try to think objectively keeping personal impact aside.

    Now regarding overall economic input of immigrants there are issues broader and larger than you mentioned. Some of the smaller points you mentioned are true but you are completely missing the big picture. We can discuss that in a different thread :)

    When Bill Gates says best-and-brightest it applies to individuals and not a VISA category, he's not lying. Among the 65K every year you'll find people from all skill levels, cream-of-the-cream to just-about-ok, and a few rotten-apples too. The immigration system is not designed to test skill level. Overall it's old, irrelevant and doesn't help anyone. It needs to be re-designed but unfortunately people are divided on fake lines and ignore the real issues or rather real solutions.

    Although you have said it differently but you are right that solution to mine and your problems lie at the same spot, a modern, common-sense, immigration system that promotes best-and-the-brightest (Indian and American) and discourages exploitation.


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  • n_2006
    11-06 10:05 AM
    Too lazy
    Too scary
    Too selfish

    So far I am lazy. I am sending them today.

    Just 51? Only 51 members used AC21 or what?

    What will it take the rest to participate? USCIS sending denials to your address? If this campaign fails there is no one to help you if this happens.

    Send those letters ASAP

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  • akhilmahajan
    01-07 11:48 PM
    Quick question.

    IV has asked for 2 copies, one to the President and one to IV. Couple of questions on that.

    1) Does the letter addressed to the President need to be in a seperate stamped envelope?
    2) What is the reason behind 2 copies?

    eb3_Nepa, definitely the letter to the President has to be in a separate stamped envelope and hand written is preferable.

    Reason behind 2 copies is that IV also want to collect the copies of all the letters sent out to the President. So that when we talk to the administration, we can show them how many folks are being affected because of this GC retrogressions.

    I hope i have answered your questions.

    Senior/Core members if my explanation is not right please delete or edit my post.



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  • jung.lee
    01-24 01:52 PM
    StuckHere: As a backstop, do you have AP in hand? If yes, my attorney has recommended sending a letter withdrawing your H1-B stamping application to the consulate where you interviewed. Then with a copy of the letter in hand, and with your AP, seek to reenter the US on your own terms... Good luck...

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  • Saralayar
    01-20 12:20 PM

    Accelerate... Vote immediately... Make it to cross 1000... 10000...

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 11:14 AM
    People are counting quota , no of visa available etc.. H1b denied.. Fight for Eb2 vs Eb3 , interfilling. and we have what less than 24 hour for our fate.

    Please focus on this thread and call call call ... untill u get success.

    09-20 09:59 PM
    I did sent an email to NSC Follow and got the following message on last Thursday:

    "Your case is currently with an officer. You may sign up to have case status updates emailed to you at USCIS Home Page ( Please note that it may take 2-3 days for your case status to be updated after a decision is made on your case."

    Did anyone get similar response from NSC.

    I am not sure when the officer will make the decision :confused: Still waiting for the magic approval email.

    08-07 09:40 AM
    Ths poll should be changed to

    Do you want to turn into an anti-immigrant when you get your greencard?
    Yes I am in
    No I am out

    Shame on those who votes yes.

    We said

    Updates Via E-Mail