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  • nixstor
    10-10 04:28 PM
    The Schedule A Workers category has become oversubscribed for November and a cut-off date established to hold number use within the 50,000 numerical limit. It is expected that demand will bring allocations up to the program limit during November. Once the limit is reached no further allocations will be possible, and the category listing will be removed from future cut-off date tables.

    A PD for Schedule A category is for those people filing under EB2 with exceptional skills in arts and sciences . We had a post recently. Nurses and PT's do not have PD's as they do not have to file Labor Cert in the first place.

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  • rpatel
    02-20 10:22 AM
    You can refer to this thread here. I think it has some valuable info too

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  • needhelp!
    08-22 02:19 PM
    My understanding was that once the 485 is filed, you go by RD. It doesn't matter what your PD is...

    Does anyone know what the legislation is?

    I have this doubt also.

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  • vagish
    04-28 09:41 PM
    I tend to think a point system is better than what we have now. One thing though is that the points should be allocated "properly". For example, more points should be given to people with higher education, who earned a US degree, who have worked in the US for more years, who have paid more taxes, etc.

    Someone mentioned a good point is about the visa number limits. If the per country limits are not eliminated, the points system won't solve the problem. Of course, they should also give more points to people who have passed Labor and I140 and allow them to adjust status right away. Otherwise, we will further get stuck in all the backlogs. Poor us. :(

    I think if all the above issues are solved/cleared, probably a point system is good for us (i.e., EB based immigrants who are now stuck due to backlogs and retrogression). :p
    Once you have a point system , a whole lot of people will be qualified, many more than currently on H1B from other countries , it will again clog the system, remember for canada the waiting time in india is 5 years now for skilled people who have enough points.

    Again it goes to the basics how many skilled ot semi-skilled people they want in this country.



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  • potatoeater
    08-03 03:51 PM
    Justaju jiski thi, usko to na paya humne..
    Is bahane magar dekh li duniya humne.

    (Song from Umrao Jaan)

    After wandering through 12 US states in past 12 years, thats what accurately sums up my quest for GC. :)

    EB3 I = June '03
    EB2 I = C

    "Unke dekhe se jo aa jaatee hai MuNh par raunaq
    Woh samjhte haiN ke beemar ka haal achaha hai

    hamko ma'aloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin
    dil ke Khush rakhne ko, 'GHalib' yeh KHayaal achaha hai"
    Ref: Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib :)

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  • kks_sundar
    05-07 12:13 PM
    I have citizenship already. I am just waiting for GC:)

    My parents are getting old. I am going back in 3 years. Heard from friends, earn enough and go. There will never be enough.

    Almost, all of us started here from Nothing. Now we have atleast something to start with. Yes there is always things for Pros and Cons.

    I am not worried about GC. Waiting for a good opportunity to jump back to India.

    It will be really nice if I can get work from home job from US and settle down in a hill side with nice estate in India. :cool:


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  • Pineapple
    10-05 12:19 PM
    The immediate reference to illegal immigrants right after mentioning high tech workers does convey a link between the two, no matter how you slice and dice the semantics.

    This is what I wrote to the editor, in response:
    Hello, Susan,

    This is apropos of an article by John Harwood on the Washington Wire (October 5, 2007; Page A4), section High Tech Employers.
    (See link here: )

    In the article, John wrote, (I quote)

    ?HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.?

    The article strongly suggests a link between high tech employees and illegal immigrants. That is very far from the truth!! Almost all high skilled employees are employed legally, and there are stringent and complex rules and procedures for gaining employment legally for a high skilled person.

    The woes of high skilled workers ? delays of 7 to 10 years to get permanent residence in spite of following all the rules and contributing to society and taxes - are ignored by the media as well as politicians on left and right, allowing ill informed demagogues to set the agenda.

    Sloppy journalism by the likes of Mr. Harwood does not help matters either. It would do him well to research the subject well before writing in a story just to beat an editorial deadline.

    See ( to see more on the issues faced by legal immigrants.

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  • Berkeleybee
    04-26 04:19 PM

    文章来源: lanzhouer 于 2006-04-02 07:42:34

    ============ translation (thanks to Google) ===========
    Congressional immigration law entered a critical stage, we take action and support!

    The article sources : Lanzhouer In 2006-04-02 07:42:34
    LINK (

    It would be so great if our Chinese members told us more about this portal, and any others where we could get the word out.




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  • unitednations
    08-15 07:02 PM
    There are limits to everything - and to worries too. Of course you don't want to be taking meaningless risks, but to live like a chicken is not an option either. But this is more philosophical, here is my question.

    USCIS may send RFEs for whatever and whoever they think it's reasonable. They can investigate and reinvestigate and GC holders and citizens, it's their job. Now tell me. How many you know of GC holders who got denied their citizenships because they just threw away their W2s? How many GCs were actually revoked and people were deported because USCIS investigated company and found out that most of the employees were H1b?

    Here is case of my cousin, he had his GC for many years, his wife and kids got citizenships. He didn't because he didn't accrue his 5 years in the US. He felt that he would be more successful in his home country. So he had business over there and was traveling back and forth to/from US. Once, at airport the immigration officer asked why he was traveling so much? He honestly answered "i'm doing business abroad". What do you think? INS officer initiated investigation and put him on deportation. Reason? "Absence of immigration intent!!!!". The case was quickly dismissed by immigration judge. My cousin was telling me how angry the judge was at prosecutors, he told them not to waste tax money like this anymore. So... what would be the right choice for him? Taking risk and making money (now he has a $1M house in LA) or be "careful" and live in some crappy hollywood apartment until his citizenship?

    People who left employer early or want to leave early will say it is ok; because it suits their needs.

    People who plan on staying later or don't have any intention of leaving early will say to stay.

    Bottom line is it is upto everyones own risk tolerance. I have just seen some of the biggest cowards in terms of immigration all of a sudden get so brave after they got the greencard.

    If people are waiting years and playing it safe then what is the possible harm to wait a little longer and not get riled up by every small story of someone who got questioned at citizenship time, etc.

    Immigration laws don't change very often; however, uscis interpretations and memos do change quite frequently. When you have to start hiring lawyers, go to court, face uncertainty then we'll see how brave people are.

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  • andy garcia
    05-24 07:34 PM
    when you can become an illegal, what prevents you from becoming an illegal with retrospective effect.. goto Hialeah near Miami,FL & you can get all the fake stuff for under $500..

    Why do you need to go to Miami?

    Go on e-Bay and bid for illegal certification.


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  • kondur_007
    08-10 09:12 PM
    EB1 Current all across
    EB2 India and China Dec 2006
    EB3 Unavailable

    Just a prediction:D

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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 11:53 AM
    I agree with each and every word of your posting!!!

    IV is doing a fabulous work. Hats off to the core team!!!;

    I was active during efforts towards getting the immigration provisions into the S1932 bill and I can say that the efforts today are much more organized than those for S1932; I can imagine the scrambling and the mess that we would have been today, if not for IV.

    Good luck, IV!!! Even if we do not succeed this time, we will have enough mileage to push our provisions within a separate bill in the near future. Keep up the good work.

    I logged in this morning to get a regular update and came across this thread.
    I am surprised to this discussion and the heated debate. Tides and Ebbs are a part of what we do. I think we must all be satisfied that we have IV to represent us. Think about it guys, we would have no voice if it were not for IV. I sincerely hope something comes out of all this efforts that all of us have put in. We have a good thing going here and lets not stop.

    Even if nothing happens, I will be content that we have made efforts. Not just a tiny efforts but a big ones. Kudos to everyone who is contributing ideas and money. Keep the good work going and let us know what we have to do to help you all.


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  • chaanakya
    08-24 12:59 PM
    The AP is truly an amazing conundrum. I will try to clarify.

    1. When AP is filed, you need to be in the US. No if's and but's about that.
    2. If AP is used at the border for entry, it DOES NOT invalidate your H1. Only using EAD to switch jobs does that.
    3. Lets assume you have an AP valid till Jan 1. You apply for new AP on Oct 1. However, you need to travel on Dec 25. Now there are two scenarios:
    3a) you return on Dec 30 - you can use your old AP as it is still valid. The fact that you have applied for a new AP and left the country DOES NOT abandon your new AP because your old AP is still valid.
    3b) You return on Jan 3 - You need to have the new AP in hand.

    If there are any more questions on AP, please feel free to PM me :)


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  • BharatPremi
    10-24 05:09 PM
    july 2nd filer

    Yep, It is luck nothing else...


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  • desi3933
    02-11 03:34 PM
    Looking at the Labor cert , it says "Masters degree" and NOT "Masters or equivalent". that might be the caused the I140 denial .

    Any one had this situation before ?


    I have sent you PM.

    It seems that your I-140 is re-evaluated and denied.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • Mr. Brown
    08-11 12:22 AM
    EB-1: C
    EB-2: C
    EB-3: C

    Why? Weak economy ... gov. needs more money from our filings :D


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  • potatoeater
    08-10 07:03 PM
    One more sher in the name of my beloved GC....

    Dil diya aitbaar ki hadd thi
    jaan di tere pyaar ki had thi
    mar gaye hum khuli rahi aankhe
    yeh tere intezaar ki had thi..............


    Btw, if the visa bulletin is not out yet, its a good omen. Over the years it has been observed that whenever visa bulletin comes out a bit late, like between 13-15 of a month, it moves the dates quite a bit forward. The bulletins that come out early in the month, like before 10th day of the month, truly sucks.

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  • jessie1981
    06-18 02:57 PM
    Simple answer is NO. The local offices do not have this authority. Just have to wait for the USCIS wheels to move along at their own pace before you can travel.

    This is not correct. If one can prove that his/her family member is dying or just died, he/she can get an AP from local office immediately.

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  • chanduv23
    10-09 04:21 PM

    08-18 03:47 PM
    After calling US born children of illegal immigrants as "anchor babies", and family immigration as "chain migration", our friends at the anti-immigrant NumbersUSA have a new term for skilled immigrants, you guessed it "anchor immigrant".

    They are again using their scare tactics to influence congress to drop its support for HR 5882.

    Calling all EB3 guys, Eb2 IND guys with PD after Aug 06, and others with PD retrogressed, its in your sef-interest to call your members of congress to seek their support for this legislation, and to contribute to IV. There will be no relief for a while if this fails.


    ROy Beck
    Aug 18, 2008
    IT TAKES A VILLAGE -- Chain Migration Puts Nearly Everybody In Line To Overwhelm U.S. Communities

    By Roy Beck, Monday, August 18, 2008, 12:50 AM

    As soon as we take a single skilled immigrant from a developing nation, around 17 different families may be put in line to follow because of our reckless Chain Migration policies.

    Our immigration policies literally "take a village" every time a new Anchor Immigrant is admitted to this country.

    Fortunately, our immigration policies do have a few boundaries and delays that keep the whole village from entering our U.S. communities immediately. But every one of the members of those 17 families begins to consider future immigration to the U.S. as an entitlement. And because of that, millions don't wait for their turn, instead settling in the U.S. illegally to wait for the greencard that they believe is rightfully theirs.

    Our U.S. population is exploding -- consigning more and more of us to heavily congested, heavily regulated lives -- because of high immigration numbers, which have snowballed because Congress insists on continuing Chain Migration.

    Because of Chain Migration, every immigrant we allow into the country because he/she brings a special skill, education or experience becomes an Anchor Immigrant.

    That is, if officials determine that an employer can't find an American to fill a job and allow the importation of a foreign worker, that worker becomes an anchor in the U.S. for vast numbers of other people from his/her home country.

    One problem for the United States is that only the Anchor Immigrant is supposed to be picked on the basis of serving the national interest.

    All the other immigrants attached to that Anchor through Chain Migration get to come without any regard whatsoever to their education, skill or humanitarian need.

    My "17-Family Chain-Migration Village" example is not close to the worst possible scenario but it is a nightmare that is not uncommon.

    Here's the scenario:

    Consider a typical Anchor Immigrant who comes from a developing nation and has three adult siblings. All of them come from one family. As soon as the Anchor Immigrant is accepted, all those siblings know that the Anchor Immigrant can put them in line for immigration once he/she becomes a U.S. citizen. Mentally, that one whole family is now in line to come to America.
    But there are many more families who mentally get in line, too. The Anchor's spouse, plus each of those three siblings' spouses will be eligible. That makes five families now in line (the original plus the families of the four spouses).
    In every one of those families are their own siblings, minor children, parents, etc. This is getting to be quite a crowd of people who suddenly see their future as possibly being in the U.S. That makes five families involved now (the original and the four spouses' families).
    Now, consider the siblings of those four spouses. That would be 3 siblings multiplied by the 4 spouses, equalling 12 more adults, all of whom potentially have their own spouses! Potentially, each of those 12 spouses of the siblings of the spouses of the Anchor's siblings is from a different family.
    Now, you have those 12 families, plus the Anchor's family, plus the families of the four spouses of the three siblings of the Anchor. That potentially adds up to 17 families that immediately can know that they are in a chain that eventually can have a chance to immigrate to America. And all of that happens the minute our government decides to give a permanent work permit to a single foreign worker.
    An Anchor Immigrant immediately creates chains of expectation into possibly 17 different families.

    You can imagine how a village or urban neighborhood can quickly have most of its residents seeing that their future is in the United States. Not only does this build huge pressures for more migration and more population growth in the U.S. but it saps whole villages and neighborhoods of the will for self-improvement.

    Why will people pour themselves into bettering their own communities when they believe their future lies living in America? And, of course, the chain migration does not end with those 17 families. Our rules are set up so that every Chain Immigrant also becomes an Anchor Immigrant, making it possible for every relative to get in line to come to the U.S.

    The only solution is to end the Chain Migration categories entirely. (See our pages on the legislative solutions.) That means limiting each Anchor Immigrant to bringing a spouse and minor children. No adult children, siblings or parents.

    The Anchor Immigrant can easily visit his/her relatives annually (or more often) and can be in constant communication by phone, internet and postal mail. Chain categories must be ended if we are to avoid the nightmare of 439 million U.S. population in 2050 as projected by the Census Bureau.


    Sen. Menendez of New Jersey is blocking the re-authorization of E-Verify (to keep illegal aliens out of jobs) until Congress agrees to add 550,000 additional Anchor Immigrants next year.

    At the moment, the leadership of both Senate and House are seriously considering trying to pass the 550,000 increase in Anchor Immigrants.

    Powerful media like the Los Angeles Times and New York Times are lobbying hard for more Anchor Immigrants.

    Unless the American people themselves become fully aware of the dangers of Chain Migration and the concept of the "17-Family Chain-Migration Village," the Big Business and Big Media lobbyists are likely to multiply the chain migration nightmare many times again.

    Make sure you have gone to your NumbersUSA Action Buffet and sent all your free faxes to push your Members of Congress to stop Sen. Menendez and to eliminate Chain Migration.

    Well they call us Anchor immigrants, because most of us have an anchor, where as they dont have one, beacuse they are still lost in their world of abyss.

    I will take this as a complement.

    08-25 04:48 PM
    I think there are about 15K primary applications (add to that dependents) with PD earlier than Dec 2005 with the majority of them PD earlier than April 2005. There was a surge of applicants in March just before PERM started in April 2005.

    Updates Via E-Mail