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  • yabadaba
    06-26 09:30 PM

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  • ganesha
    02-27 04:39 PM
    I do not know what you are trying to achieve by posting your story in a forum where we discuss legal immigration issues.

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  • Lasantha
    12-26 02:51 PM
    EB2 visa numbers are not given to EB2... Are those number given to EB3 ROW ?

    Did you mean "EB2 ROW Unused visa numbers are not given to EB2 India and China... Are those number given to EB3 ROW ?"

    the bold text is my addition. If that's your question, I am curious about that too.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 11:28 AM
    Thanks bharatpremi - thats a pretty comprehensive scenario.! Very helpful indeed.!
    My Infopass appt. is next week in baltimore. My EAD & AP are still pending for both me and my wife. 90 days was y'day.! USCIS recd. our EAD & AP applications on 8/7.

    I have scheduled my appt. for tuesday morning. I could provide only my info (A# and receipt #) online - can i take my wife along too although she hasn't officially scheduled a appt for tuesday with me.? Do you know if they may object when we have filled ii only 1 person online but 2 show up for the appt.?

    I think you should not face any problem. I went alongwith my wife (Although I took appintmnet for 4 but my children did not come for obvious reason - school day) and Guard, Guy at window or lady at the counter none of them asked a single question to my wife. So I believe if your wife come alongwith during an appintment, you should not face any problem. All in all for me total process was not more than 30 -40 minutes. So in case if they hesitate to let her in she can wait outside either in a car or in waiting room (Assuming Baltimore has same facility as Dallas)


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  • angelfire76
    01-03 04:16 PM
    I am not so sure where you get the impression that being a pilot is not a glamarous job any more. If you equate airline pilot to taxi drivers, you would probabily see planes dropping from sky like raining, and I bet few would dare to take commercial airline, unless one with suicidal tendency.
    However, that relates another interesting part about outsourcing: lots of people are saying outsourcing are good and you can get anyone to do the IT job, but it really turned out that lots of oursourced jobs are done so poorly that eventually it costs more for the company.

    I don't know how he/she equated handling a machine as complex as an airplane to a taxi cab. Bad analogy. Pilots are highly paid for a very good reason. Agreed that most of the maintenance is done by the ground crew but to make sense of the ever evolving flight instrumentation panel requires constant training and a significant amount of intelligence.

    Software in certain areas has become a commodity especially coding application software which makes up about 80-85% of all systems developed. But a lot of work such as technical specification, software architecture etc. are still being seen as primarily onsite functions.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 12:07 PM
    I think EADs are sent to the applicant and AP to the attorney...had the same in my seen lots of folks here say the same thing...

    According to the lady officer all AP approvals were mailed to my home address and she verified my home address as well to make sure whether USCIS has sent them to appropriate address or not.


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  • GCOP
    10-24 02:45 PM
    I really don't understand, what can be RFE about, as you have been with the same company all these years. You really deserve a Greencard straight away without a single question after such a Long wait. I hope your RFE is very simple to answer and I wish that you get your Greencard soon. Good Luck.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    In my case I don't even know if it is namecheck that is blocking my case. So far my guess is that it was just the huge deluge of July 2 applications under which my application got stuck. But now that they have opened my application and mailed an RFE on Oct 22, at least I know that some IO is processing my case. Right now I am eagerly waiting for the RFE details. My law firm(FDBL) has not received it yet. I am pinging them every other day.

    To answer another question from another poster, yes, I have been with the same company since 2001.

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  • gapala
    02-21 01:27 PM
    Also , answer HONESTLY. please keep in mind they come for clarification on info they already have in hand.
    good luck

    Its beyond my comprehension, If they already have info, why would they come to your home? They just want to hear the same information again from hourse mouth? Just to check whether you are honest in providing information?

    Sheela, would you mind sharing a flavor of, if not exact information, are they looking to clarify from employee upon visiting their home? :)
    That might provide a better insight into this process as it seems, you are the only one so far who have already gone through this experience.


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  • lutherpraveen
    09-19 07:38 PM
    Who is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.
    -Oscar Wilde
    Yes we did the rally we were great with all those signs, and appearing in the Indy TV but...

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  • fcres
    07-19 02:44 PM
    Note sure what you're looking for. The memo I cited went into effect on June 16th. If that's not what you're looking for, you can try "press room" at USCIS's website where all memos are listed by date.

    I tried CIS press room, but couldn't find it. And i'm sure that about couple of weeks back i saw that memo (which states if initial evidences are not present, they might reject/deny a case without RFE). It was posted on this board and now its very hard to search with few words.


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  • abqguy
    04-20 02:11 PM
    Just wrote to whitehouse and to my senator.

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  • snathan
    04-29 02:32 PM
    And who is India fighting with??
    Come on we need to learn to forget the cold war days. This is 21st century and the age of facebook and other social networking platforms. the world is getting more connected and there will soon be no place for fighter planes any more. What we need is "food" and "water".....
    Nature is showing us again and again the futility of our ambitions (regional and international) through her rather quite infrequent thrashings these days....
    296 people perished this week in terrible tornadoes (worst in last 40 years!!!).....10000 or more a month ago in Japan earthquake (5th worst ever recorded!!!)....

    Please tell us what cool-aid you are drinking..


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  • Brightsider
    08-30 09:35 AM
    Hi Dinesh,

    I am a physician myself who served j1 waiver and on AOS from 7/07. My son is a going to be a senior in High School this year. Why did you have a problem with state college apps on AOS/EAD?


    I had intended to respond to your post, but ended up with a different one. Do take a look at my post, sent a few minutes ago, about college admissions on AOS, and the related tuition issues.
    Best of luck

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  • desi3933
    06-19 02:52 PM
    Employer letter is not required if you are attaching photocopies of two current pay stubs.


    Mr. Jayant -

    This is incorrect.

    Remember, GC is for the future job and I-485 is not H1 filing where you need pay stubs.

    One needs EVL for I-485. The job position must be open in order for beneficiary to file for I-485 application.

    Have a good day!


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  • malibuguy007
    09-16 09:47 PM
    Applied: July 30th
    FP: August 15th
    Approval Email: September 16th

    Total time 47 days for approval for me and my wife.

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  • arindam
    04-02 12:00 PM
    Send both faxes.


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  • bajrangbali
    06-10 04:30 PM
    You are free to go back to your home land if you feel like you are not welcomed here.

    This is a sensitive issue and people have their own beliefs depending on their levels of exposure and experience.

    Those who have been here since 1995 or before, most feel the growing frustration among a few(or shud I say most) groups of society against the south-asian community. You can attribute it to sep11, job losses or any other events..but the bottom-line is there is a difference..

    those who havent seen the past can not see any difference...and argue all is green...well that is good also...ignorance is a bliss

    That said, all know when to go back to homeland and do not need anyone's advise in that. Life is a trade-off, you take some and you give some...I guess most immigrants from India will say they feel more empowered, more homely, more natural in India than here..

    Professional life takes us to many your life wherever you are.

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  • msngroups
    05-17 01:24 AM
    Whoa, now be careful what you say there tiger. Outsourcing has nothing to do with the H-1B program, if everyone followed the law. Then people wouldn't be in America, underpaid or on the bench. American companies outsourcing to India etc. is happening. Everyoe is entitled to an opinion on whether that is right or not. But BREAKING THE LAW BY ENTERING THE COUNTRY ON AN H-1B ON FALSE PREMISES is simply illegal, and has nothing to do with the issue of outsourcing. Two different things.

    I am not saying all American companies are saints. The ones breaking the law should be punished accordingly. But facts are that Indian companies are among the biggest abusers of H-1Bs. Nothing wrong with Indian companies in general. But the ones breaking the law should be brought to justice, it's as simple as that.

    Only one question: Ultimately for which companies the h1b consultants work for? It is not for Indian companies. It is always for projects in US companies. Mind it. Let US companies decide whom they want? I do not understand Why some people here are talking that Indian companies are using h1b etc etc.

    Go and ask US Govt to provide free College education in computers to everyone in US. Then you will not have all these problems right. Instead of dealing the problem that way simply blaming trade laws?

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  • gc28262
    03-27 09:59 AM
    1. This is what I don't understand. The original discussion was that getting an EVL is a bother. Now are you saying there should be another document people would need to apply for as proof of identity? Wouldn't that be an even greater bother?

    2. Now, since the drivers license is used as proof of identity, it is necessary to ensure that criminal elements do not get it. Which includes illegal / out of status immigrants who could also be a security risk. Employment verification ensures that the person holding the H1 or H4 visa is in valid immigrant status. Which is why they ask you for the EVL even while stamping the visa. That is the security angle. Seriously...this is all fairly obvious stuff. The govt just wants to make it difficult for illegal / out of status aliens to get a drivers license. What is wrong with that? The funniest comment on this forum from somebody who was ruing that he couldn't bribe someone here for a license like he could do in India. Really? Do you want people driving on US roads who bribed their way to a license?

    1. Were n't you concerned with the security of this country. Have one more Id in your wallet. How does it matter? You are ready to do whatever this country asks you just because you are a non-immigrant.

    2. Again I don't get your reasoning. How does immigration status verification ensure the security of this country ? Come up with some logical points.

    Do you know that there are citizens from terror breeding countries roaming around in this country as citizens ( because they are not subject to country quota), whereas people from democratic countries like India being subject to all kinds of discrimination just because we are non-immigrants ( indirectly because we are subject to country cap) ?

    It took a Martin Luther King to liberate blacks from slavery.
    It took Mahatma Gandhi to get Independence for millions of Indians.

    I am not assuming all individuals will have the same level of dignity and self respect. If you lack enough self respect, you will probably say US can ask us to wear a chain around our neck just because we are non-immigrants.

    This reminds me of Adoor Gopalakrishnan's movie Vidheyan.

    Thommy, a Christian migrant labour from Kerala is an obedient slave of his aggressive, tyrannical landlord Bhaskara Pattelar. Thommy obeys all the orders of his master, whether it is to make his own wife sexually available to his master or in killing Pattelar's kindly wife, Saroja. When Pattelar escapes to a jungle, due to his own deeds, Thommy escorts him like a pet. But when Pattelar gets killed Thommy exults in freedom.

    06-05 02:36 PM

    It seems every few weeks this discussion of VB predictions come up. Now neither Ron Gotcher nor Murthy nor Matthew Oh (or for that matter even God i think ;) ) can predict what the USCIS cut off dates will be. What is the point in debating whether Ron Gotcher is right or wrong? This is the United States, there is freedom of speech and anyone can say anything especially if it is just a prediction. We can assume a million things here, as to what the VB date should be, but will it be that? No one except the USCIS/DOS can actually confirm that.

    Not even CIS, only DOS can make a meaningfule prediction. Last year, CIS had no idea that DOS would make all categories current in the July bulletin. If CIS had any control over that, it would have never happened.

    If I remember correctly last year, some 14000 visas were given to India EB3. EB3 includes categories like Nurses, etc. We cannot expect them to login to and keep their status up to date. hence, numbers prove nothing.

    02-13 10:08 AM

    If any one needs AC21 letter format do let me know. I can give you the format.

    Good luck.

    I know what the job title and Job duties were stated in the Labor certification and have acopy of my Labor certification application with me, but if you can give me the format of the letter for AC21 that would be great.

    Please let me know


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