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  • pappu
    02-23 12:50 PM
    Thanks msp1976. Pls work on it further to make it 3 times the length you have now.

    Also your article can be used by us for US media (opportunity #2) Pls. use your analytical skills and number crunching you displayed on other thread in your article. You can tilt it towards CIR bill and how much we high skilled immigrants need a relief measure, to make it more timely and we will get it published in first week of March in american media to time it with activities on CIR.

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  • pitha
    04-25 06:55 PM
    A good delaying tactic. In reality to implement such a proposal they might takes years to come up with a methadology and then to implement it. In the mean while all EB immigration bills can be kept on hold while the points system is being "evaluated"

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  • she81
    09-27 03:09 PM
    In that case, people who sent flowers had their names on the messages too.

    It's time we stop thinking of consequences - it can't be worse than it already is for us.

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  • hopefulgc
    01-13 03:39 PM
    are logic life ko nahi jaante aap?

    logiclife is a bhagwan .... he is sabka baap .. sabse bada saab.... aaj kal chup chaap :D:D

    (translation: ramblings in hindi language ... the crawling vb has made me sick & delirious)

    Who is logiclife?


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  • BharatPremi
    09-20 05:46 PM
    Not entirely true, I switched job a couple of months ago - filed for AC21. I got an acknowledgment from USCIS for the same - stating that it will be added to my file, to be reviewed when my application is processed.

    Then you are a special case to USCIS. In my whole "GC career", you are the first case I am hearing about having AC21 related notification from USCIS.

    Chandu's comments are entirely truthful and your case is the special one as USCIS really does not have any sysem to account or to notify related with AC21 usage.

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  • chanduv23
    10-04 05:07 PM
    Your Commitment is Amazing !
    I hope people from NJ/NY members will join me to support you

    Thanks !

    Yes, things have improved now in the chapter - we have extremely dedicated members - and we are all buddies - there is a new energy in this chapter.

    The Tri State area has a huge potential and we must tap it.

    Thanks for your support. Please help me bump this thread :)

    If 50+ people make it to Maya - we will ask the manager to give 3 for 1 happy hour :)


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  • alapkd
    09-07 03:33 AM
    @alapkd -> Unfortunately they hardly get caught...

    think about it if it was just paying a cut to the management to get your person hired wont ur competitor do the same. i have seen ppl getting caught because the competitor came to know of this and got really pissed and spread it around and the manager got screwed. most of the big companies have very strict policy for even gifts acceptance and the kind of gifts and amounts of it. i m sure it still happens but it can not be as widespread as ppl think it would be. which vendor to use is determined by someone really high up. most companies also keep a track of how much the primary vendor is getting out of the deal and there is a cap on it. they ask for the legal contract to check what % primary vendor is keeping so primary vendor cant fool the company and underpay the consultant and keep a hefty chunk for themselves.

    all i can say is if you see a manager who is involved in illegal practice of taking kick backs expose that guy and get him fired it is your responsibility and it can be done.

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  • centaur
    10-05 09:04 PM

    I agree, I was so upset when I read it... Thank you Logiclife for bringing that to our notice.
    I just wrote an email to the editors with the email address provided by walking_dude. My email says this:

    Dear Editor

    You mention in an article dated today that "HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers". And in the same breath you say that "In a poll 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship." Do you know the difference between highly skilled legal immigrants and illegal immigrants?. Why do you have to imply that all highly skilled are illegal, infact 99.99% of highly skilled workers (Tech workers) came to the USA legally and continue to live legally. They are here at the behest of their employers.
    So please correct your article to reflect that.

    An Upset highly skilled worker


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  • nlssubbu
    08-22 06:49 PM
    My understanding was that once the 485 is filed, you go by RD. It doesn't matter what your PD is...

    Does anyone know what the legislation is?

    First your PD has to be current for USCIS to look into your RD.

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  • Macaca
    06-17 10:15 AM
    The Ombudsman agrees with the assessment of many case workers and supervisors at USCIS field offices and service centers that the FBI name check process has limited value to public safety or national security, especially because in almost every case the applicant is in the United States during the name check process, living or working without restriction.

    The Ombudsman recommended in the 2006 Annual Report (at p. 25) that the FBI name check process be re-examined. Delays in the name check process actually prolong an individual’s presence in the United States while the check is pending. In this sense, the current USCIS name check policy may increase the risk to national security by extending the time a potential criminal or terrorist remains in the country.
    Name checks do not differentiate whether the individual has been in the United States for many years or a few days, is from and/or has traveled frequently to a country designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, or is a member of the U.S. military. Many individuals subject to lengthy name checks are either already green card holders or have been issued Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). These documents allow them to receive Social Security cards and state drivers’ licenses. Most green card applicants are also eligible to receive advance parole enabling them to travel outside the United States and return as long as their cases are pending, which can be for many years under the current process. (page 43)
    As Dawn Lurie, a Vienna immigration lawyer, put it: "If there's a security reason [for the delay], then what are those people still doing here? . . . And if there isn't a security reason, then why are we making them wait for so long?" (Washington Post (
    FBI name checks disclose information to USCIS that is otherwise not available. Information contained in 39 [percent] of the FBI positive responses (letterhead memoranda) received in FY 06 was not contained in IBIS/TECS, USCIS’ primary background check tool. . ..

    Use of the 39 percent positive response rate as referenced by USCIS to justify continuing this program may exaggerate the value of the FBI name check. It is unclear how many of the FBI name check “responses” also were revealed by one or more of the other security checks conducted for the applications. To date, the Ombudsman has been unable to ascertain from USCIS the total number of actual problem cases that the agency discovered exclusively as a result of the FBI name check. The Ombudsman understands that most, if not all, of the problem cases which would result in an eventual denial of benefits also can be revealed by the other more efficient, automated criminal and security checks that USCIS initiates.
    While USCIS declined to provide the number or percentage of annual name checks that result in denials, the FBI has reported that less than 1 percent of 1.5 million names are ultimately tied to potentially damaging information.(Washington Post (


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  • GCBy3000
    07-25 03:42 PM
    Dont forget to consider 20K members of IV and the poll participation is 1-2%. So this poll is just for fun.

    DELIVERED ON 02-July-2007 447 71.18%
    DELIVERED AFTER 02-July-2007 181 28.82%
    Obviously those polls are not going to get you anywhere.
    its a waste of time and effort to come up with numbers because nobody will ever be able to come up with the right numbers including USCIS. So whats the point. Just have a kingfisher and chill. Please close this thread

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  • mirage
    04-16 04:21 PM
    I agree with you.
    We do not have to go and sit down in their helluva offices to figure out what the heck is going on. My point is simple. As long as all the so called companies simply write software,provide services to US companies its back office. How much of software written is for native use? How much of the revenue generated by these companies is Indian based? With out infrastructure and manufacturing growing at at least 10% of the other growths people dream about, its nothing but a deck of cards doomed to fall any time. Enough of my rant.


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  • josecuervo
    06-20 11:10 AM
    Dear friends,
    Can you please let me know if I can go for medical exam even before I receive packet 3 from NVC. I would like to save time. Appreciate any tips and pointers in this regard.

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  • saurav_4096
    11-08 10:07 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    As Diwali is national holiday in india... same is true for Eid and Christmas.
    Would greeting on Eid or Christmas will also set the notion for Indian website ?

    Happy Diwali to all :)


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  • need_EAD
    01-17 12:24 AM
    Thanks for all your great effort. Sent $100

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  • frankiesaysrelax
    11-05 10:23 PM
    Can the wire transfer be requested online using ICICI's(or HDFC's) website ? Or do you need personnally do it from India ?

    In my case, the request was processed at the local branch. I don't recall seeing an option on ICICI to do the wire transfer. But assuming there is, you should give that a shot. You might have better luck at the branch though .... RBI has the so called KYC - Know Your Customer rules for all banks and that may give you some leeway.


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  • GCVictim
    07-31 06:54 PM
    EB1- U (Always)
    EB2- Sep 2010
    EB3-Sep 2010

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  • kumarc123
    05-14 08:29 AM
    Please continue to fill out the form for the advocacy days and make a difference by taking a positive step by meeting with the legislators.

    For members who can only provide support, please mention the kind of support you are willing to commit to on this thread too.

    I will be there! To contribute my efforts for the big cause.

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  • Munna Bhai
    08-15 07:49 PM
    There are limits to everything - and to worries too. Of course you don't want to be taking meaningless risks, but to live like a chicken is not an option either. But this is more philosophical, here is my question.

    USCIS may send RFEs for whatever and whoever they think it's reasonable. They can investigate and reinvestigate and GC holders and citizens, it's their job. Now tell me. How many you know of GC holders who got denied their citizenships because they just threw away their W2s? How many GCs were actually revoked and people were deported because USCIS investigated company and found out that most of the employees were H1b?

    Here is case of my cousin, he had his GC for many years, his wife and kids got citizenships. He didn't because he didn't accrue his 5 years in the US. He felt that he would be more successful in his home country. So he had business over there and was traveling back and forth to/from US. Once, at airport the immigration officer asked why he was traveling so much? He honestly answered "i'm doing business abroad". What do you think? INS officer initiated investigation and put him on deportation. Reason? "Absence of immigration intent!!!!". The case was quickly dismissed by immigration judge. My cousin was telling me how angry the judge was at prosecutors, he told them not to waste tax money like this anymore. So... what would be the right choice for him? Taking risk and making money (now he has a $1M house in LA) or be "careful" and live in some crappy hollywood apartment until his citizenship?

    Very well answered Bestia, I would live like a loin then like chicken, enough of this life...EAD,AC21 is enough for me.

    01-15 10:11 AM
    What does that have to do with the price of rice in China????????????

    An Indian national was robbed and in the process was shot and killed. What has that got to do with him being a legal immigrant? Would the thugs have spared him had he been "illegal" or a "citizen"?

    Think before you start typing...

    This country is becoming more and more dangerous for legal immigrants. We pray to almighty for peace and speedy recovery of the ailing family of deseased, living in India.

    07-18 09:34 AM
    I mailed letters to the following today.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein
    Sen. Barbara Boxer
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren


    Updates Via E-Mail