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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-13 03:23 PM
    Congrats to all those got approvals.

    Thanks to all who congratulated me.

    Above all, THANK GOD

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  • waitnwatch
    08-21 12:11 PM
    The law unambiguously states that for employment based categories - EB1 spillover should first go to EB2 and whatever is not required by both EB1 and EB2 will spillover to EB3. If the USCIS has been doing something different previously they were actually not following the letter of the law.

    Here are the relevant sections of the INA which unambiguosly states the above.

    Here is what Section 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act states -

    EB1 -

    (1) Priority workers. - Visas shall first be made available in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (4) and (5),...............

    EB2 -

    (2) Aliens who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or aliens of exceptional ability. -

    (A) In general. - Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraph (1) ...............

    EB3 -

    (3) Skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.-

    (A) In general. - Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), .........

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  • letstalklc
    09-04 03:23 PM
    Just now I spoke to customer service regarding the offer and they said that it is for existing customers for now....may be they will make it available soon for all......

    As per my conversation with Customer Supprt is that she sugested me to sign up with 4.95plan and after 30 days I am eligible for Hello World Max plan (Unlimited calling for 101 countries)
    Link for the plan details - (you can't sign up from this link)

    Below are my comparisons with respect to the vonage
    1) There is less tax compared to vonage, Customer Supprt said around 5 dollars
    2) Lingo has very nice feature that you can call from the cell phone by using LINGO account, each account eligible to register for 2 cell phones, so that both can call and you dont have to be at home all the time to call internationally

    3) 2 Years Service agreement
    4) Referral is only applies to the person who refers another customer

    I think with this Vonage also will come up calling from cell phone option......

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  • gc_check
    01-29 10:45 PM
    check this company on dice, says no h1b, EAD or GC at this time

    C++ Developer jobs - (

    C++ Developer
    Houston, TX
    US Citizens are only encouraged to apply. we are unable to take HIB, EAD AND GREEN CARD at this time.
    Client: IBM Federal

    Responsible for the design, development, and verification of the Test Framework application to create/simulate the testing infrastructure/environment to validate the F6 software components developed by IBM.
    The Test Framework application will provide a fully automated and configurable test infrastructure/environment to drive the F6 components through all required scenarios and conditions.
    This test application will be used to execute unit, functional, and system testing for the F6 project.
    An Agile / rapid spiral development process will be used for this software development.

    * Prior experience in Object Oriented C++ software development. (Required)

    * Prior experience developing automated test application. (Required

    The Ad says for client IBM Federal. Looks like might be for some federal projects that requries US Citizens. They could have mentioned need US Citizens with clearance, or people elligible to apply for clearance. May be the choice of words wasn't good... Regardless, this could occur more too... if the economy does not improve. Anyway, I think IBM should not have any problem with EAD and they themselves do sponsor GC, etc..


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  • abhijitp
    07-31 03:04 PM
    1. If a Receipt Number is issued for a I-485, does it necessarily mean that the case won't outright be rejected for a missing document/ evidence, but instead an RFE will be issued?
    2. When a receipt number is issued for a I-485, and if we send out the missing document/initial evidence using the allocated A#, is there a good likelihood that the evidence/document will make it to the appropriate file?

    Answers to these will help make a decision on filing multiple I-485's where the first I-485 missed some initial evidence.

    One more thing: I was about to make another private consultation call today. I pledge contributing $200 if I find a concrete answer to this issue without having to consult one more lawyer.

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  • purgan
    07-13 03:53 PM
    Loo Doggs is a xenophobe and nativist to the core...

    He doesn't like Illegal immigrants "because they broke the law"

    He says he likes Legal immigration, but then he curses every avenue for legal immigration under curent law.
    1. He calls the diversity visa lottery the "great american giveaway" and has called for its abolition.
    2. He calls family immigration "chain migration"
    3. Finally, he calls employment-based immigrants as "stealing american jobs"

    C'mon dude, its time to give up the pretense that you like immigrants!!


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  • brb2
    09-12 09:28 AM
    It is not that simple. The soundex algorithm will change the spelling of each name (F, M, L) and do multiple combinations during the name check process. So a Sita can be become Seeta or Satyendra may become Satinder and so on. So don't count your chickens as yet:)
    well this is great news there were no hits for my husbands name and only 1 hit for my name! Hopefully we will be ok and not get stuck in name checks then! Thank you for your response!

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  • sunty
    10-01 12:29 PM
    He is right, but the problem is, USCIS and DOS has always done spill over only at the end of fiscal year and not quarterly.
    Now who will go and tell them to read their own statute again and reinterprete?? (like the spill over that was done vertical for several years until they realize, "it needs to be horizontal by our statute!!")

    Valid point. So its important for us to find out how was DOS reminded of the correct vertical spill over rule and we (IV) should follow the same.

    I don't know why IV is silent on such an important issue. I think I am missing something. Please IV core, any answers on this specific issue ?


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  • spouse485
    01-24 12:18 PM
    We are travelling next month and our travel agent wisely suggested and booked tickets for us via frankfurt by air india. He knows that london is a problem especially when you are coming back on AP.

    After reading thru the painful story of milind, I feel that I should never go thru london.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your pain. What if I wish to travel through Germany/Netherlands/Swiss/France/UAE? on Advance Parole and if my H type visa is not valid anymore?

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  • tampacoolie
    07-14 01:38 PM
    I think this guy is smoking crack by fudging the numbers. CNN should block these kind of idiotic broadcasting. We all should fight for this injustic. I am sick of this guy. These kind of propoganda only leads to Nazi ideology in USA.


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  • mmk123
    03-29 12:39 PM
    Numbers may be significant, but unfortunately the movement won't be..

    He is talking about numbers being significant and we will realize the latter after we see the actual movement..


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  • EB2DEC152005
    08-13 07:31 AM
    I did not send G-28 even though I have an attorney. I think that part is only if you want them to respond to your attorney rather than yourself.

    Here are the answers to line numbers 10, 11, etc...

    10 - Choose (b) and (iv) within (b)

    11 - Choose (b)

    13 - I chose (b) and (c) since I had done both of those things. You should choose accordingly.

    14 - I left this one blank because I did not want to involve the attorney

    15 and 16 - Just write your name and sign. Make all family members do this to avoid separate forms for each

    17 - Leave this one blank once again because it is only if you want them to respond to your attorney.

    I have one more question, What should I fill in 1-9 lines? Should I fill with Primary applicant information?


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  • ksam75
    06-29 06:17 PM
    I can't believe this is happening to me. My priority date became current as of June1. My attorney has sent my wife's petition to Chicago instead of NSC. He got the petition returned this afternoon. I got my I485 approved on June 25. My wife is currently out of status. If the rumor is true, I'll be totally screwed. After 10 years in this country, a dumb mistake pretty much ruined my life.

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  • nk2006
    11-07 05:10 PM
    I will send out the documents tomorrow. Can you forward the docs to my email id


    I just sent them to the email address you provided. Thanks.


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  • l1fraud
    06-14 09:58 AM
    rsharma, l1fraud,

    There is nothing wrong in reporting fraud.
    However your argument that you are reporting it since you cannot tolerate fraud isn't that convincing.

    If you were always against injustice/lawlessness, you will see a lot of it in your daily life. Do you report or take action against each of those ? I don't think so.

    After living in India for long and seeing people put up with all injustice and sometimes doing it themselves, it is hard to believe your argument that you are doing it just for the sake of law.

    How many times in this thread I have mentioned that I am getting replaced by one of these L-1B resource, I am a poor Oracle/DB developer who fortunately cannot be replaced by L-1B visa resources (as my skills is a common technical one). So once these violations impact your day to day life you look around for ways to stop this fraud. Its true that if I was a Nuero Surgeon in Phily or a Astro Scientist in Houston I wouldn't be interested in this violation :-) .... tomorrow let this scenario happen to you ... you would be first one to raise the alert.

    Regarding 'getting burnt', I don't think there is bigger burn than loosing our jobs (which already is happening) and hope you know that there is something called 'anonymity'... ya lets see whos going to get 'burnt' here. We'll definetly keep you updated regarding the outcome.

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  • addsf345
    12-11 01:38 PM
    I am logging in after sometime due to work, Is this action item still Active ?

    I would still suggest to go ahead and do below three steps.

    1. Click on links provided in first post by OP to download & print 4 letters and mail them as instructed.
    2. Send an email to ombudsman
    3. update everyone else on this forum & poll

    Much appreciate your help. Together we can win. Thanks you!


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  • glus
    07-09 06:37 PM D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Message from USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez

    I understand that individuals are planning to send flowers to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) beginning on Tuesday, July 10. USCIS has made arrangements to forward those flowers to our injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.


    USCIS' blasted PR brain is working this time. Dammit. Still this will increase press coverage. Let the reporters you are talking to know.

    This is perfect. It will drag more media attention!!!

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  • brshankar
    08-07 11:47 AM
    Ok guys, I got a bunch of red dots.. what more can you expect from people whose comments are as below...
    bitch, wtf "Rolling_Flood"

    stop making dumb arguments. if you don't like this thread stay away from it.

    you have no clue who gives you reds and greens, don't presume. plenty of people quietly read and can spot out the rubbish. and no one can give two reds in a row, so i'm another person. Glad to see acceptance finally that PhDs are being disadvantaged


    1. Rolling_Flood, with this temper I am sure you are going to piss off your lawyer with whom you would be working (if at all you do..) on getting portability removed.
    2. ?if you don't like this thread stay away from it. Lots of people disagree, that does not mean that only people who agree with you can post here. Also, how will I know if I am going to like the thread or not without visiting it?.

    NKR Dude,

    I give you a green.

    Some guys dont have the guts to come out openly in the forum to accuse us because they know that they will be banned by moderators. They just give us red dots and call us all sorts of names like moron and ....... in private.

    Everybody has the right to disapprove a post but they have no right to use bad language.

    Hope these guys understand this is a forum for good cause and they are misusing it.


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  • masterji
    08-14 01:26 AM
    I received my GC by snail mail. Here are the chronological events--
    08/02 (Monday)- PD became current, called to open SR:confused:
    08/03 (Tuesday)-CPO e-mail:)
    08/10 (Tuesday)- Welcome notice received by snail mail :rolleyes:
    08/13 (Friday)- GC received by snail mail :D

    The card looks like a credit card, greenish in color (hey, after all it is GC). It does not smell or taste good :D I looked at the card for almost an hour before going to bed. :D

    As a 'masterji' one advice to all: If possible, try to complete a graduate degree (M.S., MBA, Ph.D.) from US. Besides self satisfaction, it REALLY helps professionally.

    Good luck to all!

    01-26 08:51 PM
    Its not true, plenty of non-white countries do not require a visa unlike India which has the worst visa policies in the world. Obviously most countries require a visa from Indians because India does the same needlessly. Its time the Indian govt revisited these primitive and ill conceived rules.

    Do you think Russia and Japan have liberal visa requirements ?

    08-21 12:57 PM
    VLDRAO does a good job of predicting but...I dont think EB2 I will be current in a year, try to understand, the visas might be there but the USCIS simply does not have the capacity to adjudicate so many cases. There will be a flurry of approvals in September when they reassign people from other departments to consume as much as they can of the existing quota, but the fact of the matter is that visas will still be wasted.

    It is naive to assume that EB2 will be current and all problems will be solved. think practically.

    As for EB3 if all the spillover is going to EB2 then ROW EB3 as a whole is getting increasingly backlocked which implies that there is less available for spillover for EB3 I/C. Watch out for more EB3 countries getting retrogressed in early 2009.

    If I am not wrong VDLRAO is predicting Eb2 will be current with in a year if USCIS continue horizontal spillover. What is wrong with you..

    Updates Via E-Mail