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  • anilsal
    02-10 10:17 PM
    a FP appointment notice.

    Since I am a July 07 filer like many others, it may indicate that they are dusting the apps to generate FP notices?

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    07-26 11:21 AM
    For those who think this is like another forum like alcoholics anonymous etc. I think that is what this is(not literally though). Without immigration voice or like forums we could be a lot worse. it is good to vent, exert feelings and come out with experiences and share them P2P. This is one of our life lines. One way or the other immigration affects us. Each one takes it in different ways. Like it or not.:cool:

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  • mhathi
    09-21 01:18 PM
    Don't judge each day by
    the harvest you reap, but
    by the seeds you plant
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    :D Macaca strikes again with his arsenal of quotes!!

    This is a nce one though. You must have a lot of reading under your belt.


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  • saggi13
    02-20 07:05 PM
    I got 2nd finger printing notices for me and my spouse (attorney got it and sent a scanned copy). Still have not received RFE notices (neither my lawyer did). Looks like the FP notices were generated on 02/12 -one day before the RFE status


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  • Humhongekamyab
    03-03 12:43 PM
    Can you guys guess, why isn't there an update on this thread after the visit?
    Do you think we will ever see an update from OP?

    Hope, all have gone well with this guy and soon will see update on the visit. :)

    I hope he was not deported.

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  • aroranuj
    04-19 12:59 PM
    The 1 year of BCom was not required to enroll in the Diploma. However since my field of expertise is Management we were able to combine the 1st year of BCom with my 3 years of Diploma of XYZ Management. My Labor Cert also states that academic studies equivalent to a US Bachelors.

    It is important that everyone understand that each case is different. In this case was the 1 year of the BCom required for admission into the diploma program? Otherwise in my opinion (and anything can happen with any one adjudicator at USCIS) it souns like you are combining, which is allowed for EB3 when so stated on the Labor Cert.


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  • jb05
    08-19 09:53 AM
    Category:- EB2
    Nationality:- India
    PD:- 07/2004 (TSC)
    Finger Print check and name check cleared as per infopass officer

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  • Gravitation
    07-06 04:02 PM

    22 diggs already. 500 diggs will make it a top story!


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  • nissan_1
    01-27 10:10 AM
    I have send the letter to President...

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  • JazzByTheBay
    10-06 04:48 AM
    Why do fingerprints matter so much?

    As long as you already have the interim benefits - the EADs & APs - taken care of, what's the significance of FPs?


    Transfer people are stuck for FP notices... If only csc could have done the FP along with the ead/ap...


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  • Administrator2
    05-15 01:31 PM
    Guys, This discussion has no relevance if the bills won't pass. So it is extremely important to call the specific House members. We are not trying to filibuster whatever you chose to dicuss. However, we are in crunch time and need all hands on the deck to gather support for the three bills. Please Please call the House members listed in this thread:

    This is the most important thing right now. Kindly help.

    Thank You!

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  • desi_voice
    04-16 03:58 PM
    That is accurate I have done 10+2+1+3

    Hi Aroranuj,

    Its better to consult Education evaluator and your attorney to get better understanding of what to be done.

    Again it depends on Attorney to Attorney, some might differ.


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  • gauravsh
    02-21 01:10 PM
    This happened to me and I may try to summarize my experience here. OP relax . PM me if you want to.

    I Filed EB2i AOS in 07/07. Got a phone call at home (sometime in sep07). I was at work so my wife was the one who recd call and gave them my work ph#. Guy called at work, introduced himself and asked for time to visit me. We fixed up next morning . It was a kind of tense night. I had not informed my attorney about this- thinking it a part of background checks.

    Next morning, an officer in plain bussiness dress showed up at exact time, introduced and gave me his bussiness card and presented his official ID card.

    He spent some 45 minutes or so., and had several questions of personal nature about family and friends and money transmitted to india over the years (He had a complete list of transfers)

    It was all serious questions but in a very casual/relaxed atmosphere (Nothing like allegations/judgemental).

    This all ended very well. Saying GOOD LUCK to GREEN CARD.
    Btw: I arrived in 2000 , worked for the same university until then.

    can you please tell were you working for a consulting company or a american company? Also in which city are you located?
    Might be they are doing it at some particular location?

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  • gc_check
    06-27 08:17 AM
    I understand that there is lot of fear among applicants that USCIS might retrogress the dates interimly sometime in july due to the expected high volume of applications filing in the begining of july.

    To minimize the chance of USCIS from taking any such steps, shall we all unite and file the applications on a specific date in july probably on 30th of july? This will accomodate all that we shall all be winners and use this opportunity to our advantage instead of competing amongst each other...where only a few will be winners and others will be loosers.

    This will also reduce the pressure among applicants , attorneys and doctors.

    Can the AILA cooperate? Will there be unity amongst applicants to make this possible??? any ideas ??

    Dude, From your previous posts looks like you have already filed and got your receipt notice.

    Well, this is not a good idea ... and obviously every one is as anxious as others to get their papers filed on time. This does not make sense at all. I read your posting history and notice your posts with GC approval and also about receipt notice for spouse.

    What is goin on with you ?


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  • MahaBharatGC
    12-02 10:24 AM

    Thanks for your response.
    Education evaluation was not done for bachelors because the Labor only required masters. My attorney is planning to use 2 years of my experience to compensate for the additional 1 year of bachelors degree


    Thanks for your response.

    Even my attorney says the argument of USCIS could be "building blocks" argument i.e. In US, for masters, 4 year bachelors is required. But, I only have a 3 year bachelor degree.

    My suggestion to you is to get your Bachelors also evaluated. Whether it requires for job or not but you need to demonstrate at least 16 years of education. So, you need to get evaluated how each degree you possess equivalent to US qualifications.

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  • cal97
    02-17 06:07 PM
    In my case I got a hard LUD followed by a soft LUD on 9/24/2008 and the message was the same. I was very confused if my case was transferred to NBC as I was going out of the country and did not want to miss the interview if anything came up.

    After numerous attempts like calling NSC, making an inquiry through the congress rep and taking an Infopass appointment I was still not sure what was going on. Had already been through the NSC->CSC->NSC xfer and this new transfer again, god knows where!!

    This thread kind of calmed me a bit as it clearly showed that I am not the only person who is seeing this message.

    So, in effect this thread definitely helped me and am sure helped some other folks as well.

    This is a discussion board and I don't think you can classify anything as being dumb or foolish. If you are a master at knowing rules and interpreting them better than others GOOD FOR YOU!

    it probably means.. they are opening each and every mail they have recived and checking if the docs are in order or not..if they are.. they file it...else they send an RFE...

    i dont someone can be so f@#$% dumb as not know this simple procdure..

    there are so many posts..i got a LUD what not.... its annoying...
    its like.. USCIS touched my lu(n)d..will i get a GC now..

    grow up ..
    i may have offended some purists on this board.... idgaf..<:-|


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  • gc??
    04-22 01:30 PM
    what are the "legal types" of clothes ;)

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  • w3313
    04-24 11:54 AM
    Here are the some of the issues
    1)Some credit unions will not open an account for your if you are not a citizen/green card holder
    2)Same problem with Home loans some banks will not extend loans (I have personally faced these two issues)
    3) With the realid act some stats are not giving driving license to non-immigrants that may have fixed but you still need to extend every year even if the state gives a license
    4)You cannot get an homestead exemption(tax credit) if you buy a house
    5)The latest tax stimulus package will not give tax credit to ITIN holders and with out immigrant status (or EAD) you cannot get an SSN.

    As you all know we pay the taxes all kinds of taxes , help economy with our purchase power I can go on with the kind of positive things we bring to this country but for some reason we don't have any rights. I completely agree with the OP the crying baby gets the milk or cranky wheel gets the oil first. Every one if you don't fight for it we are not going get any thing. Remember the congress has write a letter to USCIS saying that the fee for N400 is increased but the service is not any better , why can't the same logic applied to green card applicants the fee is increased but we don't get any congress support isn't that something. Any way's that's my 2 cents....

    Good luck to every one...

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  • gc_kaavaali
    12-28 06:15 PM
    Hi logiclife,
    Are you suggesting to be on H1 if you don't complete 6 years? In my case i have been on h1 for 4.5 years....i have EAD....I may use EAD because if my 485 rejected then i can fall back on H1 (by going out of country or something else)...

    I dont think that after using H1 for 6 years, you can switch to H1 status from EAD status once 485 is rejected. Now, if you have used less than 6 years of H1, and then used AC21 portability, used EAD, abandoned H1 status and continued on EAD status and if the 485 gets rejected, there may be a way to reclaim the remaining unused portion of H1. It may involve going out of country and coming back in. Check with a lawyer, I dont know much and haven seen any case where someone who was on EAD status could go back to H1 status. Usually H1 to EAD is a one-way street, especially if you have already used up the 6 years of H1 stay in country.

    02-28 01:48 PM
    Can you please let us know the URL for the latest name check FAQ posted today.

    12-13 06:56 AM
    Reading the bulletin thread and prediction thread is good enough to prepare for GMAT problem solving area. I love these analysis and conclusions.

    I only submitted my opinion based on facts (quarterly release of visa nos. by DOS is well known fact)......... :-))

    but you are right and I am starting GMAT prep.

    Updates Via E-Mail