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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-18 09:47 AM
    our applications were supposedly approved today. IO called home around 7:30AM.
    Dependent case is being worked on though..he said we should get approval notice in 3 days.

    I am just waiting for approval notice now..hmm..its a different wait :D:D

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  • grimus
    01-05 09:41 AM
    When I try to go to the thread "Membership Drive Suggestions",

    I get the following message:

    grimus, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
    1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
    Log Out Home

    Can the admin sort this problem out for me please?

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  • amsgc
    06-16 12:33 PM
    Thanks gcnirvana.

    I have a copy of my approved I-140, and the only number I see on it is Receipt Number at the top left side of the notice. It reads like LIN-xx-xxx-xxxxx.

    Is this the A# number you are referring to?

    That is your receipt number. In my case, the A# is in the box that has the name of the beneficiary.


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  • snathan
    03-30 05:43 PM
    If USCIS is providing spillover visas to EB2 in May, shouldn't the PDs of China and India (countries with most demand) have the same PDs in May VB? Doesn't this also mean that in the worst case the PD of EB2 India will be Jul 22 2006 (the current PD of China) in May VB?


    First they will move India to July 22 2006, if there are more visa numbers both I/C will move togather.


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  • addsf345
    12-11 01:38 PM
    I am logging in after sometime due to work, Is this action item still Active ?

    I would still suggest to go ahead and do below three steps.

    1. Click on links provided in first post by OP to download & print 4 letters and mail them as instructed.
    2. Send an email to ombudsman
    3. update everyone else on this forum & poll

    Much appreciate your help. Together we can win. Thanks you!

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  • jcrajput
    09-25 12:25 PM
    You don't need A# number from I140.
    When you give First name, last name and birth date. They can pull all your immigration applications submitted previously. If you have I140 approved that will show them in database.


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  • mallu
    09-07 12:42 PM
    Collected from some other forum . Just google search your name combinations ( within quotes ).

    For eg. if you have FirstName MiddleName LastName .

    The search should be ( put within quotes )

    "FirstName MiddleName"
    "FirstName LastName"
    "MiddleName LastName"

    and all the reverse combinations.

    If you get hits in 100s or 1000s , yeah you can wait 2 -3 years.
    This is observed from the names of Indians.

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  • CADude
    09-20 04:12 PM
    USCIS is not prepared for anything. if this works then great. if not i tried didn't work out.... :)

    I fully agree that USCIS should work FIFO, but "should" does not make that happen. Clearly USCIS is not equipped for FIFI when truck loads of applications arrive. We may complain now, but I believe we should give them additional 10 days they need (to make it 90 days). I am equally worried about my July 2 filing. Nevertheless, I wish and hope the congressman's intervention helps.


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  • l1fraud
    06-14 07:55 PM
    The OP is great. He has created a new id to discuss L1 fraud. Will he be creating one id per issue... recapture, H1B abuse, outsourcing, backlogs?? wow!!!
    Not sure why he wants his/ her identity covered up. This shows how good some of us are in trying to make noises in the dark and not doing anything about issues in hand.

    In all, I still don't understand why L1Bs cannot work at Client site. I am sure that the L1 petitions specifically ask for Client site / work location. If Client site address is mentioned, the USCIS does approve the petition. If it is against law, they will not approve the petition. I know this for a fact since some of my friends are on L1.

    Regarding my identity cover up... I have mentioned couple of times abt the seriouness of the situation as the other party is a multi billion dollar organisation, second please add all the reasons why ICE/USCIS/DOL provides anonymity and whitsle bowler protection to people who brings these kind of violations to their notice.

    Regarding working at client site... Yes they do get approved for working at client sites BUT with the condition that they would be working directly under the suprevision of their managers and NOT the client managers (they don't qualify for consulting assignments). Also these L-1B visas are approved for working on speciality skills NOT on common technical skills (like java/.net/DBs/Prod Support etc). Next time read your friends L-1B petition carefully and you could find all these details over there.. also verify the L1 reform act of 2004 (published in this thread).

    Regarding retrogression... I agree that L-1B visas are not impacting the same much and also I think if someone in L-1A LEGALLY qualifies for EB-1 there is nothing wrong in getting the GC, If we think thats not appropriate then we should bring this upto the law makers and get it rectified BUT fake EB1s should be notified to authorities.

    We are fighting against a fraudulant activity by which our jobs (and hence our GCs) are jeopardized and its not a fight against fellow immigrant BUT a fight against the greed of these corporates to make money even by committing such fraudulant activities.. hope this clears the doubt.

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  • logiclife
    01-02 06:56 PM

    This afternoon I bought David Heenan's Flight capital which by this time most of us know is going to be a useful and authentic source of information to make our case of retrogression relief.

    I am going to post the contents of the book here. I read the first 10 pages and they are PRETTY PRETTY GOOD.

    If anyone else can purchase this book and also another book by Richard Florida and post factual contents that would consitute our letter to congressmen, that would be swell.


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  • MCQ
    11-12 12:29 PM
    It's your company's responsibility to make you aware about your dependent's status too.I worked for a small desi company for sometime and they lied that My wife doesn't need H4 extension because she is dependent on me.Fortunately I came out of that company.
    javadeveloper - it is your company's responsibility (more likely their immigration attorney)to keep you informed of YOUR status, but it is YOUR responsibility for your dependants. Sure, the smart attorney is going to want to take care of all of the paperwork at once when filling for extensions etc as it's less hassle for them - but that doesn't absolve you from that responsibility.

    Had it happen to a friend - his wife and kids had to leave the country, get new visas and H4's and were away for 7 months. Missed nearly a year of school simply because his new company weren't informed of tehm when he swicthed jobs

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  • hpandey
    06-15 10:14 AM
    Of course yes its for our interest BUT don't forget that its against a violation. Tomorrow if the same organization brings resources in H-1B/EAD/GC/Citizenship we are not going to complain about it ... because its within whats allowed by the law, I think thats the purpose of having rules ... to have a fair playing ground ... think abt the havoc/chaos these companies could create by bringing people without any visa (illegally across borders) and talk about 'closing the doors and me not brought up that way', do you think that anyone including you would support that???. Here the purpose of L-1B visa is misused and blindly violated, so lets move in the right direction, we are not asking all L-1B visas to be banned BUT to investigate the abusal of that visa category and we are just pointing out the incidents where we think its getting violated. Lets see who is on right/wrong side. We'll leave the decision part to ICE/USCIS/Other agencies involved.

    L1fraud - what GC28... is saying is for DilipCr and not for you . Mr. Dilip has been touting himself as a highly skilled individual who is applying for citizenship now and wants that the rules should be made so hard now that no one else from India ( or for that matter anywhere else in the world is able to get EB GC ) . He says that most of the H1's and L1's are not BEST and the BRIGHTEST according to him .


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  • rodnyb
    04-01 01:11 PM
    Theoretically, you are right. If DOS sees no demand per CIS, they should make it CURRENT for EB2 I/C (assuming they did clear all pre072007 inventory)

    This is why I was saying, they just need to add a couple month to keep the pipe full.
    Also, per law, they don't have whole 2800 to approve in a month, or a day, they have to do it by quarters. So they don't even need 2800, if they have only 800 EB2I in inventory (demand), they don't have to make it CURRENT.

    I would hope CIS inventory can how which are pre-adjudicated, which are new, which are RFEs though. Their numbers are always bigger than DOS demand, so I would think DOS has a better picture which CIS is providing (or at least estimating on a formula)

    If it is the law that they need to make it current, then if they don't, they are opening themselves to a strong possibility of a class-action lawsuit.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-03 11:15 AM

    I was reading Murthy's FAQ on AC21 she did in 2002. Read Question 6 carefully. Revoking I140 was always an issue, may be never surfaced!


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  • royus77
    06-21 01:11 PM
    In the section 11 of the document what should be the text incase you are supporting your spouse and child @100%

    Appreciate your help
    do not intend to make specific contributions to the support of the person(s) named in item 3.
    (If you check "intend," indicate the exact nature and duration of the contributions. For example, if you intend to furnishroom and board, state for how long and, if money, state the amount in U.S. dollars and state whether it is to be given in a lumpsum, weekly or monthly, and for how long.

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  • smisachu
    09-25 12:04 PM
    Never mind. I found it...:)

    This link is not working. (Page not found). can someone repost.



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  • gc_vbin
    04-05 03:57 PM
    The comments in this update kind of seem contradictory to me. It says that there might be possibility for greater advancement than earlier thought... and then they talk about moving it back.
    Whatever it is..I don't know why they are creating so much publicity about this bulletin. Does it mean they are going to advance the dates by a couple of years??? If it was for a few months why would they create so much hype about this?

    Is that mean they are going to move the PDs much further and again move back during the end of the year!!

    So isn't this implying that the PDs will advance very very further than the available visa numbers!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Nil
    03-11 12:32 PM
    i guess some of the folks who are in the same GC boat do not approve of a few getting into citizenship while the rest are left behind.
    This is fully understandable.
    All what we are aiming for, finally, is citizenship.
    All what a few red dotted folks here are talking about is to set a fair timeline for it.

    Say if one gets the GC after 4 yrs of application, s/he will get a citizenship roughly 10 yrs from that start. What is wrong if someone who is waiting in queue for 10 years can finally apply for citizenship?

    We need to find a plan to propose that will speed up the GC process as well as deliver citizenship after a foreseeable period of time.
    There is no discrimination here.
    Please feel free to reason out instead of pouring in red dots.

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  • singhsa3
    08-22 06:27 PM
    It is unfortunate that people don't even try to understand the issue and just go about complaining it.
    Most people can't even differentiate between what is law and what is not. What are difficult things to accomplish and what are not.

    It is absolutely imperative that 5882 pass otherwise the situation will continue to exist.
    Here are the my estimated waits for EB3-I
    PD(end of the calendar year) and its corresponding wait in years
    2001 1 year
    2002 3 years
    2003 4 years (Bad economy in 2002 and early 2003)
    2004 7 years (Case surge in 2003 and 2004 due to booming economy)
    2005 8 years (fewer cases in 2005 due to PERM)
    2006 10 years
    2007 12 years
    2008 .....

    I think we are fighting the wrong fight. I do recognize the whole EB system is unfair and in particular to I/C/M/P.
    The letter campaign is a great initiative, but I am not sure if we are focusing on the right problem. By saying that the new "interpretation of the spillover" is cruel to EB3 I/C/M/P is plain wrong. Both old and new interpretations were unfair to EB3 I/C/M/P.

    Old interpretation resulted in good forward movement to EB3 ROW while EB2 crawls.
    New interpretation results in good forward movement to EB2 while EB3 crawls.

    How does EB3 ICMP benefit from both the interpretations?

    EB3 is clogged because of the 245i cases. Unless we focus on the exact problem no amount of letters to lawmakers will not yield any result.

    Writing letters to lawmakers is not going to provide any impact for this year Here is my reason it takes 3-5 weeks for the lawmakers to get the letters in DC because of special security screening requirements. By the time they receive the letters the Congress would pretty much be done with their term. The best option would be to meet with the lawmakers in their local office or in DC and appraise them of the long wait.

    Please do understand that one of the reason USCIS changed their interpretation is because many folks with Ph D's and MS from ICMP where waiting for years to get GC"s and USCIS/DOS looked stupid in explaining the reason for the long wait for such folks. Even in the "visa wastage" hearing in the House immigration committee (on Apr 30) the DOS/USCIS was having trouble explaining the long wait times. One of the witness in the hearing was a PhD from China and had been waiting for years for his GC.

    Come on folks. EB2 forward movement is good for EB3's, because EB2 will soon become current and the spillovers will be soon coming to EB3 after EB3 ROW is current. I am anticipating DOS will turn EB2 current in the second half of the year and this will ensure all the spillovers will flow into EB3's because EB2's with PD mid-2007 to now will not be able to clear the NC 180 day barrier. Cheer up folks and let us focus on the real problem getting more number of visa's through recapture.

    If you feel strongly about the cause you should meet with your lawmakers office and address the issue. Letter campaign in not going to yield any short term impact. Please take the time to meet with your lawmakers

    why are we giving so much importance to Ron. If he is so concerned about this issue why can't he take up this issue with AILA? He is a member of AILA.

    08-06 02:43 PM
    Why would you say EAD and H1B will be denied??

    if one is taunting , " Look FBI bosses , i am stuck in security check, still i am a working with my H1B/EAD . How dare you allow to people remain here - for many years - if you suspect something is fishy with their record "

    09-15 11:28 PM
    Call them once, twice , thrice;)

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