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  • spgtopper
    01-26 04:41 PM
    I haven't read any news on that.

    If you find anything, please post it here.

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  • ash27
    06-12 04:35 PM
    Can somebody frame a letter that we can use to report L1 fraud. And, folks its big companies like accenture and hewitt too exploting loopholes in L1. in my current place, most of experienced workers will be replaced by folks on L1. I dont want to come across as negative. My only point is if there are any violations, lets report it and have everybody follow the rules and regulations...

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  • chintu25
    09-09 04:53 PM


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  • pmpforgc
    01-07 11:46 PM
    I am surprised to see this thread active this long. Earlier I have with help of Saralayar and other members have bring this point to attention. But at that time no one was supporting Idea.

    I see increasing support for the Idea as GC journey become longer and longer.

    Earlier I have pointed following points that I want to bring to remind if we want to get real support for this idea of early CITIZENSHIP AFTER GREEN CARD

    (1) I-140 and I-485 must be approved.

    (@) Time should be considered only after getting GC

    (3) For getting closer for political support our proposal should be close to Existing laws for FAMILY BASED and MARRIAGE BASED CITIZENSHIPS

    So we should argur that if YOU HAVE MASTER AND ABOVE IN STEM FILEDS YOu can get CITIZEN SHIP 5 yrs from date of Approval of I-140 ( which make it closer to fmaily based) and THREE YEARS from Date of Approval of I-485 (closer to marriage based citizens). You can get earlier of two . But when you get Citizenship your I-485 must be approved for ATLEAST 1 year.

    The above requirements can get closer to Marriage and family based and also help 90% of IV members.

    Adding the clause for the EDUCATIONAL THING might be able to get more political support also



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  • sledge_hammer
    06-23 04:56 PM
    I am going to put (c)(9) for both me and my wife.

    What did you put in for the question 16 (Last Question) ? is it c9?

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  • prashantkh
    07-09 07:03 PM
    We should send emails to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brian, Jimmy Kimmel etc.

    They have tremendous amount of viewership and seems like a perfect material for these shows. I will send email to these guys but if more and more peple can make them aware of this development, this news can potentially snowball. :D


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  • anurakt
    01-19 11:21 PM
    Godbless, I am sure you can get your post 6 years H-1B extension based on the Cornin and new Aytes memo of 12-5-2006. Can you ask your lawyer whether it is possible to file your H-1B extension after 01/26/2007 but BEFORE June 2007 or it must be filed before the expiry of your parolee I-94? Also, you said the Immigration Officer at the POE did not let you use your H visa but the AP. Is it because you showed him both of your H-1B visa and AP? If you did not show the AP, he would probably let you enter with the H-1B visa, right?

    Sorry for my knowledge but why would anyone need an AP if he has ample time left on H1 ? Is it a rule that after filing I-485 , you have to have an AP to travel ?

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  • ArunAntonio
    07-09 06:41 PM
    I feel really happy, for once USCIS acknowledged our efforts and also the end results is really good because the injured will recieve flowers from some one they will never meet.
    There is strength in the ways of GandhiJi.


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  • eb_retrogession
    02-03 09:20 AM
    Prez Mr. Bush visiting Intel Corporation today!!!!

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  • crystal
    07-12 11:51 PM
    Great ..

    I come from South Florida (MIAMI / FT LAUDERDALE /WEST PALM BEACH). Sun-Sentinel is a news paper major in this part of the world. We are expected to see a front page coverage about this turn-about by DOS and USCIS on july 07 bulletin.


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  • stillhopefull
    09-16 12:11 PM
    Haven't been on the site for a couple of days and just saw this effort. I am gladly supporting it and am calling Republicans right now.

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  • grupak
    03-25 09:11 PM
    I have sent an email to the id listed on that site ( emails from Capital One which says they are not in favor of EADs. Will update once I hear back.

    Thats great. Thanks for stepping up. Keep us posted.


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  • snathan
    08-26 01:24 AM
    wrong calculation 5000/2500=2. It is 2 cents perminute. Have you used C# program?:)

    Any way with vonage, one can call other friends in all other 60 counties and others part of us too..

    If 2 cents per min = 5000 X 2 = 10000 cents = $100?

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  • pappu
    09-21 12:04 PM
    Congrats ski_dude12. My personal opinion is that this may have delayed your greencard since July. Sometimes people get too anxious once their date is current and want to try everything that is possible to get approval. There is so much information and misinformation on forums.


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  • gg10004
    07-09 06:29 PM
    This message is posted on USCIS website.
    Atleast the Director is now aware of the sufferings of GC filers.

    The flower campaign ( is getting heard.

    Message from USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez

    I understand that individuals are planning to send flowers to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) beginning on Tuesday, July 10. USCIS has made arrangements to forward those flowers to our injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.


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  • intbuz
    08-19 02:37 PM
    Yes. Indeed you are approved..Congrats.
    thanks Anil


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  • GC08
    07-09 09:01 PM
    Actually I thought they will not accept flowers. But for courtesy and humanity touch they are forwarding. Because of these atleast flowers have some purpose without wastage. This campaign will not have any impact on functioning of USCIS as they are following law. These mistakes are common in every Government organisations and time time mistakes are being corrected. Even congressional hearing happens and finds mistake they will prevent future mistakes like this. It is unlikely for affected persons to get relief immediately. But Many persons will get relief automatically on oct 2007 when DOS sets Cutoff date. I expect cut off date for EB3 2003 or 2004 and for EB2 2005.

    I just felt that they did something that most people would not understand. I think the mess today is the result of a series of missteps they took. They not only mismanaged the whole green card thing but also mismanaged the public relations. Hopefully, they have learned from all these dramas. :cool:

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  • natrajs
    10-01 04:29 PM
    Wow Naushit,
    Enjoy luck yet for my wife...But she got a call from USCIS office of Wash DC that it is the biometrics that is holding her approval...they are issuing a biometrics appointment....I told so far she had been issued Biometrics appointment thrice and we have not received anything.

    Also if I got approved without biom availability how come she is not....she is giving crap that our job is approving the primary applicant....I told her that none of my friends have got approval just for the principal they all got approved together.

    I told her Biom does not hold approval ...she was adamant we can't approve her w/o that.


    SOP, The moment you receive the Biom Notice, do not wait unitl the interview date, try to walk in to the service center the next day to do the Biom

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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  • WaldenPond
    01-05 11:57 PM
    Call up multiple rallies at the same time at different locations, NYC, DC, Boston, LA, SF...
    Look what the NY MTA workers did?

    Hello flygo,

    I am sorry but I am not able to understand your post. Are you suggesting that there is way for us to spread the word around. Could you help us and provide more details on this? All of us would love to do anything that you would suggest to helps the cause.


    09-09 03:34 PM
    Please call all Numbers except co-sponsors ...
    Find people And ask everyone else also to call ...

    Guys it won't take more then 15 minutes of your time..PLEASE CALL

    08-21 11:59 AM
    All of you guys are smart ,highly skilled immigrants.

    Let me make one thing clear. Govt has defined EB categories : EB1 , Eb2 and EB3 . based on level of exp and education etc..

    Now that your employer has applied for you in Eb3 even though you were qualified under Eb1 or Eb2 then govt can't do any thing. Like if you are making 70k with 5 years exp and which is ok as per your labor cert of H1b then govt cannot do any thing . Even though u r less paid compare to market.

    same thing here.. If you think you can qualify for Eb2 and your employer want to apply as EB2 . It should not be issue. You are most welcome to do so. But I see common ground as HR 5882. Why dont we work hard and hard to get HR 5882 pass. One of my friend has MS from USA from top uni. with 18 years of exp from India and 3 years of exp in big 5 from USA. Still his recent employer applied under Eb3 . Should he complained to govt ???
    He left current employer and found another who willing to apply under Eb2.

    Unless Eb1 current Eb2 should not get any spill over same way unless Eb2 current Eb3 should not get Spill over. No matter what way you fight govt wont agree to give high priority to Eb3 compare to Eb1 or Eb2 . as from VDLRAO's post Eb2 does not need much visa to become current so if we get recaptured visa then eb2 will be current and Eb3 will get most of visa out of those recaptured visa.

    CALL CALL CALL CALL unless you win.. Dont need to fight here which is not going to work out for any one.

    EB3 will not any visa from recapture bcoz it will go to EB2 first. EB2 line is not going to clear in next 10 years bcoz nowadays everybody applies in EB2 and as they move VB forward for EB2, more and more people apply for AOS and it never ends.

    So EB3 won't be benefited by recapture unless there is a clause specifically for EB3 allotment out of that recapture

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