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  • fide_champ
    09-15 11:22 AM
    I agree that it's really a personal choice. It's quite risky in this economy with housing prices going down. It needs a lot of reasearch and lot of thinking before you can make that decision. I don't think surveying people will help because there's lots of personal factors that can play a role in making that decision. Maybe it may help to listen to different people's decision making process. Having GC is a factor but it's not the only limiting factor. I know a lot of people who bought homes much before they filed the i-485 and i know few others who didn't and you can't blame them for their decisions.

    For the record, i bought my home in 2008 and i must admit that owning a home is one of the nicer things i did in this country. We and the kids love the extra space and the luxury. My kids will be going to public school next year so will be making full use of the taxes we pay.

    If you have a stable job, IMO you can buy a home and i bet you won't regret that decision. But stable job is as hard as finding a treasure these days.

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  • chanduv23
    02-23 01:08 PM
    My lawyer advised against filing AC21 proactively. His opinion is that it may trigger a big RFE requiring financial details of the new employer. How true is this? I have a feeling my previous employer might withdraw my approved I-140 on the advice of their corporate lawyers (Fragomen, who I believe recommend I-140 withdrawal as past of their standard procedure when an employee leaves). I would like to preempt that and file AC21 documentation.

    Yes, most Attorneys advise against proactive filing primarily because AC21 has no formal process associated like form, fee, reciepting or standard. It is based on guidance, most times the AC21 docs may or may not reach your file.

    Some Attorneys advise the HR to proactively file for AC21. There is one company (huge) where when you are being offered a job on EAD after AC21 - the HR dept makes a big fuss - asks for all documents like copy if Labor, 140, 485 reciept any any other documents and then makes you sign G 28 and then file for a G28 change in Attorney and associate AC21 docs with those. I guess, the Attorneys charge money so it is a business. If RFE or denial - then more money.

    My recomendation is to hire a ethical and realistic lawyer and not a greedy one

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  • alterego
    10-12 06:40 AM
    Is there anyone here that truly believes that the legislators will not pass something before the end of the year to recapture the remaining 50K visas left for recapture for schedule A? If yes then this whole argument is kind of null and void. They are not going to leave nurses and PTs high and dry, not with the kind of shortages looming.

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  • DSLStart
    09-05 03:49 PM
    The officer from looks & accent seemed orignally from US's southern neighbor. The way I convinced him was repeating how important it was to visit my parents as they are so far away and I get to visit after long time etc..
    But as one of the poster mentioned above, they should make some change in the text and purpose of AP.

    Thanks for sharing this experience, I feel sorry for you that you & your family had to go thru this. I want to check with you what finally conviced the officer to change his initial stand to let you in? This will help us to learn from your experience... Thanks


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  • maverick_s39
    06-30 12:38 PM
    this is preposteruos, i was never denied entry on a train or bus just because i am asian, usa is much better country when it comes to racism than most of the asian countries (including india),

    But Gandhi ji actually did something when he was humiliated , unlike MOST IV MEMBERS" who just talk.. yes right TALK

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  • sheela
    11-09 10:55 AM
    Happy Diwali to everyone.


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  • gveerab
    09-07 01:59 AM
    US economy is designed this way, everyone will get their own share. No one bothers about optimizing the chain and reducing the cost. If they do that whole economy will collapse. If people started sticking to one marriage and stop taking the divorces, these lawyers will not have work and that portion of economy will collapse. If you have time please watch this video

    you will know more about US economy.


    I am into Datawarehousing and BI. Worked in multiple technology such as Oracle BI, Cognos, Informatica. It is frustrating to see my mid-size American Consulting Company charging the client a $180 per hour while I get $85K per annum. I cannot even switch to my client since I have signed a non-compete agreement..... I think direct marketing is the best way to augment your rates....

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  • dish
    03-27 11:05 AM

    Have listed some immigrants who have made significant contributions


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  • sorcerer666
    04-21 02:05 PM
    Why not parents have a different category... not B2. maybe P1/P2

    B2 is tourist visa. Parents are not tourist.

    We are here because of our good parents. Forgetting them is most disrespect we do in life.
    If we don't care our parents, when we become older(parents) how will our kids will care us?.

    Research are proving...if we live together as family like in olden days...many health issues will disappear...everybody will be happy, no stress.

    We need to go back to older family system. Now we are is better. food is medicine. So why not staying together with parents is not good?. This lead us to have a strong long lasting life.

    again, you can give your greencard to one of us millions waiting and you can go back home and lead a no-stress life :D

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  • GCplease
    10-05 03:57 PM
    are we sure that they are not talking only about H1b?

    Does following mean they are looking at Green Card as well ?

    "attract and retain high-skilled workers to contribute and excel in the U.S. economy without unnecessary delays and waiting periods?

    Unnecessary delays and waiting periods points to the Green card wait time I believe.


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  • Macaca
    06-17 10:34 AM
    The delay caused by the FBI name check has substantial consequences to applicants and their families, as well as to our country and the economy. Examples of how legitimate applicants suffer include:

    Loss of employment and employment opportunities where the position requires green card status or U.S. citizenship;
    Possible termination of employment due to the inability to comply with required Form I-9 employment verification procedures where USCIS delays interim EAD issuance;
    Difficulties obtaining drivers? licenses;
    Inability to qualify for certain federal grants and funds;
    Limitations on the ability to purchase property;
    Difficulties obtaining credit and student loans; and
    Disqualification from in-state tuition.

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  • ags123
    04-07 05:23 PM
    I think this week is when it will come Tomorrow or Thu
    if not friday ;)


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  • perm2gc
    08-23 09:21 AM
    unless I am egregiously mistaken, I 140 is totally employers and not employee's. How can you invoke FOIA on that? I mean freedom of info doesnt mean a breach of privacy or disclose "compny/personal" documentation. Nixstor..i have only same view but i dont understand how USCIS is proceeding...As per gc_in_30_years it seems possible..but never trust Customer Support at USCIS..Many Dont know the rules..

    gc_in_30_years..let us know when you got the copy.

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  • StarSun
    05-14 08:52 AM
    I will be there! To contribute my efforts for the big cause.

    Thank you for the offer. Please register for the event through the form available at .


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  • rsharma
    10-11 12:58 PM
    My earlier comment was in reply to the comments from the member BharatPremi. I had wrongly quoted the comments from the member - buddyinsfo.

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  • ivgclive
    10-17 05:51 AM
    Hi All,

    My son was born last month and applied for US passport. Once I get the passport I am planning to apply for PIO card in Texas. Can you please let me know if I need to send my son's original passport and the processing time. Can you please also let me know if anyone recently applied?


    Q: What are the requirements for applying a PIO card by a person who was not born in India and never had an Indian passport?
    (b) A notarised copy each of his/her birth certificate , his/her parent's latest Indian passports (either expired or not yet expired ) and his/her current US/Foreign passport and a copy of the parent's valid passport.


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  • kumar_77
    07-19 01:47 PM
    Reached NSC july 2 @ 7.55 per fed ex

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  • dilipb
    06-23 04:55 PM
    I DID NOT pay the huge fee.

    I think they had given a waiver till August 21 or so for the July fiasco filers.

    Do you think I still not have to pay or should I pay the fee ?

    Oh ya I remember that.
    I recommend you talk to some lawyer or call USCIS.
    USCIS is helpful.
    My take on it is this : you have to PAY $340.
    A lawyer will always say "DO AS PER INSTRUCTIONS".
    But this case although unique, you still belonged to the pre-aug filers, even though there was a waiver (since u were applying based on PD which was for july month).
    I remember that during that time USCIS has instructed everyone to add some kind of bright color sheet / paper on top of your application to state clearly that you belong to that group of pre-aug filing people and that you are filing using the old fee structure. that way you are clearly telling them "dont reject me directly because of incorrect fees".
    Again although this seems very straightforward to me, that you HAVE TO pay $340, I still recommend you research more/talk to lawyer/USCIS.

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  • GooblyWoobly
    09-20 03:36 AM
    those people are too busy on the tracker threads now

    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

    08-11 01:22 PM
    Can some one clarify if the PD is based on the day labor application was received or the day it was approved?

    My I140 states it as the day it was approved.

    A priority date, in an employment-based (EB) case requiring Labor Certification (LC), is the officially acknowledged date that the case was filed at the state level Department of Labor office, referred to as the SESA. If the EB case was filed in a category that does not require labor certification, then the priority date assigned by the INS is the date the I-140 (Immigrant Visa Petition) is received by the INS Service Center.

    source: MurthyDotCom : Priority Dates : How Do They Work? (

    11-19 11:33 AM
    I visited the PA DMV yesterday to renew my driving licence based on my pending I-485. With all the valid documents like EAD, I-485, SSN card, I-94 etc. They refused to renew it saying that they have a new pilot program implemented called SAVE and need to get clearence from that, it will take upto 30 days. Anybody else gone throgh this proces?? Day by day more hurdles to pass...what a life, why dont they keep their systems uptodate or provide some temp permit as long as their check is pending. I am frustated with all this GC process, name check, DL SAVE system check etc..Why dont they implement just one check and give approval to everything.. atleast make it less time consuming.

    Anythoght from anybody? anybody else went through this SAVE (Systematic Allien Verification for Entitlement) program, or am I the only one?? D&vgnextchannel=71919c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 ____

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