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  • Keeme
    07-13 03:49 PM
    "Long Journey. Finally GC
    by J2GC
    Hi Guys,
    After a long journey of more than Sixteen years in this country, I finally received my GC.
    In short, I came in 1993 on J-1 for my training which took six years, followed by one year on O-1 visa and then J-1 waiver for three and half years in underserved area. Then applied for labor certification in Oct, 2003 EB2, through university, which was approved and then retrogressed. Applied Schedule IIA, approved but also got retrogressed. Got AILA liaison and Senetor involved.
    Applied for EB1 and NIW in July 2008.
    My lawyer was very much involved in the whole process, was very helpful at every step, and wrote letters to USCIS.
    Finally, GC came in April, 2009 and received the cards one week later. My PD Oct 2003.
    During these time, I actually had no problmes at my job or my my wife's job. Brought a house four years ago.
    The main problems were:
    Daughter and son could not apply to state colleges/ medical colleges. (daughter going to med school next month)
    Got stuck in India for renew of H-1 for 2 months!!! (worst time of my life, with my wife and kids in US) I tied every thing from writing letters to calling Ambasador. Not effective.
    Could not go to certain occasions, like death of very close family members, weddings etc.
    However, I kept my cool and prayed and got lot of support from Immigration voice.
    As a small token of appreciation, I am donating $500 .(and will keep on supporting)
    We all are going to get GC, some sooner some later. Just keep on doing you job.
    Thanks you all for all the information and support.
    J2GC (J-1 visa to GC)"

    Congratulations !

    To others,

    How about if IV publishes his brief story( off course with his permission), congratulating him on IV behalf, in all national news paper ( with or w.o his name ) Date of entry, profession, long time wait- reasons and all opportunities he may have missed, couldn't buy house, collage-tution probelms etc and all struggles he has his family might have faced. point by point.

    Money would come from special campaign. NY TIMES, USA TODAY, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Miami Herald etc. News paper industry is struggling so won't cost much to buy a half/quarter page with a title - " An untold story of legal immigration" Or similar kind of eye catching title. Not more than 10-12 lines stating thousands others are waiting in line...

    There won't be difficult to get more his kind of cases to run it on regular basis in future.

    Any one ?

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  • newtoearth
    07-29 02:13 PM
    Dear fellow Indians stop argueing with him...

    Its time waste....
    He donot know that
    1. India it self it is a diversified country.. with 18 official languages and many religions...over 2000 dilects...
    2. India + China = More than 1/3 of the word... So there will be more people from those countries
    3. All countries in the world are not same with population...
    4. He is scared...

    leave is not worth to discuss with him

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  • snathan
    06-18 03:00 PM
    If you come across people in other forums who are/were suffering in this...please let me them know and ask them to post their story in IV.

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  • greensignal
    11-09 12:30 PM
    Still waiting for FP and no SR is filed


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  • sai66
    01-25 08:43 PM
    Hi All,

    I got my I-140 Approved in 2007 and I-485 applied in July Fiasco.(summary : 7 Hears H1 Completed, Substitution Labor, I-140 Approved and I-485 Applied > 180 Days).

    Now I am getting a Full Time position in my client company. My Employer is saying I should not go otherwise he will revoke my I-140 and I don't know really what else can he do with my I-485 application. I really want to take that Full Time offer and apply for AC-21. But can anyone tell me that If after applying AC-21 and joining as full time in my client company(American Company) if my employer revokes I-140 or cancels I-485 what will be the effects on my GC application(I will be on EAD while joining this company).

    I read somewhere that at that time I need to apply for MTR(Motion To Reopen) and I should not work until this MTR gets approved which might typically take 60 to 90 days. Is it true? Because if this is the case then I will lose my Full Time Job right because no company will not be willing to give 2-3 months off. Will my EAD and AP gets invalid at that point.

    Even if my case gets denied after employer revokes I-140/I-485 then can I file for MTR and still work at the same time with out taking leave. Will the MTR be approved? I am looking at all possible solutions. If I cannot work during filing of my MTR then it doesn't make sense to take that full time offer and then my employer revokes I-140/I-485 and I will loose my status.

    Since lot of folks who took Full Time offer are getting I-485 Denial notices instead of NOID so that was concerning me.

    Please explain me in detail.

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  • siravi
    11-08 04:09 PM
    I had an infopass appointment in NY to get information on my case (specifically concerning the FP/Name check status, have received my EAD, AP). Although the officer was very courteous and seemed patient, he thought I had come there too soon for the inquiry. I got very sketchy information. He said one should wait at least 6 months after the 485 RD (mine is June 2007) before beginning inquiry (shoot me, I went a month too soon), and that it usually it takes a year (or more) after FP to get the GC, so I should not worry too much about my case for at least one more year.

    He said there is nothing to worry about and that there are “many small small things” that have to be taken care of after FP and FBI name check clearance before one gets the GC. I asked him what are the other “things” that need to be taken care of following the clearance on name check, but didn’t get an answer (“just small small things” is what he said again). I had to repeat my question about the status of FBI name check on my case three times during the conversation before I got an answer which was vague anyways (nothing’s been done yet). I was hoping to get some kind of information with regards to the status in terms of the search results (no record/hit etc.) but I didn’t get any information at all, so it was a disappointing meeting for me.

    Some pointers:

    *Have your print out of the appointment confirmation ready before you enter the building-the security officer outside the building checks it to verify that you indeed have an appointment there.
    *The queue at the entrance for security check was long, so make sure you reach there well ahead of the scheduled appointment.
    *There is one more counter in the lobby (and one more queue) where you get your token number for the infopass room. They asked to see the appointment confirmation receipt here as well.
    *The infopass interviews are held on the third floor. I waited for 30-35 mts. before my number was called.

    P.S. Received EAD card at home address and AP documents at the law firm address.


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  • nozerd
    12-24 09:59 PM
    Pappu it is sad situation. I know of one Junior who I myself hired for the job and who is 4 yrs my Junior and reports to me get green card because he is EB3 but not India/China

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  • ugotdude
    08-20 09:44 PM
    Pls check your PM


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  • chaukas
    09-09 05:53 PM
    The discussion seems to be focused on getting a certification to add to your resume. I am a PMP too, have delivered several small projects.
    I think whether you are a PM or a developer, PMP is a good step to understanding and appreciating the business value of what you are doing as a techie.

    It is not just a certification but a way of thinking.
    It applies to everything in your life not just your work......

    Treating it like a commodity isn't the best way to look at it.

    My 2 cents .....

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  • sertasheep
    07-07 09:02 PM
    link to Dr. Bahrainwala's video: along, with some background info. Thanks to member mbawa2574 for capturing the video(is there a better captured version elsewhere?)


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  • arc
    09-05 04:22 PM
    Myself and Abhijit booked the flight in United from OAKLAND airport. As we are going to be in DC on Tuesday morning, this is the pretty decent flight with no-stop...We booked this thru
    Mon, Sep 17, 2007 11:10 PM - OAK to IAD
    Tue, Sep 18, 2007 6:52 PM - IAD to OAK

    The price came ~$280


    I sent you a PM, can we team up? I need some more info!

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  • sanju
    07-06 09:52 PM
    BBBBRrrrrrrrr another idiot

    1) My screen name has nothing to do with the argument here. If we discuss my screen name we are going on a tangent which is very typical of desis (I rememeber womanly taunts in movies and woman gossip where they would pick anything but would niether make a point nor a valid argument)

    so you can see where your argument is going..

    2) Hopefull signifies optimism. A pessimist is an optimist who is very analytical or knows better. Your argument is similar to "And they lived happily ever after ...(after singing around green trees) ...." ignoring the ground reality, facts that no dent has been made and also turninga blind eye to the fact that there are people since 2001/2002 stuck. Its 2007 meaning five years and if the Dept is not willing to budge after all these efforts to a number more than 7000, and you still are HOPEFULL ignoring the facts means that you are an idiot. Yes you will get your GC before you die for sure provided you live upto the age of appx 70 and your consulting firm is around and you are not tired of the bickering with your employer.

    Its just like a Yash Chora SRK movie only happens in reel life and not real life ..

    3) as far as the FT job goes we both knwo it deep within what it means...i hope you are smart enough to get the point and wont make me word it to emabrass you further..

    4) if you would be intelligent enough to shed some light on how kindness and make you get your GC in thsi scenario ...

    just a piece of advise ..STOP BEING DUMB

    Very well then, let me practice some Gandhi giri and kindness.

    Dear Hopefull,

    I hope all members of this forum are relieved of the burden of this unnecessary long wait time. No human being is gaining anything in making several hundred thousand people to wait at a point in their lives. I hope that you get your green card long before everybody else. And I hope that you keep you FT job and you progress in your life more so than you expect.

    Around 3 weeks back I got my green card. And if there was a way for me to give you my green card, I would have done so gladly. I did my masters in US a few years back and for couple of years during and just after my school years, a part of me used to think that working in consulting firm was below my standard and people getting education in US university are the only worthy human beings. After having lived through few years of my life at my job, now I have "slightly" matured from my yester years. Now I think that number of degrees doesn’t make some one better than others without a degree. I have worked at a full time job for last 7 years in a Fortune 10 company. Some of my best friends work for consulting companies and these are fine gentlemen. I have learnt a lot from my friends. In the end, I think it makes no difference how many degrees one earned or whether one is working for a consulting firm or at a FT. What we are made of is reflected in our behavior towards others around us and it has nothing to do with the number of masters degrees one has earned. Anyways, hope you get your green card soon and you do well in life. And I hope that you become source of peace and joy for others around you.



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  • Ram_C
    11-19 01:56 PM
    Sorry for asking you so many questions. I am just trying to figure out if there is any pattern on NSC-CSC-NSC FP appointments.

    Did you get a notice from CSC saying they are transferring your I-485 to NSC? If so, when was it?

    NO, I haven't received transfer notice from CSC either.

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  • kumar1
    08-21 05:46 PM
    When I was trying to file in EB-2, this was the first question that I asked me lawyer -- No matter what, I do not want to get my pending EB-3 case to get in trouble. His answer was -- These two are going to be totally isolated cases. A person can have multiple pending green card applications. Heck, one can have one application in EB category and the second one in FB category. Having two cases together in EB category is fine and the outcome of EB-2 case at any stage would not effect EB-3 case at all. (Again, if USCIS finds that you are in some sort of fraud then it is all together a different case).

    What you should not do (coming from lawyer) is do not file two sets of I-485. That is going to screw up your case.

    Another suggestion that lawyer gave me and I did not follow is -- Let us say your EB-3 I-140 is pending and you and your wife have EAD and AP. When you start a new EB-2 process, during the I-140 stage, take CP route (Counselor Processing). This is best of both the worlds. You have EAD and AP from EB-3 petition and you are requesting for CP for your EB-2 application. As soon as your dates become current, you will be notified to go to your home country US embassy. Go there with family, get everything done and come back to the US with GC. If S*H*I*T happens there (Which is rate), come back with AP (derived from EB-3 application) and you are back to where you were. By doing this, you just eliminated two things -

    1. Interfile is a tricky process. If you could avoid it, avoid it.
    2. When dates become current, US embassy would surely look in your case. That process is far better than USCIS + I-485.

    Negative point of this route is - you need to make a trip to your home country on a short notice.

    Once again, good luck to you all. Just, do not do anything illegal to get GC. Do whatever is permissible under the law and do not even believe your lawyer. Do your own homework.

    Hi All,
    I am looking to change my employer, i am on H1B but have EAD approved (EB3 :(). i am looking for some guidance in terms of talking points with prospective employers and convince them to re-file my labor/I-140 in EB2, my PD is May 2005 with current employer.

    i have just once concern (well more of clarification than a concern):

    - if i convince my prospective employer to go thru EB2 Process, do i need to go to EAD (AC 21) with this new employer or jump on H1?
    - if they re-file my labor/i-140 in EB2 how does any RFW/issues impact my EB3 status?

    i may have few terminologies wrong so apologize for that.

    will appreciate a response.



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  • gc_check
    11-14 10:11 AM
    AP is sent to the lawyer if you filed the G328

    Not always true, I've filed G-28 in my case, but received the AP at my residence address. Have friends/colleagues who had received AP at the attorney address. So it is kinda random. No logic behind this.

    It is important we get the document.

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  • cram
    10-10 10:29 PM
    The October visa bulletin has been out for 10 days now and we haven't seen any approvals as of yet. Are there any?


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  • ramus
    06-28 08:22 PM
    I asked you question before and I am asking you again, can you please let us know how much do you care about IV.. If you do then can you tell us what have you done till date for IV..

    Please answer it now..

    if everyone is so confident tht "USCIS has to accept 485 thru JULY 31 no matter what" then why the rush by few to file on july 1st are they selfish and don;t care about others ??, can everyone join together and file on a particular day for the benefi of all ?

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  • lc1978
    05-30 12:37 AM

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  • mjULTRA
    02-12 03:47 PM
    Cool Kit. very original...

    Soul - I voted a few days ago, but never posted why, and decided to add my coments, after i voted. Good Job everyone who entered..

    08-15 04:36 PM
    Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?

    My private email is



    10-02 01:36 PM
    Anyone in the same boat as I am ...No news of my case so far..filed july 17th and nothing after that.anyone's guess what might be the case..
    Not sure if the files is buried under some pile..


    Updates Via E-Mail