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  • LostInGCProcess
    01-15 03:02 PM
    whome do you want to kill buddy?

    I wonder if you ever came across a word called "protection" or "self-defense". If one owns a gun does that mean he intends to kill someone? And I know you are not being funny here (as your name suggests) :)

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  • indio0617
    03-01 01:06 PM
    mjdup, apnair and guy 03062 :

    Many Many thanks to all of you for your contributions and steadfast support. Your contributions will definitely go a long way in helping our cause...

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  • senthil1
    04-29 04:37 PM
    Best way is some of the provisions in Durbin bill to restrict some abuse. Only bad thing in Durbin bill is it is banning consulting with H1bs. Other than this provision everything is good. Instead of opposing the entire bill it is better to oppose only that section.

    no matter what , H1 are for employers for them to be competitive, how come all of a sudden employers are talking about illigal immigrants these days, because they have found out that they can get them at a very cheaper rates, the moment you try to put wage garuntee in any of the immigration bills, this what kenndy wants, republicans run by big business are not longer interested in the immigration. perfect example of modern day enslavery. if they make 400K H1B's as per the strive ACT, Green card will lose much of its significance, because most employers will find easy to hire H1B raher than paying 20% or 30% higher to somebody on green card, that is the reason employers are after H1B.


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  • pmb76
    03-18 01:31 PM
    Did you get to keep the stuff you stole ?


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  • munnu77
    05-06 05:49 PM
    Yes my note was for humor.
    But to answer questions :

    out of all useful land , I guess africa has lots of uninhabited land!, so someone would not mind selling! Its not to offend anyone. I have great respect for africans, being aware that we come from them!
    Me being an indian upper class guy, and this OBC thing going on back home, I dont think I belong to that country that much, where me/my children will be discreminated against!!!
    So dont you guys now think we need our OWN country???

    wooooowwww...u really need US green card ASAP..

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  • gc_mania_03
    10-14 05:59 AM
    AP Filed/Reciept date: June 1, 2010
    Created an SR request : ~ September 20, just got standard email saying Intial Review is still in progress.

    We have an Info-pass appointment tomorrow. We chose the 45 day not response option. Not sure if that is ok when we get there.

    Is there anything else I need to know before I meet a rep during the Infopass appointment.

    We plan to take all relevant documents, along with a copy of email from a conference in Canada where my wife is invited.

    Any input will be great.



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  • paragpujara
    10-23 09:37 PM
    It was very quick approval. anyways Congrats to you and your family. you are free bird now. :)

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  • LostInGCProcess
    01-15 02:59 PM
    Here is the news from the Little Rock newpaper. Apparently the criminal shot dead another guy right after this incident

    Thanks for the link. The robber was indeed targeting a particular group/race...Hispanics. And us Indians look like Hispanics in the eye of African-Americans ( and some whites think we are Arabs, that's a whole different story).

    Police also say the suspect in these latest crimes matches the description of a man wanted for a string of robberies apparently targeting Hispanic men in the parking lots of apartment complexes in other parts of west Little Rock.


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  • styrum
    02-09 08:23 PM
    Here I got it from CIS site. The position must require MS but if you have BS+5 you qualify for it and hence for EB2:

    EB-2 Eligibility and Filing

    The EB-2 classification includes: aliens who are "members of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent" and aliens "who because of their exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business will substantially benefit the national economy, cultural, or educational interests or welfare of the United States."

    A petition for a foreign professional holding an advanced degree may be filed when the job requires an advanced degree (beyond the baccalaureate) and the alien possesses such a degree or the equivalent. The petition must include documentation, such as an official academic record showing that the alien has a U.S. advanced degree or a foreign equivalent degree, or an official academic record showing that the alien has a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent degree and letters from current or former employers showing that the alien has at least 5 years of progressive post-baccalaureate experience in the specialty.

    RESUME: To file under EB2, if the position by its code falls under job zone IV for the requirements to be "normal" it needs to require MS + 0 experience, but the applicant may have BS + 5. For zone V the position should require MS at least again, and may require experience. But, again, your BS + 5 will be counted as MS (you will need more than 5 if any additional experience is required, obviously).

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  • praveenat11
    10-24 01:27 PM
    hi guys,
    The PD current for EB1 in the month of Oct.
    I have filed my I-140,I-485 on Oct10 2007 in the category of EB1.
    But until now i did not receive any confirmation notice..
    Can anyone say what should i do now or have to wait for some more weeks?

    Thanks in advance...


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  • logiclife
    07-09 11:37 AM
    The flower campaign is apparently working as far as the attention the issue is getting.

    If we can manage to send at least 500-700 flowers to USCIS, that will create the kind of attention we want and it will bring the issue of retrogression again on the forefront in Washington DC.

    PLEASE PLEASE send the flowers to USCIS director Emilio Gonzalez. For details on sending, address and the message on the message card, read this thread :


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  • StarSun
    05-26 08:25 AM
    Members from NJ, NY contact laborchic asap. Thanks


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  • zeal2005
    04-20 11:28 AM
    The fact is Obama has not done anything he promised about immigration. He just speaks a lot and acts very little unfortunately...

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  • satyasrd
    07-02 07:27 AM

    I am with you on this and am willing to put in efforts for bringing some relief to all those patiently waiting to file their I-485. Unfortunately, whenever I bring up this topic I get no support from anyone. I don't think people waiting to file I-485 realize that possible wait times could range from 5,6 years to even a 20 ! Everyone has their hopes set on a mirage called CIR.

    Is the following (or can it be) a part of the Admin Fix Initiative? :-

    Allow I-485 filing and/or obtaining EAD,AP benefits when I-140 is approved irrespective of priority date being current. This will help many of us who missed the July 07 boat.


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  • jkays94
    10-03 01:32 PM
    I am very depressed! my lawyer who is doing my I-485 has advised that if she was to be concerned with her representing me, she would advise against me starting the company. basically, she said, USCIS can read this as an intent to leave the permanent employer for self employment. my business plan was to be in non-IT business. she said that if i am making enough money in the business, it will be hard to prove that i intend to continue in the job while having this business on the side...

    well! best of luck to you guys! go on sharing your stories.

    Although USCIS guidances are not binding, you might want to pay attention to the below (was not able to upload the attachment, you might want to google for it)

    From: Michael Aytes
    Acting Director of Domestic Operations
    Date: December 27, 2005
    Re: Interim guidance for processing I-140 employment-based immigrant petitions and I-485 and
    H-1B petitions affected by the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of
    2000 (AC21) (Public Law 106-313)

    Question 7. Should service centers or district offices request proof of ?ability to pay? from
    successor employers in I-140 portability cases, in other words, from the new
    company/employer to which someone has ported?
    Answer: No. The relevant inquiry is whether the new position is in the same or similar occupational
    classification as the alien?s I-140 employment. It may be appropriate to confirm the legitimacy of a
    new employer and the job offer through an RFE to the adjustment applicant for relevant information
    about these issues. In an adjustment setting, public charge is also a relevant inquiry.

    Question 8. Can an alien port to self-employment under INA ?204(j)?
    Answer: Yes, as long as the requirements are met. First, the key is whether the employment is in a
    "same or similar" occupational classification as the job for which the original I-140 petition was filed.
    Second, it may be appropriate to confirm that the new employer and the job offer are legitimate
    through an RFE to the adjustment applicant for relevant information about these issues. Third, as
    with any portability case, USCIS will focus on whether the I-140 petition represented the truly
    intended employment at the time of the filing of both the I-140 and the I-485. This means that, as
    of the time of the filing of the I-140 and at the time of filing the I-485 if not filed concurrently, the I-
    140 petitioner must have had the intent to employ the beneficiary, and the alien must have intended
    to undertake the employment, upon adjustment. Adjudicators should not presume absence of such
    intent and may take the I-140 and supporting documents themselves as prima facie evidence of such
    intent, but in appropriate cases additional evidence or investigation may be appropriate.

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  • wahwah
    09-20 11:19 PM
    i really appreciate and applaud what you and other members of immigration voice and other pro-imigration groups have done but for personal reasons i believe that fighting the congress is a losing battle and i sincerely doubt if we'll have any pro-immigration bill passed before the 2008 presidential election and when the new president comes this will fall att the bottom of his/her agenda. Look at Bush's tenure he's promised pro-immigration measures since 2004 and squat has happened. The issue is that there a lot of anti- legal and illegal immigration activists and congress members who will make sure nothing goes thru the senate or the house.

    Simmer guys - sorry to cause ripples here.

    By "those people" I mean the people that come to the forums only to either track which mail room boy signed for a package, or argue about who bad the inactivity of movement on a Priority Date movement would be.

    "Those people" are not here to contribute, they aren't here to help anyway. They aren't interested in meeting their lawmakers, or attending a rally.

    In all honesty, "those people", who are busy tracking not predicting probably don't give 2 hoots about bulletins anymore, they are content with 10 years of EAD / AP renewals but doing nothing to change that.

    Its a gross generalization, of course, but I apologize if people took that as offensive. Sometimes the truth is a little annoying.

    I was working at the rally for 4 days, and was checking the forums in my spare time still. Those tracking threads sure looked very active throughout the whole thing, despite a comparative hand full of IV members were working very hard to actually make change.


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  • ravi.shah
    04-19 08:19 AM
    Somebody knew already....

    Obama to hold meeting on immigration reform | AP Texas News | - Houston Chronicle (

    Thanks for the link, planets !
    Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh........... :(

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  • pappu
    01-21 08:27 PM
    FY EB1 EB2 EB3
    2003 1,266 8,536 10,647
    2004 2,998 16,262 19,889
    2005 6,336 16,687 23,250
    2006 3,156 3,720 3,006
    2007 2,855 6,203 17,795
    2008 5,327 14,819 3,576
    21,938 66,227 78,163

    Going forward, EB3 would be in 3000 to 4000 range unless we come together as a force and act.

    If it helps we can bring some good statistics experts on board to analyze the data we will have on our tracker and from USCIS. This will give us better estimates on movement of dates and how everything is currently being processed. let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas.

    To do this it is important that we all input our data in IV tracker. Soon some more features will be added to the tracker and we will make it really robust easy to analyze. Could everyone help spread the word about the tracker so that everyone can come to IV and input their dates.

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  • ragz4u
    03-22 08:37 AM
    This has been convered before in some thread and the admin was given a very very low figure for the revenues that could be generated with google ads

    01-16 12:45 PM
    Another example my ex-boss in US had. There was a homeless person in his area and he used to see him almost every day. One day he decided to do something, talked to him and asked him to sign-up with his church rehab group, get him a job etc....My ex-boss was serious but the homeless promptly rejected all the offers and instead he just wanted to remain as homeless only. He didn't even want to try....


    USA is land of opportunity.
    Moral of the story, homelessness in this country is by choice not by chance!

    02-21 09:42 AM
    Question to champak,
    Is it separate policy or more coverage for employer sponsored policy which you bought from your employer?. if it is binded with employer policy , how could you move to new employer or take out along with when you leave firm?


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