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  • Macaca
    08-12 11:23 AM
    Pending cases = EB + Family + Refugee + Asylum + ... = Backlogged cases + Unripe cases = 1,275,795 (page 11) + 1,316,740 (Figure 1, page 14) = 2,592,535 (as of March 2007)

    What is an unripe case?

    even if the application or petition were approved today, a benefit could not be conferred for months or years to come. (page 11)
    cases that do not have an available visa or an FBI name check, and cases that are in suspense for other reasons deemed beyond USCIS’ control (page 12)

    There will be severe consequences from rapid fluctuations in priority dates.

    If the priority date became current today, due to delayed USCIS processing and thus underutilization of visa numbers, some have predicted that within a few months as many as 500,000 to 750,000 individuals now residing in the United States under a temporary worker visa could apply for a green card.
    Additionally, DOL’s recent backlog elimination efforts, scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2007, are predicted to add 70,000 or more approved labor certifications yielding as many as 170,000 additional green card applications.
    As USCIS begins to complete these applications and request visa numbers from DOS, the 140,000 statutorily authorized visa numbers will be used. DOS then will be required to retrogress priority dates.

    Consequently, most applicants in this scenario will find themselves trapped whereas they anticipated timely receipt of a green card, their wait exceeds seven or more years.
    In addition, all future employment-based green card applicants effectively would be barred from applying for many years.

    (From page 35 of Ombudsman's Report (

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  • GotGC??
    06-28 12:39 PM
    makes sense...they are expecting alot of 140/485 combine filings in July and by issuing this bulletin they have stopped people from filing 140 in PP

    When I saw the huge movement in June followed by the July bulletin, I'd thought to myself - it's a question of time before they suspend/terminate the 140 PP. The PP demand would come not from people who are filing 140/485 together (because that would be only people who just got the LCs) but rather people who had already applied 140 but not 485, or those who 140 is pending but 485 got current.

    This change could at least benefit those who have a "normal" 140 in the pipeline, but that's doubtful because I'm sure these resources would get sucked into the tsunami of 485s in July.

    The fact that it says they'll reconsider this after Aug 1 suggests that they do not anticipate too may 485 filings in Aug => chances of retrogression in Aug bulletin is now higher, if it does not retrogress mid-month!

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  • vivache
    09-25 07:13 PM
    I agree with both the ideas.
    In fact the idea of the banner with 'Waiting for X years' is fantastic ..
    That would be an amazing sight where everyone holds placards that say since when they have been waiting.
    If it's even 400 people .. we have 400 people saying look we've been waiting since 5,7 or 9 years.

    It's also important to get in heavyweights like either local folks like Google HR head or any public face. Google has always supported the Immigration issues .. since they have problems because they couldn't hire folks when the h1 lottery happenned.

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  • nixstor
    07-11 11:04 AM
    Spoke with Amit at USINPAC. Looks like the dude doesn't know any thing and might be a summer intern and Mr Robinder Sachdev is in India right now, I asked for his contact info and he doesnt have it right now. He is trying to get his contact information and also escalating with his higher ups. He said that he is receiving a lot of calls from IV members. Dont fire up on this guy. He is just taking calls. I told him that its unfair to grab/steal credit with out mentioning the source and also pointed out how IV has been renamed to Emigration Voice in the original story.

    IV should have a own press release refuting their claims, if we do not hear from them in a day or two. That way we can expose them right away and stop them from doing so again in the future. Other wise, this might become a common thing for them


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  • gc28262
    02-15 07:13 PM
    Pleaassssssssse dont fight among oursleves ....

    Lets fight against immigration bureacracy and unfair policies...

    Yes we want more peace makers in the forum :) Thank You !

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  • unitednations
    04-20 12:08 PM
    it is the job profile that dictates whether the case is eb2 or eb3 - the applicant should meet the criteria for the job. not the other way around.

    Sure. h-1b is now; labor is what you are going to do when greencard gets approved.

    try telling a consultant who is qualified for eb2 that the job dictates it is eb3 and they won't sleep or eat -:).

    Reality of the process and how it works is quite different. If you really wanted to pick on things; DOL assessment of education and experience dictate that all of the IT positions should not require more then bachelors and four years of experience (ever IT labor filed with eb2 requirements it to be answered that the job requirements are NOTnormal for the positoin.

    If companies don't want to file eb2 then employee will not stay (they cannot fathom waiting 10 years for greencard).

    Maybe people don't want to hear this but that is reality of the situation.


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  • psaxena
    02-24 07:02 PM
    My days in office are slow, I was thinking on how to pass the time, and immigration helps me easily to reach to 5:00 PM. Lets keep discussing this, keep on come on..

    Someone got some more ideas which are ready to be dead in this thread..

    Unity is the key guys, I dun see a single thing in IV which says, "OK guys this is our plan of action, Let's do it".

    Please read my blog "Had a dream (" definately thats gonna happen I believe now.

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  • sathyaraj
    11-08 08:36 AM
    Hopefully we will continue the fireworks before this yr to get the visa re-capture and increase in EB visas.

    Happy Diwali to everyone!!


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  • Macaca
    04-13 01:33 PM
    Some paras from U-Va. Receives Largest Gift in School History (, Friday, April 13, 2007

    The University of Virginia announced its largest gift ever yesterday, a $100 million donation that will enable the state's flagship university to establish a school of leadership and public policy.

    The gift is from Frank Batten Sr., a 1950 graduate and retired chairman and chief executive of the media company Landmark Communications Inc., who had already donated $60 million to the business school.

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  • krishna_brc
    02-15 10:41 AM
    FYI majority of Desi companies follow the rules as stipulated by US laws. There definitely are abuses in any law. Do you think all wallstreet firms played by rules in this financial mess.

    If there are abuses that should be enforced. No doubt about it.
    Please stop generalizing from these incidents. There are good majority of IV folks who work for good consulting companies.

    If you don't want IV to be reduced to an organization of couple of hundred members, please stop generalizing. After all that is what anti-immigrants are doing.

    Don't kill IV with your immature perspective.

    I SECOND gc28262


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-09 12:08 PM
    I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$

    Running away is not a solution. Fight for justice, fight for truth.

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  • wellwisher02
    05-13 04:46 PM
    I would strongly suggest, people refrain from using words like injustice, etc., Injustice implies the US govt is doing something wrong, when they are not. Such accusations do not reflect well on us and are unlikely to benefit in any meaningful way.

    Desis are impacted because we are just so many of us. No other reason. Keep in mind that we are still walking away with the bulk of green cards each year, far above the stipulated Quota.

    The Green card system exists for the benefit of America. It will not be tailored to meet the individual needs of overpopulated countries. All we can do is request them to improve the system and make it easier for applicants. Taking the aggressive approach of accusations, demanding for change, asking for more, etc., will not work.
    Agree with you! I faintly remember a reputed attorney filing a suit against INS a couple of years back against protracted GC on behalf of the GC community. It was rejected outright.


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  • freedom_fighter
    06-29 04:11 PM
    I think IV should work on filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for several reasons. Are we going to be coward legals waiting, for lazy folks at USCIS to undo the wrong they've done for so many years.

    1. Blatant errors in the processing which has, destroyed , causing huge stress, trauma and what not to ppl waiting in limbo.

    2. Inability to provide any insight on the basic timeline for any application. Look at the EB backlogs, they change there bulletin as if its a stock market, it can go forward or backward depending on the mood of the ppl working on any day.

    3. Immigration is a burden on the legal immigrants, we pay for those ppl jobs. How can they offer such a sub-standard service, considering the hefty fees they charge from us.

    4. The US constitution says " We the people", does not say "Legal Aliens" don't have any say or can't ask for justice.

    5. We are legals, did not cross any border like those illegals, which this administration is so concerned about. We pay for services, not screw ups!

    6. Lost EB visas for USCIS / DOS mis-handling.

    7. Even if we loose the lawsuit, still we made our point. USCIS sucks! period

    Ok now, i'm ready for all the red dots, who think that keeping quite will some how magically solve these problems. They need to be held accountable for what they've done.

    Btw. I found this :,1116-khanna.shtm
    This was class-action lawsuit by Rajeev Khanna. Anybody know what happened with it?

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  • pappu
    01-21 08:27 PM
    FY EB1 EB2 EB3
    2003 1,266 8,536 10,647
    2004 2,998 16,262 19,889
    2005 6,336 16,687 23,250
    2006 3,156 3,720 3,006
    2007 2,855 6,203 17,795
    2008 5,327 14,819 3,576
    21,938 66,227 78,163

    Going forward, EB3 would be in 3000 to 4000 range unless we come together as a force and act.

    If it helps we can bring some good statistics experts on board to analyze the data we will have on our tracker and from USCIS. This will give us better estimates on movement of dates and how everything is currently being processed. let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas.

    To do this it is important that we all input our data in IV tracker. Soon some more features will be added to the tracker and we will make it really robust easy to analyze. Could everyone help spread the word about the tracker so that everyone can come to IV and input their dates.


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  • vivache
    09-25 09:25 PM
    sure .. have sent you a pm

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  • 24fps
    02-15 06:58 PM
    yea i hope USCIS completely cleanses the system and gets things back to the way it was pre - 2000

    except for mayb 5% of the bodyshoppers ( i could be wrong as i'm not frm IT , have friends who tell me etc) rest all 95% commit fraud to some degree or the other

    they need to be weeded out


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-08 12:43 PM
    I have EAD approved and 485 pending over 180 days. But 140 is still in process. My company decided to lay me off. What options do I have ?

    1. The company is not mean to revoke my 140 unless it is required by law to revoke 140 for all lay offs, Please advise.
    2. What options do i have now to retain my GC process


    You have a little tricky situation at hand, but you'll be okay if what you wrote is true - Your employer will not revoke your pending I-140. Not only that, they have to be nice enough to respond to any RFEs that come for your case. they can state that the imimgration application they filed for you is for a future position.

    Also, USCIS has a guideline about these cases. They are supposed to see if your I-140 was 'approvable' if it had been adjudicated within 180 days or before you leave the company, which I think it should be.

    I understand there are some anxious days ahead for you, but If I had to bet, I would bet on successful result of your case in the end :).

    Just make sure that your old employer doesn't revoke your I-140

    BTW, when was your I-140 filed?


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  • sanju
    12-31 04:09 PM
    When shastras were written, it was estimated that the world population is 32 million (I think its 8 million) or whatever that number is. Like when you say Namsate, it means "the God in me Salutes the God in you". As per shastras, god exists in every human being. So thats why that million number. It doesn't mean that there are 30 million gods, which is the litteral meaning of the text. Writings from olden times is just someone's interpertation of what they "understood" about God. Its NOT the final word. Human understanding of the nature and our surroundings have gotten better over thousands of years. Just like, we know how to cook food instead of eating raw meat. Wouldn't it make sense for the religions to EVOLVE, as we learn new things? But the "protector of religion" wants us to continue to live at the knowledge level of humans who existed thousands of years back, its just like asking us to eat raw meat. Will you eat raw meat just because our ansestors used to eat raw meat. If not, then why follow the same believes, haven't we learned anything new about God in the last thousand years. We all must be really poor intellectually to not leanr anything more about our creator in last thousand years. Maybe we should pity ourselves and get back to following the our same old religion.


    2.As per Hindu shastra there 30 Million Gods+some(or one) for Christians+some(or one) for Muslims+few more for different people -- who is correct GOD here and whom should we follow.

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  • ashkam
    06-30 11:00 PM
    Thank you guys,

    Even if it's EB3? Eb3 requires only Bachelor, without any experinece, am I wrong?

    Only Eb2+ 5 years of progressive work experience requires all the employment letters throughtout the 5 years. Am I accurate?

    Thank you again for your help.

    Depends on what your company gave as the qualifications for the position. In my case it was EB3 bachelors + 2 years work experience so I had to give experience letters.

    06-18 07:23 PM

    Here is new link (HR 2709, Jun 4):

    H.R. 2709: Reuniting Families Act ( (

    02-12 12:24 PM
    You said Labor do says BS+5 year Exp. is OK.
    If nothing comes up...Check if your original employer files New I140 to consider you in EB3 instead of EB2 using same labor.

    digging through my old documents now.

    I was mistaken reading the labor cert application. It did say "we accept BS + 5 years progressive experience".

    I am 3 year Eng diploma + 1 year Eng post Diploma + 10 year exp in India + 5year Exp in US before filing Labor Cert .

    I do have a copy of the Educational evaluation used by my old attorney which says US master equivalent.

    As one member pointed out , there is a possibility that my original employer might have sent a letter saying Labor cert has mistakes but I have no way to confirm that . Or it could that the Officer is just trying to find any small thing to make the case deny.

    I am digging all my old docs to give it to my attorney and see what he is going to day .

    Thanks for all the support folks .

    Updates Via E-Mail