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  • poorslumdog
    03-17 08:15 PM
    For all who replied well to my thread.. Thanks a million. to whom, trying to blame me etc.. If you want to reply with good answer you are welcome to do so...else DON'T EVEN REPLY.
    Now another question to you guys who are blaming me......
    Did not you guys ever used office stuff/taking printouts of ur personal use/ using ofice phone for personal use etc in your life? If you have done so.. YOU ARE ALSO THIEVES. YOU did not get caught, thats the basic difference...

    Thanks guys

    Have fun!!!

    No one is blaming fact you have to blame yourself.

    This is public forum and you can not decide or force who should reply or not.

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  • gk_2000
    04-21 04:16 PM
    I notice the OP has disappeared. Hope it was not an anti's bait!

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-23 07:45 AM
    I have to agree with you on this. Its not like Bollywood did not make movies before Danny Boyle made one about slums and poverty in India. There were so many good movies made by Indians with not a single white or foreign contribution, but never even released outside of India. It took a white man to come and show the world the poverty stricken children of India that the world stood up and took notice.

    My hope is that things will change now. Just as the world has realized the technical talent Indians have in IT and Business, my hope is that they realize that we have others talents too!

    All said, congratulations to ARR and Pooktty. I hope Danny Boyle really keeps up his word to those kids to help in thier education.

    I just dont get it. A.R Rehman has been doing amazing work for ages now and it needed a British movie to take him to the world stage. Really, his work in Dil Se...was way better than what he did in Slumdog.

    Bollywood sucks and how!!! They need to figure out how they can take their cinema to the world audience. They've been failing miserably in promoting their movies in the west. Americans welcome change and encourage talent always and our bollywood producers/directors need to tap that.

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  • msyedy
    02-07 10:42 AM
    Might be he/she is from the EB- ROW.. Ah!!

    True .. True .. I agree
    did not think of that


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  • dilipb
    06-23 02:22 PM
    Hi Dilip,
    Where did you find the updated Renewal Form, I saw an update in, we need to use the latest for for I765

    and How much was the fee(Check you sent)


    This is the correct process of EAD renewal.
    - get the latest form always from
    - never use google or any search engine
    - since my first EAD was filed before the new changes implemented last year (i think july 2007), I had to pay $340. I think everyone has to pay $340 (Your case may be different, read the instructions properly)

    This now will give me a 2 year EAD. and even after 2 years If I dont get a GC, I will be able to reapply for EAD, at that time WITHOUT any FEES!!

    Bottom line is : Read the instructions properly.
    Email me if you need any help.

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    02-25 12:28 PM
    Ya, expect others to show maturity while you continue to be a child.


    Is criticising me instead of my ideas going to help? I wonder who the child is.


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  • willgetgc2005
    10-12 04:05 PM

    Let us differentiate ourselves. Legal immigrants include people who come here on family based PR petitions. We are Highly skilled legal Immigrants.

    IMHO, WE SHOUD USE "WE ARE HIGHLY SKILLED LEGAL IMMIGRANTS" INSTEAD OF "LEGAL IMMIGRANTS". Going by what is happening in the hill and elsewhere, this distinction will work favorably for us.

    PAPPU, others, comment. Let us all be consistent.

    I used the subject line: US immigration system: problems faced by legal immigrants

    thanks for taking the lead on this issue.

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  • gc_kaavaali
    05-21 02:40 PM
    I had sent an e-mail to my attorney...below is his reply...looks like i will get my renewed EAD before current EAD expires.

    USCIS typically issues new EADs within 90 days. If they don't, you may make an Infopass appointment to appear in-person at a local office to request that they process an interim EAD. The local office will not issue an EAD. Rather, they will contact the Service Center which will typically issue the EAD within two weeks.

    Not sure if this rule still valid (some websites still has them , including murthy),
    check this out



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  • knnmbd
    04-03 10:20 AM
    Looks like the guy we engage for our cause gets a shot to speak about immigration on WSJ and guess what he forgets us all together. Great job for picking QGA core team.

    I am just reposting my post from yesterday just so that the people on core can read my thoughts�

    I don�t mean to insult your intelligence, but who ever came up with ideas to ask, celebrities, a noble laurite and other accomplished folks from the immigration community to send faxes does not have the slightest plan on how to make this succeed.

    If this is the kind of ideas the �lobbyists� QGA is giving us, may we need some fresh blood in helping us out. I completely agree �eb3retro� in working with in helping us get our message across. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANE IDEA OF SENDING FAXES all the time either from members of IV or asking other people to do it on our behalf. We are hurting ourselves and don�t even know it. As I have said in my earlier posts �We need the Erin Brockovich of immigration to help us on this, and I am the AILA or similar organization can do this for us.�

    Good Luck.

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  • snathan
    04-02 12:59 PM
    Gulti mentality was something that guy(malibuguy) was talking about . Thats what i meant by Gulti mentality . I just started with a simple question "WHATS THE MOTIVATION FOR CONTRIBUTION(MONEY AS WELL AS TIME) FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T APPLIED FOR GC " !! Was that offensive ? I don't need answers for specific questions. I just need to know what IV is all about ? ? BTW, i have balls to ask anything to anybody if it makes sense(immigration officer is not making rules) .

    Then call senator grassley and ask these questions and prove you have the BALLS!!!! Otherwise you know what it means.


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  • Openarms
    06-02 05:40 PM
    We got heavy weights here supporting this bill... Kennedy and Schumer.. IV fights for all immigration issues, but not for this... then whom IV fighting for???

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  • hpandey
    06-03 09:59 AM
    For all those who commented in negative.
    1. Its posted in Interesting topics section. GC, E2/E3 predictions,H1B extension etc is not the only thing left in life.
    2. Spelling is a logical/creative thing. Its not cramming words from dictionary. Its an art too. Ever heard of phonetics.

    have a nice day.

    Are you quite sure it is a logical creative thing ? There are a lot of words which are pronounced quite differently from the way they are spelled ... unless you know the word ( by cramming ) you would not be able to spell it.

    Your point 1 has nothing to do with this topic. Was it ever said that GC is the only thing in life by anyone ?

    Obviously this is hard work but to what end. How is knowing the spelling of every word in the planet going to help her or anyone for that matter.

    Better be a good writer who writes on interesting topics , stories or novels than to be the proof reader for the writer. Who do you think would have a good career - the writer or the proof reader.

    Learning how to spell would have taken thousands and thousands of hours . Wouldn't that time be better spent in learning maths or science or arts or a musical instrument or sports or anything that will help her in the future or be personally gratifying for life. I am not sure she will remember half the words 10 years from now just like a engineer doing java programming for 10-15 years would practically remember nothing he learned in college.


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  • Goodintentions
    04-11 07:57 AM
    You can be paid hourly or weekly or monthly or by weekly, does not matter as long as your job is fulltime and in same or similar occupation. Hourly pay is a more convinient tool for employers to keep you as contigent worker at times it works both ways because you can get paid more if you work more hours (depends on the state I guess).
    You may verify the same with lawyers and gurus.

    Kindly read text below. Based on whatever is said here, an element of risk still exists if your ex-employer decides to harass you. As someone had pointed out in one of the threads, what is supported here is long term indentured labour keeping people like like us perpetually under the mercy of the greedy employers. Do we have really anything in our favour ??? :) :) :)

    AC21 and I-140 Revocation : INS Inconsistent on I-485s
    Posted Feb 07, 2003

    The law and applications of the law are ever-changing. What seems to be firm ground one day turns to quicksand the next. And so it goes with AC21 and the impact of I-140 revocation.

    For more than a year, top-level INS officials have stated in AILA meetings that an I-485 that has been pending for 180 days or more can gain approval under AC21, even if the employer revokes the I-140. That is, once the I-485 has been pending for 180 days, the employer's revocation of an I-140 is ineffective as far as causing a denial of the I-485 in the context of AC21. The INS elaborated on this to clarify that the date of revocation of the I-140 is the date the INS acts upon the revocation request, not the date the request is made. Therefore, an individual could benefit by the INS' delays in processing routine mail. Our June 28, 2002 MurthyBulletin article, I-485 Approval after I-140 Revocation, available on MurthyDotCom, covers a victory involving this precise issue. Unfortunately, the INS guidance has never been submitted in writing. This is currently causing problems in several cases that have come to our attention.

    We have recently become aware of cases in which the INS has denied I-485s due to the revocation of the I-140 petition, even though the I-140 revocation occurred after the 180-day point. Motions to Reopen and Reconsider were filed asking that the cases be approved based upon the INS' stated policy. Both the California and Nebraska Service Centers issued denials of the Motions, essentially citing that there is no written policy. Accordingly, without a written policy, the INS cannot deviate from the general legal requirement that an I-485 application needs to be supported by an approved, un-revoked I-140 petition. We cannot be certain whether this is a change in policy or an issue requiring the training of examiners unaware of the policy.

    The Law Office of Sheela Murthy recently contacted the INS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. to rectify this situation and urge that the INS follow their own guidance. INS policy personnel have reiterated that the I-485 application should not be denied if it has been pending for over 180 days based on a previously approved I-140 petition. INS Headquarters has informed our Office that they will contact the particular INS service centers to have them reconsider their earlier decisions, based on Headquarters' policy. However, INS has not yet addressed what happens to post-July 31, 2002, concurrently-filed cases in which the I-140 was never approved but the I-485 remains pending for over 180 days.

    If AC21 is to have any meaning, the sponsoring employer must not retain control over the foreign national after the 180-day point. An individual's ability to obtain approval of an I-485 based on a job offer from a new employer should not rest upon the former employer's whim to revoke the I-140 petition or not. Fortunately, the majority of employers do not tend to revoke the I-140 petition. However, we have seen employers inadvertently revoke I-140s when the intent was to revoke the H1B petition, as is required under certain regulations. We have seen some employers attempt to retaliate against an ex-employee by revoking the I-140 petition after the 180-day point. We have seen employers revoke I-140s who simply do not want any extra papers bearing their names at INS. Employers hoping to hire more foreign nationals in the future may want to revoke the I-140 in order to use the labor certification and substitute another foreign national as the beneficiary. There are many reasons an employer may revoke an I-140. However, none of them is related to the spirit and intent of AC21 in allowing the beneficiary the freedom to move to another position and gain approval once the adjudication of the case has taken half a year or longer.

    � The Law Office of Sheela Murthy, P.C.


    Best wishes!!!

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  • immigration1234
    03-17 02:27 PM
    That would be a great idea and thats true!


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  • Macaca
    06-15 08:31 PM
    DOS allocates GC numbers to USCIS adjustment cases only as the point of approval is reached. DOS can set/move/retrogress PD based on info provided by USCIS about number of cases at point of approval.
    USCIS is not able to provide a good estimate of this number because

    it can not calculate this number based on USCISs workload, and
    it does not know the number of cases DOL will send to them. DOL again can not calculate the number of cases (it will send to USCIS) based on DOLs worload.

    The following are from page 35 and beginning of page 36

    The key to addressing this management issue at USCIS is to understand the dynamic interplay of priority dates and shifting workloads of three departments, and to know with greater precision and accuracy the size and details of USCIS� workloads.
    The tri-agency meetings seek to expand inter-agency communication regarding expected new demands and surges, workflows, and priority dates. During the meetings, there is an examination of the case management systems and data collection processes used to assess workflows through each entity, particularly USCIS.
    Although USCIS stated in its 2006 Annual Report Response (at p. 8) that it provides detailed data to DOS, the tri-agency group identified gaps in USCIS� data.

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  • nshalady
    06-19 01:02 AM
    You dont need an EAD, if you still have valid H1. AC21 has nothing to do with EAD. However, if your H1 is expiring soon, and you have already used up 6 years of H1, you would need an EAD, because H1 extension beyond 6 years is available only for people who cant file I485 because of retrogression.

    If you don't need EAD to use AC21 whats the use of EAD for the primary applicant?

    I was not planning to change company and just filed my 485 without EAD last week. But now situation has changed and the lawyer said i need EAD if i want to use AC21 after 6 months. I'm hoping to get a receipt notice soon so that i can file for EAD without the increased fees. Anybody has any link to where it says we don't need EAD for AC21 so i can check with my lawyer?


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  • hindichinibhaibhai
    03-29 12:37 AM
    Guys MY PD is feb 2008. I am recently watching vias bulletins. I am in EB2.
    Based on my watching previous visa bulletions ( after sep 2008) I dont see that it makes major difference if you file in EB3 or EB2.
    Both are backloged very much and sincearly I dont hope inspite on being in EB2, I will get EAD or GC till 2015.

    What are your thoughts, is it worth filing in EB2?
    Of course, it is worth it. Go with EB-2 and don't lose hope.

    I ended-up in EB3 due to a mistake made by the lawyer back in 2001-2. Of course, we fired the lawyer, when we realized this. I wish I'd switched myself to EB-2 back then. I just didn't know of the possibility until recently, thanks to IV.

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  • ars01
    06-25 04:29 PM
    I don't know if this question has been asked before. Is there a benefit for filing AP by paper rather then electronically. I filed EAD by paper to TCS and got the "Card Production Ordered" email yesterday (in 14 days) for myself and my wife. My friends who efiled just received finger printing appointment notification and no receipts. Is there same benefit with AP? Please calrify.

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  • sargon
    03-31 01:25 PM
    Real movement will come in the last 3 months of this financial year (july, aug, sep bulletins).

    10-11 09:15 AM
    I personally don't think any dramatic change will occur by december. You should probably follow your lawyer. This is a reasonable guess based on warnings issued in the November bulletin and assuming that even if any positive legislation is passed there will not be any movement in December bulletin - such movement would occur only later.

    03-09 12:11 PM
    Fence sitters and casual thread browsers on IV
    There is no messiah for EB immigrants....we have to be our own 'messiah's...advocacy needs participation and money, no freedom is won without battles!!!

    Updates Via E-Mail