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  • gclabor07
    10-01 11:32 AM
    I've the same question. It sounds pretty stupid that Indian government allows you to have Indian passport if you register the child within one year. Looks like the child has no say in the process. Also, once the child gets Indian passport, can she revert back to US citizenship and hold US passport by renouncing Indian passport? Or do she need to wait 18 years? Once the child holds Indian passport, then does she need to get US visa stamp to enter US? Also, can the child hold both US and Indian passport?

    well said my friend and i agree with you completely. although, i grappled with this issue when we had a baby.......the question where i got stumped was - if i got Indian Citizenship for my child (born in US), what would be the child's legal status here? and, also if we were traveling outside the country - how would the child reenter US?

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  • floridasun
    12-31 06:35 AM
    AmitKhare77... apparently, the job title and job responsibilities have to be same as whats on labor until we get GC. otherwise no promotion.
    SGP.... you made my day ! As I did not want to ruin my friends's mood on on new year's eve, I was planning on dropping new year party plans and stay back home.... but your post just put life back into me...
    one more qn - after I change to Company B, what happens if Company A revokes I-140 ?

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  • WeShallOvercome
    11-06 03:43 PM
    I agree, It's not worth investing in India and going through all the legal hassles when it comes to getting it back.

    I myself invested a small amount there 2 years ago, which has grown quite a bit but I'm not sure if and how I can get it here.

    One thing I'm doing is that whenever myself or my family goes to India, We don't take much money with us from here. We just spend from whatever we already have in India. My brother is a joint account holder in my savings account with HDFC. I just sell some stocks and transfer that money to our HDFC account, he withdraws money and hands it over to us when we reach there.

    Whatever you earn in India, spend in India :)

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-10 09:07 AM
    I seriously hope that the Director of the USCIS understands our "Gandhigiiri".

    We dont want the Americans thinking, "hey lets keep screwing these immigrants and getting stuff like free flowers and free blood from them"


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  • sanju
    02-23 08:38 AM
    I just dont get it. A.R Rehman has been doing amazing work for ages now and it needed a British movie to take him to the world stage. Really, his work in Dil Se...was way better than what he did in Slumdog.

    Bollywood sucks and how!!! They need to figure out how they can take their cinema to the world audience. They've been failing miserably in promoting their movies in the west. Americans welcome change and encourage talent always and our bollywood producers/directors need to tap that.

    Let me guess, you are a pakistani terrorist. Now you are jealous that how come an Indian muslim win 2 oscars? How will you give out your hateful message to other pakistanis terrorists that indian muslims are being torchured, so you have to "save" indian muslims. Too bad, no pakistani got an oscar. I know why, because the terror capital of the world is going down the drain pretty fast.


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  • stldude
    07-20 03:53 PM
    Guys - Most of the banks have notifications service.Once u login to u'r account you can provide the cheque no.and request to be notified by e-mail once the check is cleared.. That way u don'thv. to check u'r bank a/c a million times in a day... :)


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  • dhirajs98
    06-28 02:03 PM
    my pd is march 07. my agency told me they converted my I 140 into premium on june 18.But my case status still hasn changed from 'RECIEVED N PENDING". Is there any delay by the uscis usually in changing the status?
    Can somebody please clarify?

    My RFE response to the I-140 PP was sent on June 7th but I have received anything from USCIS. Status on theor wesite is still old. Its almost 3 weeks after I sent the response to the RFE. I am not sure what is going on w/ USCIS these days. They have taken money to process it in premium but it seems they don't bother to complete case in 15 working days anymore.

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  • ashokred
    08-04 07:42 PM
    Justaju jiski thi, usko to na paya humne..
    Is bahane magar dekh li duniya humne.

    what a timeless masterpiece!!!
    gives me goosebumps everytime i listen to this!!!


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  • thamizhan
    07-19 09:49 AM
    Let us poll here only for Nebraska Service Center 02-July filers and find stats to estimate the timeline

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  • caydee
    05-24 09:08 AM
    I spent some time analyzing the draft and I conclude that status-quo is better as the Law-makers will continue to feel the pressure for a "true reform". The bill in current form does more harm than good and this is also evident from press reports. It is also evident that there aren't any known amendments that would change the face of this bill and it appears that the process we are currently seeing on the senate floor is a staged drama. One must remember, if any bill is passed, then there wont be any more reforms for years to come. Just my opinion.


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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 11:07 AM
    If my priority date is retrogressed at the time of processing my EAD and AP, will USCIS keep the EAD and AP on hold? Or will they process EAD and AP and hold the I485?

    The reason the processing dates matter is because by the time USCIS gets to process our I765 and I131 the dates would have retrogressed and then what happens is a million dollar ?

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  • kaisersose
    05-13 02:28 PM
    it depends on who is in which category ..I feel the above (1 -2 -3) is unjust ..not that I/we can influence how it flows. my view is that the category which is at the end should get more visas ...and I would support this even if things change tomorrow (EB3 current and EB2 severly retrogressed or EB-wwide - retrogressed ..not that it will ever happen !!)

    Based on what?

    EB1 is more qualified than other categories and is seen as someone who is in a better position to contribute to the national welfare of the country. EB3 is the least qualified of the three and is also the most likely candidate to displace an American.

    And you think America should throttle the flow on qualified EB1 and be more generous with EB3?

    EB2 is different however. Most EB2 are people who were EB3 earlier (like myself). For such people, there is a provision to upgrade to EB2 through interfiling - as option that is being heavily used even as we speak. So where is the problem?


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  • wrldnw4me
    02-24 01:03 PM
    Did my part..

    Thanks for all your work.

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  • docwa
    08-05 11:20 AM
    If your application is an SRC then:
    call (800) 375 ? 5283 then 1-2-1-recpt number-1-1-wait for recorded status-3-4 speak with customer service.


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  • jayz
    06-29 10:27 PM
    Thanks Smmakani! Who did you email at Mumbai Consulate? (MUMBAI-IV) Do you think you can send me the email address?

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  • getgreensoon1
    05-10 11:57 AM
    If your argument is that after holding a US Masters , OP will not be a legit EB2 applicant, even you are not legit. Go get some education

    Looks like you are also a candidate with three year bachelors degree and a namesake masters from US univ that you bought and which put you in EB2.

    Legit EB2 = GRE (good Score) + Toefl (good score) + Fulltime MS/MBA + Job in forture 500

    Not legit EB2
    1. 3 year degree from India + initial application in EB3 that is later converted into eb2 by buying a masters from some shady roadside univ in the US.
    2. bachelors + 5 years experience from some software company in hyderabad, as most people from there have at least 10 years software exerience even if they graduated 4 years ago.

    I am sure you fall in one of the two later categories.


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  • prolegalimmi
    03-27 07:09 PM
    And so are other 3 in the core group. We are as concerned about back logs as you are because its a personal battle for us too!

    There has been established a way to deal with backlogs at Dallas and Philly, and these officials at PBEC and DBEC have been given a deadline of Sept 2007 to clear everything. So someting is and will be done in this regard. Not much more can be done here with PBEC or DBEC, and the real test is to get solutions for the retrogression.
    Once the laws are passed on the immigration reforms, its a done deal my friend, and then it does not matter how much we try after this to address retrogression. This is our only chance.
    BUT realize that there have been delays in PBEC and DBEC only because of lack of resources, which can be added or taken off...and this will speed up or slow down DBEC or PBEC. This can be controlled outside legislation.


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  • fall2004us
    08-25 02:54 PM
    just voted...:D

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  • GotGC??
    06-28 12:39 PM
    makes sense...they are expecting alot of 140/485 combine filings in July and by issuing this bulletin they have stopped people from filing 140 in PP

    When I saw the huge movement in June followed by the July bulletin, I'd thought to myself - it's a question of time before they suspend/terminate the 140 PP. The PP demand would come not from people who are filing 140/485 together (because that would be only people who just got the LCs) but rather people who had already applied 140 but not 485, or those who 140 is pending but 485 got current.

    This change could at least benefit those who have a "normal" 140 in the pipeline, but that's doubtful because I'm sure these resources would get sucked into the tsunami of 485s in July.

    The fact that it says they'll reconsider this after Aug 1 suggests that they do not anticipate too may 485 filings in Aug => chances of retrogression in Aug bulletin is now higher, if it does not retrogress mid-month!

    10-02 04:07 PM
    Come on folks - lets keep the momentum going. Just do it, all you have to do is show up and greet your friends

    10-11 09:28 AM
    One can file 485 when his/her dates becomes current using the 140 receipt notice.

    Not sure why you are waiting to file 140?


    I am new to this site and had a question about the Nov. bulletin that maybe someone might be able to answer. I am EB3 ROW and I am still not able to submit my I-140 + I-485 concurrently by 5 days (my PD is July 5, 2002).

    Do you expect the EB3 ROW dates to move forward at all in the Dec. bulletin?

    I just need to know because my lawyer is pressuring me to submit my I-140 not concurrently, but I wondered if I just should wait for a month.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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