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  • kshitijnt
    05-01 09:48 PM
    For those of you who qualify, HSMP , I think is a much better option. There in UK the permanent residence is not dependent on employer and you can do your own consulting. Typical bill rates are 350 to 600 GBP per day based on skill level and years of experience.

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  • go_guy123
    07-02 10:27 AM
    another angle is that if the law itself violates the constitution - there is a separate procedure to appeal against such a law (like may suits going on in state courts on laws related to gay rights) - however USCIS would not be party to such a lawsuit since USCIS does not make laws. one would need not only a good immigration lawyer but also a constitutional expert for a venture like this.

    Yes true. This is the only angle that is viable in theory. All that can be done is challenge that the per country quota violates the constitution. Then the judge can strike that clause off.

    Besides this it needs a law change.

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  • sbabunle
    09-22 06:57 PM
    called today

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  • snathan
    06-03 11:22 AM
    I wouldn�t care about the nay Sayers about the Spelling bee...Yes, its lot more than that. Its the foundation and words do have power. You are basically training your brain for more logical thinking. These people are just jealous and making mockery of it. I challenge them to achieve the same...:D


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  • Kushal
    05-13 09:59 PM
    I would only say "Hang On", or move on if you can. A lot of people in same situations, never want to discuss issues openly.
    Patience does help, and maybe all the good is stored for future.

    Most important is how you deal with stress associated with racial slurs, difference in treatment, and all the above issues. This has direct impact on health and many people in these conditions are victims of stress.

    The h1b - GC situation is well known to everyone and they know you are indentured, some managers are called problem solvers (they pretend to hear ur voice, help you from their side and get the work done and try to ease pressure off you if they have an option), whereas some managers are called problem creators (they add additional pressure on you and make u miserable so that they get the work done). The reason companies support their American workers who involve in racial slurs is to avoid issues. It is easy to kick you out and blame you rather than catering to ur problem.

    Yes you are right. We need patience till you get your GC...I know its hard but there is no other way but swallow that pride. Its very hard to do that..speaking of which this anti-indian guy who sits next to me at work was making life horrible for few weeks. Things are sorted out now... I have a great Manager.
    I really feel sorry for Neelima's family... wish I could have helped them.

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  • GCHope2011
    07-01 10:51 AM
    This speech was just a re-articulation of the issue and its various dimensions and the fact that this issue requires bipartisan support to move forward.

    Not really sure what will happen as a result of this speech.


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  • rongha_2000
    05-04 02:12 PM
    I've been having similar thoughts for quite some time. Whether I should move back to india which is a one way street or continue here waiting to get my GC, citizenship etc.

    Here is my analysis of the situation without considering the emotional parameters involved

    1) India is currently on a fast track to development thanks for the IT industry. There are a lot of jobs and salaries are sky rocketting. A lot of people in India are living a life in India which we can only dream of here in the US.
    2) BUT I also read about the growing cost of conducting business in India. Definitely with salaries increasing by leaps and bounds, rupee appreciating against the dollar, high taxes and infrastucture cost has already got companies thinking about their businesses in India.
    3) Many are thinking of moving to southeast asian countries like Singapore, malaysia, phillipines, even China.
    4) Even if they dont move out I am not sure if the current trend in salaries will continue. It will definitely correct itself in next 3-4 years. Companies would tend to hire more fresh graduates than hiring experienced personnel.
    4) I am not sure with all these developments how would things be in India in next few years. If I move to india and then have to move to these south east asian countries then why not be in US and ride out this turbulent period.

    but then if you include the emotional factors in this equation it totally changes everything.

    As of now at least I am confused about what to do but I guess every first generation that moves out of their home town has to go through the same thought process, only the immigration to US is complicating things further.

    What will happen next is something for time to tell...!!

    Good luck to all of us and may god help us all to make correct decisions.

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  • gsc999
    04-19 03:39 PM

    See some additional news below from Politico:
    Darrell Issa attacks H-1B visa program, data projects
    Darrell Issa attacks H-1B visa program, data projects - Michelle Quinn - (

    There is definitely some movement here but interesting to note that House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) comment:
    "Lofgren is holding high-end workers hostage for the low-skilled, illegal immigrant."
    This was after a hearing in San Jose, I believe on Monday, about reform of H1B visa issue.


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  • johnggberg
    07-18 04:00 PM
    dude you dont get this kind of oppertunities again and again, do a register marriage and get her on h4 and apply for 3rd stage

    dont miss this oppertunity

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  • jonty_11
    06-28 12:21 PM
    at least they are approving 2003/2002 PD applications as we have that surelymeans they are working a little bit....
    Whether they are short on staff, or whatever teh reason maybe, the bottom line is our complains to any higher ups/Senators..etc will just fall on dead ears as we are not the Voter Base.....


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  • saimrathi
    07-10 09:25 AM
    Yup, Gandhigiri will work.. We have lots of time in our hands.. British enjoyed their 300 year stay in India.. Lets enjoy our stay in US also.. at the hands of our employers, lawyers etc.. :o

    Lets not hope for results just act. If Gandhi could drive Britishers out of India using this approach, USCIS is also made of human people and sure they will do something to lessen our pains.

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  • javaconsultant
    02-04 12:07 AM
    I signed up for recurring contribution for IV for 20/month.
    Guys and Gals--------pls contribute to IV as much you can.Even little amount would help it....its our only hope to get out this GC mess.


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  • h1techSlave
    03-17 05:22 PM
    Getting Bernanke/media support will never be an alternative to IV efforts. They will, at best, complement it.

    I stand corrected that we still need to send letters and faxes to Senators and Bush. But a little push from the Fed won't hurt IV's efforts, would they?

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  • willwin
    09-23 10:11 AM

    You still have 3 more hours to call.


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  • jackisback
    03-04 04:33 PM
    I had a question on the experience at POE if one has used AC-21 and working for an employer who is doing the W-2 but the person actually works at the client site.

    All the posts I see here have been that people were randomly questioned on POE about whether they are still working for their sponsoring employer or not?

    What about my case? I had filed I-485 during July fiasco, had an approved I-140 then. Changed jobs on EAD using AC-21 in Oct 2008, and again changing now second time.
    The first change I did was when I was working with the same employer who had given me
    the EVL.
    I never travelled out of US during this time.

    Now I will be working at a client site, which is different from the employer's address. Just want to know if there could be any issues?
    Or is it advisable to not go to India until GC comes... which could be infinite number of years...

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  • krishnam70
    07-10 04:52 PM
    So USCIS will never see the flowers becoz they are boxed.. and they will never get delivered becoz they are being routed from the airport itself. No major news media covered the few deliveries at USCIS.. What was the point of the campaign again?
    would you please refrain from posting the same message in all threads


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  • stuckinmuck
    05-14 04:54 PM
    This hits the nail on the head. We need to do a reality check on our side as well. I have been extremely embarassed by my fellow desis stinking to the core and digging their noses in meetings.

    I've also had the extreme embarassment of being asked by a fellow non-Indian colleague as to why most 'male' desis didn't believe in taking a shower and washing their clothes.

    Another point raised was why some ladies wore anklets in the office. The sound of anklets does bother me too since it truly distracts one's attention. I understand there is a cultural tradition involved here but we need to assimilate as much as possible especially in the work environment.

    Sometimes, unfortunately such things take away the attention from our real skills which are our brains and smart work.
    We need to maintain proper hygiene and courtesy everywhere, even at home.

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  • abc1125
    08-10 11:01 PM
    Would be interesting to see the analysis on this one. Seems like they moved it to a date they are confident of handling. Good and bad, I guess.

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  • sorcerer666
    04-21 02:14 PM
    The onus lies on you to do the needful not US Government or IV. I have known people who left their well established career to take care of their folks. You are looking for the solution to your problem on this message board, however you need not look this far. Enough said.

    Exactly! This person is making her parents go back and forth every six months, but wont consider moving back home and post such stupid questions and asks why don't create a new visa category?? Ask her if she will go meet lawmakers for this??

    11-15 02:59 PM

    Interesting highlights:

    Employment based immigration : 159,081 in 2006 of which 55.1% were dependents.

    Members interested in Statistics are welcome to peruse the Yearbook for the proportion of each country and then extrapolate it out to when their respective dates will be current (I am sure it will not be a pretty picture for India and China)

    The report is for the period October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006. Of the 159,000 or so mentioned above, 36,960 were EB1, 21,911 were EB2 and 89,922 were EB3 (I guess this number includes the 50,000 that were recaptured and given to nurses).

    Of these numbers, 32060; 20939 and 60390 were AOS.

    Furthermore, of the AOS cases, 18959; 10708 and 29537 were spouses oand children in the respective categories.


    total EB persons from India in 2006 : 17169 and 9484 from China ONLY! (includes spouses and children) with the honor going to Philippines at 23733!

    Enjoy and have a great holiday ;)

    10-22 12:45 PM
    While this question may sound redundant, I want to make an honest attempt to understand it. How does creating media awareness translate into making politicians understand the complicated issues suffered by legal immigrants? Further do they give any weightage to the fact that the stories are in the media and therefore they need attention?

    I am biased towards the opinion that we might have already run enough media stories. I believe that the real fight now is to convince the politicians to do something about it. Propaganda and lobbying is the only thing that works with politicians in this country. And you have to choose a medium that politicians directly refer to. Meeting politicians and their representatives in person is most effective I believe. With due respect to your views, Pappu, can we discuss some of these questions?

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