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  • suggestor101
    03-21 10:47 PM
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  • RDB
    08-03 07:13 PM
    I don't think there is any way of knowing if your case is pre-adjudicated. The only way you will come to know is if you receive an RFE or an interview appointment.

    Hi Friends, any comments on this ?

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  • gc28262
    02-15 11:31 AM
    here also they process so many H1s..... for various many people.... skills/no skills... keep them on bench.... inflate resumes....

    Some American citizens/anti-immigrant will tell you you are taking their jobs with your H1.

    For them, this is their country. All jobs should go to them rather than a foreigner like you.

    What is your response for that ?

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-09 05:15 PM
    i tend agree with you, most of our forum topics start sensibly and then meander on...

    The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve.

    Alot of times the comments in this forum are completely irrelevant and very insulting to the Americans. And here, we are asking them to please change your laws so we could live happily in their county. And if they say no, that's their right.

    I am as frustrated as anyone here and I know people from other countries including Australia, Philippines, UK and China who have been waiting for years as well.

    If we could please make our comments "not country-centric", I am sure more people will join this forum.

    I know several people are not participating in this forum anymore because they are turned off by these country-centric comments.

    It hurts, but that's the truth.


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  • manishcp
    08-27 02:11 PM
    Would you ask your friend Which DMV location he used?

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  • hunkuncontrolled
    04-02 02:05 PM
    You are an anti-immigrant troll. Good we caught you.
    I know your kind

    Now you will go to your site and announce how bravely you fought with H1Bs

    Oh really . My bad


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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 11:39 AM
    Admin and bheemi,

    I agree with admin. Lets put our energy towards something positive. Personally, I have not done much towards helping IV. I will try my level best to help in whatever way I can.

    I responded to bheemi's first posting and read his other postings after that, later on. Apologies bheemi!!!



    These are highly stressful times and I am sure people did not mean to create trouble when they wrote such message but rather they were merely venting their frustrations.

    We just need to make sure that we're able to convert this energy into some that is positive and useful. Again no offense meant to anyone and no offense taken.

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  • GCNirvana007
    08-24 03:42 PM
    Hi all,
    my priority date is jan 2003.first ours was at TSC and then it was transferred to VSc and now it was transferred to TSC.

    Yeah, did you check with them?


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  • aadimanav
    07-14 10:36 PM
    Looks like it needs another BUMP.

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  • Michael chertoff
    02-08 05:23 PM
    Try Tri Valley

    Dear friend, Please dont make fun of him. he is asking a genuine questions, if you can answer then answer otherwise just keep quite. I can understand his pain, where so many new kids qualify for EB2 without any experience this gentleman is looking for MS degree to prove his 17 years of experience for EB2.




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  • axp817
    06-09 11:30 PM
    Federal law does allow H-1Bs to purchase firearms if they have lived in the US (Same residence, if you move, the clock is reset) continuously (if you leave the country, the clock is again reset) for 90 days and fall under one of the 4 exceptions listed below.

    - Possess a valid (unexpired) hunting license issued by any state in the US

    - Are a Law enforcement officer from a foreign nation, here on official duty

    - in the US to participate in a shooting sports competition

    - get a waiver from the Attorney General

    The easiest of these 4 exceptions is the Hunting license exception.

    Once you meet the above mentioned criteria, you are okay, per federal law to possess a firearm. Doesn't matter what non-immigrant visa you are on (H-1B, F-1, AOS).

    Next step is to check whether your state has additional restrictions. I don't think any states completely bars non-citizens from possessing firearms (atleast none of the states that I have lived in do), although some states have restrictions on the type of firearms non citizens can buy. e.g. in MA, non-citizens (including GC holders) can't buy handguns or high powered semi auto rifles (ARs, AKs) but they can buy non-large capacity rifles and shotguns.

    As someone pointed out, trying out guns at a public range which has rentals is a great way to introduce oneself to the sport, learn basic firearm operation and safety, and to try a wide variety of guns and calibers.

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  • rsrikant
    06-23 04:07 PM
    dilip and everyone,

    i have couple of questions.

    1. currently i am on H1 and my wife started using EAD. First time i applied EAD and AP for both myself and my wife. Now, i don't want to renew my EAD but just renew my wife's EAD. Is this ok? What happens to my EAD after it expires. Will i be able to renew it in future or will i be able to apply for a fresh EAD based on my pending 485 with out a problem? what will be my status if i renew my wife's EAD alone with out renewing mine. will i still be on valid h1?

    2. Similarly, i don't want to renew my AP as well as i have valid stamping for next 2 years. Is it fine to just renew my wife's AP alone? Will i be able to apply for a fresh AP in future based on my pending 485? wat will be my status if i renew my wife's AP alone?

    3. Last time when i applied EAD and AP along with my 485 in Aug 2007, my application got transferred to Vermont from texas. i received EAD, AP from Vermont and then my 485 got transferred back to texas. For renewal of EAD & AP, shall i send applications to vermont or texas?

    Answers to my questions are really appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking time to read and respond to my queries.



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  • jack_suv
    07-19 03:59 PM
    My question is

    what are the ramifications if

    1. I apply for i-485 now.
    2. get married and bring spouse on h4 and she remains on h4

    and my I485 is approved before the PD is current so spouse is out of status for a short while before she can apply for AOS?

    my case is EB2; PD is july 2006.

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  • GCAmigo
    05-14 11:16 AM
    When in Rome do as the Romans do.. start eating burgers & you will develop the much needed 'thick' skin.. that should keep you immuned to all those bickerings..


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  • for_gc
    06-23 04:10 PM
    And always send via USPS express mail. (1 day costed me $18) but I came to know instantly the next day that they received it.
    You could also use some cheaper USPS option. as long as it has some delivery confirmation.
    The reason I like express mail one day, is because u can request a copy of the receiver's signature via email (comes in a PDF). This is proof that USCIS really got it and u can then sleep nicely for the next 3 months.
    Ha Ha.

    Hi dilip,

    Where do we get the A# from ?

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  • supu
    04-22 12:43 AM
    I also got a RFE from nabreska , but finally got approved.
    Same Bsc + MCA
    I think , they do approve , just waste some time and money of everyone , before they approve.


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  • jkamel5
    06-06 01:16 AM
    I am on H1B visa and I am working. My wife is currently on F-1/OPT. We are both in the USA. Could you please advise me what is the required documents/steps to apply for her for H4 visa?
    Thank you,

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  • singam
    09-07 03:48 AM
    US economy is designed this way, everyone will get their own share. No one bothers about optimizing the chain and reducing the cost. If they do that whole economy will collapse. If people started sticking to one marriage and stop taking the divorces, these lawyers will not have work and that portion of economy will collapse. If you have time please watch this video

    you will know more about US economy.


    Awesome lecture by Mr Venkatesh.

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  • krishnam70
    02-15 03:27 PM
    If you really look at who is paying less and misusing the H1-B and L1 to manipulate the job market, its the big offshore companies who bring the less experienced folks from India/China and other asian countries into US. These biggies pay way too less (52 to 57K) to these folks than what the conultants who work for local consulting companies make.

    They apply for 1000's of H1B's and L1's showing the positions in US but 60% of the folks works back in their offshore centers in China or India with H1B/L1 stamped on their passport. Question is, if they applied for H1B / L1 based on an existing position in US and gets approved, why is that folks are still working in India or China center? Doesn't that mean they faked the position?

    When we consolidated the vendors and excluded all the local consulting companies to include only two of the big offshore companies, we have seen their consultants brought onsite leaving them after few months at our group to join local consulting companies for better pay.

    To me, they manipulate the job market displace americans much more than the local consulting companies.

    I truely hope CIS look deep into these manipulations and frauds as well.

    I think the unlimited number of L1's has been a 'bane' for the employment market here as they 'definitely' replace the American jobs.Again this might fit in to the company's strategy and I m no one to complain about it. I am sure most of the other consultants on H1B in this country do make decent enough ( > 75k ) to qualify for the wage bracket that is being applied as a statistic here. The fact is though is that the employers do advertise lower salaries for the positions there by creating requirement though they might be actually paying the employees more than the advertised salary.


    08-27 11:55 AM
    Mine wast received at 07/24/2007 9:11 A.M.
    too bad they received at 9/11...still waiting for receipt #

    08-25 03:54 PM
    I was not able to vote. My Priority date is March 2005.

    Updates Via E-Mail