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  • visli_com
    09-11 05:45 PM
    Yes , I bought house,2007. PD aug2003 EB3

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  • Indiang2005
    01-22 12:35 PM
    Hi guys, I just contributed $50. Will be contributing more in the next few weeks. I also want to volunteer in other group efforts. Let me know how I can help. I live in IL.

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  • chanduv23
    02-23 02:05 PM
    Assuming that AC21 documentation does reach my file, is there any harm in it?

    I am not sure, but I have heard that most cases go through just fine because AC21 protects you, but only when ex employer withdraws the support for 140, some officers may want to ascertain that the new job is satisfying AC21 criteria and may ask foer more information than that was provided - now all this is based on what people talk about in the forums and on my discussions with people, as such, if you are doing everything by law there should not be any issue

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  • amitjoey
    07-13 05:37 PM
    New members:

    Please contribute now.... Nothing is free here. Even to maintain this web-site it need money.. Think how important information you get just by joining IV. And guess what if we would have minimum fee to join IV, lots of us would have paid it. But IV is so kind enough that they don't ask money to join it. But now it up to us if we want to contribute. New members and old members who haven't contributed yet please contribute now...Show that you are not free rider and you care about IV...

    Thanks a lot...

    Who is first?



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  • mariner5555
    09-20 09:21 AM
    o.k.. just to divert the topic ..2 questions
    1) when do you think EB3 india will reach mar 2004
    2) how to apply for ssn after getting EAD wife was on h-4 before ..Thanks

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  • jnagendra
    09-23 01:14 PM

    The calendar says 1:00 PM EST.

    The bill is to recapture 550,000 visas, Can we findout how many are EB based and how many are FB Based.


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  • funny
    10-01 10:58 PM
    From what I can gather, from the immigration perspective:

    1. If you are on H1 - You can technically start a business but since you cannot "work" towards it, in practice it's almost impossible

    2. If you are on H1 and have an EAD - You can start a business. But if you use your EAD, you are no longer on H1. (There are contradicting views on using EAD for PT while still maintaining H1. For now, this is a grey area)

    3. If you are on EAD -
    a. If you plan to work on your business on a part time basis and stay with your sponsored job full time, I don't see a problem with this.
    b. If you plan to work on your business full time, you might have an issue with a RFE at the I-485 stage as you would have used AC21 for self employment (Some people say this is okay, but it depends on your risk taking ability)


    What about when u start the company on your spouse name and you work through it...I guess that would also be considered as self employment

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  • forever
    07-23 05:28 PM
    Will CIS generate the Receipt notice first before transfering the application to the appropriate service center. ( like transfering the application from NSC -> TSC when the I-140 was approved at TSC but filed at NSC)

    They will not generate notices before transfering. Receipt notice number depends on the centre processing your application.


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  • hindu_king
    04-07 02:08 PM
    There will be no movement in May bulletin, but June bulletin will be Jan 1 2006 for EB2. I'm guessing this based on last 3 years, where there was no movement in May but had significant jump every June.

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  • meridiani.planum
    08-23 03:00 PM
    April 2004

    Once you login you should have been able to vote... are the options grayed out for you?


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  • lacrossegc
    07-20 04:53 PM
    If you look at THOMAS it actually shows that Yeas are 55 and Nays are 40
    So the bill passed the voting ....
    but it failed because it was ruled "out-of-order" and hence rejected ...
    I dont know why it was ruled out of order ... maybe because it was attached to the defence spending bill so it was not the right place to put in this kind of amendment....

    I hope that Yeas mean YES and Nay mean "NO" or I need to get my head examined

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  • a.j.2048
    10-02 05:31 PM
    Did you try the same.

    No. This was the recommended workaround by a parents group that intended to file a PIL at one point. I will be able to try this next year though. I will send out the letter above too.


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  • swaroopmukka
    07-18 10:47 AM

    I have a similar situation, but different factors. My labor has been approved May 2007 and I can apply for my 140 and 485 together and I'll do it now well before Aug 16. I'm getting married and my wife would be here by September or October. She'll be on H4. I won't be applying for my EAD if she decides to be on H4. If the dates go back to say 2005, I will need to wait for my priority date of May 2007 to come CURRENT again and then only do her AOS (I'm assuming until then even my 485 won't be touched by USCIS). Once my date becomes current and my application starts processing, I'll add her immediately.

    Now the only thing I'd be missing in such a case would be applying for my EAD anytime soon. If she decides to apply for H1B next year or even go on
    F1, then I can apply my EAD and start using it. I'll be on my EAD and she'll be on H1/F1. When my priority date becomes current (in a few years assuming), then I can add her AOS.

    Please suggest what should I do now ??


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  • Hassan11
    02-09 08:31 AM
    I filed an apeal for my first PERM too and preparing to file another one (through another company - you can't file another PERM via the same company while your first PERM is in appeal). Your's is there for longer than mine. I heard 4 to 6 months would be the time. Please let us know when and how yours is resolved.

    Styrum: Why did you file an appeal on your first perm and why are you planning to file another appeal? Maybe I am not understanding something here. was your first LC denied? (on what ground?) why your second LC denied?? Please explain. it seems that we are on the same boat but my appeal have been there longer (now over 6 months)

    does anybody here has any idea how long the appeal on the LC decision takes?? any information will be greatly appreciated.


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  • thamizhan
    07-20 10:29 PM
    Guys...please spread the word to members (if you know) to kindly vote here if they have files in Nebraska Service center....this will help up to estimate the count (approx).

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  • arihant
    06-18 02:31 PM
    I am planning to file EAD/AP for my wife who is on H4 along with adjustment of status application. Will she continue on her H4 status till she gets EAD/AP?
    She will continue on H4 status until she uses EAD (by filing I-9 with an employer when she starts working). At that point, her H4 is automatically invalid and she is then on EAD. Until then she can be on H4. Same rule applies to H1.


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  • coopheal
    10-04 11:29 AM

    As I said before
    "EB3 I and in general all EB applicants need a solution now.
    Until this process becomes so painful for us that we either go back or do a mass movement to get some legislative relief there are no better days for us."
    As current bail out clearly points out that for any change to happen in this country situation has to go extreme.
    So unless....
    when new immigrants stop comming because of GC issues and current immigrant leave enmass
    we do a some big enough show for our needs (not a single rally but something all over the country)
    .....there are no better days for us.

    This is indeed a gloomy and (in my view credible) story. The only thing possibly that can help us within the current laws, is the visa overflow from EB1 and EB2 ROW.

    Lets hope for the best. The Nov. Visa bulletin will be confirmatory.

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  • abracadabra102
    08-22 02:10 PM
    hey aadimanav,

    If the legislations dont change - my estimate would be even more than
    7 years (come on they already have 500k pending app before this 300k
    July2nd boom).

    What Franklin said very logical - very realistic !


    Hi Diptam,

    You spoiled Aadimanav's day already :D:D

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  • lzoccoli
    10-14 03:30 PM
    Same situation here guys.
    E-filed AP & EAD renewal for me and my wife at TSC on Jul 07th.
    Got soft LUD on Jul 16th for both applications right after sending supporting documents.
    Got EAD renewal approval on Jul 29th for both of us.
    Still waiting AP renewal approval for both us after almost 100 days pending.
    Have to attend an important business conference in Argentina on Oct 22, paid for registration fees, flights, hotel, etc. almost Usd 10,000.00 in costs and USCIS National Customer Service tells me this week I have to wait another 65 days !!!!! They said TSC is processing AP applications of May 23rd!!!!! Can you believe that? Had to call again and another representative opened a SR last week. No actions from USCIS so far. Went to an Infopass appointment this week and got same reply "you have to wait your case is still under review and within processing times". Sent a complaint and support documents to USCIS Ombudsman yesterday. Let's see but at this point I don't know what else to do. This is ridiculous, having almost to beg USCIS to do their job right, when you paid high for it and they simply ignore you. As usual treating you as another number in the files. Simply very disrespectful!

    04-07 05:28 PM
    Now people start predicting the date of visa bulletin coming instead of visa bulletin dates.

    07-26 05:11 PM
    After incorporating the company in one of the states. What are the next important things one as a owner of the company needs to take care of especially if it is in IT product development area ( ofcourse including consulting but not purely comparable to predominent desi consultancy services)

    Specifically in the following category:

    1. If you are selling IT software products and services, what are the legal necessary formalities one needs to take care of?

    2. How about expanding the branches in outside USA? May be a branch office in India to leverage huge technical resources? Any legal or other things to be taken care of ?

    3. Bank Accounts next steps

    4. Credits Credit Cards. What are the precautions one needs to take care of?

    Any other thoughts....

    Updates Via E-Mail