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  • gcdreamer05
    08-08 10:38 AM
    Hi All

    I just saw the USCIS GC approval email notice - EB2-I - Dec 20'th 2005 Priority Date

    I have same issue as few others have. I'm not married yet. I have applied for GC and luckily the GC has been approved (when I really don't want it to be approved). ... Trust me I was praying god all the time.

    My priority date is EB2-I Dec 20'th 2005 and god knows how they approved it much before every one else. When all others really want their GC's.

    There are lots people who are in queue with Jan 2004 and later priority dates and whose cases are still pending... How could they approve my case so soon...

    I have scheduled for a travel to India on August 15'th 2008 to get married. I wanted to marry and get my wife to USA. I 'm engaged with girl at India and all set for marriage this month (August 2008).

    I believe my H1-B has been automatically canceled on immediate approval of GC.

    How do I get my future wife to USA?. What are the options left out to me now?.

    Please excuse me if this is a duplicate thread. I'm really in hurry and could not check all threads properly.


    Hi Suresh,

    I saw a similar post in this forum about someone being single and getting GC approved, at that time lot of users suggested withdrawing the 485 app, if you had withdrawn it then you could have filed it again later.

    I personally feel, marriage and life is more important than a plastic card.

    Try for h1b or f1 visa, if you had got married before approval atleast you could have tried follow to join.

    All the best.

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  • smartboy75
    08-20 07:09 PM
    Complaint to USCIS...I know of one such body shopper who did the same thing...sold one labor to 10 people...when the fraud was caught...the employer was arresetd and the remaining 9 people who bought the labor were deported out of US...u should get the labor bak in ur name....fight for it...if you think this may bring ur downfall....take down ur employer with u...

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  • kak1978
    01-13 09:39 AM
    You should be ok. The purpose of COBRA is to have a continued coverage. usually insurance is month to month, so the coverage nessasarly doesn't end the day you quit. All COBRA does is allow you to pay the next months entire premium and keep the existing coverage.
    I tried using COBRA last year and in my case the gap was 3 months and my monthly COBRA payments were about $900/month, since I did not have any ongoing medical conditions or foresee any like pregnancy etc, I went for short term private insurance to fill the gap.

    Pardon my ignorance Gurus.

    But Hypothetical....what would be the scenario, if,
    - I leave the job-A on 1st of the month.
    - join new job-B on 2nd of the month (very next day) but new employer wants me to complete 30 days before providing medical insurance

    - my job-A insurance company sends me COBRA option in two weeks time as required by law

    - Prior to I fill and send out the COBRA docs (roughly 2 - 3 weeks), I have to make some urgent visit to doctor...say in 1st week (say, on 4th of the month)

    - will my job-A company will deny this claim as they only received my COBRA paperwork by 18th of the month whereas I went to doctor on 4th????

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  • ash0210
    03-21 05:40 PM
    sent PM to ALL Columbus, OH guys...Nat23, riazahamed, martinez43123, probe!! Hope, someone will definatly respond....If no one responds, I will meet alone along with my wife (possibly with kids, if they are not in school!)

    also, sent pm to Cleveland based IV member...godbole_sanjay to co-ordinate activities at Cleveland (6 members!)

    Waiting for their call...

    Thanks for doing that.

    State chapters are a great mechanism to communicate with other members in your state and district. Please use that if it works for you.

    However, if you cannot find someone to go with you, then go alone. Many of the meetings we do in Washington, sometimes we get appointments from 2 or 3 offices at the same time. In that case we split up and only one person goes to meet the lawmakers or staffers. But we cannot lose opportunities or miss opportunities.

    So go alone if there is no one else in your district to go with you.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 04:23 PM
    Sorry to hear someone hurting this much!

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  • alterego
    01-13 12:21 PM
    I've sent in slightly modified letters(personalised) from myself and separately from my wife to both the Whitehouse and to IV.

    I found the best way to modify the well written template is to just put a small personal introduction at the top. Who you are, what you do and perhaps that you are waiting patiently for X years.
    If you have renewed your EAD multiple times, it might be worth mentioning that as well.


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  • reachag
    04-01 03:57 PM
    Sent fax..i will send it on my Spouses name too.

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  • tuhin
    08-23 05:04 PM

    I am in a similar situation and have a very simple question. Can I port from EB3 to EB2, while on EAD? I do not have a valid H1. AFAIK porting needs re-filing a labor application, hence the confusion.



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  • ramp
    04-02 07:11 PM
    Just send the webfax # 10 and #11.

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  • India_USA
    07-13 09:21 AM
    you are right ron hira..this dude chickened out once we started to expose him.

    Why should we worry about those who are silent? What do you mean?

    Very True, we need to be worried about the silent ones............

    members who are being silent because they received their EADs - therefore are ready to wait (long times if necessary.......)

    members who are silent, because that is their nature or fear that active participation will somehow adversely affect them ............ this is bad, because they have nothing to fear and IV as an advocacy group will benefit tremendously for pushing for legislation/support of lawmakers - which will ultimately benefit us all.............

    members who are anti immigrants, just reading all our posts, calculating our strengths and weaknesses and using it against us when the time comes.........

    Wish I could convince every 45,000 or more members of this organization to be vocal and committed to participation.............


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  • pd_recapturing
    08-13 10:03 PM
    Suppose we know the current job code attached to LC and we have job duties of the new job. How do we know the job code of this new job ? Can anybody throw some light ?

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  • GCBy3000
    12-12 05:03 PM
    Reading the bulletin thread and prediction thread is good enough to prepare for GMAT problem solving area. I love these analysis and conclusions.

    I think that the DOS (Dept of State) releases VISA Numbers on a quarterly basis. If that is the case, there should be movement in EB2 India in Jan 2007.

    The other possibility always exists that the numbers were released for this quarter but the demand was SO HIGH that the net date did not move at all.

    possible?? maybe!!


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  • xela
    01-15 10:05 AM
    sent letter to WH and copy to IV

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  • johnamit
    07-17 09:37 AM
    A fix without AC-21 does not bring lot of relief for us, I hope they receive I-485 and allow us to use AC-21.


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  • mhb
    07-06 06:27 PM
    same time 5.30 pm central NBC weekend news. this would be pathetic if they do not air the interview!!!:mad:
    talking about animals !! and the new rich!! how is this important for the general public to know?!!!!

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  • nozerd
    01-04 11:16 AM
    Yeah if the restriction was for non immigrants none of their "special" buddies from gulf states like UAE, Saudi, Kuwait etc would be able to visit.

    Some on work visa is ineligible under
    Section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act reads:
    (a) Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission.-Except as otherwise provided in this Act, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:
    (A) Practicing polygamists.-Any immigrant who is coming to the United States to practice polygamy is inadmissible

    In cases of polygamy, only the first spouse may qualify as a spouse for immigration.


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  • probe
    11-01 11:11 AM
    You wait for 120 days and make umpteen calls to USCIS. Finally you get your EAD which is valid only for 10 months eventhough your priority date is predicted to be in next Ice Age.
    If you want to correct the mistake done by USCIS go through some more pain and hassles or suck it and shell your hard earned money to renew after 10 months.I guess no one in USCIS cares for shoddy service they do.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    09-01 10:04 PM
    H1B + GC holders pay SS + Medicare (??) for which they are entitled only when they become citizen.

    Here are the SS eligibility requirements:

    Based on this, GC holders with 40 work credits (that is, 10 years of US work experience) and reside in any of the 50 US states are eligible for SS, if they satisfy age and other requirements. So one doesn't need to be a US citizen to get SS benefits.

    It's a different story that by the time, we all become 65, the SS coffers will be empty. Of course, I wish no one is in a position where they need SS to survive.


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  • mugwump
    01-05 02:52 PM
    lol, i see fantasies are growing. A person may not have mother-in-law at all - why can't he marry to both: daughter and mother?

    i guess the formula becomes 0<=x<=20... this is sick...

    I beg to differ, he can definitely marry both, mother and daughter, but will end up with atleast one mother-in-law. the grandmother:)

    so it should be more like: 1<=x<=20

    hope the poor soul isnt reading all this!!!!!

    08-07 07:00 PM

    The best option would be (1) F-1 (2) H-1 (however both would take time).
    I suggest you discuss this with your future wife as it is a decision and effort from both of you to go through the next process.

    07-29 01:24 PM
    Friends, what is the use of screaming here in this forum? We should become more effective in getting our point of view across, as the important people just don't get it. We should pay attention to the way we are highlighting our issues, or else our questions will continue to be struck down by lame explanations

    For one, it might have been better to ask: What are you going to do about the visa backlogs that have long delays like 10 years and more?

    Ours is NOT to suggest solutions. Our job is to lay down the problem as clearly as possible

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