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  • go_getter007
    11-09 09:49 AM
    Dude, "you" are part of "we" when you say, "Nor do we wish our Chinese..". Why didn't *you* wish members Eid, X-mas or whatever? It's rather strange that people like you are opposing wishing each other well - would you rather people curse each other here?! Get a life.

    Happy Diwali to everyone (who wants good wishes :-)).


    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

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  • yogkc
    11-20 09:12 AM
    YogKc, how did you get the temp license? which state? am I eligible for temp licese at PA if I did not get the license before the current one expires..

    green_world, it's in Los Angeles, CA. They will provide you the Temp DL. They will tell you that they need check with the Immigration office.

    I think the best bet will be to renew the license thru web if possible.

    Good Luck

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  • bombay707
    11-16 09:02 AM
    Go for it , change the job. They will not do nothing , can only threaten u. U paid the money for the H1. So u are in full control.

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  • hopefulgc
    09-05 02:15 PM
    Given that AOS drags on for 3-4 years, I would regard that not seeing your mum for 3-4 years in a row would qualify as an emergency.

    If you had a bad experience, please make it a point to file a complaint.

    Please do not take the abuse lying down.

    AFAIK, AP is considered only for emergency travel. That said, I think the officer was being over reactive.

    As we all know, immigration laws are arcane. AP for emergency travel was ok when people used to get GC within 6 months of 485 filing. Now, when it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to get GC after 485 filing, does it make sense to have AP for only emergency?! Crap...


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  • ThinkTwice
    09-21 01:37 PM
    And why do you think the White House was in touch with Immigration voice leaders and not with some corporate lawyers during the July 2nd fiasco if they did not recognize the strength and commitment of the skilled immigrant community and btw what makes you say 'july 2nd will never happen again.' what are you? God?
    I smell a closeted Anti Immigrant here.....

    you need to remember that you are not a us citizen and you have no rights, you're previleged to have a job can campaign till the cows come home and you aren't going to get squat.
    july 2nd was a mistake that uscis had to rectify....there were a lot of companies who had spent the money in preparing I-485 applications and then uscis would have to face a class action lawsuit. july 2nd will never happen again.

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  • coolstonesa
    03-27 07:53 PM
    Pal, don't try to be selfish and narrow minded here. Step into PBEC victim shoes and then we shall see what language you speak.

    Opportunity to speak in front of congress won't come everyday. So we should highlight all the problems faced by us during the employment based immigration process -- whether it is rotting in the PBEC mess for labor certification for 3-5 years or for visa numbers. They all should be brought forward.

    The deadlines don't mean any thing but the results in hand do. If it were resources issue, then DBEC would also have been also stuck somewhere with 2001-02 cases but no.. they are processing 2004-05 cases. There is something seriously wrong with PBEC and needs to be fixed.

    There has been established a way to deal with backlogs at Dallas and Philly, and these officials at PBEC and DBEC have been given a deadline of Sept 2007 to clear everything. So someting is and will be done in this regard. Not much more can be done here with PBEC or DBEC, and the real test is to get solutions for the retrogression.
    Once the laws are passed on the immigration reforms, its a done deal my friend, and then it does not matter how much we try after this to address retrogression. This is our only chance.
    BUT realize that there have been delays in PBEC and DBEC only because of lack of resources, which can be added or taken off...and this will speed up or slow down DBEC or PBEC. This can be controlled outside legislation.



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  • GCNirvana007
    03-19 08:28 AM
    EB1 or EB2 or EB3 is created by USCIS. We are just applicants. We were not asked to give our 2 cents to frame the rules.

    So there is absolutely no logic for us to fight among self. Target is USCIS. EB2 can raise their concerns, EB3 can raise their concerns or both can do it together. Lets get that straight.

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  • Thackeray61
    08-08 08:25 PM
    Where are the members here? Why did this discussion has discontinued? I want to learn more about the basic steps in running a company since I'm still a newbie here.


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  • mirage
    04-16 12:30 PM
    Senior guys, if you don't like a thread, ignore it, the thread may be of interest to some people on the forum. So let those people talk. Also since nothing is happening on the immigration, what else public will do other than 'Time pass'???

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  • somegchuh
    05-14 12:55 PM
    I think this is a very interesting topic. Neelima's story is about an American citizen of Indian origin. Since, she is an american she can choose to go to courts whereas we are non-immigrants with very few rights. If you are facing abuse at workplace the only solution for an H1B worker is to change jobs.

    That having been said, this highlights a very important aspect of the american society (or rather any culture) in general. You can become a US citizen but unless you are a european (read caucasian) immigrant you will become a hyphenated american. You can spend all your life in US and you will still be referred to as Indo-American/Asian-American at various points in your life. Some of it will be generic comments, some of it will be racist. Infact, you will always face more harassment from your fellow countrymen (e.g. desi consulting/desi manager) in US than from americans. An industrialist from Punjab visiting US gave me a fine example of this. He said, we employ 75% labor from UP/Bihar because they are cheaper and subservient. We make one of them the foreman and he's the one responsible for getting the work done. The same thing happens in US, the first line managers are Indians and so are the tech employees. [Off course, some of the Indians have risen to great positions on the corporate ladder and that is a testimony to both their abiliity and the general open-mindedness of american people.]

    The choice is yours. Do you want to enjoy the wealth of this great country and tolerate occassional racism or do you want to be in your own land and be not as well off?

    On a lighter note, as far as curry smell is concerned, I have heard goray complain about curries, Indians complain about how chinese ppl stink up the kitchen when they heat food. None of the smells are offensive, ppl just aren't used to those smells.


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  • gc4me
    11-17 05:46 PM
    If anyone has better suggestion.

    Guys, I know what a deshi company can can do to you for only 200$ or 300$. I am the burning example. I don't see how to open a thread and I found this thread is some what relevant. Please check this and put your valuable comments/experience/suggestions.

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  • anai
    03-28 09:08 AM
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    I can understand the emotion and commotion among my fellow beings who are stuck with BECs. I waited agonizing 5 years to get my labor cleared. We all clearly understand what are you guys going through.

    But the thing is that Labor Certification issues are taken care with PERM implementation. Also the administration set up 2 BECs to take care of them back logs. Now the issue is purely administrative and not law making. Also BECs made it clear that by Oct 2007 all the back logs will be cleared.

    Right now big things are happening in the immigration law making. So I think we should concentrate to get the best out of it and achieve our goals on the Green Card Visa issues. As Tom Tancredo is going to fight with teeth and nail against Immi Bills, we have to do the same.

    There are many others issues we can lobby for such as

    1) Starting H1B stamping inside the US again( Which was stopped in 2005)
    2) Allow H1B spouses to work. etc etc

    But I believe our priority for the time being should be Retrogression. I request all of you to use this thread for finding a person to testify.


    Mindblowing. Do people really believe the Oct 2007 deadline? Haven't we seen many deadlines come and go? This is extrememly unfair to those stuck at BEC; don't go around spreading this impression that the BEC issue has been resolved.

    If indeed the majority at IV believe that BEC is not a problem, then it would not be a stated goal of IV. Let me repeat, so long as it is listed as a goal, it is the moral responsibility of all of to support and work towards resolving the issue.

    This is important. Don't just pretend to support IV and play down what matters to others. Your must support all the goals we have at IV and not pick and choose what you like.

    Also please don't repeat the false logic of "labor certs will be taken care of by PERM." If that is the case why would we at IV have BEC resolution as a goal? The least you can do it not try to dilute the seriousness of the BEC issue, even if you don't care much about the problem.


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  • Sideliner
    09-15 02:53 PM
    I came to us 02 june, bought home in 03 August. I applied for GC in Sept 2006. GC has nothing to do with house. If you can get a loan and buy in a decent locality buying any time is beter than renting.

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  • jkays94
    05-02 08:34 PM
    Quasi-Pro Bono Lobbying?
    Posted by Joseph Schuman


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  • nivasch
    04-03 12:50 PM

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  • prem_goel
    08-04 05:43 PM
    yes, its an equally plausible statement; however I was only referring to the way USCIS handled the July 2007 fiasco applications. There will always be bit of exceptions here and there. As people have pointed out also, there might be reasons for those exceptions as well. They have various stages in processing a 485 application, so it'll not always be FIFO. There'll be a bit of overlap always.

    I was impressed by the way they published the processing dates accurately. Through that, I knew the approximate time-frame they were going to pickup my application. I also could guess reasonably well the time-frame for the RFE hence. I acted goody goody at work during those days then ;)...I knew I will have to request an EVL during this time-period that should match my job duties in the application.

    Dude, i think you are thinking too much of it. USCIS is NOT an organization that goes by process.

    No intention of harm or personal flame... i just wanted to show how a statement of exactly opposite nature can also sound equally plausible.


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  • chaks7
    07-23 03:39 PM
    All NVC documents take 3-4 weeks before you get them. NVC sent Biographic forms data to my lawyer's office on July 2nd and they reached my lawyer's office last Friday. So it was approx. 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps you!

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  • snathan
    04-21 03:08 PM
    u mean ur parents r babysitters for last 4 years....I hope this teaches to keep ur mouth shut calling other's parents baby sitters.

    Whether we like it or not...this is a reality. I have had a neighbor where both the husband wife was working. They brought their parents every year... because it was cheaper than Day Care.

    But they didnt bother to drive Benz and BMW.

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  • coopheal
    10-01 11:25 PM
    Do you have a link to support upgrading databases til Oct 29?

    hope you are right my friend. EB3->2 are handful (no point really in going ballistic on them).
    Thought there were lot of BECs clearing out the older PDs and that's why they are shutting doors on us. And, of course, their databases are getting upgraded so they are stalling the process till Oct 29.

    04-16 12:45 PM
    Guys if you compare the way people live and spend in India, I think they are more well off then we are. I know some friends here, all they do is, look for coupons. They’ll fight all day with Customer care reps for $1 extra that company charged, they don’t leave tips when they eat out and they eat out once in 6 months. Except for a Camry and a leather chair may be a better bed, what is this guy doing better than he would have done in India. Atleast there he had a ‘Kamwaali’ who did the cleaning for his family. He had a tutor who taught his daughter. Here in US all he’s doing is cleaning bathrooms, kitchen their his children ad driving his Camry.

    Not only they are saving $1 by fighting with customer service rep to dispute the $1 admin fee on the phone bill or some other fake charge on credit card bill, they are also saving a lot of money by not contributing to Immigration Voice.

    So combine all this:

    1. Being cheap patrons at restaurant, not giving tips (buffet restaurants dont deserve tips according to the cheap indians).

    2. Bringing stinky dinner for next day's lunch therby saving lunch money and not eating out with co-workers. Even more savings from potential situations where you have to tip.

    3. Wearing sneakers instead of leather shoes on weekdays. Sneakers are cheaper than leather shoes and sometimes even look good with trousers and dress shirts.(yeah right...)


    See, all this adds up to a fortune when you multiply dollars times 40 (or 43 or 38 whatever the heck the exchange rate is)..........................

    09-12 10:15 AM
    I got one after getting GC.

    Updates Via E-Mail