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  • luckysiri
    04-15 10:15 AM
    Thanks hpandey and apume. Your suggestions are very helpful. I will definitely take FMLA and take the leave for 3 months. Once the baby is born, I will try to get into new job ASAP.

    I don't want anyone to be discriminated like me in the future. I know how painful it is as I am facing it now. I am hardly getting sleep and worried about my baby becoz of all the stress.

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  • xu1
    03-25 10:03 AM
    I just used bank billpay to send in a small contribution.. I will continue my support once the expenditure schedule is viewable by volunteers. The bank deducts the amount right away but I don't think they indicate whether the payee have actually cashed the check by the payment date. So could someone issue a receipt via email or forum private message? I included my forum id on the billpay. Thanks guys.

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  • gc28262
    06-12 12:00 PM
    Interesting analysis.
    However with country cap in place and if EB-ROW candidates are in plenty, India and China cannot advance even if visa numbers are available.

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  • unitednations
    04-20 12:15 PM
    I did not know unskilled workers can file for greencards in EB3. I think things are getting better and USCIS is now trying to stick to the rules.

    "skilled worker" is where job requires two years of experience. They share same quota as eb3 professional worker (job requiring bachelors degree). Reason for so much retrogression is that there are many occupations which fit into skilled worker


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  • rangaswamy
    08-11 12:31 PM
    Can some one clarify if the PD is based on the day labor application was received or the day it was approved?

    My I140 states it as the day it was approved.

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  • learning01
    03-27 10:33 AM
    can we get live or recorded audio or video? C-spna should be doing it? Can anyone comment ? Thanks. We will provide a link (and of course ask to join IV and ask them to make contributions).
    Thanks to the efforts of everyone at IV and QGA, we have the golden opportunity for a member of IV to actually testify before Congress. No kidding!


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  • sidchhikara
    05-14 03:21 PM
    In America - anybody can say a racial slur against you and they will not be prosecuted under law - you can also do the same without fear of prosecution. Although both of you might loose your jobs because you work for a private company - they have the right to fire anybody they want. First and foremost - please respect the freedom of speech - words dont kill!
    Here are a few things that might help shut up folks who talk against you...
    1) There is no reason to be overly sentimental about anything (being sentimental and having a sense of entitlement is a desi trait that needs to be gotten rid of as soon as you get off that plane at the airport - it is something that should not have been there in the first place. You are not special, this is not your country, the ppl over here are not dumb, you are here on business and maintain that attitude. If somebody misbehaves with you tell outside of work, them to f*** off - if somebody does that at work - you can reply to them without using abusive language - because abusive language might get you fired. If you HR is effective complain to them - but I prefer to handle it at an individual level - because I am not scared - thats the beauty of America)
    2) Dress properly - get a haircut and dont use cooking oil instead of gel. Get rid of the moustache if you have one. Make sure you dont stink. Dressing up smartly elevates your image - remember this country is very image conscious - which I think it should be. Dressing nicely and smelling good will not hurt anybody. To all desi women - please get rid of all the facial + body hair that is visible. Please wear makeup - because you may not be naturally beautiful. Donot act like slobs - nobody likes that.
    3) Respect boundaries and dont make other ppl smell your food.
    4) Be positive in your attitude, improve your communication skills and dont act servile.
    5) Most desis are hard working and responsible people - nothing should hold them back - not certainly the need for an image makeover.

    All fellow desis take care and enjoy your life here - life is too short to be depressed about the green card everyday. Most important thing is you stay happy everyday - here or in India.

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  • Almond
    01-01 08:50 PM
    He called it garbage can out of bitterness and perhaps a little sarcasm. Obviously this is very important to him, otherwise he wouldn't have vented to perfect strangers on the internet. Have you never really wanted something and lashed out at it out of frustration?


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  • alterego
    09-22 03:03 PM
    Hi everyone.
    I was part of the San Jose rally .. where there were about 300 odd people.
    My neighbors had been to the immigration rally in Washington(flew from San Jose) and they said that there were about 1000 people there.

    I have been following the immigration issues for sometime .. and I'm not very convinced that such small numbers can make the difference.

    Silicon Valley has maybe a 100,000 Indian engineers or more. Add families .. and a much higher number. Add Chinese and European immigrants .. and you have all of Silicon valley :)

    We should hold a huge rally say in the campus of some company like Cisco .. or Google(who are immigrant friendly) on a work day .. say Friday lunch time .. and have everyone attend.

    Being in Cisco .. you can pretty much get all their employees to attend... which is substantial.
    Also have industry people talking in favor of better immigration policies.
    (we could hold it in some other company or a common area .. anything works)

    Unless we can have a substantial number of folks say 10,000 or more .. I don't honestly see too much of a point.
    Even if IV collects a few million dollars .. and lobbies .. it will never have the impact of 10000 people protesting.

    We need to see if we can have similar rallies ever month in major hubs like New York, Washington, Seattle, Houston.
    Unless we have s sustained campaign and we have the numbers .. I personally do not see things really changing.

    I see people being optimistic about 300 folks in San Jose rally and 1000 in Washington. But having been to the rally in San Jose I don't see how 3 times that number in Washington is going to cut it. (Read Logiclife's post ... but we still need the numbers !!)

    I'm not being a pessimist .. appreciate all the efforts that IV core undertakes .. but am totally unconvinced of major immigration changes. Looking at something like CIR being struck down .. after being on television for long and being debated .. I think we should get real.

    Thank you

    Sounds like a very good idea if you guys can pull it off. I am not sure what is the level of support among American colleagues in Silicon valley, but their presence in significant numbers would make the biggest impact on the observers. I am sure there are those who see the bad in keeping talent out, many times the lack of certain skills needed might end up causing the whole project to be outsourced.
    If that makes national news and you are right it would take about 10K or so for that to happen, then our cause is likely to get more visibility.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    01-15 11:20 AM

    Could you please edit your post so that it does not take up 10 pages space of may be 10 -15 lines of information?


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  • chanduv23
    10-05 06:26 AM
    i hear there will be a special dance performance by the chapter leader...not worth missing :D

    You mean - leader of all the chapters? :D:D:D

    Well - I heard that if there are more than 50 people - the manager arranges for belly dancers - more added incentive - check out the pics on the site

    So, yes - make up your mind right now - don't miss this opportunity

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  • gc_coming
    07-19 04:17 PM
    EB2 India - reached USCIS on July 2nd 9:05 am


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  • psethi
    02-28 09:55 AM
    Contributed on sunday

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  • pappu
    01-13 03:19 PM
    Hey Pappu,

    What happened to your cool Avatar?

    Isn't the new one cool enough. :D


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  • sunny1000
    10-05 03:05 PM
    "AMPLIFICATION: The above Washington Wire item on the letter from House Republicans to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of an immigration bill to "help and retain" high-skilled workers refers to legislation that would increase the number of H-1B visas and green cards for high-tech and other skilled workers. The question in the WSJ poll referred to a separate effort, pushed by President Bush, to revamp the immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally. The item wasn't intended to imply high-skilled workers are illegal immigrants"

    They just updated with the above correction....:cool:

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  • pappu
    06-30 10:52 AM
    Nothing significant is expected from this speech. Most politicians repeat the same 3 things- Secure our borders, provide path to citizenship to millions and welcome best and the brightest. The real question is when they will do the real work on immigration. There have been some discussions on administrative fixes on immigration. However some of these fixes would politically harm democrats in the upcoming elections.


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  • burnt
    08-18 09:35 PM
    Hi Friends - Can someone help with the Format of letter we should get from our Employer, so that we can send the same to USCIS for requesting expedite processing.

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  • sunny1000
    01-14 04:06 PM
    I just wish this is true and also wish that guy burger king (a.k.a steve king) does not filibuster this tooo....

    don't worry, the republican minority in the house has no power whatsoever. A simple majority(50% + 1) is what it takes to pass a bill in the house and the Dems have more than a simple majority.

    Only the senators can call for a fillibuster.

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  • rongha_2000
    05-13 05:41 PM
    I thought they stopped processing premium 140s which is why a lot a people who are still eligible are not porting to EB2.

    Just curious, why are you not porting your PD?. Nowadays Perm takes less than 2 months and with premium, 140 takes a few months.

    05-22 11:06 AM
    Seems they have taken down all servers.
    I predict all dates magically moving back in time.

    05-22 02:11 PM
    Luck is supreme with USCIS. :)
    If your lucky no date matters it will be approved any time

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