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  • sina
    12-20 12:57 PM
    If someone has already spent 6 years on H1B can he/she convert to H4 status?

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  • snvlgopal
    01-25 06:00 PM
    Sent to both President & IV and made 2 others to mail the letters

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  • walking_dude
    11-21 11:57 PM
    I have talked to IV leadership and they have agreed to hold a rally in March 1st Week, if sufficient numbers indicate willingness to participate.

    So can we please stop blaming IV leaders and start showing them our support by indicating our support?

    We need the IV core team and the administrator to guide some big rally's. Guys nothing will happen until we are bold about our intentions.
    I noticed everyone comes up with their different ideas, but no one works to implement it. We need to stand together and do something big, when was the last time we had a big rally?

    We all have our own problems, life in America is not simple, but in order for us to accomplish something we all need to unite and do something big, the problem is lately IV thinks too much and has less of ACTION

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  • eilsoe
    02-03 06:20 AM
    u'r still the lineart champ around here hunn ;)


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  • arunmohan
    07-14 02:20 AM
    Congratulation Mr. Sharma for your GC after long wait. I support the idea of Keeme.

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  • looneytunezez
    03-03 08:28 PM
    Just to be safe: I'd suggest that you contact your lawyer regarding this.

    After which, try and see if you can contact the same person at ICE.
    (Wouldn't want this to become a "reason" later.....for any issues, like someone to claim that you were a "no-show"...)

    Another possibility might be that it still might be a hoax.
    Some colleague@work might be aware the person's name who came by 2 months ago.
    They might have decided to have fun with that info.....

    my 2 cents....


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  • mhb
    07-06 07:17 PM
    Is it the synopsis or the total video?looks like the synopsis and the newscaster says the complete interview will be broadcast tommorrow

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  • jai_immigration
    09-19 08:07 PM

    So you only want results without any effort from you, you have not answered how you have helped us, did you attend the rally, or sponsor money. I took the opportunity and travelled and participate in the rally for a common cause. Look at your self and ask your self these questions, and see how you can change and help IV by contributing.


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  • kumar1
    07-19 01:55 PM
    Thanks to every person who answered this post. I managed to get an appointment in mumbai for Aug 2nd. This will give enough time to send necessary document from my end and also give enough breathing to file the application.

    Very good, ask your wife to bring a load of sweets for IV member. ;)

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  • kumar1
    06-02 01:01 PM
    Person, if in USA, has 30 days to start working for H1 employer after CoS approval date. One more thing, one can start working after applying for SSN without waiting for getting actual SSN.

    It seems that she was out of status.

    Not a legal advice.

    Desi - Could you please guide us to any official site where this information is listed? I haven't been able to find this info on any official site (exp USCIS, DOS etc). Thanks


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  • testz
    09-09 11:18 AM
    you said: at some point uscis would send a request to you for employer verification?
    why would they need that: as we have submitted that at the time flinig 485?

    i dont know if the above is true only for consultancies?

    i work in a big software corp and never heard of any queries at all?
    approved 140, file 485, wait for 180 days, change jobs, no queries at all (irrespective of whether you change jobs or not)

    am i missing something here?


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  • mirage
    05-17 10:25 AM
    Listen dude, these companies doesn?t have financials like Microsoft so no point talking microsoft. I have a friend who runs a very small consulting company. Another friend of mine wanted an H1 for his younger brother He made 100 promises to this guy , like please bring him here he?ll work for you for atleast 1 year blah blah. I requested this friend of mine and he sponsored my other friend?s brother?s H1B.. Now this guy sponsored his H1B spend $3000 on fees etc. $1000 for air ticket etc. This brother guy came in and disappeared in 2 months for more money. He was on project!! he jumped in the middle for more money. Now you tell me what should these people do. It?s all same people just in different roles. So I would say there is a stiff competition between consultant and these companies about who screw who.


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  • CT_Green
    07-02 03:13 PM
    We spent approximately $1000 (including medical and postal expenses)

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  • Omm
    12-28 03:40 PM
    dingudi, Lazycis
    The real problem is due to cost cutting in fiancial industry they are asking me either to take a full time if I wish to continue or terminate my contact as they do not have budget for next Year, So i dont know if my I 140 can get approved by that time (NExt month), But anyways thanks for a lot for guidance.

    Good luck to all those lookin forward for Green life after GREEEEEN card.


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  • saketkapur
    11-19 03:03 PM
    anything to make the que move faster...........

    FIFO would be ideal but then so would be expecting anything meaningful from the USCIS......

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  • bekugc
    07-19 11:11 AM

    i guess i mispelt the statement, my response was to his idea of seeking an Emergency appointment.

    ofcourse, just normal rescheduling is absolutely do-able.

    i think our friend is trying for Emergency so that wife can get appt in chennai only.


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  • manoj_2002
    07-19 01:39 PM
    I was on bench for about 4-5 months in 2004, so didn't get paid. Will it pose any problem?

    Well, I have been with the same Employer all along since my date of entry, and the only problem is my W-2 amount for 2004 is kind of 50% of my offer amount.

    Same in case of 2003 also. But my last date of entry is 2004, so I am thinking I NEED NOT worry about 2003, just worry about 2004.

    I really apreciate it, if someone clarifies the implications.

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  • ravi98
    11-05 11:59 AM
    But he doesn't have any voice,,,

    Says who?
    We don't even advocate for anything, just post things on the forum. IV has given us immigrants a platform - many of us don't even know it, let alone using it.

    If we want to stay in this country, we need a president who can take this country progressively to the future instead of "lets take the country back" "this is not the country I grew up in" rhetoric! If this country goes backwards in time while the rest of the world embraces progress - guess what? - No use having a GC here.

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  • sammyb
    01-04 02:42 PM
    I had a good laugh once I started reading the posts .. liked the fun .. and comments from members ... the H4 & F2 was good .. so L2 and F2 are in same category??? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    08-20 10:01 PM
    I'm sorry to hear this...Its happened...
    if you really wanna bring your employer to lime light..prepare yourself..first....Remember..its your life here...anyone[including me) can give free suggestion here ....

    There is no use working with this kind of Employer my advice is switch to another employer[Good One] before you react to this...Make sure you pretend as if you are not aware of this and get the best out of him before you leave...once you r done...then show who is he to the outside world...

    I'm sure you be having atleast mail proof...[If not ditch the plan of suing and move on with your next opportunity]....take some time and prepare all the possible proof...hire a good lawyer....File a case against the attorney in the local law chamber where the attorney is practising....they will definely call you to settle the case...make sure you record it as the proof[if you don't have one already ::)].....

    Then hit the employer...make sure you ask a collosal sum through your attorney[Never give chances]....and then post his name and details in the Immigration blogs....

    You lost one of the major milestone in your life...never give up this time....

    Best of luck

    This is really a good advice. Yes, it is important that you make sure there is no threat to your job or H1B visa. Once you are at a safe position, then roll up your sleeves and show your power.


    05-22 02:36 PM
    Regarding contribution & phone calls ???

    Updates Via E-Mail