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  • naushit
    02-01 05:18 PM
    Also add....

    7. STOP calling us "ALIENS". We are from just eastern part of earth.

    when I am called alien...I am really pissed.
    No tip for you....if you call me alien.

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  • Berkeleybee
    03-09 04:46 PM
    Report back
    On speeding up Labor certification

    When one of us said congress's intention for LC is 21-60 days, the staffer replied that was before 911. How can we make this happen and speeded up the work in PBEC/DBEC?

    The staffer also mentioned that a lot of time is spent on "background check" and mentioned it was suggested it might be better for FBI to do it. But of course the FBI had other things to do and that suggestion didn't fly.

    One of us mentioned the clogging due to 245-i. LCs could be speeded up -- if the paper work of those on the 245-1 (Apr.,25,2001) track is different from us, then could those be handled differently/ in another place to speed up our LCs in PBEC and DBEC.

    Great summary Bluekayal!

    A few points of response about congressional intent and reality and the 9-11 defense [all, you need to read our presentation to follow this discussion]

    (1) Labor Cert: Intent = 21-60 days; This stage has nothing to do with 9-11! Nothing at all! There has been no change in process here, maybe there are more applications, but that doesn't change the intent reality story. Again, they need to fund the program in order to achieve intent.

    (2) I-485/I-140: Intent = 6 months; Remember that the presidential mandate for 6 month times is a post-9-11 mandate -- CIS's own director has testified before Congress that they are trying to achieve this goal. So the 9-11 argument doesn't wash here either -- they need to fund the operation properly so that the president's mandate is satisfied.

    (3) Background checks
    (a) USCIS queries the IBIS database maintained by Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
    (b) FBI conducts a finger print check
    (c) FBI conducts a name check.

    So I don't know what she meant by FBI can do it. They already are.

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  • vrbest
    08-20 01:19 PM
    NSC: July 3nd 2008

    FP : Aug 1, 2008

    LUD on AUG 3, 2008

    EAD for me, wife and son.. No signs of approval yet

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  • jfredr
    05-22 04:05 PM
    U r not going Madd ur already made mad
    all legals are mad


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  • jsb
    12-30 02:07 PM
    I think the DHS-7001 form needs to be signed by the HR of your company.So I guess your company/lawyer will need to be involved.

    No, that is not true. It has nothing to do with lawyers or the HR people. I-485 is YOUR filing (not of your employer's HR). By sending this you merely want to draw attention about something which you believe or hope should happen, and unless immediate attention is drawn you might suffer a loss (in this case, visas may be used up by others simply because someone did not care about your case, or just took the case to process and then went on long holiday etc. Such thing can happen and do happen particularly when paper files have to be worked with). Best...

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  • akbose
    03-21 08:23 PM
    Hi....already joined the list under the name abose_98, NYC

    All NY members - New York City, upstate ... please join this mailing list

    IV-NY (

    As the first step, please update your contact information.


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  • looivy
    04-14 08:31 AM
    If I were an immigrant in Arizona, I will be scared. What are businesses going to do without 'em?

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  • gc_mania_03
    06-26 09:24 PM
    The lawyer's office are overwhelmed with applications that they need to address. People are worried whether their respective attorney's will file the papers in time. Keeping that situation is perspective, I dont think this initiative is feasible at all, even if it makes sense to a few...


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  • venkygct
    09-04 12:43 AM
    - Folks who decided to join the rally from CA, please vote here.

    - Folks who is yet decide, please act FAST and book the tickets...

    - Folks who wont be able to make it for the rally for sure, Please sponsor someone for the rally and vote @

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  • god_bless_you
    03-16 11:40 AM
    can we stress on getting unused 100,000 unused visa numbers from previous years in mean time as a short term relief!!

    is new bill required for doing this ?


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  • smaram1
    07-26 11:42 PM
    EAD/AP E-filed on July 1 2008.
    Sent docs 7/4/2008
    Received receipts on 7/4/2008
    Waiting for FP notice.

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  • prav27
    04-01 08:07 PM
    both fax sent


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  • sanju
    10-23 04:18 PM
    With a comment "ooooo". I want the IV admin's to find out who that coward is and ban them from any and every board that is out there on internet. If they don't do it, I will be so scared of posting any of my thoughts in future as that person will come and give me more red , depriving IV of a valuable member.
    Just kidding. As you guessed, things are a little slow at work today.

    This a good one. I almost felt irritated reading first few lines. But it turned out good. :p This is good. No more complaints about red dot messages.

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  • njboy
    11-04 05:11 AM
    obama has to worry about 2012 re-election. The mandate of the public is clear. They don't like his leftist policies. Even when the economy is doing good, chance of CIR is bad, so god only knows if he will even attempt. Congress is going to be deadlocked for 2 more years. Which is not to say nothing is possible. If the house passes something, Dems still have the senate. Obama may not have enough clout amongst the Democrats who are centered and struggled to hold their seats. Harry Reid also got a big scare, but atleast there are enough hispanics in his constituency to make him think of working on CIR again.


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  • nefrateedi
    08-22 10:54 AM
    No, he is a good person he can do that
    Reason he is member of IV

    He cannot post it because he cannot view it, as he is not a member of AILA. He stated it in his post.

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  • mayhemt
    05-15 09:42 AM
    Nice to see one politician who makes sense..

    A good interview with Eric Schmidt (google CEO):

    She has amazing views on Civil Liberties, Immigration, Human rights, Energy Environment..


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  • jayZinDC
    01-18 10:42 AM
    Good Job and luck on this effort.

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  • Totoise
    07-24 02:36 PM
    Filed on June 12:RD on June 16 and got 2 yr EAD on July 23rd. Valid from July 18, 2008 thru July 17, 2010.

    I lost approx 3 months.

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  • yash04
    08-01 11:57 AM
    I'm waiting for it too..RN from TSC - mine was recieved by 9.55 am and signed by some dude...who's was your's signed by?

    06-18 10:55 PM
    Can we send official letter ( with all sad stories ) from IV and we can call these guys on behalf of IV

    Let us try to give these guys some job....

    I dont believe Indian govt can help in this...Lets first gather people and we will let you know the next course of action. There are bunch of people in Face book who got struck up in visa delays. I am trying to reach out to them. Its big group...try to get them here. Please contact those people...

    Just this is my opinion....we need to build very strong case and deliver to the targetted audience.

    04-01 06:24 PM
    Done! #10 and #11.

    Good Luck!

    Updates Via E-Mail