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  • sagis99
    05-22 11:38 AM
    from august 29 to July 28 is moving forward?
    never mind.

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  • Openarms
    06-03 02:43 PM
    How come Sonia Gandhi can be a member of parliament and if there was no BJP then she might as well became Prime Minister of India? I wonder who wrote these laws??

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  • dilipb
    06-23 04:00 PM
    forgot one thing.

    NO short forms.
    On the check write US department of homeland security
    NO dept.
    DONT forget "US"

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  • lotres
    11-09 08:37 AM
    Thanks pt326bc!
    Interesting and informative info and a great Holiday to celebrate for everyone!

    Happy Diwali!


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  • mhtanim
    10-25 10:11 PM
    Are you serious lawyers suggesting to return GC?

    I think there was one case that I saw at Murthy web site where the guy went backhome and got married. Came back and found that his green card was approved while he was in his home country and before the wedding took place. Interesting part was that his PD was not current at that time. Because of the situation, he couldn't bring in his wife in H4 anymore.

    The lawyer recommended him to return his GC as it was mistakenly issued by USCIS. Lawyer had to deal with USCIS and returned the GC.

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  • Leo07
    05-29 01:43 PM
    Keep this thread...on needs attention.


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  • kak1978
    06-25 11:23 AM
    May be some one who has already renewed their AP can answer this:

    I am about to renew my AP. What will be the start date on the new AP. Is it the date after the current AP expires(like with EAD) or the date the renewal application is approved. Appreciate any responses.

    Can someone answer this please.

    Thank you.

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  • gapala
    01-15 11:00 AM
    What does that have to do with the price of rice in China????????????

    :D :D :D Dude, There has been several incidents in past 1 year enough so you can draw a pattern. Do not act in ignorance. We have to pay attention to happenings around us and be cautious of the surroundings.


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  • sargon
    01-01 01:55 PM
    While talking about rederawing of boundarie, there is another interesting proposal doing the rounds in the global political discourses. This one is not a prediction, but a proposal to redraw the boundaries of the middle east. The idea was initially proposed by someone called Ralph Peters in the Armed Forces Journal in an article titled "Blood Borders" .

    The core idea behind the proposal is that the state boundaries of middle east are unnatural, and it has given rise to artificial, nonviable and oppressive states. The only way to permanently solve the problems of islamic terrorism is to redraw the boundaries of the entire region.

    The idea has been floating around on the Internet for a couple of years now. No wonder, the nationalities set to benefit from this proposal (Baluchis, Pakhtuns, Kurds, Shia Arabs etc) are enthusiastically rooting for it, while the ruling elites of the so called artificial states like Pakistan and Sunni Iraqis are adamantly against it. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read.

    I am posting the links to the original article, as well the some sites which displays the altered map of middle east. For more information, the curious can do a google search for "Blood borders" phrase.

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  • lost_in_migration
    05-10 03:08 PM


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  • psaxena
    02-24 07:02 PM
    My days in office are slow, I was thinking on how to pass the time, and immigration helps me easily to reach to 5:00 PM. Lets keep discussing this, keep on come on..

    Someone got some more ideas which are ready to be dead in this thread..

    Unity is the key guys, I dun see a single thing in IV which says, "OK guys this is our plan of action, Let's do it".

    Please read my blog "Had a dream (" definately thats gonna happen I believe now.

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  • EkAurAaya
    05-15 09:35 AM

    above site has montreal tracker (filter on consulate)


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  • chanduv23
    10-09 12:53 PM
    Looks like ppl require additional incentives (like free drinks) to attend this event.

    Did I not tell : Belly dancing is available? I don't understand how people can miss the exotic dancers

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  • bluekayal
    10-17 11:17 AM
    Gave in and sent PP by Fedex yesterday for Schedule A, grp 2 case.My attorney did not advise me to PP nor did a legally brain I turn to for advice. He said its likely that I would get approved even during retrogression.
    But I decided its better to know sooner than later, preferably before spouse started using EAD, and if a miracle happens (who can prevent miracles?) the 485 could also get approved concurrently with the 140.... And because I have 13 days more before retrogression hits. And because I saw people reportiing really qiuck turn around after PP. My employer was willing to pay half as well...

    Well plus I did not want to be stuck in the general EB2 pool (India) which looks like its a black hole. I have an approved labor from 2004 there.(yet to file 140 for that one) didn't see a reason to be stuck there with a 2006 PD.

    I still wonder if my reasons were sane and if my hasty action mght prevent my spouse from working -- if the 140 gets denied...Well, we'll take it as it may mean goodbye to the US or something..

    BTW as far as I know, retrogression doesn't start till November 1st.



    I had all paper work ready for PP and were sent to my Lawyer for premium processing of my Sch. A case. But retrogession occured that night in Nov. visa bulletin. So my lawyer advised me that it is not advantageous to go for it unless your date is current. So we did not filed it.

    As I remeber you were not ready for premium process. Any reason or justification for rethinking your decision? let me know if you can outline some advatage of PP of Sch. A at this point, or have seen some cases which enjoyed some advantage due to PP very recently.


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  • nixstor
    10-12 02:39 PM
    Training and educating who doesnt have the background takes yrs. Businesses cannot afford to wait that long time. I feel that Jim Austin didnt address your question but asked you another question. Maths and Science are the 2 subjects US citizens need to pick up right from school. There is nothing much any one can do to change it night over night.

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  • bsbawa10
    10-26 02:52 AM
    Yes, it is one of those random lotteries with some sequence in it :-)


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  • kondur_007
    09-22 05:35 PM
    LOA...means I am still employed without benefits my old company.
    what you said makes sense..this is how I am looking at it

    -join new company
    -donot send in ac 21 paperwork
    -if i have rfe send in paperwork from present employer which will only be a generic letter----(i don't know how much detail uscis likes)
    -the reason i want to do LOA is that this way i will be sure they will not revoke i -140
    -what do the gurus feel ?

    BTW--gave u green --thanks for the reply

    I think your plan may work out just fine. I would make a couple of suggestions:

    1. If you are taking LOA from original employer, for practical purposes (for USCIS), you are not employed with that employer any more (they go by pay stubs). But if doing so helps to avoid revocation of 140, go ahead and do it that way.

    2. Because you will actually get your pay check from new employer, you are employed by them (and you will work on EAD with them, make sure that this is mentioned on your I-9 form). No matter how much ignorant your employer is, they will have to have I-9 on file and it must have your EAD (not H1).

    3. After doing this, you will be on I 485 pending status (no longer on H status), and so make sure you have current EAD and AP all the time.

    4. If something goes wrong with your I 485 (very unlikely); you will have to leave the country and enter back on H visa and work for H visa sponsoring employer (probably your old employer).

    5. It is perfectly fine to not file AC21. AC21 is needed only if you do not plan to join original sponsoring employer after GC approval. However, if you do want to file AC21, you do not need much documentation from your new employer. It just needs the simple letter stating your job position as a "physician" and brief job duties (briefer the better!) and salary (should be proportional or higher). If you do not file AC21, you may just keep that documentation on file with your attorney (which I would do to be on safe side). The implication of having this is as follows:
    --If you have this documentation (even if not filed with USCIS), at the time of approval of your GC you will have the option of just staying with new employer or going back to original employer.
    --If you do not have this, you will have to go back to original employer after GC approval with a "good faith intention of permanent job".

    PM me if you have questions about what I said above, and I will be happy to talk to you.

    Good Luck.

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  • crazyghoda
    01-14 08:09 PM
    I dont think this bills has anything favourable to legal immigrants... It better to apply as the other category ....

    I think someone finally saw the light here.

    Cant you guys see the HUGE change that this is. Get out of the whole legal-illegal pissing match. This change will make the US immigration system in line with that of the UK. You get here. You stay here for 5 years. You apply and be granted Permanent Residency. Thats it.

    Will that open the floodgates? Sure they will. How will they be countered? By making it very very difficult for employers to hire foreigners. If you are already here, you are fine.
    Employers who hire illegal folks will face tough sanctions. the new eVerify system will probably now be mandatory for all. That takes care of those employers who were in the Dont ask, Dont tell (not talking about the military policy towards gays here) attitude. It wont weed out everyone and there will still be some guys who will work for cash, etc but it will reduce this significantly.

    Employers who abuse the H1 system will now have to do lots more to prove that they couldnt find a qualified US worker. The desi employers that everyone loves to hate will find it very hard to stay in business anymore.

    The big IT companies like TCS and Patni who pay 40-50K to someone with 7 yrs of work exp (like I was) will now be forced to hire from the US market thus eliminating the chances of abuse. Unfortunately it will depress IT wages in India because these biggies will need to show some kind of cost savings to do work offshore otherwise most companies will decide to bring the work back since its just not worth it to handle the hassles of offshore work. But overall it will bring some kind of balance.

    All a person now will need to do is get here and manage to hold on to some job for 5 years and you will be through.

    Lets see how much of this bill actually makes it out. As far as I can see, I am prefectly fine with refiling my application under this new category. The hell with EB based green cards. USCIS can take the whole EB1-EB2-EB3 and stick it where it belongs.

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  • gcisadawg
    01-23 12:56 AM
    :confused: It must be typo.

    It is typo.

    06-18 11:52 AM
    One does NOT need EAD to use AC21. I don't understand the panic.

    Yeap. I am also thinking on the same line. Why this panic?I am really confused.:confused:

    Sree Swathi
    04-21 02:46 PM
    well said!!

    GC people is closer to citizenship and closer to get this permission.

    Visa is not permanent.

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