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  • Libra
    01-11 12:33 PM

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  • bvibhu
    08-16 03:04 PM
    I think it does not make sense even if you re-file it. Your second application may also take ages to get a receipt. In that case, should we keep re-filing endlessly??? :)

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  • plp039
    10-02 01:46 PM
    The only thing seems to be happening is that they are transferring cases from NSC/TSC to CSC/VSC for EADs, APs and I-485s for data entry and EAD/AP approval.

    --> I thought I'd get the EAD since it's been 90 days from my filing.

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  • niklshah
    08-27 10:57 AM
    SC: Nebraska
    RD: 06/16
    FP: 07/11
    RFE 07/30
    RFE received 08/04
    RFE response sent and received by uscis 08/07
    Expedite request 08/15
    Expedite request accepted 08/19
    Current EAD expires Sep 26

    How did you put the expedite request? did u call? did they take the edpedite request before 90 days of your filling? what did u tell them to put in the request? Pls help i am in same mess too file on june 2nd...


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  • mygoodluck
    08-15 02:24 PM
    Duplicate application will definitely create problems I will told today by the USCIS rep. They don't recommend it at all and neither my lawyer. He has refused to re-file or will only re-file if I take the onus/responsibility of the result.

    USCIS rep also informed me that as long as you have a tracking proof that you application was delivered, you should be able to refile after Aug17 also, in case application was not processed because it was lost or so.

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  • Suva
    11-04 10:02 AM
    You are absolutely right. Dems are only worried about illegals. Its good that they are no longer a majority in the House. I think we have better option for any kind of piecemeal bills with republicans only.

    Thank God Dems are out otherwise Legals will never get anything till every illegal crossing the border is ahead of them. Democrats are only good for three kind of people:


    I hope Obama looses soon and we have some sanity of law


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  • rolrblade
    07-19 11:12 AM

    i guess i mispelt the statement, my response was to his idea of seeking an Emergency appointment.

    ofcourse, just normal rescheduling is absolutely do-able.

    i think our friend is trying for Emergency so that wife can get appt in chennai only.

    No problem. I misunderstood too. Sorry about that! he has disappeared anyways. I believe he got his answers.

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  • same_old_guy
    05-15 02:08 AM
    Contending that the H-1B visa programme is being abused to displace qualified American workers, two US lawmakers have asked nine foreign-based firms, including some leading Indian companies that used 20,000 of such visas, to disclose details about their workforce and their use of the special programme.

    The companies the senators sent letters to were Infosys Technologies, Wipro Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Patni Computer Systems, I-Flex Solutions Inc., Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., Tech Mahindra Americas Inc. and Mphasis Corp.


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  • eb3_nepa
    11-30 04:00 PM
    Discover does not issue a credit card if you are not a PR or citizen..even though you have good credit history..

    That is not true at all. Discover was the FIRST to isssue me a Credit card as a student and to this date no problems.

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  • eb3_nepa
    12-20 11:44 AM
    If true this would REALLY benefit a lot of spouses especially someone like our core member Shilpa.

    I am just surprised that none of the Big law firms have reported it. I guess now the h4's will have to wait till Oct 2007 to get their H1Bs


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-13 10:43 AM
    Can you explain why EB2 ROW is flowing to EB3 and not to EB2 India?

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  • jskumar
    01-05 02:05 PM
    Techies also need some PM sort of training to deal with Managerial BS that keeps coming by.


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  • tinku01
    02-12 12:09 PM
    Sometimes in your life you make bad decisions. It happened unfortunately, because my PD is June 2004 EB2 and when dates became current last year, I thought it needs to move just 3 months to have my date current and as per DOS release there were only 3400 visas in EB2 for 2004.
    Unluckily I chose for CP instead of 485 and now lying in a dark well.

    Anyway please don't sympathize, I'll certainly come out of this situation very soon.

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  • gcseeker2002
    01-12 07:45 PM
    I am traveling this month end to India via Frankfurt. I am on AP. I checked with German consulate in US and officer told me we need transit visa both ways (going and coming back). there are no exceptions. He confirmed the same twice when I went in person to get Transit visa.

    I would rather listen to German consulate office rather than interpreting stupid sentences on German consulate web site. So please do get Transit visa with 2 entries.

    No transit visa required. I got an identical response when I checked with the german consulate in november. Nevertheless, I did not take transit visa, and with visa stamping expired in March 2010, I travelled with AP on Lufthansa from IAD to BLR in December, and returned in Jan 2011, and nobody even mentioned the word "transit" anywhere along the route. Lufthansa staff is very knowledgeable about AP, both in Wash.Dulles and BLR. In fact, In BLR I saw that even Air France also does not require transit visa for Paris and allowed people with AP to board without transit visa. So folks, dont waste time and money on transit visa. Nothing is going to happen , unless you miss your connecting flight in Frankfurt, in which case you will not get to stay in a hotel and would have to spend the transit time in the airport.


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  • svam77
    08-10 12:23 PM
    Yes, I did use LS.

    But my motive was not to jump the line as I told my company attorney to purposefully find an LC from this year or last year. And since it was a multibillion dollar company with some xx thousand employees. They were able to find one.

    Not everyone's motives is to jump the line. I did this because I didnt want to wait another 10 years to apply for I 485.

    And on the top, dont even think that all who did LS were able to jump the line. LS involves lot of scrutiny and it was always safer to use one's own labor.

    Its so funny that some people think that people who cannot prove themselves for what ever reasons (education etc) with their own labor use LS. hehehe. This is even more riskier.

    And it was always legal to do it. And may be many people and employers misused it. Shout at those people.

    As for me, my labor was going nowhere and the company with which I worked for the past few years found an LS for me which was from last year PD and I do not regret doing it.

    And I bet, people who had an opportunity like me would do it.

    And also, THE THREAD WAS NOT OPENED WITH A TITLE "WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT LS, SHOULD IT BE BANNED". There were a number of threads on this forum where you can show these kinds of opinions. This thread was opened for a different purpose.

    And moveover LS is banned now. So dont waste your energyy but use it for some good causes IV is planning for.

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  • satishku_2000
    01-04 12:57 PM
    I wish....;)

    Think twice before what you wish for :)


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  • anilsal
    10-30 03:21 PM
    realized late that he had the expiry date wrong in his mind. So he has applied and it is > 100 days. They moved the already CPO date from Oct 10 to 29th, stating "lack of printable cards" (learned through info pass).

    Imagine he is sitting at home, not working for > 3 months because he did not keep track of his expiry dates.

    Because of one negligence, he is losing a lot of salary by not working. :(

    The current EAD delays is certainly scary. Hope it is an exception not the norm.:mad:

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  • asdfred
    04-14 03:03 PM
    what is that single document that will define legal status of a person?

    visa stamp is what ppl indicative of status..we all know that it is not.
    I some extent unless you changed status to H1 from F1 and did not go for H1 stamping..then you have to show the I 797 approval will this madness stop
    now how can a cop understand and verify all of this crap..and anyway..they give out licenses to only legal residents.

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  • kew888
    05-25 09:15 PM
    I agree with Communique some parts.

    I had been lived in Toronto for last 4 years.
    Frankly speaking, Toronto is a very good city. I feel it probably can match up with Chicago, or 50% of NYC.
    Multi-culture is even more obvious than in NYC.
    But keep in mind that there are less high buildings than some super citys like NYC.

    When talking about job opportunity, it is better to compare city with city, not country with country because actually once you settled down in one place, you probably can not go hunting jobs in another side of country.
    So, the job opportunity # in GTA (Great Toronto Area) is about 75% of Chicago or 1/3 of NYC.

    Many people told stories about immigrants can not find job in Canada. That is not true. The truth is that most of immigrants go from USA get job within half year even in 2001. I admit that some immigrants go direct from their homeland do have hard time to get job in Canada because of lacking English communication ability and North America work experience. For people who have been worked in USA for some time, finding a job in Canada is almost guaranteed.

    The thing I don't like in Canada is that the workload is light and business is quite slow. So many lazy colleagues and from time to time union threaten to strike (for raise salary). Lots of our taxes are wasted for this huge government's unnecessary spending.

    As of discrimination, I don't think there is too much. I feel there is some, but not very obvious. Part of the reason I think is because lots of immigrants actually live better than average traditional Canadian. It is true that many local teenth only finish high school and enjoy work as labor. You could say that is jealous.

    Good Luck & enjoy life in Canada.

    08-22 11:14 AM
    Thanks for posting

    01-28 09:36 AM
    The Telugu news channels certainly dramatize the issue and blow up the story. I sympathize with the students and their parents for the difficult time that they are facing. But, these students are not being tortured like criminals and terrorists.

    I believe these students were questioned by the USCIS and released on bail. Because these students are required to give evidence against Tri-Valley, they are released on bail after questioning. They pose a risk of flight and hence they are radio tagged.

    If these students were attending classes like thousands of F1 students across the country when the university was shut down, they do not have anything to worry about. They can leave the country or transfer to a different university. If they were legally working as interns in positions that are allowed by the CPT, they still have nothing to worry about.

    If these students were working at gas stations and convenience stores across the country instead of attending classes, they have broken the law. They are liable for prosecution. CPT is intended to complement your education with practical training. Working at gas stations and convenience stores does not qualify for CPT. For almost all disciplines except IT & software engineering, working for software consultants on CPT is illegal.

    These students bring F1 program and Indians into disrepute. Incidents like this also give ammunition to anti-immigration lobby in this country.


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