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  • english_august
    11-18 10:11 AM
    We all came here looking for greener pastures. But How many of you think this Country and this Culture is great ? Now think about the Economic Growth - The US is still the most competitive but they are not the Number One anymore.

    Or maybe some of us came here precisely for the reasons you mention, seeking greener pastures but fell in love with the openness, informality and the possibilities here :).

    A lot of people wait until they get green card and then make a move back home primarily because they are hedging their bets. They hear all those stories about growth and opportunity in India but are not so sure if they will able to fit in after staying away for so many years. Having a green card gives them the opportunity to test the waters so to speak and come back if it does not work out.

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  • nmdial
    05-18 09:15 AM
    What will students get out of it? Their Green cards are not stuck? Are you offering them H1B visa that they desperately want? They do not care about Green cards. They only care for scholarship, a job after graduation and H1B sponsorship from the employer. You are offering nothing from this list.

    People whose green cards are stuck should come rather than outsourcing to students?

    If we cannot help ourselves and stand up for ourselves, nobody else would.

    I am trying to take at least a day off from work. I would lose money from my wages if I take day off but I am ready to lose money for the sake of doing something good for myself and family. Others who are sitting on their armchairs should also consider coming to DC if they want their greencards.

    True, the students graduating this year or early next year probably won't get anything out of it except for an exercise in PR. However, students who have just started off with their studies here and have 2-3 years before graduation can definitely gain a lot if the CIR is passed. Also, a lot of these student organizations have the contact details of their past members, members who are now working mostly in the US and these organizations can contact those members requesting them to join in this advocacy.

    It is really nice of you to be taking at least a day out of your work and losing some money in the process. The fact is that all of us waiting for the GC are losing a lot of money already, especially those who have remained with the same I-140. A lot of us are losing money because the wait for GC has stopped our career growth and we'll continue to lose money/growth opportunities if we don't motivate enough people to join this advocacy. Some of us may not be able to join the advocacy efforts at DC in person due to genuine reasons, but that does not mean we start throwing satires at them.

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  • venkypal
    02-15 07:07 PM
    Pleaassssssssse dont fight among oursleves ....

    Lets fight against immigration bureacracy and unfair policies...

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  • jsb
    01-13 03:10 PM
    Eb2 have never moved beyond may 2004.. so until it goes past that.. these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance.. then maybe 2005 will be a reality


    EB2-I did move to August 2006 only a few months ago, clearing some people way down in PD, but people senior in PD keep waiting.


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  • needhelp!
    12-12 12:18 AM
    Except for 8 & 9..what do they mean?

    Every movement should have following factors to succeed.

    1) strategic, honest and commited leadership
    2) strategic think tanks
    3) High moral and ethical ground
    4) Dedicated volunteers
    5) high volume support from affected masses
    6) Strong communication network
    7) Constant flow of required finance, its control /management and proper
    8) strategic organization
    9) strategic intelligence
    10) Simple but valid and highly effective fighting methods.

    What do you think, in which area you can be fit to make our movement stronger?

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  • bitzbytz
    06-25 08:44 AM
    H1 was approved some time last year and H1B started from 10/1/2006.


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  • h1techSlave
    09-29 02:02 PM
    Do you have to go thru an accountant to start a company?

    I started an LLC earlier this year. Much easier and less risk with an LLC. It is still early to say whether the company will make it to higher grounds or not. But I sure am trying. I have me and my wife as manager members. No employees at the moment.

    Best of luck to you all. GC or no GC, we can still make the entrepreneur dream happen.

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  • EkAurAaya
    10-10 03:06 PM
    My folks are here visiting... so it will be difficult for me to attend... but i will try


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  • InTheMoment
    08-15 04:23 PM
    If you do not get an Infopass appt. walk in it is an emergency (you amy loose your job) ! Take all docs that provide proof of that.

    I had seen walkins accepted at my USCIS local office...

    I'm went to the infopass website to make an appointment for interim EAD; I chose the "Washington Field Office" since I live in the DC Metro area. There are no appointments available in Aug and Sep!

    This is unbelievable! What other options do I have?

    Please advise. Thanks!

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  • grupak
    09-23 10:39 AM
    Call! Lets do what we can.


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  • Hassan11
    02-09 01:36 PM
    My first PERM (through company A) was denied, as I told before, just because the PERM software automatically denies application with requirements that exceed "normal" SVP level. (Moreover, it accuses you in claiming that the requirements are normal, even if you didn't claim that!) I am not preparing a second appeal. I am preparing a second PERM filing through another company.

    I couldn't really find any information about the appeal process on the LC once it is denied. the ironic thing is that my first LC was approved then after I got promoted to a senior position and applied for a second LC, the 2nd LC was denied because they think there is no difference between the 1st and 2nd position. does the DOL have an automatic system that processes the LC and that why it coudn't see the difference between the 2 positions??
    where can i find more info about the appeal process?? any links to go to??

    Styrum: did your lawyer give you any info on how long the appeal process takes? and the probability of success in the appeal?? Thanks

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  • greencard_fever
    10-03 10:19 PM
    This is indeed a gloomy and (in my view credible) story. The only thing possibly that can help us within the current laws, is the visa overflow from EB1 and EB2 ROW.

    Lets hope for the rest. The Nov. Visa bulletin will be confirmatory.

    You are right...


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  • krishmunn
    04-21 09:25 AM
    May your online MBA make you so powerful that you can compete with all the top of the line MBAs.

    I will, combined with my existing degree and years of experience.

    But if you think you are the example of top line MBA, I do not think I have a competition . I do not compete with immatured people who

    1) Keep changing their word every time they open their mouth

    2) Open their mouth without knowing what they are talking

    3) Can stoop to any low to achieve something as minor as GC

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  • aviko21
    11-04 09:24 PM
    A bank wire from any bank in India is the simplest and cheapest way for you if you don;t have or need an nre/nro a/c. The limit has or is being raised to $200,000 from $100,000.

    Also for tax purposes in USA, you can get a gift of $200,000 from your parents and upto $12000 anually from other people without a tax incident up here.(completely unrelated info to your current wire)
    Also u can wire from any bank in India.

    One simple suggestion which is less comlicated than all those above.
    BTW you don't need rbi clearance.
    You can send an overseas wire from india through your bank a/c where the cost would be minimal( only exchange rate diff and cost of wire($25-50).

    Your parents can safely gift you $100,000 a year. Your bank only would need a letter from them saying its a gift.

    I have tried this to repatriate my assets and it works all the time.

    No need to open nre or nro a/c or anything.
    ps. don;t entertain any solicitation on this site for reverse hawala or anyhthing as you don;t know who will cheat you!
    just my 2 cents


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  • akela_topchi
    01-14 02:14 PM
    relax buddy :)

    Great breakthrough in computational politics.........why did you not apply in EB1 ?

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  • mikesin
    04-07 06:58 PM
    Thanks illusions. I hope that there will be some movement but then again we are talking about USCIS here!! :confused:


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  • hopein07
    02-19 03:53 PM
    whole life has surrender charges apart from hefty financial charges ,so you can not withdraw when you want.

    I think you got into a wrong kind of policy. You have to ask these questions with agent before taking it.

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  • nnan
    05-25 10:42 AM
    Hello ,
    yesterday i was watching Cspan 2 and debate about of the senator (i don't remember the name ) was telling about a story of a woman with six children migrated from some poor european country ten years back to America.unfortunately her husband died after coming here.She move on in life and went to idhao and opened a cattle ranch and brought up her children well.Now she is very proud and successfull business woman and mother of six grown ups whom i am sure will be well establish them selves.
    i listened the story and thanked the God that she didn't came on H4 VISA.otherwise she couldn't achieve the same.
    For H4 this land is certainly not land of opportunity.Rather i suggest all H4 including my wife to burn their masters in business administration degrees and PHDs ,start doing cleaning jobs like illegals and eventually apply for Z visa.
    Nobody is listening to us on capital hill .H4 are inanimate objects who came here to USA to accompany their fellow husbands or wife.No matter if it is for one year or 30 years.
    And in the end no reform for H4 in this bill and no hopes for getting GC to their spouse.
    I am not sure whether you should so frustrated that you should step aside and do other odd jbs just to get a "GC".

    Should be you downgrade your education because of a GC? Is India in such a bad state that after receiving PHDs etc one stands to ge nothing?

    Arise Awake ( Swami Vivekananda's quote), India is doing great.
    Yes I am waiting for GC, I understand the frustrations ( I am one in your boat), but I only have a B.E and cannot afford to pursue an MBA ( time is the cost, not money alone), & I still don't feel a B.E has no value.

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  • Cheran
    01-13 04:08 PM

    07-20 03:37 PM
    Let us poll here only for Nebraska Service Center 02-July filers and find stats to estimate the timeline

    Hope everyone is putting in there information at

    This is the easiest way to track each step of USCIS and have that internal satisfaction (if things are going forward) or despair ( if nothing is happening ..AGAIN)

    08-03 05:46 PM
    I am one of those guys who are UNHAPPY about the freak mistake by USCIS to make everybody CURRENT. If this had happened two months later, I would have been fine (and somebody else would have been waiting to get married soon).

    You wouldn't believe how happy I was that USCIS backed off their mistake and I thought I still had some time to get married. I know this is a little selfish, but, I wasn't gaining anything when USCIS made everybody CURRENT.

    I-485 filed today anyway.

    Updates Via E-Mail