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  • walking_dude
    01-10 11:53 AM
    Please don't give much credence to 'conspiracy theory' posts by paranoid folks like H1bmajdoor who live in fear of their own shadows. Neither do they understand the difference between a law AC21 and regulations ( USCIS frames these) nor do they care to learn. Their ignorance causes them fear, and fear causes them to act irrationally.

    It's best to ignore such losers who beam negative-energy. Their penchant for inaction is a self-fulfilling prophecy that dooms their life. Nothing will happen to them in life, as they don't do anything to make things happen! . Don't join their league.

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  • GCKaIntezar
    05-19 10:43 PM
    Quick question on 485 processing times (I know a lot of folks have been waiting for couple of years for their processing to complete)

    I checked on the USCIS website, they show that Texas and Nebraska are processing Sep/Oct 2006 cases. How can one gauge a typical processing time at USCIS for 485 applications? Any clues?

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  • yawl
    06-29 04:42 PM
    hey folks, it is from AILA -> they won't send out this if there is no strong evidence!

    We better be prepared.

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  • royus77
    06-29 02:04 PM
    Guys, Are we sure that Fedex will not deliver on saturday or sunday, what will happen if they deliver, nobody will be at USCIS to accept right, so it will still be opened only on monday ?

    IUnless id you selected Saturday delivery as special service Fedex wont deliver it on saturday . USICS is sure closed on saturday unless the mail room guy wants some overtime( assume he was a contractor as USICS is employing more contractor these days for the sorting work) and comes on saturday


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  • Libra
    09-09 08:45 AM
    Yes, USCIS works backwards, dont you see, mar 2005 is still waiting while May 2006 getting approved? There is no pattern even to the approval statuses, god only knows how they work.

    I was wondering why the status went backwards (from CPO to Decision) and if that that is a normal process.


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  • RDB
    11-25 12:38 PM
    Btw, who told you that guys like punjabi and others overbid or bought a house that they cannot afford? They could and still can afford these houses i.e. the monthly mortgage payments; the only thing they cannot do in the current market is to sell it (even at the price at which they bough i.e. break even) and that is why they are stuck with it if/when they decide to move to another city/job - so no point blaming these guys. If you want to blame somebody, blame the banks who appraised the same house at 500k 2 years back which they are appraising at 400k today, there in lies the problem.

    People like you and boreal are doing much better because you decided that a 2 bed room house for rent is what you can afford because the prices shot up by guys like punjabi who wanted to make money and overbid on an house they cannot afford. Otherwise guys like you and many others would have bought house at a resonable price.
    Don't you see what is happening? They live a rich man's life buying house that they cannot afford and then they foreclose with banks taking the hit. The banks in turn gets money from Governement, which they tax on people like you and many others who are renting, so that the guys like pubjabi are entitled to big house and bailouts. This is sick. Where is my bail out money. I want my rent to be subsidized too. I think boreal 's anger is real.


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  • rajuram
    01-07 09:24 PM

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  • deba
    01-24 12:49 PM
    Travelling via London Gatwick and Dubai to India and back. No airport change required during transit. Using AP, visa expired. I have a valid Canada PR card.
    According to UK embassy US GC and Canada PR card holders do not need transit for direct airside transit. Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Please post. Thanks


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  • nkalpana
    01-31 04:06 AM
    My Goodness... Prashanth! this is a total mess..

    This is worse than our software product deadlines!!
    Dont know whether to laugh or to cry!


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  • glamzon
    06-29 04:01 PM

    check this .


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  • ronhira
    06-18 11:20 AM
    There is nothing called h1b jobs. There is no job reserved for someone on h1b. So to say that people on l1 are taking h1b jobs is kind of funny.

    At the same time, that anti-immigrant l1fraud is here to scare people and is against the community. But because most people here are not on L1, so most people are agreeing with l1fraud user. As if L1 folks are getting ahead of us, and L1 folks are taking our jobs, same mentality and outlook as that of the disgruntled programmers at programmers guild. Maybe there is nothing wrong about that because, humans as species have always behaved as part of the food chain, eating and living on the ones below us. Likewise, people here just want to blame someone else for their problems, including delay in GCs, on others on L1. So the entire focus of this thread is "l1fraud". From time to time, some anti-immigrant or someone from another site come in and divide people here without much of an effort, that we are just a bunch of losers, yes that's right, people who play into the hands of anti-immigrants and people who play into the designs of the agents of other agenda's are nothing but losers. Lets get back to blaming someone else for our problems. That's the best policy, keep it up.

    Disclaimer-I'm not on L1 and I am not a damn fool.

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  • learning01
    05-25 02:57 PM
    Look for posts under factoryman - on date 05/24/2007. You will find detailed answers.

    My immigration doctor told me that if i had chickenpox in childhood i do not need the varicella vaccine? Which i did at age 5. Please, let me know if anyone else was told the same , i will be going back to him on Wednesday for the physical exam. I don't want to get a RFE on that.


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  • file485
    05-24 06:17 PM

    I have a labor approved in Civil/Contruction job skills with PD Oct 2003 and my date is current now. However I am currently on a IT company H1-to be specific 'Business Analyst'.

    will there be a problem being now on a IT company H1 and filing for 485 with the Civil/Contruction approved labor..?


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  • capriol
    01-07 09:05 PM
    I have an appointment at Kolkata on the 11th. Scheduled to fly back to US on the 26th. Considering Martin Luther king Jr day it will be 9 working days. After seeing the PIMS delays, I am seriously considering return back on AP. Cannot take the risk of delaying the flight as I dont have vacations to hang around and wait for PP.

    Dear Smisachu/ and others:
    I was also planning to go to Kolkata this summer to extend my H1B for another 3 years. Now, I am so scared reading all about the PIMS verification; delay of issuing visas; and returning passports. I am also sacred because I did not apply for any AP because at the time of applying for my 485 my H1B was valid (in fact it is valid till July 08).
    So, what would you guys advise me to do:
    (1) Go to Kolkata (with my 485 receipt notice, original) and return before my
    current H1B expires in July 08? Or, (2) apply for an AP (it is my understanding that AP is rejected by USCIS if someone has a valid H1B)? Please advise. Thanks.


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  • psam
    07-11 09:36 AM

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  • shantak
    07-10 10:03 PM


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  • BharatPremi
    03-25 04:04 PM
    I knew friends in Kaiser who were hired on H1 and got GC through Kaiser..
    How the hell can they justify filing new GCs, but not accepting EAD!?

    All these requirements are Position Specific. Before publishing externally, most companies (HR) decides the policy first for an example to which kind of person they will hire for this position like " We will not consider H1 for this position" seeing the "Critical and essential need of "blah " blah"..." And they then follow it. So it may happen that one person gets an answer " We do not consider EAD holder for this position.." and next month you may meet somebody (EAD Holder) working for that company on EAD but for different position as company made apolicy to hire EAD holder for that particular kind of position.

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  • kshitijnt
    01-29 05:07 PM
    I had already mentioned my EAD status when they had the interview. But after acceptiing it I mentioned it again in the conext of I9 form. Then they said they cant offer me emp;oyment due to my being on EAD.

    This is a pretty big company. I understand that H1B is not protected under anti-discrimination for employment, but EAD holders, specifically those with AOS pending, are a protected against employment discrimination.

    Does anyone have any links to the above conclusion ? I am so tired of this BS. I have spent long enough in this immigration c**p that if I have leave, might as well leave with a fight.

    just anotherone of the expendable non-citizens

    All employees are protected by employment discrimination laws. Once H1Bs are hired. They are protected as well.

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  • SunJoshi
    12-31 01:25 PM
    We are in need of some volunteers/members in the Boston Area to work with some of our PR leads.

    Please come forward to help out.

    10-02 04:04 PM
    @ SOP

    Would appreciate if you could please let us know how you contacted Napolitano.

    I dont know what else I can do to have them look at my case, I have tried every possible avenue.

    Since you got a call from USCIS, I think its shouldnt be too long before your wife gets her GC.

    02-09 11:26 AM
    This is what I did -

    1. Had my lawyer followup with consulate -they respond quickly to that.
    2. Letter from congressman - congressman called consulate and i got a written reply from congressman on status in less than a week
    3. Email followup with consulate
    4. Calls to DOS - have to be on hold for a bit though..

    Interview - Jan 3; 221g (pink) Phd in bio; additional info submitted - Jan 7th; consulate sent info to DOS - Jan 14th; DOS clearance - Jan 31st. Visa issued - Feb 6th...

    btw most elected officials have a dedicated person to do this...

    Updates Via E-Mail