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  • bigticket
    08-23 11:10 AM
    Your employer will have to file a PERM and I-140 and once I-140 is approved in EB-2 with earlier EB-3 PD, request USCIS to adjudicate your pending I-1485 using the newly approved EB-2 I-140. No need to file another I-485 if you already have one pending.

    Regarding the fee, there is no filing fee for PERM. All the costs are related to advertising and lawyer fee. I have no idea how much the fee for the whole process is or what attorney's charge as I have never paid anything for any of my immigration process so far (11 yrs in US). Technically, you are not supposed to pay anything, only employer should pick up the fee. You can pay the premium processing fee wherever applicable.

    Thanks for your detailed reply. Till now I have not paid for anything for my GC. I have been here since last 12 yrs. My employer is picking up the cost for PERM and I140, as you said I may pay for premium processing for 140 if I opt it that way. My concern is, he said we need to file I485 also as my old 485 is in old format (paying for EAD renewal and AP), not sure about that.

    So we do not need to file a new I485 if EB3's 485 is pending ? After I140 is approved under EB2, we just need to request USCIS to look at this new application with old PD to approve EB3 485 ?

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  • gapala
    03-03 12:40 PM
    Can you guys guess, why isn't there an update on this thread after the visit?
    Do you think we will ever see an update from OP?

    Hope, all have gone well with this guy and soon will see update on the visit. :)

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  • logiclife
    12-12 12:58 PM
    im waiting for the groans and moans

    You wont be disappointed.

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  • Libra
    09-08 09:50 PM
    please attend rally in DC

    Dear members,

    As we enter the final week of our rally preparation we would like to thank our members that have indicated that they would be coming for the rally. We also want to thank all state chapter and action item leaders for helping us out in this massive effort. This planning, coordination and implementation cannot happen without the help of each and every member. Help has ranged from phone call campaigns, publicity campaigns, media campaigns, lawmaker meetings, banner preparations, Merchandise set up, state chapter activities, Bus initiatives, Transportation and accommodation initiatives, sponsorships, reaching out to law offices and like minded organizations etc to tasks as important as deciding the Dinner menu for the Sept 17 event.

    We still have a long way to go in our planning and implementation. IV membership is working hard to make this rally a success. The Sept 17th lobby day work is being implemented at this time and lawmaker office appointments are being sought. Everyone that has indicated their presence for this event will be contacted this week. We are planning a big reception event on September 17, from 6PM to 9PM at the Cannon Building in DC. IV members, lawmakers, staffers, industry leaders and other like minded organizations are expected to attend this event. It will be a great opportunity for IV members to meet these important representatives. There is also going to be a big Press event on Sept 18th that we are planning. There are several initiatives being taken to have a big media push for the rally. The rally is in itself a huge task that requires planning from getting all police permits (which we already have) to transporting rally material, providing registration opportunity for members, getting lawmakers to address the rally to details like stage and sound system.

    All this has required IV to invest heavily. We already invest almost all in our lobbying efforts and remaining little in Website maintenance till now and somehow manage to run this organization on shoestring budgets. We need about 30 thousand dollars in the next 8 days to make sure we can meet our needs and also make a big impact via this rally. This rally will most certainly bring our issues to the national center stage and help us get much needed immigration relief.

    This post urges everyone to come forward and help us in this short term funding drive. If you have not contributed till now, please consider contributing. If you have got your Receipt notice/FP notice/EAD etc. then do show your admiration for our combined effort via lobbying, San Jose rally and Flower campaign that enabled everyone to file their I485s. If you have recently received your green cards, then please consider contributing as a way of celebrating and endorsing our effort.

    We need help from each and every member reading this post. We will continue to post updates. Please visit IV site regularly.

    IV team


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  • BlueCard
    07-17 11:08 AM
    Man, I-485 for Texas went back more than a month. It's so bad, they might as well not have published it, one would have slept better at night.

    How do they come up with these dates? Weren't they supposed to process I-485 applications in the order they received them?

    And how come the California Service Center has been doing so well this past few months, while all the other centers have been stationary or going back. CSC is at January 2007 now, fer cryin' out loud!


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  • missourian
    05-29 05:31 PM

    Thanks for the update , Yes just now I tried and I got following error from webfax, will try again and count me in I will be sending the fax.

    Immigration Voice Web Fax
    Message was not sent
    Mailer Error: Language string failed to load:


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  • breddy2000
    05-30 03:14 PM

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  • ramreddy
    01-31 04:28 AM
    ICE: "Sham" University, Cover For Illegals - (
    Amongst Google video or Y-Tube was a report that TVU in fact ran a pyramid scheme or referral, which very much discounted the fees if there where referrals. Referrals would likely be a close school friend.
    I feel very sad for the tarnish it has caused .Esp the common Indian working there is bound to be looked upon as a fraud case - and he would have nothing to do with this AT ALL,it spoils the prospects and reputation of genuine people be it anyone Telegu or Non long as he is Indian.
    Now all the local regional associations are desperately painting them as scapegoats because if otherwise it will be a big dent to their own rep. And next the Feds will want to go smell fish at any AP run consulting firm . A general fraud impression will be built rapidly around that community.Very unfortunate if that happens. But WHY in the 1st place attempt such a massive fraud ? Bad for all. I just hate it .
    BTW all this 1500 student game is happening when the H1B visa laws are the most restrictive so companies find it imposs to file a fresh H1B but its a lot easier to transit a student from F to H.


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  • jonty_11
    10-02 01:14 PM
    A receipt number starting with SRC usually means that the receipt was issued by the Texas Service Center. However, at this moment, the case could be pending at any other center it USCIS transferred it.

    Use your receipt number to lookup the case status on the USCIS website. The status will tell you where your case is pending.

    Use this link to lookup your case: -

    I have it just says Texas Center....efile for AP seems to have many Texas offices in the drop down..which one to I choose..

    Whcen I call USCIS 1800 number, they say that my case is pending in Mesquite, TX....and that does not show up in the Efile Drop Down.
    On May 29, 2009, we received your response to our request for evidence. This case is being processed at our TEXAS SERVICE CENTER location. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use the processing time information on our website to estimate when this case will be done. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address or call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.---------------


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  • 140jibjab
    05-13 02:59 PM
    I and my wife applied for I485(EB3) in July 2007. We both have got our EADs, but not used it.

    My H1 is valid till May 2009. I have I140 approved and have got my H1(3 years) till May 2009.

    My wife has her own H1b valid till Dec 2008.

    We are planning to get divorced. i have applied for Divorce in India in this month (may 2008).

    Is there a way I can cancel my 485 application. Because If i get my green card it will be difficult for me to marry girl from India.

    My wife has mentioned that she will be applying for Divorce in USA.

    Can I withdraw my 485 application and just be on H1 and wait for applying later. I do not care about GC.


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  • punjabi
    09-19 08:06 PM

    This is childish. Sorry!


    Funny that I am not upset at your questions, but are you really serious??

    What were you thinking all this time when the rally was going on? Did you really think the lawmakers would sit together over a dinner yesterday and hand over a favorable decision in the breakfast next morning?

    Just wait! If we don't get something favorable, we will do MORE and BIGGER.

    ...and next time, we'll also pick you up to the rally to carry our autograph books...hehe..just kidding.

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  • GKBest
    08-20 03:56 PM
    This is really sad and very unethical. As my lawyer would put it, the I-140 is owned by the employer that's why he was hesitant at first to give me a copy. So I guess, your employer can do this. I think he knows that you won't have the gut to expose him since this will also put you in an awkward situation since you paid for your labor and I-140 which, strictly speaking, is against the immigration law.

    Think of other ways to get even with him.


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  • Tito_ortiz
    11-17 10:58 AM
    Great. I wish I had an employer like that !

    I was denied life insurance by Erie based on my non-immigrant status. However, my employer found an alternative insurance company that did not mind my non-immigrant status - but of course charged a premium for the "added risk caused by foreign citizenship and increased possibility of foreign travel".

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  • arc
    09-04 06:21 PM
    I am interested if there is anyone sponsoring tickets/miles/acco? Wanna fly from SJC to DC and back, I can afford to take a couple days off.


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  • chanduv23
    03-26 01:58 PM
    What about H4 spouses or secondary GC applicants who are not working? How will they get DL if the DMV is asking for EVL or pay stubs?

    Hmmm EVL could be their spouse's? EVL?

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  • jonty_11
    07-31 11:01 AM
    Thx a Lot...


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  • yabadaba
    05-22 03:02 PM
    I wonder what our children and grandchildren will learn from all these. When they grow up and know that their parents had to go through this mess while waiting to be accepted legally for xxxx number of years and some people got the "grand reward" of being illegal for many years!! These CIRcus operators will be responsible for the loss of "very little" moral left in this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
    first they should learn spanish

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-11 04:24 PM
    I found the formual still working on the variables :-)

    :D:D:D Wow!! that was so simple, Thanks.... :D:D:D:D

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  • dineshksharma
    07-14 07:56 AM
    Congratulations Dinesh! I feel very happy for you.

    Could you take some time out and let us know about your H1B delay in India?


    I had gone to India for my father's 75th. b'day and planned to get my H-1 renewed. However, when I went to embassy, they said that I have to get clearance and will take one week. I said fine. One week became two weeks, then one month and then two months. I tried to contact embassy and other people, but of no use. My chief here in US, also tried. Meanwhile, my AP had arrive in US (we had filed for I485).( My wife had already got her H-1 approved and she had gone back.) She send me the AP. I contacted two of my lawyers; one said it is fine to come with AP, other said no. I send a letter to embassy asking about my travel with AP. They said, it is legal and not suggested!!!.
    So after waiting for two month, I took a chance and came here on AP. At the airport, they took more than one and half hours to get be cleared, meanwhile my wife was waiting for me outside, not knowing what was happening. She was in tears when I came out finally.
    After I came to US, I was informed from India that the US embassy had called and said that my name has been cleared and I should come to get my H1 visa stamped.!!!!!!!!

    05-22 04:13 PM
    I bet there are tons of fine print to be qualified as "Illegal", I keep hearing " people who CAME (entered) ILLEGALLY before jan 2007..." , so " legal to ILLEGAL conversion " will not qualify i think.

    What is important for you now that you want to become illegal ?
    -> To win
    -> Self respect
    -> Financial achievement
    -> Career achievement
    -> Family support

    08-22 01:55 PM
    Its beyond me, why would EB3 go back to 2001 when new numbers will be available beginning Oct 07. Disappointed and mad

    No surprises for me at least. There will be only 816 new EB3 visas available for any country in October. This will move the dates at the most by a month or two and this will continue for ever until a new legislation is passed, that is why DC rally is all the more important and everyone should focus on that to bring in a change.

    For folks wondering how I came to the 816 visa number

    Total GC available = 140000
    7% country limit = 9800
    split for EB3 = 3266
    spread for each qtr = 816

    Good Luck to all and don't have high expectations because you will be disappointed when the bulletin comes out.

    Updates Via E-Mail