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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-27 05:10 PM
    Welcome back, the only way we can see progress is by getting some bills passed. Lets all work towards getting something done with the logfren bills.

    I think all of us EB2 ( including yours truly) are guilty of too much analysis paralysis of EB2 visa no.s for the remainfer of FY 08. With today's post by a lawyer on DOS communication to USCIS to stop allocating visa numbers to India/China till OCT 1 , 08, it is clear that USCIS will never get its act straight unless we are completely united and press on for a major drive to senators to pass the visa recapture bill ( regardless of EB2 and EB3) . So let us start flooding the senators inbox, voicemail and email with letters urging them to pass the recapture bill. To that extent I request all of you double your efforts. The next session of senate, which starts next month, is a short session and we should act NOW. otherwise nothing will happen until late next year.

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  • rock945
    10-11 09:57 AM
    Remember, 245i cases were the NOT the same as the mexican illegal aliens that are being spoken of in relation to CIR .. lots of educated, legal H1-Bs lost their jobs (and their legal status) during the dot com burst of 2000 - 2002. Some of them stayed on even after going out of status, and then became eligible to file for GC under 245i.And needless to say, many more of those H1s came from India than mexico.
    There are also Non-RIR cases that were applied in apr 2001 still pending in BEC. I personallly know few of my friends whose labor is still pending in BEC with PD apr 22 , 2001.

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  • black_logs
    01-24 09:57 AM
    Guys we are seeing some contributions like 20$, 30$ anything is better than nothing, but please understand the cause we are fighting for. It is very urgent for all of us(including yourself). Volunteers have allready contributed/spent $500+. Your life and not even your monthy budget is going to change with a contribution of 100-200$.
    So please come forward and make your contribution.

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  • walking_dude
    12-12 10:52 AM
    I always cleaned my room, in India and here. What's wrong with that? Infosys founder Narayan Murthy cleans his own toilet (as per his own admission to a newspaper). Does it make him an 'inferior' person to you? Don't you vacuum your room every weekend? Does that make you any lesser person? Ever heard of dignity of labor?

    You wrote - "Humans, listen, life is not 1000 years, it is very short, dont waste the best part of your life waiting for gc". So what are you doing ? Not waiting for GC? Then why are you hanging around? There are good opportunities back home . Those sitting in deep-sh*t shouldn't be throwing muck at others stuck in the same sh*t.

    I am sure most of us here (especially from India) were pampered and did not even clean their own study desks or rooms of their house when they were young, now they are ready to sweep the roads of a foreign country to get the foreign government attention to get their gc :)
    Humans, listen, life is not 1000 years, it is very short, dont waste the best part of your life waiting for gc.


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  • gcisadawg
    03-26 03:12 PM
    let us start May 2009 predictions.

    EB3-I 2003 October

    Thanks for taking care of my PD.

    My prediction: EB3-I would move to NOV 20th 2001

    Also, my predictions for EB3-I for next several years..

    Oct 2009--> Jan 1st 2002
    Oct 2010--> June 1st 2002
    Oct 2011--> Oct 15th 2002
    Oct 2012--> Dec 20th 2002
    Oct 2013--> April 15th 2003
    Oct 2014--> July 1st 2003
    Oct 2015--> Oct 15th 2003

    There are about 19K to 22K EB3-I I-485 pending as of now with PD Oct 2003 or earlier.. The above is the realistic prediction based on about 3000 EB3-I GC/year.


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  • dealsnet
    10-09 12:54 PM
    He got the nomination after 2 weeks in the office (Feb, 2009 last date for the entry). It is too early for him. We never know how he perform for next 3 years. Award must give after seeing the real work. Not by the speech by the politicians.

    President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Solving seemingly intractable international problems is chief on the President's foreign policy agenda. Hopefully, solving the immigration problem will remain chief on his domestic agenda.

    More... (


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  • gunabcd
    05-24 03:42 PM
    How bad it can be for those with approved I-140?
    Earlier it was 140K times 7% = 9800 with everybody and now it is 90K times 10% = 9000 with most of them gone into new merit based system.
    I still don't get it?

    Good Point! this is actually more visas for same number of folks. Approved or soon-to-be-approved I-140 folks (like me) will get GC on time or faster and others with Maters degree will get GC in 1 or 2 years, and rest must have got admission to MS by now. and there will be some loophole to bank on which will be realized by our stupid Joe after a few years.

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  • katrina
    03-28 03:51 PM
    First of all, please be decent to each other. Now, to the PBEC issue - this is a major problem, and a huge issue for all of us. Currently, the debate in Senate/Congress is centered around Immigration reform and this is a definitely a good time to raise these issues.

    There are a few things we should strive for:
    1. Keep all provisions of Specter's bill related to EB.
    2. Re-instate per country soft limit.

    If both of these provisions are passed, Priority dates for all countries will be current in EB2 and will rapidly move in EB3. A lot of folks in PBEC might be able to use PERM to apply another labor and priority dates will loose their importance, so it is important that these provisions pass.

    Its easy to say than to do it. Not everybody that have been wait in PBEC have a chance to do Perm. Not every company willing to redo the case.

    Senate should address legal immigration first before do the reform for Illegal immigration. They can keep give amnesty to million of illegal immigration, and million will come why ? one quick answer crapy system.

    If only they can create a better system (not like PBEC and DBEC) I believe US will have less ilegall immigrant.

    you guys who tough only retrogression issued is really narrow minded ( sorry for my frustration). This retrogression is only temporary relief for couple hundred thousand people. Still if they allow people to submit their i485. With DOL not doing their job right do you think you can get your greencard fast ?
    it's all depends on your luck.

    if they can't clear 35000 thousand case at PBEC now. Do you think they can process million greedcard application in a year ?

    Perm may process fast but it also create more greencard application per year + other family based greencard, L greencard and illegal immigration greencard (if the bill passed). There will be another retrogression and another backlog in the near future.

    Therefore the one that they should look into is to create a bill that build a better DOL administration :)

    What better way to open senate eyes about DOL Mess, PBEC case :)
    then Retrogression issue.


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  • pmpforgc
    07-15 10:34 PM
    Can some of experienced guyes answer my question about the DISABILITY INSURANCE.

    Some of you guys looks like confusing DISABILITY RIDER in the TERM/WHOLE policy with DISABILITY INSURANCE.

    DISABILITY INSURNACE will pay for (in Most case 60% of the last salary) if you become PERMANENTLY DISABLED and can not work up to the age of 62 or 65. After that SS will pay for you.

    DISABILITY RIDER that you have with extra cost in the LIFE INSURANCE policy cancel payment requirement of your Life Insurance policy. So If you become Disabled You WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY PREMIUM for your TERM/WHOLE Life policy and still it will be effective.

    Because of my one of the diseases I am always worried about DISABILITY insurance.
    I always try to get Short term and Long Term disability insurances through employer.

    But the problem is they always start with long preexisting exlusions and when you change jobs they dont continue so have to start new one which also has other new preexisting exlusions to start.

    You can convert your longterm disability to the personal policy if you have that for long time. but they are not valid if you get new job.

    Is there any private/personal (not employer sponsored) Short and long term DISABILITY Insurance policies that we can purchase out side of the job.? How are the premiums? Are they reliable?
    also do any of you know case where LIFE INSURANCE was actually paid and how easy/hard the process was for family?

    Also similar experiences if some one know if any one used DISABILITY INSURANCE and how hard it was?

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  • needhelp!
    01-22 12:25 PM
    The compressed view in tracker is a very useful feature.
    Similar thing can exist while filling out the information as well, and RFEs can be part of advanced.


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  • bugsbunny
    04-21 02:48 PM
    Mother fucker I am not married and I dont have kids.

    My friend you use sarcasm all the time :)...some even in bad taste :rolleyes:...what happened to MC sense of humor :)

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  • mchatrvd
    07-31 11:58 AM
    I can understand cases where dates are current. But how they decide on cases which might have "visas available in coming months"? Do they know beforehand the movement of dates for coming months? or does that mean they continue pre-adjudicating cases in an order (probably by Priority Date)?


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  • sachuin23
    04-20 11:49 AM
    Lawmakers will listen to folks who participate in lobby/advocacy activities..apparently H-1B lobby/advocacy is louder than the GC backlog lobby/advocacy and that's what we hear in the news.

    Compete America is advocating GC reforms for US educated work force. I am sure most of lawmakers do not know how retrogressed India and china are. Also media is confused too.

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  • rkay
    06-03 12:56 PM
    Are you crazy. Why are you deviating.

    If you know basic english look at the thread completely.

    Nobody talked bad about your winner.

    What is so great about your post. What I found most meaningful was the first post on this thread. As for english competency, we have been watching your english skills on this thread. Let us know if you have any more surprises.


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  • mrsahaayam
    03-17 08:07 PM
    If you want to reply properly do so else don't pal

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  • prem_goel
    07-31 07:05 PM
    Of the hundreds of thousands of July 07 filers, who paid a mere $325 for their I-485 application, do you think USCIS will devote the time/effort to constantly keep track of the applicant's eligibility of 485 over the next several years???? It will take atleast 4-5 years for several of us to finally get a visa number. Several of us will move/have address changes during these years.

    It took them 2.5 years to process these...imagine the nightmare if they were to try doing subsequent rounds....

    Keep in mind that 485 eligibility is not just tied to employment but also FBI name checks etc. Do you think USCIS will keep on doing name-checks every other year, or issue EVL's every other year if/when they see for instance, an address change?

    Dude...USCIS is already on its way of bragging to the congress that it has pre-adjudicated all these 485 applications. I think if they touch these pre-adjudicated applications, then someone has to answer to someone of what is going on...why haven't you still worked on this? why are you devoting your time to these old 485 applications when there are new ones yet to be processed.

    I think once the application is pre-adjudicated...that's it!! I don't believe USCIS will spend anymore time and resources to these applications again...until a visa number is available from DOS and they apply the number to the pre-adjudicated 2 cents!


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  • coopheal
    10-07 11:18 AM
    Could be -ve too .We will all be surprised if we see a +ve movement.

    We have been watching VBs ever since Jan 2005 when priority dates were added.
    . 1/1/2005 10/1/2008
    All - C 1/1/2005
    CH - 1/1/2002 10/1/2001
    IN - 1/1/2002 7/1/2001
    ME - C 7/1/2002
    PH - 1/1/2002 1/1/2005

    ROW has shown some progress, but CH, IN, ME is behind what was in 2005. Thats almost 4 years after re-introduction of priority dates.

    We need a solution now.

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  • mantagon
    04-02 02:34 PM
    ...$100. Good Luck for everything and keep the Faith! :)

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  • dreamgc_real
    07-06 09:38 AM
    What is the benefit of applying for an OCI card for the kids and how long does this process take?

    12-11 08:55 PM
    The following are various ways to express some one?s dissatisfaction/agony and draw some one else (Government/Media/Public) attention.

    10. Sweeping Roads : A group of people would sweep roads by wearing immigration slogans jackets.
    11. Organize Blood Donate Drives : Interested member would donate blood (We should explain to media, why we are doing so).
    We still have various other ways to express our dissatisfaction, however, they are little rude and could cause more issues.

    We should choose couple of ways from above to express our dissatisfaction. Members, feel free to add and delete from above list.

    P.S: We need prior permission from local authorities

    Looks like we have to some thing big at this Christmas season.

    We should do 10 & 11 irrespective of the awful VB - all look good

    04-09 11:10 AM
    ...About bribe and corruption if you study the history it was created out of bad politics and system as things are changing with better system it will be reversed, you will never have political system with out corruption atleast there none exist on face of the earth, I am positive about India and itz growth,

    If bribery and corruption are major issues, why not start the "anti-corruption" political party? It will likely be small, but it may become the "king maker" one day and have a real influence on policy. An example is the "Action Democratique" party in Quebec. They are mainly Gen-Xers which means they are almost all under 40. After decades of seperatists and Liberals dominating Quebec, they had had enough and now they are the official opposition after ten years.

    For political change in the US, we have a handicap which is that we are not citizens. (Desipite this IV seems to do well.) But as an Indian, you have much more clout in India if you organize. Use the 'net as IV does. And corruption is never popular with the people who do not benefit (most of us).

    Updates Via E-Mail