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  • pareshpatel1980
    08-11 01:00 AM
    One thing that forces you to believe its true is the date itself, why 8 MAY ? it somehow paints a picture that somebody did calculated the remaining visa numbers and arrived at the exact comfortable date. Guys, chances are its fake, but you never know. :)
    Folks, we need to stay hopeful. If you notice the date towards end is 9th august which would mean VB should have been released today which didn't happen. The release date for last few VB is also 9th. It doesn't take too much effort to copy an old bulletin and replace month with September and change some dates here and there with likely dates which would still look very authentic. Seems like someone hacked into this no name website for sadistic pleasure...someone who is not very pleased with significant EB2 movements in last 2 months.

    The formating is also off. All other pages have a professional look. Why would the webmaster of a professional firm not pay attention to this. This indeed looks like a cheap hacking trick done in a bit haste. I am quite positive that real september VB with Q's predictions coming true will come tomorrow :) So my suggestion is to relax and have a good night sleep. Next day truth will reveal itself

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  • ksrk
    04-15 08:07 PM
    Very sorry to hear this and our prayers are with you...hopefully all this will be settled soon and to your satisfaction.
    First thing - try not to stress out about this. Really, your baby's health and your own are far more important than some stupid GC. Keep in mind that the less you stress yourself, the more likely the child birth will go peacefully and well.
    Secondly, hire a good lawyer - it is well worth the expense and helps relieve your stress.
    Thirdly, if possible, let someone else (such as your husband) drive the "discrimination" lawsuit if you think it is fit...helps give you some line of defense against the problem.
    Regarding insurance, the employer must offer you COBRA. Also, not all insurance companies consider (or are allowed to consider) pregnancy as a pre-existing condition.

    Keep the good focus in mind - let not this affect your baby. And at the same time, don't leave any option unexplored. There're plenty of suggestions in this thread. Ask your lawyer which ones you must explore...

    And GOOD LUCK to you and your family! All will be well!

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  • f_b_2007
    07-19 01:06 PM
    EB2-NIW, Fedex July 2nd 10:30AM NSC (concurrent filing 485/EAD/AP) was current in June.

    No news yet.

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  • gc_wow
    05-30 07:39 AM
    Spelling-Improves memory,for a growing kid that excercise is important.
    Pronunciation-Once again it is an excercise which enhances capability to differentiate.
    Root-Gives information on how words are formed.
    Language of Origin- Gives information about another language.
    Meaning-Gives information about the word and provides context to understand a word in better fashion.

    The top 10 kids in the competetion already are equivalent to a phd. It is not complete memorization.


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  • fromnaija
    02-07 12:16 PM
    Thank you all for the responses.

    I am EB-ROW and EB2 is current for me.

    you said "you must get a job zone 5 classification to file EB-2. Note that "information technology manager" is job zone 5". I am not in a manager position. I am software engineer/developer.

    Is there any way EB2 can be filed. What should I tell my compary lawyer? I told him my friends in other companies are able to file EB2. they are also software developers. He says "The other companies should not be able to file EB2 for software engineers but I can't say what another company's hiring history would allow and what they are willing to risk in filing a case which surpasses the minimum requirements allowed by DOL."

    How do I convince him. Is there any documentation or link which I can show him which states that software developers can file EB2?

    Thanks again all..


    These corporate lawyers are something else! I had the same problem and was only able to file EB3 even though I have Bachelor with over 20 years experience. I think they just like to play it safe. My job was advertized as Bachelor plus four years experience even though HR agreed it required 5 years experience. God save us from fat a** corporate lawyers.

    </end rant>

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  • pt326bc
    11-08 02:01 PM
    good point. let's start doing it then...
    just my opinion..but festive occasions bind us as a community and yes that includes Eid and Christmas and the Chinese new year.
    Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil, let's hope we can all bask soon in a festival of lights by getting some relief from retrogression....

    actually...and this is just me nitpicking now...Diwali is technically a Hindu festival not an Indian festival (since 20% of Indians are not Hindu), so the complaint may be more accurate if you point to the religious aspect...
    Of course it is widely celebrated in India...and the UK and going by the White house greetings and the huge melas the US :-)

    "Happy Diwali" to anybody on this forum who accepts the Hindu faith.

    I don't think wishing Happy Diwali to fellows of a common faith qualifies as hate mongering; same as a Muslim wishing a fellow Muslim "Eid Mubarak" or a Christian wishing a fellow Chrisitian "Merry Christmas" does not qualify as hate mongering.

    All said and done this is an open forum where potential immigrants to this country (where there is a long history of separation of state and religion) are free to express their opinion.

    USA has certainly benefited from having different cultures live together side by side (within the realm of a common civil and criminal law). Suppression of cultures is more in tune with the ertswhile Soviet policy of suppression of various cultures (Georgian, Ukrainian, the list goes on); and we all know what happpened to Soviet Russia.

    There is no reason potential legal immigrants of different faith should not open a new thread to wish people of fellow faith on commonly celebrated festivals. There is no great reason to pursue political correct speak to the degree where you would have to create a common greeting message if we want to wish "Happy Diwali" to fellow Hindus.

    People of different faiths certainly have the freedom to post a similar message. After all the pool of potential legal immigrants is far and wide.

    And I would certainly be happy for fellow Chinese, Muslims, Chrisitians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Native Americans, Mexicans, Portuegese, Spanish, Greeks, Albanians, Croats, Serbs, Basque, Irish, SriLankan, Bangladeshis, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Somalis, Germans, French, Bralizians, Colombian, Ecuadarean, Argentinians, Chilean, Haitians, West Indians (the list is incomplete mind you) when somebody from their community puts up a message wishing their fellows the arrival of a happy community event.

    The voice of these communities is the "Voice" of "Immigration". It would be foolhardy to try to suppress this voice in favor of political correct speak.

    We are all working toward the same goal (pursuit of happiness); denial of one's culture and simple traditions is not in tune with this pursuit.
    Just my 2 cents.


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  • laborpains
    08-05 11:20 AM
    If your application is an SRC then:
    call (800) 375 ? 5283 then 1-2-1-recpt number-1-1-wait for recorded status-3-4 speak with customer service.

    Thank you for the info!

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  • chanduv23
    10-04 10:21 PM
    Now I am definitely in! :D Haven't still heard back from the travel coordinator but requested the flight to be moved to Saturday. So you will have representation from Louisiana!

    Most welcome :) see u there


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  • nk2
    12-17 12:45 PM
    I signed up to for 20$ per month a while back. In addition I did many one time contributions.

    There should be an option for people to contribute smaller sums on a regular basis. I believe in the say 'little drops of water ...'. If the threshold is lower, there will be more contributions.

    In my opinion, the fear that folks that are contributing 50$ will switch to lower sums is unfounded. There is nothing that stops them from stopping their contributions altogether even now.

    Secondly, I did not answer the poll. The question is not very clear to me

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  • a1b2c3
    11-02 01:58 AM
    I asked my attorney he said that I need to wait at least 1 more year. The Nov and Dec are gone in holidays. These Gov emp are worst then Indian Gov Emp.

    I wouldn't believe everything lawyers say. I don't think you need to wait another year.


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  • pcs
    04-03 12:36 PM
    I know, you guys are all over it & can not disclose everything. However in order to keep team moral high please do confirm that Hard CAP & I-485 filing in very much ON.

    I know you guys are on it but for the sake of emotional confort, please mention it once again


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  • zephyrus
    10-31 06:02 PM
    Did you get any response from USCIS? Is it worth trying?


    I used the provisions of AC21 and changed jobs in early 2005. FOIA requests will work for your I-140. I-140 is filed by the employer on your behalf and is therefore your paperwork.
    It took approximately two and half months to come through.

    - zeph


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  • singhsa3
    08-13 09:16 PM
    Macca and I , we breifly spoke on phone, he will be posting the revise fact sheet soon

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  • PavanV
    10-10 11:17 AM
    What makes you think I am biting the hand that feeds me ?, I have never sent a single penny home, there is no reason for me too (thank God almighty) I have spent whatever i have earned here :), I believe in being Roman while in Rome,I like USA very much and would like to make it home, but where is my Green card ??, until i get one I am still a citizen of my home country.

    ...This is height of hypocracy. I don't want to live, work or raise family in India, but for others ..."Bharat mata ki Jai". I want to come to US, live here, work here, earn US dollars, show-off to family/friends back in India, want and beg for GC/Citizenship, stood in line for year to GC or married citizen just to get GC, but ..."Bharat Mata ki Jai".:cool:

    Oye ... kis nu ullu banna reha hain? Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


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  • gc28262
    07-02 01:08 PM
    That's why we couldn't solve all the admin related issues then. If we had significant volume, we could have had visa re-stamping done in USA and the list goes on.. Any ways, I don't mean to give numbers.. But as long as we are on the same page that volume speaks and we don't have enough at this point of time, I am good.

    We need a mass movement to make an impact. They need to get frustrated with the letters and will have to give a press statement that they are reviewing the matter. As long as we can do that. I think we can get DOJ attention. If 5K members send letters 10 times in 2 months, I have no issue, as long as we can annoy them with letters for justice..

    When we are dealing with DOJ, why do we need significant volume ?
    When dealing with representatives ( lawmakers ) we need large volume to make any impact.

    Here we are talking about DOJ, who would make a decision based on the legal validity of our request.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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  • sachuin23
    04-20 10:13 AM
    Another key Republican calls for H-1B cap hike - Computerworld (

    I think there is a need to educate politicians that the problem is not H1B but GC backlogs. As per USCIS only 7100 H1B's have been utilized so far for FY 2012. Unless they provide clear and time bound path to Permanent Residence, positive economic contributions from high skilled immigrants would be minimal.


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  • meridiani.planum
    02-15 11:49 AM
    Some American citizens/anti-immigrant will tell you you are taking their jobs with your H1.

    For them, this is their country. All jobs should go to them rather than a foreigner like you.

    What is your response for that ?

    they are not capable of doing those jobs. ANyone who has gone through a labor certification has documented, government verifiable/auditable proof of this.

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  • punjabi77
    08-14 10:01 AM
    Can you make modification to the letter, like Hr5882 has passed the sub-commitee and waiting for the approval in the next phase.
    also this bill is for Skilled legal immigrants only and has nothing to do with the illegal immigrants.
    One benefit of passing this bill will also boost the economy as skilled legal immigrants will be in the market to buy new homes (clrealry mentioned in the statement of Greenspan).

    last time is sent this letter to senator in Ga, he replied back in regards to increasing the number of H1B..Yeah he replied for h1B and he wrote a long email. this time i am going to clear his confusion..

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  • sgupta33
    08-14 01:02 PM

    With regards to the fact sheet, I wonder if it might be useful to include statistics on how much labor/money the US loses when high skilled workers immigrate to Canada or go back to their home country after being unsuccessful in obtaining their GC? Perhaps such stats are not available, but something along these lines that highlights losses to the US might be useful in bringing attention to what we contribute.

    08-11 01:17 PM
    Don't worry rangaswamy, most likely your date will be current in the coming months (before december 2010 for sure)

    good luck

    Thanks for the info. I went and pulled up the 9089 filing and just saw that the filing date was 15th may 2006, the expiry date was 3/31/2008 and hence i might have incorrectly assumed that the filing date was 2 years before that.

    Sucks! i missed the cutoff by a week

    04-15 02:28 PM
    Yesterday, I was told by the client that my project is going to end by this month end i.e Apr 30. Actually it was supposed to go for the next 2 years. I am currently in the project working for the project. They said the lay off was becoz of budget issues. But I see I am the only one that is target in this lay-off. I am working with the same client for the past 3 years. The lay off news was really shocking and devastating.
    I am currently 9 months pregnant. As the client did that to me, I thought that atleast I might have some options with my current employer. My employer is a desi consultancy. I never been on Bench for single day for the Past 6 years ( Day 1 that I entered into US to till now).
    When I spoke to my employer today he gave me a termination letter stating that my project end date will be my last date with them. It was more shocking. I will be on maternity leave anytime in month of may depending on the delivery. I don't see any possible options that any client can take me into project when I am in 9th month of pregnancy.
    As my husband is doing consulting, I filed the green card thru this employer, 485 is pending more than 180 days, 140 approved in EB2 category. We paid all the attorney fees and filing fees from our pocket. We spent nearly $10,000 for the GC process. My husband was on bench for the past 2 months. He got a job on EAD which is going to start next week.
    1. I see that my employer is terminating me immediately because he can avoid maternity expenses. I told him that I will take 3 months FMLA for unpaid maternity leave from Apr 30th. And look for the Job immediately after delivery and get into the Job. But still he is telling he won't provide me that time. Maintaining the status is very important for me as me and my husband depends on the EAD.
    2.My medical insurance is with my employer, If I get laid off in this critical situation, I won't be having insurance. We can't afford the delivery expenses without insurance.
    3. Even though my husband will get insurance with the new company, We are not sure that company will cover the pre-existing pregnancy that is in final stages.
    4. And also not sure that the insurance will be under the network of OBG/YN and the hospital I registered for delivery. His job is in different state but he will find out the options once he starts his job next week.
    5. Does anyone think that my employer is discriminating the law? He is terminating me immediately becoz I am pregnant.
    I am not sure whether he is doing the right thing but the situation I am in is the worst situation I ever expected of. Its lot of stress on me and my baby. We are unable to sleep for hour with all the tensions ahead. My husband's job is dependent on my valid status. If something screw up we both be in very bad situation. I really don't want any one in my situation.
    Please help me, if any one know any options where I can maintain my status during the pregnancy and maternity leave, Please tell me.

    Sorry to hear your situation. Please let me know right now which state you are? i have some options to tell you.

    Updates Via E-Mail