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  • Sree Swathi
    04-21 02:06 PM
    A Quick Question.

    Can parents stay here for 5 1/2 months go back for say a month or two and come back again for 5 1\2 months? Would this pattern be suspected during visa renewal?

    sachuin23...don't do this...they can revoke your parents 10 year visa and they need to go and get visa again..this is too much stress on parents.

    i know, my friend's parents did this...while entering they were held for many many hours. Finally they got entry permit and told them for 1 year, they are not suppose to enter back again. If they do, visa will be revoked.

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  • delhiguy
    07-06 12:33 PM
    What if USCIS doesnt return the applications , and releases a press note ,s aying that all applications are being accepted , but they would be processed later (not approving EAD and AP). That would be creating more havoc in our lives.

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  • mundada
    05-29 12:31 PM
    This whole spelling bee thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. By any standards, it is pure and simple torture to subject the kids to memorizing thousands of words and their stupid spellings. And what use is that? Have they never heard of something called SPELL-CHECK in Microsoft Word and other email services ?

    Or are they afraid that their kid will go to a job interview and someone might ask them to spell the word that no one on the planet ever uses and is only present in the Oxford Dictionary.

    Those who subject their kids to such a regimented, rigorous, scripted childhood are preparing a next generation of work-force that would only know how to follow the orders and accept directions.

    85 % of the fortune 500 CEOs are not MBAs. And the other 15% that have an MBA, only 3 of the 15 have done MBA from an IVY LEAGUE school.

    What that tells you is that too much education and scholarly childhood increases your job security, in that sense that you will never be unemployed, but it decreases the chances that you will be on the top or you will be a billionaire.

    The biggest prize goes NOT TO people who can follow directions and know everything, but who can GIVE directions and get things done.
    It's like saying if I owned only one company's stock then I could be the richest person in world. Why do people diversify among stocks and then bonds? The moment you diversify you lose your chance to become the richest person in world.

    A higher education betters your risk assessment. Your statistics may be correct but what your numbers don't say is the opposite side of coin? What is the percentage of people who don't have high school degree and earn less than $100,000 at the age of 35? Now what is that percentage for MBAs? What is the percentage of people who don't have at least a bachelors degree and are better than Project Manager by age of 35? Now what is that percentage for those who have at least a bachelors? The reason Sachin Tendulkar cannot hit fastest century but can score many centuries is because he is properly trained. He can assess risk better than Shahid Afridi can. Even though Shahid Afridi once had fastest century he was nowhere close to Sachin. Finally, a look at GM and Ford history from 1920 to 1940reveals the reason behind a need for a better risk assessment.

    I don't see why everyone should strive to be the richest person or C-person in the world. Everyone has different value system. Some may like 9 to 5 job because they can enjoy other things in life... like lying down on beach, watching your child take first few steps, etc. Some moments never return in one's life.

    I work with different Managing Directors, they earn a decent $250+ salaries but none of them even want to become CEO or for that matter any C-titled manager. I know one MD, in early 50s, who passed the C job because he wanted to go fishing with his 4 sons at his vacation home in New England... At that time he told me, "Once these bastards leave me I guess I will cherish spending time with them fishing at my vacation home more than counting big dollars in my bank account".

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  • singhsa3
    05-13 10:29 AM
    Take it easy!, EB2 India is going to meet the same fate next month. Based on our recent discussions with DOS.
    I and many folks in this forum have seen very few approvals for this category. How come USCIS says that this category is over subscribing the visa quota. Why they are moving un used visas to EB2 (no offense) why not for EB3?

    We need IV help in this area.


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  • srinivasj
    08-10 10:43 PM
    But the bulletin still shows only the Aug dates

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  • smisachu
    08-27 01:51 PM
    I assume you might have gone to Rt 23 DMV, try Rt 46 in Wayne. They are more considerate. I had my DL expiring in April 07 but my H1 was Valid till Sep 07 (the DMV officer had a made a mistake in 04 by putting the wrong experation date when I went to update my DL with Motorcycle endorsement. When I pointed this out he said I still have almost 3 years so come back then:mad:) . I went to Rt 46 Wayne and the lady renewd mine till Dec 07. 90 days more than the valid dates on H1. She said she has already included the grace period which is avaliable in situations of visa renewal so I can renew my visa and get back to them in time. This shows that there is a provision for 90 day grace period.

    Try Trenton if Rt 46 in Wayne fails. Best of luck.

    And they say why Albert Pinto "Plassey" is an angry man?

    My current H1 is expiring soon. My 3 year H1 extension is pending. I had receipt notice but NJ DMV at Wayne refused to accept that. My current License is valid only till the middle of the next month.
    Any body in the same boat? What shall I do?


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  • coolstonesa
    03-27 07:53 PM
    Pal, don't try to be selfish and narrow minded here. Step into PBEC victim shoes and then we shall see what language you speak.

    Opportunity to speak in front of congress won't come everyday. So we should highlight all the problems faced by us during the employment based immigration process -- whether it is rotting in the PBEC mess for labor certification for 3-5 years or for visa numbers. They all should be brought forward.

    The deadlines don't mean any thing but the results in hand do. If it were resources issue, then DBEC would also have been also stuck somewhere with 2001-02 cases but no.. they are processing 2004-05 cases. There is something seriously wrong with PBEC and needs to be fixed.

    There has been established a way to deal with backlogs at Dallas and Philly, and these officials at PBEC and DBEC have been given a deadline of Sept 2007 to clear everything. So someting is and will be done in this regard. Not much more can be done here with PBEC or DBEC, and the real test is to get solutions for the retrogression.
    Once the laws are passed on the immigration reforms, its a done deal my friend, and then it does not matter how much we try after this to address retrogression. This is our only chance.
    BUT realize that there have been delays in PBEC and DBEC only because of lack of resources, which can be added or taken off...and this will speed up or slow down DBEC or PBEC. This can be controlled outside legislation.


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  • GCchaos
    02-23 04:34 PM
    Hope this helps in some way.


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  • qualified_trash
    10-10 03:26 PM

    EB3 India shows no movement :-((

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  • franklin
    08-22 06:03 PM
    PD is the basic qualification and after that its all Luck .....Its a lottery ...

    That's about right hehe!

    But in all seriousness, like people here have mentioned - RD technically is important after a range of PDs become current. This is why, for example:-

    Someone with a EB3/ROW/PD 01/05/RD 06/05 (ie someone who got in right before retro hit) could well have received their GC in the last few months with the move in PD.

    As opposed to my case, EB3/ROW/PD 04/04 RD 06/07 and havn't got my greencard :) Both cases became current in the last few months, but obviously the one with the earlier RD would get approved 1st.

    There are ALWAYS exceptions to the case.

    But back on topic. What to do now that your I485 is applied. Spare yourself the endless agony by obsessively looking at trackers, or figuring out how signed your application for Fedex.

    I sound like a broken record, but if you are dissatisfied by this type of outlook - there really is only 1 thing you can do. I'll even buy you a drink in DC :)


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  • add78
    05-29 10:01 AM
    Championship word for Legal Future Immigrants in USA waiting in the EB-backlogs = A-P-A-T-H-Y

    If you disagree, then get off your behind, join the state chapter, donate to your own cause and organize.

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  • Madhuri
    11-02 04:04 PM
    In Orance county it's not the same.
    My 6 yrs H1 and so license expired on Sept 11, 2006. I am still waiting for my 7th year I 797 document. I went to Laguna hills DMV and they denied accepting the renewal application, since I do noy have my 7th year paper.
    They asked me to come back when I have my I 797.


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  • centaur
    10-05 09:04 PM

    I agree, I was so upset when I read it... Thank you Logiclife for bringing that to our notice.
    I just wrote an email to the editors with the email address provided by walking_dude. My email says this:

    Dear Editor

    You mention in an article dated today that "HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers". And in the same breath you say that "In a poll 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship." Do you know the difference between highly skilled legal immigrants and illegal immigrants?. Why do you have to imply that all highly skilled are illegal, infact 99.99% of highly skilled workers (Tech workers) came to the USA legally and continue to live legally. They are here at the behest of their employers.
    So please correct your article to reflect that.

    An Upset highly skilled worker

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  • eb3retro
    11-14 11:09 PM
    Lately i see a lot of new members coming up in the forum, with lots of questions about their problems that they are facing. And lots of good hearted IV members also give their diligent answers for them. One hand I am glad IV is getting new members, on the other hand i am wondering where were these members all these days.

    Please don't get me wrong, As much as I like new members joining in the forum to get answers for their questions, I also would expect them to take part in any the activities or initiatives that IV is undertaking. Therefore I urge, every new member to volunteer in the IV activities and be an active member of IV and be a participating member, so that IV helps you and you help IV. Having said that, new members, WELCOME TO IV, post your questions and I am sure you will get good answers from many good hearts in IV.


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  • zzsbzz
    07-10 11:31 PM
    Does it really matter who the messenger is as long as the message gets through?

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  • engineer
    02-28 07:07 PM
    Works Cited

    Arshad, Mehreen. Personal Interview. 2 May 2006.
    "Great Teachers Make Great Public Schools." National Education Association. 06 May 2006 .
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    Women Married to Temporary Visa Holders." Network of Advocated of Dependent Spouses of America 5 Feb 2006. 4 May 2006 .
    "Temporary Workers". U.S. Department of of State. 10April.2006 .


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  • gulute
    11-17 12:57 PM
    ... And got a red dot! see the comment:
    Gultu, what's wrong with you? Are also one of them (blood sucker)? shame on you!!!

    Why don't you come out form hiding and post this ???

    Started this thread with 2 green dots, and so far I have 3 red dots . . .

    Since you have negotiated 70:30 before joining, you must have agreed to paying H1b Fee. And yours is an H1 transfer and you new how this business works and signed the contract!

    Read this post:

    Now what are you complaining when you knew how this system works?

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  • ita
    10-01 03:47 AM
    Went to local office (infopass) and called POJ method, Both IO's said that my FBI name check cleared.

    What is poj method?
    Will you please give me the # to call the IO about namecheck ? Is it TSC or NSC?
    I'm looking for TSC though.

    Thank you.

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